Sony Ericsson intros LiveView Bluetooth mini-display for Android

Sony Ericsson LiveViewSony Ericsson has announced a new Bluetooth accessory for Android smartphones called LiveView. To understand what LiveView is, think of it as a small remote display that mirrors the activity of your phone. It connects via Bluetooth with your phone to control it without taking it out of your pocket or bag. This means keeping up to date with Facebook and twitter, reading text messages, controlling music, checking calendar events as well as seeing incoming calls.

LiveView sports a 1.3-inch OLED colour (128×128 pixel) display and micro USB connector. You will be able to clip the display anywhere or use the watch strap to attach it to your wrist. You interact with LiveView via 4 touch sensors at the front edges of the screen as well as two physical buttons (for power and menu selection). Have a look at the video and pictures below to get an idea of how tiny this is (dimensions: 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 1.1cm). SE says that the battery should last for around 4 days.

SE has developed a LiveWare manager application that will scan the Android Market for LiveView enabled apps and flag them to the user. LiveView will only work on handsets running Android 2.0 and above. The launch site lists that LiveView as compatible with the Xperia X10 family of handsets, so we imagine its Q4 launch will coincide with the Android 2.1 firmware release on the Xperia X10. Other listed compatible handsets include the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S, however this is just a partial list and we expect wider Android support on launch.

Sony Ericsson intros LiveView

Sony Ericsson intros LiveView

Sony Ericsson intros LiveView

Sony Ericsson intros LiveView

Sony Ericsson intros LiveView

Sony Ericsson intros LiveView

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  1. I DON’T WANT THIS I WANT ANDROID 2.1*** no wait, i want 2.2, we know this won’t happen because it’s sony, this is both my first and last Sony Ericsson phone

  2. Even if SE offers it for £1 I won’t buy it. SE has disappointed me like hellll…!!!! No more SE unless i get 2.2 update on my phone.

  3. This is my first smart phone and so far it’s been OK. Then I played with a friends HTC Desire and realized they make some damn good phones AND update them reasonably quickly. HTC will be getting my money in future!

  4. This device is kinda useless for me … why i do need remote for my phone … witch i carry anyway with me .. and i cant see the incoming messages or calls on my phone ? this is useless for me

  5. So this is what they are wasting our time on. So stupid, I had a Bluetooth se watch before which I hot for free, it was the most useless accessory I ever used. Not only is it gonna drain battery even more its gonna cost a few notes too. 🙁 big thumbs down

  6. I really like this. Having to get out my phone to skip track gets annoying, and given the size of my X10, it will make it easier just to check texts etc

  7. LOL none of SE Devices is on android 2.0 ahahahahahahahaahahahaaha clap your hand for SE marketing !!!

  8. I honestly don’t get this. Everybody knows that the first step to profitable business is “have a market”. Sony Ericsson is releasing a hardware device that requires Android 2.0, something that they don’t even offer themselves on their devices. It makes no sense. Sony Ericsson is just randomly doing shit.

  9. Hey guys!! cool it !!!
    this stuff will be available in 3 months ( as stated in website), so there a lot of time for us to get android 2.x either through devs or sony (hopefully) .

  10. Looks good. Give it for free as you are using the money we spent on broken product called X10. How did FCC allowed it to release in USA?

  11. This 2.2 update is starting to remind me of the PS3 and cross game chat that people want so badly, everytime Sony updates there are nothing but complaints saying I don’t need features the 360 can’t do, like 3D support, etc
    I want cross game chat cause the 360 has it or I’m selling my PS3, same with this, people don’t want HD recording, a UI that don’t look like stock android or handy devices like this, they want the number in there settings to say the same as a HTC desire. And they are that stupid they wouldsacrifice features that u would actually use just so you can say I’ve got 2.2 on my phone. Now it being delayed is something to complain about, but not because of the 2.1 update
    But because we have to wait longer for the features SE are giving us in the update,IMO

  12. good concept, but like somebody has already said, its a fake ipod nano
    shitty design, ugly wrist band

    stop working on new junks and please give me android 2.1

  13. Just posted…
    Posted to my Podcasters list… around 250 podcasters will read this…


    I listen and I have subscribed your PodCast and I listen it regularly.

    Again, you can highlight X10i updates issue which has been highlighted by Customers by posting more than 1500 fiery comments on the update delay which was suppose to arrive two months back.

    Sony Ericsson has made a drastic delay releasing this updates and customers are angry and frustrated over the time.

    Could you cast something about this ??

    You can go through the comments here…

    It’s all over the world, customers are just banging SE. Check out if you can get any spicy story.

    In fact, I am also a customer and I also bought Xperia X10i a way back and I feel myself as cheated by Xperia by false promises or misguded by SE on following points.

    Phone operating system to upgrade to 2.x (Eclair / Froyo) (Update scheduled revised multiple times)
    UXP (Mediascape and Timescape) (Found useless by the most of the users while availability of compatible products from Android Market.
    16M colors, SE has initially disclosed to have 16M colors on the phone screen, but surprisingly 16M colors have became a dream
    Multi-touch, SE misguided customers since beginning for multi-touch, it posted wrong banner on it’s web-site while it was launched in US. (Read here :
    In-call volume, I can hardly listen anybody while I transiting in a train or public transport. It is a famous bug on Xperia X10i
    All other competitors have started thinking about Android 3.0 (Gingerbread), but Xperia X10 is still on Android 1.6 (Donut)
    Rumors says that SE is working on some new “Surprise” and thus, it has ditched it’s existing and long awaited Xperia X10 upgrade. Also, technically it looks like SE has added many customizations in core Android OS which is now became a Design issue for SE to meet the Android OS upgrade.

    But, it is really a poor planning from SE, I feel myself cheated by misguiding every time I see my phone.

    Do something…!!

    Yours truly,

  14. The battery life on my x10 is already fucking shit if I switch blue tooth on FORGET IT…….

    The battery would last approximately 6 minutes…



  15. Wow….this is the kinda shit SE is wasting its money on? I bet they stop supporting this the minute its released too.

  16. The video showed an xperia connected to that live”shit” or view or whatever. That means it was running 2.1 !
    Give that OS to us friend. God is watching!

  17. @Burnip even in these desperate times (me realising I have a fucking peice of crap on a 2 year contract) I actually lol’d at your Amy Fitch comment….

  18. I am certainly as annoyed as most people here about the slow updates. But most of you are just jumping onto the whining bandwagon. You all knew it was due in Q3. Just because it’s a month late and you want to sell? COME ON. they were upfront about no multi-touch yet you bought it with the hope someone might hack it, boo hoo. You’re bunch of whining babies who start crying when mommy can’t get what u want now. The x10 has the best camera and is the most beautiful phone I’ve seen in a while. Had the balls to deviate from the iPhone design (talking to galaxy owners in particular) to improvise with the size of the camera they created the nicest curves to hold onto like I’m grabbing an ass, while still having a sharp and sophisticated face. Great design, innovation and reliability I can wait for. For you pretentious imbeciles – go buy you new phones every 6 months so you can compare with your friends (that can tell if it has 16M colors or not).

  19. i bought a MW600 SE BT headset with FM radio to go with my x10
    device is typically SE quirky…. but intention was good.
    FM radio reception sucks…
    great FM stero… but goes to mono the very second u stop holding it and clip in to your body. WTF is the use of that ?
    touch sensitive volume is just naff…

    on a positive
    ..rds on radio is good.
    ..battery life was good.
    ..BT stereo music into x10 was awesome.
    ..headset phone calls ok.
    ..keep mic on the device body is a design godsend.
    ..putting a 3.5mm jack on there is also a design godsend…allows me to put my Bose QC3 on there…and talk calls from 3 phones in between stereo music from one of them. This is awesome design.

    on the whole, sometimes SE product architects have great vision but let down by poor delivery on certain aspects. this is where apple differ. they will hold back and back until its solid before going out. i have no doubt iOS was held back for ages until it was solid. The only excption i have found.. is new iTouch, with no GPS is a plain mistake. why have GPS on a predecessor and then remove that functionality from the customer who wants to upgrade…???
    come on SE, keep with the program and learn from your peers.

  20. @Nic @BURNIP
    Amy Fitch is having an office tipple with Simon Derossy in Jamaica.
    Someone needs to do a youTube remix with the SE characters. 🙂 lol.

  21. @draft_life

    If i saw a colleague wearing this LiveView “Tesco Cycle Computer” on his wrist.. he would totally loose my respect, especially with that crappy material strap. However, as a jogging computer display, or snowboarding dude jamming music display, assuming the device is waterproof, and battery does not freeze (i know it will)… that is cool.

    On the other hand, wearing the new nano on any occasion, now that is cool.

  22. This just gets funnier and funnier!

    Day by Day , we are being forgotten by Sony!
    Xperia X12 is coming with 2.2

    X10..will get 2.1 later this year and that’s it. Maybe few glitch updates.. don’t wait/complain anymore…that’s confirmed!

  23. Anyone making the comment about the requirements of this device being 2.* + android, and the lack of that currently, are just being fools. By the time this hits the market we will already be using that firmware version, don’t be silly.

  24. Now I understand where the hell sonny eric.. is wasting its time and there is so much delay in software updates…fuck u se…

  25. I hope somebody from se reads this. Listen up se: you guys suck. I lost all my respect to se. Are u guys even thinking about the shit u do. If u don’t get what I’m sayin move your lazy asses n read from the first comment all the way down. Plus, it took me a year to type this with your shitty designed keyboard. Fix the goddamn bugs in tthiss piece of shit u made. Asap.

  26. Yeah launch a product which will not even support 1 X series handset out in market as of now till 50 more days and even 3 months if you are in a country which is slated for late OS update. I bet SE has just 20 guys in their team and they are all working on 100 project at same time. Rest all are busy making videos with kids, dumb woman etc.

    X10 is blonde of phones.

  27. They should have called it Bob. Remember Microsoft Bob – if you are too young, google it. Has same appeal and will have same fate… bof

  28. You know I was almost excited for a moment. I like my Xperia X10, but I am getting anxious to experience android 2.1, 2.1X, hey give me 1.7 . The Xperia is beautiful to look at and yeah I purchased the phone for android and if these companies like HTC and Samsung can manage why not SE? I really want to curse the thin air like a lunatic!!! Who in their right mind is going to but his caka, dudu, flush it down the toilet shit. Can i get a Apple I-Pad with that so I can’t make phone calls too. I enjoy buying cell phones and then using quarters on the public pay phones. I thought this was going to be ground breaking news to make me forget about the farce SE really is becoming. i had a timex wrist watch 15 year ago when I was a child that could change the channels on my television. SE I am slowing losing faith. The next phone will have a 20 megapixel camera , 2 GHzs processor with Android day old, rotten donut, George ate the eclair with one bite in it out of the garbage bin. These are me high expectations of SE

  29. *who in their right mind is going to buy this caka, dudu……..” embarrassed for by typing like SE should be with this late update!

  30. To everyone bitching that this only works with Android 2.* and above….doesn’t that make it fairly obvious that this will release intime with the 2.1/2.2 update??? Gosh take your blinkers off and think for a minute…wow the stupidity of the masses really is eye opening!

  31. Post: 15
    “I honestly don’t get this. Everybody knows that the first step to profitable business is “have a market”. Sony Ericsson is releasing a hardware device that requires Android 2.0, something that they don’t even offer themselves on their devices. It makes no sense. Sony Ericsson is just randomly doing shit.”

    +1 So true…. And it’s really starting to bug me!!!

    Stop wasting time, pushing stuff to the market too quick before finishing what you promised in a previous product. Then we, i.e. even more people with $$ AND the device that should support it can actually actually use it! This could be such an iPone killer and the solution is to just allow us access to the bootloader..! Please?…!!


  32. I don’t know what to think.

    As company CEO, the first thing I would do in SE’s place is to develop a consistent long term strategy for my cell phone product line AND its life cycle (in conjunction with the service providers AND Google) and let the customers’ know as much as possible where I am going.

    I personally did not pay much for my X10 because I had to sign a 3 year contract with my supplier for it. Based on where the market is going ( I don’t think the X10 will survive next year. Therefore, realistically the best we can hope for is Android 2.1 if they pull it off. Forget 2.2 and beyond.

    In large part, I fault Google for the mess we are in. Android’s specs should be so tight that the devices in the market should be upgradable by the users as soon as new Android versions come out, if users so choose and if their hardware can handle it. Letting cell phone manufacturers and service providers control the process will lead to market anarchy and allow a company that has its act together (read Apple) to make significant inroad with a proprietary OS and apps that it sells at a premium.

    I am also disappointed in Sony because it had learned its lesson in the battle between its Beta versus JVC’s VHS VCR format in the 80’s and applied it successfully in the recent one pitting its Blue Ray highdef format against HD by highjacking the PS3 game console and hiding in it the best Blue Ray player in the early market (even to the point of selling PS3s at a loss to the tune of more than $1B for the first couple of years). That flooded the market and that was what the industry was waiting for to adopt Blue Ray. Now, everybody is paying them royalties. Brilliant!

    They could repeat that exact same strategy.

    Why are they back to square one?

  33. for fuck stake is only a update you fkcing nerds! not going get much out of it are you . get a life

  34. this bukllshit mobile is damn bad..cuz it hasn’t blutooth foe sending files as well as songs to another mobile ……..dam bad….

  35. Interesting, if it is for android 2.x how does it work on Xperia X10 in the Ad above
    SE Sucks with support. Too bad I like their hardware but I doubt that I`ll buy smartphone from SE anymore

  36. if SE is releasing LiveView which requires 2.x then it should be obvious that X10 OS will be updated pretty soon. I’m simple amazed at how many people don’t seem to understand this

    what I really want is the very same phone with a proper screen resolution & I’ll stick to it until Apple comes up with an iphone nano.

    regarding LiveView: it does make sense if you’re in a meeting where pulling out your phone to check messages is considered unacceptable, but then again, if you work in a high profile job you don’t want to be remembered as the guy with the cheap looking display watch

  37. what are you all a bunch of w*nkers… replying ‘I WANT ANDROID 2.x.’ on every post.djeeez, get a life why don’t you… I’m also looking fwd to this release, but I won’t bach on what I already have, which is a good phone that does exactly what is on the tin!

    On topic, this is a must have accessory and can’t wait to get one 🙂