Xperia X8 gets benchmarked, a new colour and indicative pricing

Xperia X8The Xperia X8 should be hitting retail shelves during the next few weeks and as we get closer to launch, new details are trickling out. First of all is confirmation that the Xperia X8 will also be available in black (we’ve only seen a white model in the previews and official promo videos so far).

The Xperia X8 is very similar to the X10 mini series but comes with a slightly larger display (3.0-inches compared to 2.6-inches for the X10 mini). However the camera sensor is not as good (only 3.2MP with no autofocus). This, however, means that pricing should be cheaper than the X10 mini.

In the UK, Tesco’s has the O2 version of the Xperia X8 for £129.97, whilst Italian site has it for €189.90. Plemix also has it listed for $259. Whichever currency you’re looking at, it seems good value for money.

We have also caught eyes on the first benchmark for the phone thanks to Sogi. The Quadrant benchmark delivers a score of a not-too-shabby 409, comparing to 475 for the Xperia X10. It’s worth remembering the X8 has a 600MHz processor compared to the 1GHz processor in the X10.

Xperia X8 gets benchmarked

We’ve also included a couple of new promo videos of the phone below.


22 responses to “Xperia X8 gets benchmarked, a new colour and indicative pricing”

  1. Oh! Oh! A new SE phone…wow!!!!! Great….got timescape and mediascape!!!!

    But..but…is it on Android 2.2? Does it have flash support? Does it have multi-touch? Does it have 16M colours?

    I guess not!

  2. Sorry guys, I am just as disappointed with the x10 series as most of you are but I have to disagree with you on the x8. It’s a smartphone that can do almost everything the x10 can do at a quarter of the the price it seems. This phone is going to be a smash hit, top selling, big profit making piece of kit for SE. I can very much see the x8 being very popular with the mass market. The kind of phone that will make smartphones dominant in the mobile phone market.
    There is absolutely nothing half-assed or retarded about a smartphone with a 600mhz processor and a three inch display running android even if its lumbered with the hopeless UXP. Especially one that’s priced like this. I don’t want to give SE any credit(believe me I really don’t) but I have to congratulate them for the x8. It’s a real winner in my opinion.

  3. PS. For some, it might even be considered a better phone than the x10 mini(not the mini pro) because it has a full qwerty keyboard in portrait and landscape mode and costing about £80 less. Now that’s something to think about.

  4. “The Quadrant benchmark delivers a score of a not-too-shabby 409, comparing to 475 for the Xperia X10. It’s worth remembering the X8 has a 600MHz processor compared to the 1GHz processor in the X10. ”

    It is also worth remembering that the screen resolution of the X8 is less than half the size of the X10. 854×480 vs 320×240.

  5. Ciel, I think you’ll find that getting folks using standard mobiles today to move on to smartphones is very much a move forward and not a backwards step. The world is not made up of geeks or people with £400+ to spend on a phone only. As far as smartphones are concerned, the x8 is step forward in the right direction because it will introduce smartphone technology to those who would or could not pay big bucks for phones they don’t really need. I like the x8 a lot because it shows SE are thinking about all consumers and not just gadget lovers or those who have a high disposable income.
    PS. Not everyone buys a phone for the bragging rights. Some are rather more utilitarian.

  6. Why make 101 flavours when you can’t even get vanilla right!
    You churn out these phones SE and then not support them…wha’s the point?!
    Never again, SE.

  7. When is the Xperia X8 coming out in black? I live in the UK and desperatly want this phone but hate it in white – there are loads of pictures of it in black all over the web but nowhere sells it except in white????
    When is it coming out in black?

  8. Can I just say this phone isn’t junk. I have it and i must say it was better than i thought it was going to be for the price i got it (£10 per month). The downsides are that it dosen’t compare with with the x10. Smaller screen, slower processor, Much lower in screen resolution. Yes, this seems like a lot but when when the x10 is £25 per month and the x8 is £10 you cant complain.It still is very fast and is uncomparable to my old phone! (LG Cookie)
    I wanted a good quality phone with tons of features at a knock down price and this ticks all the boxes. You get what you pay for. (By the way I’m running on android 2.1 and it makes the x8 a lot faster than when it is running on android 1.6)