Sony Ericsson market share shift doesn’t make for pretty reading

Market ShareThe guys over at asymco have produced some interesting data that looks at mobile phone market share data since 2007. They plotted the data in easy to understand vector charts and it makes for depressing reading from the perspective of Sony Ericsson. It’s had the biggest fall from grace bar one company, Nokia.

Nokia moved from the most ‘Dominant’ player in 2007 to ‘Fading’ in 2010 according to the quadrant chart. Looking at some of the other manufacturers, Apple moved from ‘Marginal’ player in 2007 to ‘Star’ in 2010. One ray of hope is that the smartphone industry is in constant flux. Sony Ericsson appears to have the right strategy in terms of pushing forward with Android & WP7, whilst ditching Symbian. All Sony Ericsson needs to do now is get much quicker with their software updates. The current state of play with the Xperia Android handsets has just not been good enough. Click through for the charts.

Market Share vs Profit Share: 2007 versus 2010

Sony Ericsson market share shift

Share gain/loss over three years in two dimensions:

Sony Ericsson market share shift

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  1. and this is only until now, if it doesn’t improve, Sony has been into phones, and will be a marginal player. i am curious how it looks at the end of 2010

  2. sorry but this is rubbish, sony ericsson is not going further down in market share, they have had that period already they have climbed i listened to the conference call

  3. Yeah S.E. went back up with the Android O.S. but if they dont update, they will lose the clients to HTC.
    HTC is projected to sell over 40 millions Android O.S. phones …
    They understand … good phones WITH UPDATES AND INNOVATION!
    They can even do a remote play app for the x10 like the aino has … pathetic!

  4. yh thats true but it is not as bad as this post is making out, can bet the next phone will rectify the problem, no doubt i am hacked off with this x10 but the company are going in the right direction they could have done what nokia are doing, stil they are in the spotlight even if its for the bad reasons, when the next phone comes out it will be given a lot of publicity cause of the problems with the x10

  5. “Sony Ericsson appears to have the right strategy in terms of pushing forward with Android & WP7 ”

    Not sure about WP7 but certainly the above statement is not true w.r.t. Android platform. They might have got the H/W part right but failed miserably on the S/W. They’ve failed to realize how crucial the S/W will be in product life cycle. Even dumb and fools today can easily compare two phone side by side and point out the difference and of course latest s/w means extra feature is not a brainier. Just having a good looking phone will not suffice, it needs to deliver.

    If SE doesn’t work on these front, we might see phones in MUSEUM instead of sales counters.

  6. Fine. This is the latest trend: comparing profit and market share. But then we find that Apple is a lie in these numbers because their profit share is being measured on the smartphone field, while their real profit is made through the App Store which gives numbers about iOS users. Bearing in mind that iPod Touch also uses iOS, the profit that Apple gives per iPhone sold is a lot inflated. When Apple gives real numbers as to which part of their App Store profit belongs to iPhone, iPod and iPad, I’ll start buying these numbers. In the meantime, their EBITDA is worth just that.

  7. SE seem to be in the “ford escort” mindset. ford had a great 80s, then they launched bland car after bland car where they took no risks.
    SE have finally taken a risk with android, but then took it too conservative. too nervous, and were too slow at choosing the hardware, too slow to pick up the trend, and so ended up launching a quality phone range, but with an outdated os and outdated components.

    at the same time the gadget side ran on with the bolt ons, that would be great if android wasnt so fast moving.

  8. TO XPERIAX10 blog / others


  9. What is this crap? Everyone knows Sony Ericsson and Nokia profits have fallen over the last 3-4 years. Doesn’t mean they won’t fight back.
    The problem is, companies like sony release so many different phones around the world they have a difficult time updating the software on 3 separate platforms. This would be the cause of our 2.1 delay more than anything.
    Sony, unlike HTC and Motorola, is a truly global company. By letting Microsoft take care of the updates I’m sure they would save a lot of money. Smart move in my opinion.

  10. I feel bad for sony’s employees who knew this was going on. The problem is, simply stated, really bad decision making. Stupid CEOs, if you will. If there still is a bit of sanity left at Sony, they will give us MT, 16m color and the option to use vanilla Froyo. Really, it’s that simple.

  11. are SE blind still?
    hpe they wanna ditch their co.

    shall I make a deal for buying SE… ?????

    SE, if you cant run/satisfy ur customers, better give-up…

  12. These diagrams are not really telling anything. It is a misuse of statistics and it is appaling that this web-site publishes it at all.

    1. The results for 2010 are NOT ready yet, therefore they are bogus.
    2. They only show two points. If I was 1.30 cm in 1980 and 1.80 cm in 1990, that does not make me 2.30 in 2000, nor did it make me 1.55 in 1985.
    3. There is no reasonable explanation on how these datas where collected.
    4. Nokia is BY FAR the largest vendor of mobile phones, excluding the smart-phone market, I am sure that they have BY FAR the best profit margins.
    5. I don’t think that the companies publish their cost for developing and marketing brands of telephones in this way, and that you would really need to go into each companies accounting procedures to understand this.

    Btw. I only looked at this for about 30 seconds, and it is not worth more of my time!

  13. What market are they reporting this information from. If this is based on the US market then yeh there’s no point of looking at it. I surprised that HTC and Motorola are pretty low. Kinda weird. :S

    To be honest I still say that Nokia is a good cellphone company. They produce some pretty good cellphones in terms of design, durability, and hardware. I remember when I had my navigator it was the ONLY cellphone in my school with a front facing camera. They have been doing that for years. Now the Iphone has it everyone is excited and are jumping around in joy. Also since the hardware is high tech you never really feel dated with these phones. Iphone is for people that do not know tech, and you guys know what I mean.

    Heres my definition of the cellphone market
    For simple use and to be generic go with the Iphone cause that the only phone you know
    For modding, tech savvy, unique people go with Android (htc, acer, samsung, etc)
    For business go with RIM (at the moment) “no brainer
    For a decent all round phone with no gimmicks go with Nokia
    I am still waiting for the new E7 😛

  14. Nokia will go to ruin with MeeGo.
    TO join in Meego is considered synonymous with to devote company’s soul to Nokia.
    No way!

    Meanwhile, Nordberg is going to smash up ….what? LOL

  15. I think those stats explain a lot.
    If only SE would look at them and think differently or adopt an approach like the now dominant manufacturers

  16. John: “4. Nokia is BY FAR the largest vendor of mobile phones, excluding the smart-phone market, I am sure that they have BY FAR the best profit margins”

    I agree. If these numbers are only in percent, it doesn’t mean much compared to cold, hard numbers. I am not a Nokia fan, but if they had 50% market share globally before and they now have 30% it is of course a big drop, but they are still the dominating company, everybody knows that. If Apple had -0- % market before 2007 and they know have 5% or even 10 it is a huge climb. These numbers may indicate in which -direction- these companies currently are going but as to which one sits on the biggest stack of market share it must be misleading.

  17. I have an X10 Mini that I mostly use as a second phone and music player. I think the SE X10, X10 mini, and X8 are a brilliant collection of hardware; if they were at Android 2.2, Sony would be selling them like hotcakes. Instead, SE actually makes the phones worse with their Timescape software and their drab blue.

    As it is, I just bought an HTC Desire with Froyo. It’s a great phone too. Had the X10 been at 2.2, I would have considered it seriously.

  18. SE might has lost the shares but still is a company with innovation, nobody can deny that…

    let me remind few things

    Bluetooth technology
    first camera
    first coloured screen mobile phone

    and many more

    if you compare with Nokia the market leader which didn’t provide even 1 new technology………

    and always SE produced mobiles with medium–to->best performance

    the only drawback in my opinion was that walkman stuff and minor lesions