Sony Ericsson LiveView hits the FCC, pricing leaked?

Sony Ericsson LiveViewSony Ericsson’s diminutive LiveView mini Bluetooth display is expected to cost €59 (£51, $96) when it hits retail shelves in November according to Le Journal du Geek. This seems to be quite a reasonable price for this 1.3-inch OLED device. The device also passed through the FCC, highlighting that it’s likely to launch in the US.

We expect that LiveView will not be available before the Android 2.1 update hits the Xperia X10 family (mainly as Android 2.0 is a prerequisite for the display to work). However, as long as Sony Ericsson stick to their guns and release the Éclair update as promised by the end of this month there’ll be no problems with that.

Update: According to the official German press release, LiveView will cost €79. (Thanks aqnx!)

13 responses to “Sony Ericsson LiveView hits the FCC, pricing leaked?”

  1. I really do think this is a cool idea and for the price think i would be tempted, just have to wait for my x10 mini to update to 2.1 then i would buy one

  2. Actually Sony does not really says that it needs Android higher than 2.0 in every device:

    “Compatible with the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10, Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 mini and Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 mini pro and most other brands on Android 2.0 and above.”

    Which could essentially mean that its already compatible with X10s as they are (on 1.6) but needs 2.0 or higher for other androids to work, so probably that leaves the update out.

  3. Yeah may work with x10 at the moment but why would you buy it, It’ll be obsolete within days of release and then we will have the liveview blog to vent our anger on just not worth it.

  4. its the whole compatability thing that puts you off getting it. i seriously hope the branded x10’s get update before november 8th i wanna use the hd video at a gig please sony pull ur fingers out of ur arse and get the update out on time!!!!!

  5. if it was alot cheaper and also works on PC via bluetooth I “may” consider it because you just know its costing them $10 to make 😀

  6. The SE marketing assholes are well capable to start selling it BEFORE the 2.1 update. SE has no idea what they are doing.

  7. They should offer this free to every X10 owner as a compensation for the delays in 2.1 updates…

  8. a gud one, Willing to get it
    But scared to buy, as SE wont release any updates, or patch for atleast 1 year for the new device…

    If some bug fix or somthing comes up who will take care????

  9. ” However, as long as Sony Ericsson stick to their guns and release the Éclair update as promised by the end of this month there’ll be no problems with that.”

    Thanks, you made my day. I still bet that there won’t be any update in 2010, just some more excuses.

  10. i will laugh my fat ass off if they manage to rush this out into the market before any of the x10 family gets the eclair update….. it would the most epic failure of SE….

  11. Which makes me wonder – if the update is just 2 weeks away, why releasing X8 to the market now, and not waiting 2 weeks before the update is ready. No guys, there will be no update in October. Hold your horses.