More snippets on Android 2.1 Xperia X10 update

Android 2.1Rikard Skogberg from the SE Product Blog has once again been active in the comment section giving little snippets of information that we have consolidated below. There are no major surprises: he confirms that the DLNA update will now come in the next update (following Android 2.1). He also says that the Android 2.1 update will have to be done at the PC in full rather than OTA (although OTA notifications will still be there).

He also confirms the Android 2.1 release date for late October as well as confirming no multitouch, no equaliser and no Arabic fonts. Interestingly he says that Sony Ericsson has learned their lesson and will tinker with the core Android code much less next time round and will instead build layers on top that should make it easier to deliver timely OS upgrades.

Latest news on Android 2.1 Xperia X10 update

On Android 2.1 Xperia X10 release date

“Regarding why there’s no firm date. There is of course a detailed internal plan and as you say unbranded kits will in most cases be before branded ones. However even unbranded kits differ between markets and all of them need a separate approval and for some markets also local type approvals. Also why “end of October” instead of a date for the start. I do understand that you want a date for when we start but since a plan always is just a plan I wouldn’t want to commit to a date and then if something changes have to change it again. Also much of the things I write here later spread (even sometimes without the right context) in other forums and websites and I wouldn’t want people to get false expectations. (imagine e.g. a big gadget blog picking up on news of a date and then everyone reading that blog expect their phones to be upgradeable on that day, without even knowing about the gradual nature of this roll-out). Instead I will try to keep you posted here on the blog as soon as we start and then going forward.”

Update notification

“The phone does automatically check for updates at regular intervals so consumers will get a notification in the status bar that the update is available. When you get that you will be instructed to connect to a PC to do the actual update though (since this big update is too big and “total” to do as an OTA-update.) Then there will of course be lots of information in our support channels, on our web page and on local level also included in campaigns and communication together with our partner operators and retailers.”

No back-porting of Froyo functionality in Android 2.1

“No this update does not have Wi-Fi tethering nor 16M colours, sorry.”

“Regarding custom solutions for things missing in 2.1 – No I haven’t seen anything about e.g. Wi-Fi tethering, apps on SD nor flash, sorry.”

On Froyo

“Regarding Android 2.2 I still only have the same answer as earlier – there is a next updated planned but at this point it’s not decided whether that update includes an OS step-up or not.”

Performance after Android 2.1 update

“Android 2.1 should in general have increased performance compared to 1.6 and I’m sure a lot of our stuff on top has been optimized as well.”

Linpack Benchmark result:
6.896 MFLOPS
12.16 seconds
Norm res: 5.68
Precision: 2.22..E-16
avg = 31 stdev = 4.27

On the browser

“Double tapping somewhere toggles between zoomed in and zoomed out mode so reading web pages is a nicer experience than before.”

There will be no Flash support (not even Flash Lite), just HTML5.

DLNA support will roll out in subsequent update

“Thanks for your feedback and ideas on home connectivity, DLNA, remote play etc. There are such plans, earlier we announced a plan to introduce DLNA in the next update (the one after this one) of the X10. That update is still work in progress though so I can’t really give any details or further commitments at this time.”

On Timescape

“Regarding Timescape opening up the page instead of the application. That’s still there and I also think it would be better with the application. There’s still not the option to open Facebook posts or tweets and comment/reply to them within Timescape. I don’t know the plans for the future on that but I wouldn’t bet on it. The thinking is not that Timescape should replace those normal apps but instead just be the place to go for a quick overview of everything at one place.”

On low in-call volume

“I’ve answered the question around in-call volume before and as I understand it the optimization that was possible in SW should already be done in the earlier updates. I haven’t seen any information on measurable improvements in this update and I haven’t noticed any major difference personally either, sorry.”

No equalizer

“Regarding equalizer and Mega Bass – nothing added in this update and at this point I don’t have info on future potential of such things either.”

No Arabic fonts in update

“Regarding Arabic language I don’t think it’s added, at least I can’t find it in the language selection in the phone. However I know that there has been a wider question around this and that it to some extent also were about just fonts needed.”

No Multitouch

“To make one thing very clear though to make sure you don’t have false expectations – This update does not give pinch-zoom or other multi touch things.”

On Wi-Fi Bug

“Regarding the Wi-Fi issue – Even though I have quite bad cellular signal where I live I still haven’t been able to reproduce the issue of loosing Wi-Fi when loosing 3G (I guess that’s what you mean?) So I’m not sure I can reproduce it myself and therefore can’t say for sure if it’s been fixed or not.”

Call lock bug

“Regarding if the phone locks after a call or not. I haven’t made any real tests with different timing and such but I think it works like this: If you get a call while the phone is locked the phone will lock again when the call is ended. If you instead have your phone unlocked and make an outgoing call it doesn’t lock after the call is ended.”

No smart dialling

“No there’s still no smart dialling in the stock dialler of the X10. For the minis there is a widget included called Smart Search that does it nicely. There are also lots of 3rd party diallers available on Android Market that has nice cool features for smart dialling and other stuff.”

Live Wallpapers

No live wallpapers have been made by Sony Ericsson so far

The future

“Regarding building work arounds for the things missing in 2.1. I do understand that in theory it would be possible – however if there is something we have learned over this year it is to not dig too deep into the underlying OS but rather build things on top. This of course to be able to be much more responsive on OS revision step-ups in the future. “

“We do know that we are behind in the Android race right now and we are working hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again going forward. Android is at the very core of our portfolio and I hope we will be able to meet much more of the requirements of the more technical early adopters in the future.”

Disclosure: All of the above quotes were taken from this post and range from October 14 to 21.

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  1. I will believe them that they ve learned their lesson only if they started a month ago working in 2.2 update. Either way, they are just losers who make fun of us and just want to push a new device with froyo to boost sales.

  2. SonyEricsson, you better implement Android 2.2 very soon after this update or you will be dead on the market.
    All of us who have your Android phones will be your enemies if you don’t.

  3. Hmmm… I don’t really know what to say.. I was beginning to get exited for this update, but then I saw a Galaxy S in store today… Wauw. So fast, so smooth and so pretty.
    Think I’ll check the update out then try to sell my phone afterwards

  4. Omg no incoming call fix …..well sony im very disappointed to say i made a huge mistake in this phone…..the whole purpose of a phone is to be able to hear the person on the other end… maybe if u cant hear a difference u should try a busy mall or busy street…at any rate im sorry to admit i was one of your biggest fans.. i guess that makes my mind up in movin on to iphone truely is a sad day 🙁

  5. @xperian
    I believe Sony Ericsson must have good experience which latest OS is very important on strategy of sales for Android smart phone. So I assume SE will not repeat the same mistake over and over as next generation Xperia X**.

    I think it is not worth while to implement Android 2.2 to Xperia X10. if SE has time to do so, it’s much worth while to develop a new generation Xperia with Ginger Bread.

  6. its funny how most of the requested upgrades arn’t here but the updates we dont care much about are there.

  7. I think this whole situation provides us with pretty elaborate picture how ready Sony Ericsson as a company is when it comes to extending their horizons and moving to Android.

    I’ve been using Sony Ericsson phones for almost a decade now, thought they would make me happy on Android as well. I’m already thinking of selling this phone and I believe that’s self explanatory on what kind of customers they’ll lose.

    And yes, if this happens I’m definitely not coming back.

  8. I dont even want to reply .. as i feel this is utter useless to even say what we think..
    coz SE have thier own stupid ideas..
    really SE ,you want out of all our frustration and problems .. u focus on those damn two WORTLESS softwares timescape and mediascape… how stupid u guys are really ?
    No incall volume fix ? so X10 doesnt even do the basic function of a phone ? how pathetic it can be ? even before u guys release the phone , didnt ur dev do a call check ? or all of them were working on timescape / mediascape ? or all ur dev having a ear problem ? couldnt one of them find that the incall volume is damn low ?
    no how stupid is that ““Regarding if the phone locks after a call or not. I haven’t made any real tests with different timing and such but I think it works like this: If you get a call while the phone is locked the phone will lock again when the call is ended. If you instead have your phone unlocked and make an outgoing call it doesn’t lock after the call is ended.””

    really when thousands and thousands of users are complaining … u make that damn bug as a fact… or law … couldnt u just fix it ? how difficult is it ?

    so really there is no real update WHAT CUSTOMERS WANT … its all about those two softwares… really i think i made mistake when i bought k850 , should have realised and went to someother compny ..still went and bought the COSTLIEST PIECE …( in india) just to get frustrated and write here ..

    Thnks SE for opening my eyes .. even if u combine PS3+PSP+phone+5.1+satellite + remote + TV … what ever u come up with … i am not going to buy it from you …

  9. “We do know that we are behind in the Android race right now and we are working hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again going forward. Android is at the very core of our portfolio and I hope we will be able to meet much more of the requirements of the more technical early adopters in the future.”

    “Regarding Android 2.2 I still only have the same answer as earlier – there is a next updated planned but at this point it’s not decided whether that update includes an OS step-up or not.”

  10. I am very dissapointed about no incoming call volume fix.. terrible usage!

    As a gadget – it has no latest futures and updates, as phone – it has no phones MAIN feature working well.
    So.. there is no reason not to sell my, so wannable some time bfore, X10.

    Sory SE, but I can not believe you anymore.

  11. regarding to the PC UPGRADE..

    THIS IS ridiculous , THAT you need a WINDOWS PC (without OTA) FOR a LINUX BASED PHONE………… to do upgrade……


  12. I honestly do not understand Sony Ericsson in this Xperia saga. They have a cool phone, very nice hardware and yet they are not trying to make it a big player. Someone needs to get fired over this.

    To summarize: No multitouch, no 16M colours, no Flash, no tethering, no in-call volume improvement, no smart dialing. So, what do we have in 2.2? Well, we have 2.2 albeit crippled. Timescape (which I’m curious to see if ANYONE uses?) is hugely improved, but the goddamn Twitter feed still cannot show you replies, only your stream. What use is that, honestly? Did they listen to *anything* their own users have been saying? I don’t see any important changes that were wanted by the community implemented. Why no flash? Why no multitouch? Why implement better support for HTML5 when the technology will not be correctly implemented until 2022?! Why no 16M color? The display can handle it and so can the hardware, so what’s the holdup? The call volume! Seriously, it’s a dumb fix. Any of their programmer can code that in a day by increasing the hardware sound output at the kernel level. What’s so complicated?

    I’m hugely disappointed in Sony Ericsson, and I can tell you that the x10a is the last Sony Ericsson I’ll buy.

  13. God im so sick of people whining about the x10. If you dont like it, sell it. And if you are on a contract too bad for you, maybe you should try the phone next time, before you buy it.

  14. @Nikolaj

    i like my phone !….. i just use linux…or if i were use mac ?

    why a linux phone need windows to be upgraded?

  15. FYI ALL: You can sell this phone for at least $300 and get an iPhone. Even the 3G is significantly better than this piece of crap from Sony and when I say better, I dont mean the hardware, but everything else. At least Apple supports their devices. Sony is shit and Android needs to be more stable.

    The only thing worse than Android is BLACKBERRY. So sell your X10

  16. By the way I agree 100% with @pluc!

    Way to go buddy. I am happy to say this was the last Sony phone I will ever own!!!

  17. I’m just glad theres been an official from Sony Ericsson to give us information on whats been going on to help us understand and they’ve admitted they’ve messed up a bit. Just the information could have been a bit sooner to keep users and fans not necessarily happy but just calm.

  18. “connect to a PC to do the actual update” I hope they will support update from OSX as well. Of not they will have to do in a shop, and bill SonyEricsson for that.

  19. I’ve Read this article and saw a lot of, no and not, sorry and so on.
    I wonder what is left or did they put anything in this update at all?
    Bunch of cowboys.
    They promissed september, then october. Watch me it will be november.

    So disapointed.


  20. So wut were waiting for really?
    I thought this was suppose to be an upgrade.
    I dont see nething UPGRADED or rather even FIXED the old bugs.
    I guess this is the BIG surprise, rather a “BUG” surprise tht the CEO promised.

    Oh well, they could have atleast fixed the in call volume if not ANYTHING AT ALL.

  21. x10fan… still dreaming that this is a the start…this is the fucking end of the line for your beloved x10… fucking fool

  22. I “was” and ardent user of SE phones, P800, P900, P990 and now Xperia X10.
    No more to be fooled by these duperies. BYE BYE SE.

  23. What i don,t undrestund that the fuck retadrded idiot have changed i mean in there bullshit speach they sag we lessen too the pouple but what the hell they have don, i mean pouple has and still wan 16 ml color, multitouch and flash the only improvment they changed 1.6 too 2.1 and guess what it toke them aout a fuckin year nice job retard ericsson
    well it,s a lesson i guess sony ericsson really lessen to aour demands ah never new it work
    best regard ( hope SE fall so deep in the market that only musum can have a place for thier name )

  24. It’s not se’s problem if you guys are retarded lol, I study law and the law never protects the retarded and idiots such as your selves. SE never said there will be multi touch neither did they say it will be upgraded to 16 m color or to Froyo.

    These were all rumors, nothing more. So, if your stupid enough to follow a rumor and then get pissed of se, then just suck it, yes such it looool. poor f@gots always complaining about mt, 16m, froyo! Well next time you should complain why doesn’t the device cook, fly, clean the floor, run you car, get a life fukers!

    Next time do your homework well, before buying a phone or any other product. Because if you don’t than you will end up the same way you ended up now.

    SE Make.Believe

  25. @tiborh
    why should popular mobile OS bother about less than unpopular desktop one?
    or you want that any casual android user update his mobile, downloading endless stream of linked packages, with each update? .. or even had to recompiles from android svn? 🙂

    jokes aside, Wine didnt go anywhere from linux, and unlike for MacOS it does work more often that it doesn’t, so it worth checking if SEUS/PC Companion will work under it 🙂

  26. Hmm.. alright im fine with the multitouch thing… also with the 16mil colors nor flash(theres loads of other explorers out there with it) but ummm “se isnt working on any li e wallpapers” err does that mean that the update will not support live wallpapers or that se doesnt hace one? -_- live walls is one of mine and many users’s expectations for the update: / so… anyone know anything about that?

  27. I’m user of SE X10 and I concern about the upgrade to Android 2.2 really. Do SE have solid schedule about the upgrade to 2.2 (not only 2.1)? What does “connect to a PC to do the actual update” mean? Thanks.

  28. Why is it that Sony i working with google on there Google Tv and they cannot as as SE develop a and deploy a new android system to the X10’s ON TIME!!! that is both annoying and pathetic. I do really think that they wont deploy 2.2 after the Eclair update because they are oblied to deploy a 2.3 as all manufactors which caunts on market will do.
    Not satisfised clent

  29. my sister lafs at me for giving her my iphone and get this stupid phone.. afta waiting for al these months, i’ve kinda start believing that we xperia users are only making a fool of ourselves.
    finally the wait is goin to be over but its not because i am getin what i wanted, its because there isnt any expectation anymore…

  30. Don’t worry dude you will get 11 new live will papers from android 2.1 🙂

    But some of us though that se will give us extra live wall papers but it didn’t happen. So you will still get and enjoy them I promise you.

  31. I like this, Just before the X10 was released in the Netherlands a list of questions from was answered by SE, and was very enlightening.
    I still really like my X10, but more and more software is 2.0+ only, so I’m really waiting for this update. But I can wait 2 more weeks 😉

  32. @Jacques:

    What did you find “Enlightning”??
    They wiped all the important questions from the site with:
    We have sended the question to our International product manger,and awaiting his answer….

  33. Ok,
    I have to say a few words here…It was fine when people were comparing the xperia with other more updated android phones…that is just and fair…but seriously…iphone??? your sister laughs at you for giving her the iphone… The iphone is good only cosmetically…no point the screen and touch response is awesome…and it stops there only…i know the iphone user experience coz my friend has one….can you drag and drop files to your iphone?? no…xperia x10…you can…over the wifi too…can you control ppts on your desktop using your phone?? no?? try droid phone control….can you customize the home screen to your liking? can you put widgets there?? can you make it a wifi hotspot….you do realize this list is going to be too long… guys who r claiming that android is unstable and iOS4 is way great… do you do anything with your phone other than play games on it… dont be so cosmetically inclined…ask what gives an all-round better experience…dare I say mature experience?? android or iOS

  34. Im going to see how the update plays if its sh** i will just sell and save up for the windows phone 7 sorry Se i lost all respect for you ):

  35. Ha ha, they rewrite whole OS but they didn’t make almost anything on top of it. I’m very curious about impact of all that tunings in core.

  36. bad news for tmobile uk as Sony put on Twitter the 2.1update for x10 for their network is end if November

  37. What are se actually giving us in the next update? Lol no 16m colors or more importantly flash every phone should have this or increased call volume ! Why not please existing customers before wanting new customers 🙁

  38. Sorry people but you really do need to stop complaining. You bought this phone knowing that it was running 1.6, most off you would of researched it and compared it to other devises. In the UK, You could have easily gone for the desire with no issue. But you didnt. You picked the Xperia. In the USA you could have picked up a droid x. At the roughly same price.But you didnt.

    You picked the phone. You cant just say its all se fualt. Its yours for picking the x10. In the end off the day. Its a phone which does enough as it is. You can live with most features of 1.6. Most off you are going to get 2.1 and just download a few apps and then bitch about 2.2

    I admit there’s a few nice features with 2.1 like the HD camera. But last time I checked you purchased things as they are. You don’t buy a pc and expect it to upgrade itself on its own with no price to you.

    To all you complainers you really need to grow up

    My 2 cents

  39. I’m lovin’ this, Remote Play ”There are such plans”

    DLNA support will roll out in subsequent update

    “Thanks for your feedback and ideas on home connectivity, DLNA, remote play etc. There are such plans, earlier we announced a plan to introduce DLNA in the next update (the one after this one) of the X10. That update is still work in progress though so I can’t really give any details or further commitments at this time.”

  40. Jon the Droid X is on Verizon and X10 is on At&t. So you can’t get the Droid X if you have a contract on At&t dummy.

  41. @Power 88 actually, SE did say it would have multi touch, or someone from SE said it would. Yes it was later confirmed it wouldn’t have but, if you’d only read the original post and not the newer one. Also the Sony Style website, when the phone was to launch in the US, said for at least a week that it was a multi touch display. Only when it had spread around the internet did they remove it, with no explanation. So yes, they have said it would have multi touch.

    There are far too many no/sorry’s in the post for my liking though but, what I want is there. I need to go tell him the wifi bug isnt when you lose 3G though, it’s when you lose the signal completely. On the network I’m on, the signal is pretty crap so it happens quite a bit for me :(. If the network were better, I probably wouldn’t experience the issue either. That said, I haven’t experienced this in call volume problem every one is on about. Well not everyone, some others say they don’t have the problem either.

    Shame it has to be done via the PC though, especially for non Windows users.

  42. Im from the UK, I’m sorry I haven’t looked at what AMERICAN providers offer…

    Stop baiting kid.

  43. Come on ffs. The phone kicks ass.
    An update is on its way and i can almost smell it. I have no problem at all with the incall volume. 2.1 should make it run alot smother not that mine lags at all. The camera quality smashes everything on the market. To prove people will never be happy, check out the coments about having to have a computer to update. Ffs once 2.1 hits and the phone kicks ass with how it runs these people will be complaining that its been 2 months without 2.2. This phone owns and the hd footage with auto focus looks fucking sick. But having said that i bought the phone not knowing there was an update. I bought it because i was happy with it. Stop wanting more and be happy with what you have

  44. Jon, with you we see another x10 fanboy contributing stupidity to the proceedings. SE were far from honest with their marketing of the phone. They alluded to a speedy transition to 2.1 before the phone went on sale only to announce it would arrive by the end of q4 after many had bought it. The lied (yes lied) about multitouch. The criticisms of SE are made because all other android phone makers just seem to do much better. You can’t expect praise for being the worst (only idiotic fanboys like yourself do that).
    As for your comments about nobody buying a computer and expecting to get better, now that’s just another example of your stupidity. Android is a very different ecosystem to windows, linux, OSX. By your reasoning, SE should not even be releasing 2.1 because they are not obliged to. Sorry kid but, I’m afraid with android, they are. If they don’t in a timely manner, then the criticism is entirely justified and indeed proper.
    It seems to me that the marketing men rule the roost at SE. It’s all about managing their deployment of android to maximize phone sales that’s why so many flipping users of the x10 family feel duped and short changed. For example I don’t think there are any developers who would make an android phone whose app compatibility is limited by screen size and resolution like you get with the x10 mini/mini pro. That strikes me very much as a marketing edict forced on the developers to create something that gets tongues wagging rather than something that’s fully functional.
    Word of advice to SE… keep the marketing idiots out of the development cycle. Let the developers get on with it and then tell the marketing idiots to market it. Not the other way round.

  45. Why all the complaints? Yes, I’m disappointed by the delay in an upgrade, but there is nothing in the t+c of the phone to guarantee one.

    A friend of mine has android 2.2 but thinks there are some better features on the X10 that are better. Also iPhone looks good, but not as stable as some people have said.

    When I bought this phone, I looked at what it could do now, not in the future. SE are trying their best, this is the first SE attempt at android, and they want the upgrade to work first time. When you buy SE, you buy stability.

  46. The problem is, i was searching earlier for information on the 2.1 update date and left a similar coment about how good this phone is on another blog. Just went back to it and its been deleted and there’s now more x10 hatred. Hmmmm very interesting

  47. release date for late October … kindly tell me in which year….

    after long waiting, NO fash 🙁 may be this is my last sony ericsson handset

  48. Zodiac…Why dont you just STFU….The only thing which is stupidity, is you and all the other morons who bought the phone even without trying it first. Who the fuck buys things, with stuff that maybe will get included, but not for sure…As I stated earlier in the thread, if you dont like the phone, fucking sell it. Im so sick of all this whining about this phone, all you who cant handle this phone should get an icrap, so at least the rest of us could read about the news regarding this phone, without all this ever ongoing flaming crap…

  49. Amazing quality posts above..
    come on everyone.. just calm down. I’m a developer myself and know how lengthy a deployment can be. I’m still happy with my phone as is, and am sure SE will slowly increase their roll-out speed, especially with all your complaints. Its not like its not working is it? Go buy an HTC if you’re happy to roam around with those ugly things in hand.
    I’ve had Sony-Ericsson (Or Just Ericsson) smartphones since 1999 (Ericsson R380). I’ve never been let down. With my most recent p990i (Before I had my first iPhone 4 or so years ago), SE delivered decent updates with regular intervals, I’m sure they’ll be doing the same on android.
    Just chill and enjoy your reliable phone and the fact that someone is thoroughly testing your next update.

  50. Great! I know enough! I’m selling this piece of crap and buying a Desire HD which does allot more, I’ve been waiting for over 6 months for this bloody update and they delay yet again on top of that, comparing the update with a Desire HD proves enough that this isn’t even worth the wait(HTC sense is at least usefull unlike timescape, never used it, most pointless app EVER). Also this is my last SE phone, never getting one again. I used to love jap products but this time you guys fail, I will continue buying jap product except never SE again!

  51. @Bex

    Totally agree with you…i was sold the phone here in the UK claiming it had multitouch and 16m colours.
    However as ive said before…i couldnt give a rats arse regarding 2.1 as it will briing nothing but a new O.S. i didnt think i was asking much to just have incall and ring volumes fixed.

  52. to all the x10 SE fanboys… people moan because they were deceived by SE even if you die hard fanboys refuse to admit it. Some of us are happy to admit that the x10 is not up to par with its rivals unlike you mindless idiotic fanboys who keep desperately looking for ways to convince yourselves you have a great device. You only get upset at people who complain because their complaints just remind you of just how poor the x10 really is when compared to other phones in same price range. After all their complaints are aimed at SE and not you. So what’s the point attacking them. If you like your phone as crappy as it is ..then just say so. This site is not a fanboy site but for all comments on the x10(good and bad). I believe it’s what they call constructive discussion. If you want a fanboy site, I suggest you fuck off from here cos your not going to find what your looking for here. Most people here are just enthusiasts and don’t align themselves with any company so they can criticize freely when they believe criticism is due.
    Once again SE x10 fanboys should fuck off somewhere else where they can sit together and worship the saviour x10 and its heavenly father SE.

  53. @zodiac
    For once I completely agree with you. I don’t know what that Martin guy is talking about. My X10 is far, far, far from reliable. It is actually the most unreliable phone I have ever used. This is my second X10 with the same problems. My brother’s X10 also has the same problems. Now I am locked in a 3 year contract thanks to Rogers and myself. I don’t really want to get another X10 because I know that it will be unreliable like my first two! I also don’t want to go through all the hassle of setting the phone up again, I have 50 plus apps, its a pain. I have also been holding out because of the update that SE promised us BEFORE the X10 was even out! I don’t care if you took “law” in school, that doesn’t mean anything in this blog, nor does it make you any smarter. If fact your argument makes you look retarded. Keep at it zodiac, you really are a breath of fresh air on this blog. I hate my X10, I seem to get the phone with every known problem on it. I know much to zodiac’s dismay, I am saving up to purchase an unlocked iPhone 4 or 5, I have an ipod touch and I keep wishing it was a phone. I know ios has its many many shortcomings but in the end I just want a smartphone that works, with apps and games and is very reliable, which the iPhone is. SE has ruined Android for me sadly. I always laugh at the fanboys response that SE doesn’t even have to give us updates, when every major phone company always puts out updates for free, be it Apple, HTC, Samsung etc. Hell even my Windows 7 laptop gives me free updates! Keep at it zodiac, you have an ally with me.

  54. Hahaha @ zodiac trying his hardest to flame the x10. I bought a great phone because i went down to the store and spent an hour checking it out. You sound like Iphones pinup girl, your trolling an android blog yelling that iphone is what its all about. Apples rein is over once people realise they have got nothing on the x10. And that only takes an hour of using one. Seriously, what havnt you got or what is wrong with your phone to prance around in you iskirt holdong your iflag screaming that se has destroyed your life. My phone, right here in my hand, kicks ass. And its about to get an upgrade. Get on ya ibike and troll the iblog. X10 ftfw.
    Btw, didnt have any se products untill now, and gotta thank those n the game making this pone vecause u just fulmed my boys first birtgday and the footage looks unreal.
    Hopefully 2.1 us worth the wait. Great phone uf any designers read this

  55. Why the complaining because when i and probablyt others bought the phone it was advertised as something it was not! and also all phone shops and trust me I went to a few, promised the update was coming soon, It IS an amazing phone but i needed Flash and was told it had it, and also multi touch was due which to be honest it now wont get lol 16M colors was also promised but i have to admit the screen looks great maybe people complain as they know it could be better and some of us were told or promised it was coming now appears it may not come or it will come but by that time other phones will have been released 🙂

  56. And before you get your bsck up zodiac, im not a fanboy just like the phone.
    Im only here checking the net for information about android 2.1.
    Why did you throw x10 into the browser?

  57. To be honest I am perfectly happy with my x10, it looks great and does what I expected it to do when I bought it. The in-call volume isnt an issue for me because I use my headset on most occasions as I prefer the convinience of having my, hands-free (pun intended) 😉

    However as an android user the one thing I did expect this phone to do which it hasn’t done was provide timely updates. I bought the phone knowing it had 1.6 but I expected it, like all android phones do, to upgrade to the latest firmware when it came out. Ofcourse I knew that the release of any update would not be as efficient as HTC but surely a couple of months after that isn’t too much to ask. All other android handsets deliver similar service. So as an adnroid user I am very disappointed to hear of the constant delays, while some are looking forward to gingerbread we’re still waiting for eclair. If this phone didn’t have android I wouldnt have looked twice, so for some of us the presence of the android software was the USP that hooked us,plus the fantastic hardware capabilities of the x10. SE has made the mistake of thinking that most users just bought the handset because it was a beautiful SE device, they couldn’t be more wrong. The thing I love the most about the phone is the flexibility and capabilities of the android OS not SE’s gimicks. I could make do without a 8mp camera, no multitouch, 16m colours (which I cant even see) however I do need a device which plays flash content,wifi tethering and hotspots,all android apps available. These are things which every android user expects, sad to say the only thing standing between us and the best android has to offer is SE. Gingerbread has some really cool features which I would really love and must have. If at some point SE decides not to upgrade this handset to that its bye bye SE from me.

    So I’ll wait for now because like I said, i like the device, have no major issues with the handset. Its SE who I have a bone to pick with.

  58. @ john yeah it was through the day though. Down at the river. And theres plenty of sun in australia 😉 good to know though, if im out at night and need to film something i’ll keep the phone hidden if theres an iphone floating around

  59. Me too, I’d love to know which year Richard meant when mentioning end of October.
    When will SE officially deliver /update to an Anroid Version, that is not outdated by the time it hits the market? After all, 2.2, if it ever hits the X10, will be outdated by that time.

    Apart from that, it seems that Timescape will still be useless after the update. Good, saves me time for giving it another try.

  60. Why not Sony Ericsson separate Timescape and Mediascape from phone SW and buy Timescape and Mediascape in Android market?
    I assume it is easy to develop only phone SW by Sony Ericsson.

  61. If Sony would just open the bootloader to the community, the fellas over at XDA would have this phone running wonderfully, with 16m colors, and a wonderful sound quality!

  62. So what they have been doing over those months thou. I thing they have holiday not work I dont see any reason to even bother and waist time to update
    Don’t tell me there is no HD recording??????
    that is a joke .
    Where are those 170 changes. I those changes are bull…. not changes.
    Is it????
    what actually has been done ???????????????????????????????????????????

  63. When it gonna be released I have to see to belive that this havent been really done I never was so suprised I thougt that those four magical letter means they working hard but did I misunderstand.


  64. Luke, I defy you to find a single in line in any of my post that’s praising the Iphone in any way. You say your not a fanboy but you respond to my post without even reading it. It seems like you just saw someone attacking SE x10 fanboys and decided to respond because you are one of them.

  65. Death to Sony Ericsson.

    I’m gonna throw a party and all you are invited for beer (except dumbass X10fan) when SE files for bankruptcy.

    SE, way to ignore major bugs in favour of Timescape and Mediaescape. Because we need flashy animations more than hearing other guys voice. Shove your update up your asses and open the bootloader.

    Many thanks.

  66. I for one have given up ( sort of – my wife and son still has x10s and I will maintain them) – I went out and bought a used nexusone ( $450 ebay) it works fine OTA to 2.2.1 instantly and it is a dream to use. The new OS fixes so many issues of the x10 ( we would anyone have to swipe and unlock just to get on – etc, etc). I can get 2.2 apps – all is great and my new forum is talking abpit 3.0.


  67. after getting an initial faulty xperia x10 replaced. i’m thinking that the quality issues of se phones are just simply getting from bad to worse. not only has hardware gone down in quality, the software seems to be taking forever to update. considering the 2.1 sdk was released “12 January 2010” the team basically had 9 months to work on just an update. this is way too long for any team/company to develop/fix bugs on their phones. 9 months of work and not even implementing multitouch/16 mil colours or improving sound? are you kidding me? you managed to release a phone after 6 months of 1.6 sdk release at “15 September 2009” surely an update should be possible in half the time. even the devs at xda can cook up something faster than SE.
    if there are no releases within 3-4 months of gingerbread sdk release at all. i think its time to forget SE as a brand to consider buying as this company is clearly not capable of supporting its customers.

  68. For zodiac it’s either we say the x10 is the worse phone in this planet, or he will accuse you of being a fanboy, this alone shows how stupid and silly this kid really is.

    My question is, if zodiac hates the phone so much and doesn’t want it anymore, why is he hanging here anyway, why does he still care about the latest news regarding the X10? This proves again that he is a f@g that keeps annoying people that the x10 is terrible yet he still cares about it and have it.

    Get a life loser

  69. Dear sony…Plz plz plz open da bootloader, nd u ll see tht even i, a banker, can update da x10 b4 u do 🙂

  70. @zodiac my bad about the iphone shit. Wrong hater.
    Still dont know why you’re here tho.
    Im out i’ll leave you all to it

  71. Rikard Skogberg from the SE Product Blog, you are the stupidest ass i’ve ever seen, period. And no i wont say sorry, you shameless f*ck:
    live wallpapers- sorry no,
    flash- sorry no,
    in call vol boost- sorry no,
    wifi disconnect issue-“obnoxiously” i didnt experience it so i cant correct it, what about customer feedback asshole,
    android 2.2- guys lets be serious, SE shit in their pants just in releasing 2.1, i’m not expecting 2.2 in my lifetime atleast,

    there are more “sorrys” in this pathetic so called customer feedback update than feature additons.
    I’m not happy, friends of mine boast with their cheapass samsung galaxy 5 with android 2.2 soon to get 3.0 and i lug aroung in the corner with 1.6 one widget per screen shit,
    no SE from now on, ebay it is.

  72. Adapter, You have nothing intelligent to add so you just talk nonsense. That’s the kingdom of a fool. I have never attacked anyone who wants to praise the x10 if they like it as it is. The people I attack are idiotic fanboys who attack those who criticize SE and the x10 because they can’t face up to fact that others might dislike a phone they love so much.
    No apologies from me just another big FUCK YOU to you and all the SE fanboys out there.

  73. I keep reading this posts that complain about the call volume and quite frankly I suspect it is either a blown speaker/speaker malfunction or your ears that causes this problem.
    I`ve never experienced any problem with the call volume and I have to turn it down to about 3/4 to get a comfortable volume, no issues with the ringtone volume either.
    But that said, SE do really have to prove them self now to keep me as an customer, I`m also one of those who have used SE for over a decade and have recommended them to all around me…but now I can`t do that anymore and I`m going to give SE the chance to impress me with an soon upgrade to 2.2 before I decide to sell this phone and never look back, something I believe HTC would benefit from. 🙂

  74. Honestly, i love the x10, bu if it wasnt for its design id have bought any other phone. Ill probably never buy another SE untill they show real respect for their costumers when regarding bugs and know problems, as the volume issue and screen locks.

  75. Just to confirm, the comments on the blog, were a fake! It was someone pretending to be Rikard

  76. Just point me to the online petition, I’m sick and tired of giving SE a second chance. I’m a happy iPhone user and wanted to test applications that my friends develop for Android handsets and thought what a nice idea it would be to get the X10.

    Stupid me, I can’t test most of the apps because 2.1 is a minimum requirement.

    Thank god I have my iPhone, does anyone want to trade an X10 for anything that can run Android 2.2 🙂

  77. it’s amazing how sony ericsson totally ignores what their customers are looking for. I don’t kno why they are even bothering to upgrade to 2.1 if they don’t fix any of the issues the phone has to begin with. what they don’t understand is .. “No” is not a valid answer to requests that could easily be implement with the implementation of 2.1 do the users of the phone even hav any problem with the current configuration of timescape or mediascape? no, they dont. I dont understand why they spend so much time working on something so pointless when their customers are asking for a REAL 2.1 with flash lite and multitouch and 16 m colors. I love the outer style of the X10 and its potential hardware specs, but without proper software support it’s just another outdated smartphone. Unless SE starts to LISTEN to it’s customers I’m pretty sure all the X10 users will NEVER again buy another sony ericsson phone. I know I for sure won’t.

  78. so everyone bought this phone because they wanted 2.1… but now everyones complaining that 2.1 doesnt hold up. No promises were made about what 2.1 was going to pack so why did anyone buy this phone?
    All it comes down to is everyone complaining, bought a phone because they wanted 2.1 not knowing what 2.1 was…. smart move?
    SE shouldn’t of promised eclair in Q3….. they fucked up with that promise.. all other promises were considerations that became promises after they were reposted on other blogs.
    My incall volume is great, people might have to look into getting their hearing tested before blaming a phone. The only problem i have is that i get disconnected from wifi if i let the phone lock up for more then 15 mins. Then the only way to get back on wifi is to restart the router.
    I can avoid the problem if i turn off wifi when im not using the phone. Hopefully they fix this problem in 2.1…
    Did anyone know what cemented into 2.1? if not stop complaining and wait for the upgrade. Im sick of looking for information about a date and reading nothing but complaints

  79. and now that alot of people think multitouch is possible, you can bet that when 2.1 doesnt have MT, a shitload of blogs will be abusing SE because MT was “promised” and not delivered….
    And isnt the X10 all about social networking and making it all easier for people, because thats what i found with all the advertising. Or did i misread it all and miss the point. Maybe it was always about MT, 16m colours and flash…

  80. Having worked in a few large companies, some involved in developing some sort of operating system, including one for mobile devices I can safely say: Although I am frustrated with not having the 2.1 and dreaming about 2.2, I’d rather wait even another month or two to get the fine-tuned version of the upgrade. I have seen way too many disastrous rushed releases where the executives enforced on-time release regardless of the circumstances or quality.
    We may not like it, but that’s how it works in SW and OS development…

  81. All I am reading is uh! I am not sure, dont think so and doubt that. WHEN will i get my 2.1 update for MY PHONE that I PURCHASED. Does this company NOT take care of its customer base who bought their product for the very reasons that their device is failing to deliver. I want multitouch, I want better intergration with my SD card and for dear lord would you please give me flash capability, I mean I try to install an App and all I get is… SORRY! your device does not support this at this time. This is going on 6 months that I have been reading about a promised 2.1 update. I am TELLING you this to the CEO of your company if you care anything about your customer base. If I read 1 more ” we are sorry but we cannot deliver the latest android update for awhile and we cannot give you a decent date of when we can” then you have lost me as a customer and I promise you I am not looking back. Yes I am and always have been one to buy the latest products from companies that I think care about selling me something that I think will enrich my life. So far from a FIRST TIME buyer you are making me horribly regret buying your overinflated gadget. Cheers!

  82. @ rober you sound like a fuck head for buying a phone that had nothing that you wanted in a phone, and then sit here and bark orders about what you want them to add into your phone. Didnt realise they were custom made like that.
    Give me a go
    Oi fuckheads at se, you fucking destroyed me by making me buy this phone. I want you to apologize to me then add into 2.1 10 megapixel camera with hd and i want better voice to text and i want an employer to look after my boys every sunday so me and the missus can sleep in.
    You fuckheads better do something for ME or i swear…. i’ll throw this phone in the fucking bin

  83. I am so sick and tired of this sh!t… I mean its a great phone but seriously are we in stone age.. I don’t even see the point of updating… waste of my fucking time.. waste of my fucking money.. and now committed in 3 years contract with Rogers right after SE fucking LIED to us saying 2.1 will have 16 m.c .. and MT.. and to all of ya dumb fucks who said they never said that the 2.1 will have MT or 16 m.c … do your research before saying shit you dumb fucks.

  84. They said they were considering mt. You do your research.
    Not sure about 16m c only saw that reposted and im smart enough not to beleive whats been reposted.
    And im not the dumb fuck you dumb fuck.
    My phone works and im looking forward to the upgrade. Hopefully 2.2 is being considered as beneficial.

  85. Selling my X10 now..I rather spend a little more $ rather than reading these bullshitsss every now and then.. !@#%^& U SE!!! TOTALLLLLY DISAAAAPOINNNTTTEEEDD!!!!

  86. WoW, this Luke guy sure sounds like a fanboy. Dunno why though. Yes I bought this phone and yes I guess I was stupid in believing that this company would update the android system like other companies withing a decent time frame like say humm…. HTC, Samsung. Laughs on me. Luke this is Android, its a constant evolving thing and forgive me for buying something that I thought would be available and supported by sony in a matter of a few months after I bought the device. I was warned by my friends to stay away from sony but i decided to buy the phone because I liked the look and the integration of facebook and the 8 mp camera, I really really was hoping flash would be on the phone this year but it looks like it might not be, who knows when. Like I said I gave this company my money thinking they would support their product with what SHOULD have been on this flagship phone of theirs from release and here we are 6 months later. You can be a fanboy all you want but at the end of the day its they who have failed their android customer base.

  87. Stop fucking around and give as a update and wifi bug fix. This phone starts annoyng me.

  88. I’m tired of this bullshit! Looks like SE like pissed off their customers with updates that comes with more problems. SE brand will fall soon! FUCKING RETARDS!!!! Considering to brake my x10.


  90. @Luke
    Wifi disconect when phone locks, can be turned off in wifi settings.. open wifi settings, push the menu button and take advanced settings, there you can see wifi sleep policy..

  91. Dont know.. I Am using wifi for 11-14 hours in day (night) most time for i radio.. in the morning everything is allright with connections… if it was a bug than i shuld have it too.. i am rude with my phone 😀

  92. @ zet thanks mate, and theres more then 1 luke.
    Fanboy, what because i can wait for an update without thinking my phones broken?
    Gotta thinks 2 months extra in the big picture isnt worth destroying a phone.
    But if you need 2.1 urgently then i can understand.

  93. If you love somebody, set them free.

    Give us a access to upgrade to the newest Google Android version.
    Screw the added “features” and give us what we really want.

    My next phone will definately be one with no restrictions (and I am not the only one saying this)…

  94. manner actualli hate my x10i now!!! SE r idiots!! I used to love my old w595 y did they not stick with the walkman type phone!? Heres my lisr of what i hate about the phone and the 2.1 update
    In call volume
    Keyboard sticks/repeats/deletes whole message from 1 touch because the heat sensitive touch screen is pants. U can even scroll pages by lightly blowing the scree
    Got rid of cursor left n right n replaced it with side swiping a zoomed in txt blocput da most poibtless button to close the keyboard (which the back button does anyway :-S ) n put that button in the same plce the number switcher used to be so now out of false of habbit close the keybord when going for numberd or synbols
    Cnt seem to link phone contacts to facebook contacts any more unless u sync ur whoooooole fb freinds list into ur contacts list
    Mediascape pointless
    Timescape pointless
    Got rid of battery saving auto brightness……why it worked perfectly well and saved battrry which lets face it is conplete w**k anyway as before it wouldnt last day on standby and now lasts less!!
    Everything runs slow/freezes or crashes
    Nothibg is customisable except wallpaper/hone icons even for mp3 rongtones n message alerts u have to download an aftermarkrt app
    Locks after call no matter how u do it ive tried both ways fone locked or unlocked still locks phone after u hang up
    Ive alrrady had to cut n paste all this 5 times because my keyboard decides its not goin to writr anything once i grt a txt….i jst want to smash it up sinve the update because ots not even worth selling!!!!!! Its like thr peope at SE woke up and said hmmmm that wprks that works that works and that works so lets update and make evrything mess around jst to piss ppl off! Any1 tried using there xperia while its raining very slightly and a tiny drop of rain lands on the screen n pushes a million diff things?
    The only thing i actualli think was improved is the live backgrounds. Morr slides on hone screen and the unlock slider (blatent impression of the iphone/touch slide bar) …if sonething works fine…DONT TRY AND IMPROVE IT!!!!! Any1 who was involved in the making of 2.1 come to my house n i will gldly take a swift kick at ur man bags!! Any1 reading this has probably guesed im typing using thr x10 as none of the words are spelt right thanks to thr picky keyboard that decudes to push a leyter from the other side of the keyboard than where ur touchin i haye ot i hate it o hate it!!! When i bought this phone it cost £450 i would gladly spend just as much on an acient nokia 3210 because it doesnt f**k about every1 experiancing all these problems and morr please email me at with a list of faults and ill gather it alltogether and send it to the man who made android along with a few harsh words they might actualli take notice and get to work on fixing all the things we want fixed as owners of the android softwarr and make it usable again…..thankyou and lets hope sonething is done before my phone id involbed in a head on collision with the floor followed by my size 10 foot stampibg on its useless face

  95. Hello everybody, I’m Alexander from Romania.

    Until recently I was the happy owner of an Xperia X10. It’s not that I’m not the owner anymore, it’s just that I’m not happy anymore.
    I just want to tell you from the beginning that I wanted to buy a Samsung Galaxy S, but one of my friends tuck me into buying his X10. It was a plain and simple transaction, my friend didn’t care about updates, he only liked the X10 for its design, but he needed the money, that’s why he sold it to me.
    So, on Nov 24 I found out (only because of my repeated update checks and not because SE sent an update notification) that Android 2.1 is available in my country. I followed all the steps and updated my phone. After restoring the saved data, big surprise: the phone would log off the mobile network every 2 minutes. I had to deactivate my PIN code in order to prevent the destruction of the phone (hitting X10 against the wall to achieve that seemed like a good idea at that time), but logging of the network was annoying (that’s the least to say), especially during phone calls. And when the phone was ringing, the caller info & the other items of the incoming call screen would disappear completely, leaving only the nice blue & black color variations; I had to guess where the ‘answer’ button is and how to slide it to the right (luckily this was simplified with the 2.1, with the curved line of the 1.6 it would have been much more difficult to guess). The only solution was reinstalling the software, which worked well.
    And now back to the actual update. Apart from the obvious improvements (the screen doesn’t lock anymore after a call in ended, saving Drafts in Messages (officially, and not by pressing the ‘Home’ Button after finishing typing & adding no recipient at that stage) is possible, 5 home screens, more icons per screen & the improved screen layout, text typing layout and the others already mentioned in the official press release), there are some major back draws (for the update or for the overall functionality, regardless of the Android version):

    1. The Timescape function is defective with the 2.1: some of the tiles from Facebook only have the photo and the name of the person, with no text. After accessing the profile by tapping the tile, I am prompted to one’s daily horoscope. Wasn’t it supposed to prompt me to the status message? And the Facebook account updates very slowly/not at all and keeps updating even after I close Timescape (the ‘updating’ icon from the upper taskbar is visible at most of the time I have the X10 turned on + wi-fi on & functional). Not to mention that Timescape closes repeatedly without prompting it to close.
    2. Once the synchronization starts, sure as hell not even Doomsday can stop it (we do have Doomsday every day here in Romania – jokin’).
    3. With the 2.1 update, the ‘relationship’ between my phonebook and Facebook is a wreck (that’s an understatement as well)!! It was much better with the 1.6 when one was able to associate contacts MANUALLY between the phonebook and Facebook straight from the phone. Now Facebook overrides the phonebook, even with sync deactivated (from Facebook Android Application (updated)/settings/sync contacts/DON’T SYNC) (isn’t this breaking terms & conditions + invasion of privacy?). And, believe it or not, in my country 2 different people can have the same first name & surname, which makes very annoying to have your actual girlfriend Mary in your phonebook, but with Mary’s (ex-girlfriend) picture from Facebook, Mary ex-girlfriend which is not anymore in your phonebook – how’s that for a divorce case? If I chose facebook/settings/sync contacts/sync with existing contacts – that’s Iraqi War, as for ‘sync all’ – that’s Star Wars + WW III. I had to restore the phonebook a few times and I had to access manually 20% percent of my phonebook, then ‘edit/menu button/separate/save’ in order to separate the (unfortunate) 20% phonebook contacts from Facebook contacts (same person or, worse, another person), even thou, I repeat, I have chosen in the first place NOT to sync the contacts between my phonebook and Facebook!!!!!
    4. The in-call volume is still very low, I have to press the phone against the ear very hard.

    And now for my fellow X10 owners: stop asking if there’s gonna be an upgrade in terms of screen colors!! SE does software updates, they should replace the whole screen (as a hardware component) in order to upgrade the actual screen to 16M.

    That’s about everything I can remember now, if something else will come up I will get back!

    Bottom-line: As a happy owner of SE phones (T28, K750, V630, W995, Aino (present)), I’m about to go back to Nokia or to start a ‘relationship’ with Samsung if SE’s new X10 update will not be Android 2.3 with all the above-mentioned flaws fixed!!

  96. I don’t understand! I love my xperia x10, it has android 1.6 but everything works great! I guess the update to 2.1 is coming out soon in usa but I probably won’t upgrade its a hassle and I love my phone. I’m sad to see do many people hate their phones…

    The camera beats my digital camera, 8 megapixels?? Needs to be still In low light but takes incredible pics. gps, wifi, I got my mail, the browser, I love the default texting app.. this is my first android phone maybe that’s why… all the good apps… I love my phone.

  97. The updated 2.1 Xperia x10 can have multiple gmail accounts, but i am unable to configure another gmail account on my x10. keep getting the message, check your connection.

    what could be the problem? how do i set up another gmail account.


  98. wow i am surprised. the last statement enraged me.

    “We do know that we are behind in the Android race right now and we are working hard to make sure it doesn’t happen again going forward. Android is at the very core of our portfolio and I hope we will be able to meet much more of the requirements of the more technical early adopters in the future.”

    in the future? so basically, when android becomes 3.0+, us Xepria x10 owners will be still 2.1. also, this phone is SE first time in the android OS so chances are they will make a new phone with the newest or newer version of android and leaving us x10 users where we are. I’m just so pissed off because I love the hardware on this phone, it can do so much but development for it is so behind. and I extended my contract just for this phone and hearing all these bad news about it is rather disappointing that I just wasted my money. I usually don’t get disappointed with Sony products, hell 90% of my house hold electronics are Sony. If Sony really cares about the quality of their products, I wonder if they will give me $250 if I return my Xperia X10a directly to them and pay my termination fee for AT&T because I extended my contract just for this phone. If it wasn’t for this phone, I would be enjoying an HTC EVO 4G on Sprint or one of the Droid series from Verizon.

  99. Love the look of the x 10 and the hardware, thats why i bought the phone…unlocked.

    issues am getting…

    • WIFI ( i’m so angry with this)
    keeps on disconcerting or doesnt connect even if im in front of my netgear..sleep policy is set on never…tried to reconect through settings or switch off phone but that rarely works.
    Best thing i can do is switch off / on router then i have wifi….i dont have any problem with my router because my brother doesnt have any issue with his HTC HD2. he even has a greater range in connection with his phone than mine :/

    • LAGS
    My phone sometimes lags dunno why, even if i use Advance task killer + i dont have a lot of application.

    • RING TONE & IN CALL VOLUME ( an angry with this too)

    • CAMERA
    Dont like the flash, its more like a dieing torch…often missed a smile, a funny posture, the fish that is about jump out of water…stuff like that 🙂 because i have to wait 15sec for the cam to go green and if the phone has lag at that time its like 30sec.

    Seems to die fast even if not using the phone…my brothers HTC too btw.

    Thats too lame

    Cant say what is its problem…can syn my second gmail account

    Whats the use of it!?

    i have read that newer android version seems to make a phone work faster, i think thats reasonable enough to get it…this phone is only one year, software is already outdated and product soon, the Arc will be out around march…thats kinda crap, but nomore new version android for a 1 year phone…hey!! ive paid $450….you SE are fucking up!
    I still love the look and the hardware potential… I dont have the budget to buy another phone and these issues took me at-least a week to notice. If thats the way it is, ill have to consider rooting the device maybe

  100. Whats the point in even trying to please all you babies? You talk as much trash as you can about the company, their phones, and their service and then expect them to give give give. Even if they did update your phones you would still be right here, complaining about every little thing you could. You’re all pathetic. It’s a phone. And one that works quite well in my personal experience. Best camera ever btw sony, thanks.