New Xperia X10 ‘2.0.A.0.453’ firmware approved – Éclair release imminent?

PTCRBA new firmware release for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 smartphone was approved yesterday that is leading some to believe the Android 2.1 update is round the corner. PTCRB has a pretty good record of the upcoming firmware releases and now has the new ‘2.0.A.0.453’ firmware as certified [X10a] on their site.

There is nothing to suggest that the 2.0.A.0.453 update is the much-fabled Android 2.1 release, but it is the first firmware certified since 27 July, suggesting that this at least a pre-cursor to the final release if nothing else. It’s also interesting that the naming is very different to previous X10 firmware, all of which began with R, the latest being R2BA026. Hopefully, not too long to find out now. If SE keeps it promise, the update should start rolling it by the end of next week.

Thanks Rico!


105 responses to “New Xperia X10 ‘2.0.A.0.453’ firmware approved – Éclair release imminent?”

  1. Someone in the comments posted that It gonna start at 25th but I didnt manage to find any information on twitter or official site. Is this official information?

  2. Don’t know what’s wrong with you people. Im eager to get the update too. But lose sleep over which DAY it comes out? That’s ridiculous. For those who want to sell their phones because the update is a month late – get a life.

  3. Okay, now I’m super excited, like a little kid at Christmas. Lets hope this light at the end of the tunnel isn’t just a train coming the other way.

  4. @X104ever Thought you were just talking crap when I saw the one fingered zoom on the picture, which I haven’t seen demoed yet – its very nice! 😀 but then I was excited by the browser at the end. :D.. Question is: Any chance of us getting this?

  5. @x104ever: That was the dolphin browser i believe…im not sure…but yaa….cooking custom roms would let us know for sure whether it is truly capable of MT or not…atleast the OS is MT capable…lets see…

  6. Easy, guys. SE lied to us before, and I see not reason to trust them before my phone actually notifies me of an update being available.
    When this happens, fine. But I’ll keep this whole story in my personal archive as a nice example for a big, big company with shitloads of resources not only underestimating a whole market but for bad communication towards customers, too.

  7. Yes Finally the X10a is getting something first. lol

    Also X10, please look into this video and make a separate post for it. Thanks x104ever

  8. Question

    If updates are coming out for different dates for different phone companys (Vodafone,Tmobile,Three), So on, if ive debranded my phone will i be able to get the update as soon as its released through SE? or will i still have to wait for VF?

  9. Shocked Nice with the video i would like to post it in the SE official blog and ask them what they think about their costumers because from that video we can clearly see that the MT or Pinch Zoom on the browser works fine with X10 screen. We had some info about the one finger zoom so that not a shocker as much the browser demonstration. Anyone want to do the same post the video on the blog and ask them WTF SE???

  10. OOOO. That french site Ahmad has posted is selling the X10 HD that was rumoured. Is “imminent” really “imminent” this time? 😀

  11. @x104ever
    thats not multitouch
    thats double tap,,but the why he did it in the video makes it
    looks like pinch zoom

  12. I think that the time when we start asking when this will be availaible on our X10
    X104ever do you have any contact with the developer??

  13. I think that the time when we start asking when this will be availaible on our X10
    X104ever do you have any contact with the person??

    How to upload it !

  14. Medo are you blind? Finish watching the vid then post you tard, yes he double taps but after that he uses the multi touch function with his browser ;<

  15. Guys please don’t drive me crazy!! SE themselves said there will be no mt! So I really don’t get where these mt videos are coming from now!? I’m afraid maybe this is only for Chinese people.

    Because most of the videos posted were in Chinese language.

  16. Oh no, fact is fact is going crazy. Quick, compliment SE…. NOT.

    Also Sony Ericsson aren’t famous for their honesty. They could have very simply lied about MT on the X10 to avoid development costs or delays.

    Release 2.1 and start working on 2.2 ASAP you incompetent oafs.

  17. I don’t know what to believe.. It would be sooooooo cool if SE had fooled us all along! :’D
    # x104ever
    – I love you! 8D You just made the rest of my month better by posting those vids! :DD

  18. The zooming in the videos is most definitely multi touch. But its probably on a custom rom. It cleary shows the screen and hardware both support MT. Unless the dev changed the X10’s screen and hardware but I doubt that very much. Also according to a few sources, the roll out date for the 2.1 is of Mon Oct 25 to unbranded handsets, Mainly in the UK. T-Mob UK have already confirmed they will roll out the update as of the end of NOV. My handset was T-mob branded but I debranded my handset when I first purchased in in March. So I guess I’ll be one of the lucky ones to get the update first. And once we do get the update, I’m sure most of us can confirm or rule out MT for good til the guys over at XDA cook up a custom rom. I’d sacrifice HD Vid recording for that as I have a Canon cam that does the job more than perfectly.

  19. @Bandit

    Dude don’t tell me that you would not love to have mt on your phone ??! Come on it’s amazing. This would be great for all of us, don’t you think so ? And the videos doesn’t seem fake, they seem very real.

    I just don’t want to have false hopes, it would really be stunning to have mt on this great device and with the upgrade of 2.1 just wow! finger crossed buddies!

  20. Well we will all find out soon what se s take on 2.1 will bring. i have a htc magic stuck on donut but with its roller ball its alright can live with it. But selling it for 120 pounds to get some cash for desire hd. Phones 3days old offers? Lol

  21. Bandit is a diehard troll. Ignore his comments as I’ve learned to do. He’s one of those clowns who sold their X10 for $250 on Ebay.
    The vid’s look genuine enough but I dare say it’s a trick. If you watch the video carefully you’ll notice the squiggles on the screen are never drawn simultaneously but rather alternatively. This means he is just releasing and applying pressure at different points of the touchscreen. As for the angy birds and browser video, this is easily faked with single finger zoom.
    Please don’t send this joker any money – it stinks of a scam.

    P.S The funniest part is you can clearly see his reflection on the screen in one of the videos.

  22. @ JO

    Clearly your comment seem very ignorant. A single finger zoom requires you to long press the screen to activate it. Therefore, seeing how fast & accurately he manages to zoom in and out of the website suggests that he was not using single finger zoom.

    As for the squiggles, if it was not drawn simultaneously as you said, then you won’t see the grid following both his fingers exactly without going out of place. This suggests that either the multi-touch is very buggy and not very responsive or the application itself is to blame for the lack of response to user commands.

  23. @ X10 king
    In case you are still waiting anxiously to see if you won the competition – the was for the original release date in september “fool”

  24. Please understand I’m not trying to troll – I love my X10, but I find it hard to believe this guy who claims to have installed a custom ROM on his phone, when I know for a fact the X10’s bootloader hasn’t been cracked.
    It could well be a case of drivers that didn’t make it past the BETA testing stage and for whatever reason, SE have decided not to include them in the 2.1 release. I don’t Know.
    All I’m doing is asking people to be careful when handing money over to complete strangers selling miracle Snake Oil remedies and what not.

  25. hey X10,
    I believe u are the mender of this blog.
    Can u tell us is that x10 support MT.

    we got lot of proofs that shows x10 with MT….
    Its weird that SE lied to us.

  26. After all Multi-touch function makes every Xperia users more happy rather than HD recording.
    Then when will SE release this function? Maybe multi-touch will not include in 2.1 update. So include 2.1x update?

  27. @ draft_life not all users, i don’t see the big deal with MT.
    Might be the only one but i would prefer HD recording. Looking forward to 2.1 either way

  28. we Hope so update 2.1 rolled out tomorrow….
    and also MT support 2.1….
    lets see what happened tomorrow…

  29. One thing is for sure. I’m STILL waiting……………………………and waiting, and waiting, and waiting………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  30. Duh .. cant wait for tomorow … lets see what diferences will the new os bring… no mt and no 16mils but still… live walls + faster + alot more compatible… not perfect but still good 🙂

  31. I would like to believe the sony xperia x10 could possibly have MT as an x10 owner myself but i don’t think this new 2.1 update will come with it. I personally don’t believe those videos to be legit, sorry. Not hating or trolling or anything, seems too fishy to me.

  32. @Vlad
    Hmm true XD but i guess they wont release it at exactly 00:01 so…gotta wait for later today :p

    @Everyone Else MT ,in theory will always be supported by any device as long as its Software would support multi-input and the device’s screen is capable of doing so…
    Honestly the X10 does lack that MT But its not a “0mgz i cant usez my phonezz without MT” , you can perfectly use it and navigate…i got mine for about a week ago and im more than happy with it ,whenever you scroll around the zoom buttons appear and those make it very nice to use … MT ,imo,i just a Extra ….if you bought the X10 for MT …im sorry but next time inform urself better on what do you want.

    Im not a SE Fan honestly…i couldnt care less about the Brand ….but SE showed me that they can make very powerful devices which can be very hard to defeat…
    I remember my old W300i and W910i…Awesome devices for their times and they are still working atm perfectly (My mom and dad use them) so i trust the X10 will do the same and last for loads of time.

    The 16m colors thing….Meh i couldnt care less…the screen’s definition and color intensity is awesome ,specially if u see the fact that its a TFT…my friend has a AMOLED Galaxy S and we both put highest intensity on them and put the same vid in same time….And the screen diference wasnt such a big deal…specially that this one looked alot Brighter…but the S just had a more Blue-ish feeling (Which makes people think “Its HD!”, which is not) ,the battery also lasts for more than i ever thought that a phone with these potencials might last.

    In Conclusion : Guys just stay calm…the X10 is a awesome device,with very high potencial,specially when the 2.1 update will roll-out …just cause it wont have MT and 16m colors(Tho it will have around 8mils,so great aswell!) doesnt mean the device is bad.

    I dont care about MT ..for me its just a small tweakly thing and a way to show-off with the phone with your companions or just a reason to say “My phone is worser than a HTC!” …dudes dont forget HTC Is still a TW Company and it will NEVER have the build-quality of a SE phone…I’d love to see in like 2 years the HTC Desire and the X10…see which one will still work properly ..dont forget..HTC Is totally new in this kind of stuff…and their potential atm is just haveing the latest Android updates cause of a contract of theirs.
    Sony Ericsson is part Sony and part Ericsson….pratically the 2 biggest Smartphone brands there is out there…so eventhough they would lack one thing or other…they will win in others.

    Salutes and sorry for the long post.

    PS:No im not insulting nor complaining ,im just giving facts from my point of view.

  33. @lalaine Yes you’ll get the update in PH…it will be worldwide, just maybe later than other country’s.

    (Yeah i know …racism sucks -_-)

  34. hey guys its 25 oct…..but i cant see any update on sony web site ( of UK)
    also not found anything about update on google …
    IS update again postpone ???

  35. @vlad every where on internet all people are talking about update will release in 25 oct at UK….search on google you wil find it…and its not my wishful thinking and mind it …understand

  36. @Vlad & @swapnil
    First of all,neigher of you are right nor wrong…there indeed is a rumor that it will be released on 25th of october(Today) but also lets not forget…its still a rumor so it cant be proven wrong nor proven right until tonight.

    For our hope…we wish it will indeed come out today and we could be able to finally install 2.1(Eclair) on our X’s ,problem is…its an unofficial news so it might be false and we’d have to wait >_<
    I,honestly cant find anything about 25th of october ,only 1 page says "its a rumor" but thats all…also depends on the country your in it can be sooner or later…it seems that UK's recieving the update the soonest…problem is i dont know others ,nor Spain(Where i live).
    Hopefully its soon enough.


  37. @x104ever stop spreading rumours. nothing is available on SE site. And won´t be until may be late November.

  38. The post is not for me on twitter its just a information maybe someone has the update i think the guy on twitter is from SE are u think he lie?

  39. @x104ever yes, I think he will lie. Just for fun. If the company lies on the corporate level, why employees will not lie? There were thousands leaks from SE employees about update in September and dozens of official corporate confirmations from SE and it all turned out a big lie.

  40. Any one know if X10 has been cracked yet? I am so pissed off with this crap I Want my money back! SE you suck I am putting your phone in the drawer until some one cracks it and will switch to HTC until than SE can stick it in their assets!
    Never will I ever buy a sony product ever again!

  41. How many of you angry customers have had their irate posts removed by Sony so as not to show how angry we really are?

  42. @mark steeves
    uhhhh u can root it at xda.. which is the same thing as cracking…
    and why is it crap? it works perfectly fine.. i like it.

  43. Heh the new aproved firmware is for the x10i and not the x10a.. which makes sence.. thats whats taking them so long , and honestly im ok with it.,(i got the x10i :3)
    Anyways hope it comes out soon

  44. Oh and @Vlad : dude stop beeing so damn pesimist -_- the last thing x10 users want atm is ur opopinion on”it will take long!! ” so shush and give us a break.. oh and also.. if u really think ots ggonna come out late november, the why the hell are you checking this blog constantly? Duh!

  45. I was just forced to do an update to PC Companion / Support Zone application. Maybe this is a sign the update is really soon.

  46. @dualbore : im not mad for him beeing realistic…cause neigher him nor any of us cant be realistic takeing in fact that the update date isnt announced…so maybe he is realistic and the update will happen in november…but maybe he isnt and it could happen today or tomorow…
    Im not mad at him at all just saying that neigher of us all here know the exact date of the update so we cant just go on saying “It will take alot,its all lies” etc etc…true is that we cant go neigher “Its today/tomorow”…im trying to say that we should all be patient and dont put out ideas just cause we’re mad at SE which we are.

    So relax people

  47. I noticed that there were another x10 phone in the update service SO-01B. What is the difference between the original x10 and that one?

  48. @Alex – first of all I agree with you that whatever you say and whatever I say are not more than speculations. However it is a free world and we are free to express our opinions. My opinion is based upon fact that SE had previously knowingly lied to its customers regarding 2.1 upgrade in September. The same scenario – information leaks, general pressure is repeating itself now and I have all rights to doubt that the upgrade will be available in October. Of course it is my personal opinion which I am free to express (as well as you are free to express yours). I am neither negative nor positive, I am merely stating the facts – SE lined and therefore can´t be trusted.

    To answer your question why am I checking this sites daily, I can reply – to see where the trend goes, as I am in a worse position – I have X10 mini pro, which will be delayed even more than X10. I am perfectly satisfied with my mobile phone and the only reason I need 2.1 is that there are a couple of very specific programs which are available for 2.1

  49. @Vlad oh okie mate,sorry if i went a bit harsh, didnt wake up too well ><

    Anyways yeah ,but well check XDA forums @ ,there is a discussion about the update.

    It seems that PC Companion has been updated so the 2.1 is coming soon.

    Also mate depends on where ur from it will take more or less.
    People calculate(Its not official but it is believed so) that UK branded phones will have it first,i dont know where ur from but if ur not from UK,you can always debrand ur phone.

    And yeah same here,the 1.6 goes very nice and smooth for me but yeah,some apps are just soo 2.0+ needing-full…plus i <3 live wallpapers ^^



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