Multitouch Xperia X10 debate surfaces again following convincing videos

Multitouch Xperia X10The multi-touch issue surrounding the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has been one of the key talking points since launch. Sony Ericsson continues to confirm that the handset does not support multi-touch in hardware or software, whilst there are a number of others who refuse to believe them.

A number of videos have appeared over the last 24 hours that certainly give credence that at least dual-touch may exist in some form or the other. The first video below, originating from China, seems to show two touches registering simultaneously, which if not real is an elaborate fake. All of the videos are apparently on an Android 2.1 equipped Xperia X10 so it’s difficult to know whether this is something to do with the new OS or some kind of custom ROM.

The guy who uploaded the last video below (Youtube member aznelite89), says that multitouch is working and is based on the firmware update. It says he is using an unofficial ROM and is testing it to make sure it is stable before releasing it. He goes on to say that that the Xperia X10 is running firmware version Remember, we yesterday saw version 2.0.A.0.453 certified by the PTCRB. Anyway, we’ll keep an open mind until we get a chance out the Éclair update for ourselves. Until then check out some video evidence below.

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  1. this seems to be the game changing things for sony ericsson and the lack of knowledge of se. whaterver will be the result of update i am loving the dilemma between user and manufacturer. hope for better os in comming days.

  2. don’t know what to believe! may be a custom software, although SE said the hardware doesn’t support it. whats going on?

  3. this is what going on se developer sucks while other individual developer are working hard and doing their best while se developer are stuck on timescape and mediascape crap things fren he he. i was wondering if xda are able to do something like shown in video

  4. Same happened for the samsung spica i5700. Here samsung also denied multitouch cap while an xda dev released dualtouch capability.

  5. Maybe it’s a chinese counterfeit x10.

    And for those who say you don’t want multitouch, well you are all ignorant fools.

  6. aznelite89
    3 timer siden
    @MARAin3rror yes , its working , this multitouch is based on firmware update.

    3 timer siden
    i am still working on it but in order to ensure this can running more stable , we need some time to test it now.

  7. Well if you ask me i recon S.E should hire this guy thats created the custom ROM as he obviously knows more about this phones capabilitys than the manufacturer does.
    If he can then get both the incall and ringer volume levels increased in his ROM then I know where all my future updates will be coming from.

    On a negative note however I agree with Jackal on this one…hows custom roms possible with a locked bootloader.

  8. @jackal
    Exactly….If any had the bootloader cracked, we would have known. Because that would be a VERY big achievement….

  9. Looks soooooooooooooooo cool, can’t wait to see if this is true! It would be so awesome if SE had tricked everyone! Hahaha 8D

  10. I think this is great! All the SE fanboys are scrambling! Saying they don’t want MT! Saying that it has to be fake. Ha ha ha ha! They are all in denial! It’s easy guys, he obviously has the bootloader cracked and hasn’t shared it yet! Very simple. Of course trying to tell a die hard SE fanboy that their beloved SE lied to them is next to impossible. There’s no way SE would say that it wasn’t capable and then a of a sudden proved wrong? Even with all the “false” advertising done on the fact that it had MT (AT&T online add anyone?) and then the denial, ha! It doesn’t matter if you want MT or not, if you think its great for the phone or not. It is so obvious, SE lied to all of us plain and simple. Yeah, SE “make.believe”, nice slogan.

  11. I believe person whi already tried 2.1 build has already confirm tyat there is no MT support so I believe this is custom build.

  12. As of the 1st video:

    Do you see the lace hanging from the bottom of the phone? It’s on the very left… And now take a look where the lace should go on your phone…

    This is not a genuine X10… it’s a Chinese FAKE. And I assume the others are too.

  13. Wouldn’t be surprised if Sony got the screen from varying sources, some with multi…some without because of manufacturing problems and then disabled it across the board as to not upset people who have a non-MT capable screen.

  14. @Desarth Really don’t know what you’re babbling about.

    You do realize that you can move the lace around, don’t you?

    It seems to me that most of the lace in the first video is just under the phone.

  15. I think this Is another marketing strategy from Sony Ericsson
    I believe that they do not want to include multitouch in the x10 becoz they want the customers to move on to the new gen of xperia which might support this feature
    I tell u these ppl are very tricky 😛

  16. I think they keept denying that the device supports multitouch so far because they are afraid of Apple filing a lawsuit for patent infringement. Well, that’s the only _logical_ reason I can imagine.

    As for those that claim they don’t need multi-touch: they probably never played a decent 1st person shooter or emulator on the device. I’ve already accepted the fact that I would never be getting multi-touch on my Xperia X10, but seeing these movies makes me optimistic that, even if Sony Ericsson decides to disable multi-touch, some clever hacker is going to find a way to enable it.

    Maybe I’ll be able to enjoy my complete PSone collection on my Sony Ericsson after all! 🙂

  17. @ desarth..

    The lace goes to exactely the same place as on my X10. And mine is not a Chinese fake..

  18. Anyway you look at it this is interesting for us X10 owners. Perhaps we will have both 2.1 and MT in a couple of months?

  19. I see things exatly as Yogarine does. It’s an unresolved patent issue. And a white lie, this time. 😉

  20. all i want is a phone that works consistently, watch channel 4od and to play psone emulator

  21. We all know that SE all way long has said that the X10 had a hardware limitation to the display, so that it could not do any multitouch at all. If this article is right. Then SE has been lying to their costumers. Then SE has a serious reliability problem. SE is big enough to pay Apple for the patent of multitouch so if that is the only reason tsk tsk…!
    I cant see if the phones on the video is fake or not. I hope they are for SE’s sake.

  22. @Jesper Simonsen, Denmark.
    it wouldn’t be the first time that SE lies to us.
    Another thing, you mention that SE has enough money of buying MT patent from Apple.
    That may be true, but let me point out one thing: in the end of the day, there’s only one thing that counts, and that’s profit. Sure, SE could. But adjusting the content of your communication is much cheaper than buying a patent from another company. Know what I mean?

  23. The multitouch debate began as a result of a post from Sumit Malhotra on the official X10 product blog I believe back in April. He mentioned, multitouch was to be considered for future updates. This was a factor in my decision to purchase the phone having had an HTC Dream prior.

    Andro 1.6 does not support multitouch. It has been impossible to test the unknown features of the phone without the holy grail bootloader and custom roms. The closest I’ve been to multitouch on my X10 is by holding the shift key on your standard keyboard and touching the screen with another finger. The effect seems to be a result of the dual touch. I am not a programmer. I am just a consumer so I don’t claim to understand the complexities.

    Who knows? Maybe SE will sneak the capabilities in there. When we have 2.1 most of the apps/games that we have support multitouch. Maybe SE will claim that it’s the App Maker’s fault for supporting this feature if there truly is the Apple patent on it.

    The videos seem to offer some evidence of multitouch but in one it appears to be the old SE one touch zoom. I have a jpeg viewer that has this feature. We should find out what it says on his phone. Is it in Cantonese/Mandarin? Someone here must know. Please post. It may offer some evidence of its authenticity. What is the code he put in? Maybe XDA has answer.

    Enough of my rant. You know where I stand. I am anxiously awaiting updates on The Update so if you have any updates please update us all…Peace.

  24. @Desarth m8 r u extremly blind ?.. watch the video on Full Screen the lace is where it supposed to be but its just folded …. and what a nice way to say its fake … ffs the lace … OMG

  25. As I said time and time again, the phone can support it but SE doesn’t want to pay for the license!!!

  26. Certainly an interesting development. I suspect there is no Multi-Touch because of legal issues and that Sony have released a similar but different feature to avoid patent infringement. I know other manufacturers have Multi-Touch, but something does smell fishy.

    Maybe Sony Ericsson is getting back at all of us users who have been bagging out the slow release of Android 2.1 and it’s subsequent lack of features by with-holding important information.

    Another thought could be that a updated hardware revision with the X10 HD going on sale, perhaps this has an updated touch panel?

    I can’t get my hands on this firmware fast enough..

  27. X10 does support pinch/expand zooming when used with Opera Mini Browser (download the browser from the market and try for yourself)… so the hardware DOES support it…

  28. Dude, unless you already have 2.1 on your phone, don’t you dare say that. 1.6 does not support multi-touch so your little experiment is pointless as the x-10 in the videos are running 2.1. You can see by the homescreen that has a live wallpaper.

  29. @X10a circa,
    in writing, mandarin and cantonese are exactly the same haha!
    @Bayhas Kana,
    That isnt multitouch, when you touch it, it auto zooms with one finger.

  30. On my x10 pinch zoom WORKS when using google maps and zooming in, zooming out does not work… so i am pretty sure this is not a hardware limitation!

  31. @telescreamer

    holy cr*p. You’re right!!! pinch zoom in does work for google maps.
    hmmm it must be software related.

  32. @Berg
    you’re probably right, SE may just hold back information in order to avoid shitstorms. The bad thing about this is that there’s probably some info that would lead to _yet another_ shitstorm…

    @Bayhas Kana
    Sorry, but you’re wrong. Opera Mini reacts on one of your two fingers.

  33. In case many people haven’t heard, XDA developers took a look at the kernel behind the X10, and found multi-touch drivers. They are there.

  34. Pinch zoom in Google maps seem to be double tap rather than MT, at least thats my feeling when trying.

  35. its quite funny about sony ericsons multitouch on the x10. i have the x10 mini and i have actually bben experiencing multitouch zoom in and out with my pictures but there is no telling when it actually works. i have tried it in google maps, on webpages and with pictures in my phone. regarding the pictures i cant remember if i used the album app that came with the phone, or if it was one externally downloaded. but the hardware is clearly capable of multitouch, but its really not too stabil. i have to say im running the original 1.6 version that came with the phone.

  36. To everyone that says multitouch is sort of working on X10 with 1.6, you’re clearly mistaken. All that the screen is detecting is a double tap. Try it, touble tap in google maps, double tap in mediascape and whatever else you were using. Its not multitouch, it’s only detecting a touble tap guys so stop saying its multitouch…

  37. @Makmegs

    double tap need to b done on a single point on the screeen …not on 2 different points

  38. well the guy in the v ideo is hiding something, watch the way he,s fingers act ,, he dont w ant to she us really

  39. Hi, m unable to vu clear picture in mediascape (JPEG) file. I v text contents in it. Can anyone solve this issue. I hv android 2.1.