Leaked Éclair Xperia X10 screenshots hit web

Leaked Éclair Xperia X10 screenshots hit webThe anticipation is building for the Android 2.1 update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 family of smartphones. If SE is true to their word, the handset will launch by the end of this week and there are a number of reasons to think that there will be no delays. First of all, the new firmware has already been certified by the PTCRB, and since our last post a new firmware (2.0.B.0.109) was certified yesterday.

Sony Ericsson UK also tweeted the following just yesterday: “There is no exact date at the moment however there has been no further delays which means the update is due for release imminently.” All in all, it points to a release this week and to top it off we now have some screenshots from leaked firmware from xda-developer member unknown13x. The build number is 2.0.A.0.497, so it looks like a slightly older version than that certified yesterday. Hopefully, not too long to go now. Check out the pics below.

Leaked Éclair Xperia X10 screenshots hit web

Leaked Éclair Xperia X10 screenshots hit web

Via xda-developers.


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  1. I see they changed the Messaging interface, which is a good thing.
    Right now, the built-in messaging app is pretty plain, and there is no difference between incoming and outgoing messages (except for the names).
    The ironic thing is that if you went the Contacts app, chose a contact and scrolled to the messages tab, it would sort the messages in the bubble-style as the screenshot above shows. But you couldn’t message directly from the contacts app.

    Also, the new Quick Settings widget looks nice, and it has a battery indicator! 😀

    Also, 3D Gallery, yay!

    Can’t wait.

  2. @povlo No, angry birds don’t require multitouch. I played with the beta and generally it worked quite good. The only thing for now holding us back is the OS, but that should change this week

  3. I just rooted and debranded my phone so that I can get the update quicker. Do you guys think there will be any problem updating with the phone rooted? BTW, rooting seems to be the only way to debrand now, ever since SE updated their SEUS.

  4. @povlo i already haveangry birds app on my x10 but it doesnt have multitouch ryt now on os1.6
    Waiting for d update:-)

  5. awesome!! I predict thursday.

    also, am I the only one that doesn’t like the new unlock screen? I think the original X10 unlock screen with the curved swipe is something unique to us Xperia owners. with this it looks like an ugly iPhone unlock screen.

  6. I think 2.0.A is for x10i and 2.0.B is for x10a….. just a gut feeling… cos its kinda too soon to commit a new build for approval unless there was an urgent critical bug discovered only after approval of the firmware…. i think we will be getting what the poster of the pics will be getting……

  7. Hmm, @wtf: that simply isn’t true. Both firmwares (2.0.A.0.453 & 2.0.B.0.109) are listed for X10i & for the X10a

  8. yea, i jus noticed when i checked… so that means its a last minute fine tuning or critical bug fix that escaped testing….. hope no more such shit happens and we get the firmware….

  9. @WTF, no they are both for each of X10a and X10i, there is diff lists for certified firmwares for each of hardware versions, and both got 2.0.A and 2.0.B certified

    regarding this screenshots, they are not about update being published, they are ones downloaded from SE developer network, and showing earlier 2.0.A build

    source – about 80s page of http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=817786

  10. hi guys,
    excited abt 2.1……..wish to see smile in all ur faces…
    thank u for waiting this long….we assure you wil be amused

  11. From a project management/software engineering perspective, it would be interesting to get some insight into why the update was delayed by so much.

    My personal, totally unsubstantiated guess is, that SE’s customizations of Android were made in such a way that they could not easily be ported to 2.1 (this bit has pretty much been confirmed by SE). This lead to the real risk that the 2.1 port would not be completed in time for the release of the X8, and the decision was made that rather than delaying it efforts would be focused on porting 1.6 so that it would have *some* operating system on release.

  12. Yes its not froyo nd either we’ll get it nxt year or perhaps never bit this update will no doubt be a bit of highly needed fresh air


  13. Hopefully it will release very soon here and for all of us , dont want to wait a week anymoree, haha.

  14. Looks nice lets see how functional it is.to be honest i like those blue color and this blue are quite popular in the sony ericsson preinstalled themes so im
    not suprised.

  15. Activity on twitter

    @rahulpopuri Hi Rahul.The update won’t be released today but it should be very soon. When we have an exact date, we’ll let you know 1 minute ago via CoTweet in reply to rahulpopuri

    @SteveMBanks Hi Steve. Why are you stressed? We’ll let you know the minute we know. It should be with us all soon. less than 20 seconds ago via CoTweet in reply to SteveMBanks


    1. @Zm4AkaZaki Thanks Zakariya. We appreciate your patience. Update shoudl be ready soon, we’ll let you know when it is. half a minute ago via CoTweet in reply to Zm4AkaZaki

  16. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS =D i think its worth the waiting time!
    — For those who need a music widget, you can download from the market an app called Pandora.
    Hope that helps!

  17. WOW 🙂 this looks awesome so much better than HTC interface. I hope this is the same new interface X10 Mini users get = me xD

  18. I won’t update. Surely the new update will lock down the bootloader much more. I am patient and will wait for custom rom Android 2.2 with multitouch.

  19. SonyEricssonUK Sony Ericsson UK
    @SteveMBanks Hiya Steve – sorry you’re having a stressful day. Update won’t be today but it will be soon. Hang in there!
    so dont waste your time checking for update

  20. Everyday i try to update everday twice!i m desperated!if it isnt yet i will piss my xperia
    The same for froyo i need it .we have the best and most powerfull phone but the prehistoric donut! Its a fiat 500 with a ferari engina what da fuck!

  21. I was just wondering if anyone can help with X10 problem I have… for some reason I can’t download Anything from android market from a few days ago. don’t know if its anything to do with “imminent” update, but anyone got any suggestions? cheers

  22. I was just wondering if anyone can help with X10 problem I have… for some reason I can’t download Anything from android market from a few days ago. don’t know if its anything to do with “imminent” update, but anyone got any suggestions? cheers.

  23. hey matt brown , go to settings> applications>manage applications>market> click on uninstall updates!!! it shud work!!1 it worked for me. cheers!!

  24. @mattbrown87UK Go to settings -> program-> handle program (I think)-> Market->uninstall updates. That worked out for me. You’ll have the old Android Market, but in a couple of days, it’ll update itself and probably just work fine!

  25. @mattbrown87UK with regards to the market, apparently the new silent market update broke a lot of shit… to restore, go to SETTINGS -> APPLICATION -> MANAGE APPLICATION, look for Market app and CLEAR CACHE and UNINSTALL UPDATES and it should all work properly…

  26. I finally got it, why the market wasn’t working!
    You have to remove the update of the market app.
    That’s silly, but finally I got the market again at worK!

  27. I think it is a general problem of the market app, not related to SE or X10.

    Let’s see who will be the first to get it!!!!!!!!

  28. Yes, it happened with me as well…cannot download/update anything from the Market…
    “The download was unsuccessfull….”

  29. I have been dying for a new text messaging look, none of that cheap stuff like handscent or w.e, i want the interface that you see when you go to contact>person>messaging. Its like the new look pictured above :D,but it has contact photos! Why no contact photos in update! grrr. Still – looks better. 🙂

  30. @mattbrown: Go to your applications menu in the settings screen and uninstall preferences and that should help you to download apps again.

  31. i like the glass ui feel throughout the screenshots honestly…. much better than stock android ui… i make use of timescape widget to display my gf’s pic on the homescreen cos the glass plate look is just too cool… better than using picture frame widgets…. i like the way they handled the messaging too with the pseudo glass plates of text…. agree totally with paul that the messaging alternatives sport a cheap bubble look copying apple…. the glass approach my SE is definitely a plus step forward…..

    but still, where the F*** is the update….

  32. I finished upgrade my X10 Mini Pro at this very moment, it’s realy awsome, new features and better menus…very cool 😀

  33. SE need to sort out the issue of flash when taking Photos! Flash light is either on all the time or off !!!

  34. thanks everyone, that seems to have done the trick. nowt but trouble this bloody phone… but I love it. follow twitter.com/EMPiRE1987

  35. @Stan, and anyone else still needing to Debrand their phone to Generic Firmware.

    Was having major troubles trying to debrand my X10i until I stumbled across this yesterday.

    Simply follow the instructions to Debrand your phone to Generic RBA026 Firmware. To Debrand you only need to follow step 1, but you can continue through steps 2 and 3 if you want to root your phone too. Hope this helps anyone trying to debrand to get the 2.1 update sooner 🙂

  36. What? Anyone allready got the update? It looooks soooooo much better, I can’t wait. It’s looks like it was totally worth another month of wait! 😀

  37. Alvarito,
    X10 the most powerful phone with 1ghz snapdragon and 386mb of ram? I don’t think so. Almost all other high end phones have more power.

  38. @Boy. No Debranding it just makes it into a generic unbranded (carrying no operator bullsh!t) handset. That method I found yesterday and posted above debrands it to
    Model: X10i
    Country: Generic GLOBAL
    Firmware R2BA026

    I have connected my phone to SEUS since doing it and “Repaired” the installation to make sure it all works, and can confirm it works perfectly

  39. I cant seem to download anything from the Market, some one had the same problem as well…help, anyone?

  40. cool one
    There were 7 slides in Timeshit..
    But know they reduced to 6 slides… any way it looks cool…

    SE shud consider changing the name from Timescape to Timeshit..
    Timeshit & Mediashit was rockin in this blog

  41. @Liberator: Thanks but I’m not too confidante :S if it was a automatic process it was better…

  42. @Boy: I think your only option may well be one of the many remote unlocking servers out there then as I have not seen any other (updated) ways of unlocking the mini/pro.

  43. Hello,

    I apologise if someone else has already asked this question.

    I notice that the pictures shown above are of Android 2.1 for the X10.

    I have got an X10 Mini Pro. Will 2.1 for the X10 Mini Pro become available at the same time?

    Many thanks.

  44. @Liberator: But this servers are paid right? I didn’t want to dispend money :S but thanks anyway

  45. @Boy: Yup….Sorry mate it looks like that would be your only option for an automatic debranding of the X10 Mini/Pro. Costs about £15 from fonefunshop, and I know from experience they are pretty reliable. Other than that you will probably have to wait a while longer for the branded firmwares to be rolled out

  46. @Liberator: Thanks mate, I’ll wait obviouly, I only wanted to remove those fuckin’ operator apps…

  47. @Illuvatar in the unlock screen with unlock arc

    Press the followin:

    Then first option of thedisplayed menus two times; )

  48. thanks yahiatnt, found out mine’s a t-mobile branded so i’m gonna have to wait awhile

  49. just had a look at the firmware version through the method given to me before and it says its the rba026 generic, does that mean i can get the update as soon as its released?

  50. the new update looks really good does 2.1 enable the use of 16 million colours cause from the pics posted, the colours look more vivid and amazing

  51. Sony Ericcson Canada has recently tweeted that Android 2.1 would be released in November for Rogers customers. I can hardly wait.

  52. Whats the guess on when T-Mobile will get the update?. Im on Virgin but they use T-Mobile’s signal so i should get it the same time. (Hopefully!)

  53. YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH, finally what we where waiting for im so exited in a couple days we the xperia owner are gonna get a BRAND NEW PHONE, jejeje just lets hope the update gets released at the same time for many countrys, this is almost like my pre-chrismas gift jeje

  54. @ Ben
    Hi. Well from the shots above. You can see that the user is on T-Mobile but it must be a UK generic handset. I am also on T-mobile debranded UK Customised but no update as of yet. T-Mobile have already announced that they will update their x10’s at the end of Nov. You will have to ask Virgin about yours. The signal sharing has nothing to do with who you are with. My T-Mobile also shares signal with Orange but initially I’m on T-Mobile. But ofcourse I’ve debranded my handset so that doesn’t count.

    It has already been stated that the update will not bring with it a 16 million colour update. Yes the colours are more vivid but that has nothing to do with the colour upgrade.


    Have a look on the PTCRB and check if the updates for the x10 mini/pro have been certified. But I don’t see why they wouldn’t roll out at the same time. The update is for the Xperia range all together

  55. @ “X10 circa. Apr/10 October 26, 2010 at 7:45 PM
    Sony Ericcson Canada has recently tweeted that Android 2.1 would be released in November for Rogers customers. I can hardly wait.”

    Not this week??

  56. wow most of the users are happy and excited like me about this amazing 2.1 update 🙂

    The shots look really cool, and I love the deep blue color, I think it’s better than the current one.

  57. woow your right Fact is fact, bye bye for whiners and losers I guess. It’s time to be happy and enjoy the update.

  58. Guys, don’t put too many hopes in this week, because almost sure that the release won’t be available just sometimes in november, depends how lucky you are…some operators might have it sooner the others later on…

  59. @Fact is fact October 26, 2010 at 8:13 PM
    wow most of the users are happy and excited like me about this amazing 2.1 update

    The shots look really cool, and I love the deep blue color, I think it’s better than the current one.”

    There will Be more than 5 different themes to choose from.

  60. @NEMESIS

    No information on exact date. Sorry. I will post if I receive any updates.

    There is an Android Show here in Toronto http://www.androidto.com. I haven’t really had time to check out the page so….

    SE Canada and RogersMiranda have been tweeting all day from it.

  61. @ xperia x10

    how do you know that dude? I mean having 5 different themes to choose from. Because one thing that I know for sure, when it comes to themes se really makes them look very cool and attractive, so if there will be more themes then why not 🙂

    But right now I fell in love with the dark blue one, I can’t wait to see it on my X10 with the new mugan power battery I ordered yesterday, just WooooooooooooW, with se I am really happy 🙂

  62. @Fact is fact

    They Announced that detail when the first details were given about the update.
    they said “there will be similar themes for the phones UI as we have for Timescape.”

    Hopefully that still stands… as i like the blue, just getting kinda sick of it.

  63. urgg! Ive been trying to debrand my X10, but it aint working!, Ive tried it a few times and everytime i reboot my phone.. its the same, no difference. Same old, same old. I really want to get off this vodaphone branding and on that untouched gold. 🙂 QUICKLY. I get to the end of step 5.. and its still the same R..024 firmware! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=717949

  64. @Xperia X10

    Since your sick of the blue, then your lucky you will have 5 more to choose from 😉

    Man damn se they really are driving their fans crazy making them wait for the 2.1 android to be released lol. It’s like many users are checking instantly just to get any indication that the update has been finally delivered.

    Well if this proves something, is still proves that se has a lot of fans, but the wait is almost over, and since 2.1 is capable of working most of the apps + games in the market than I’m more than happy with it 🙂

  65. It doesnt necessarily mean S.E still have fans…people are merely trying to salvage a little dignity after being stuck with the X10 on a 2yr contract lol.

  66. is it only my pc companion that decided it needed to auto update itself thiss morning?

    i bet that was so it is ready to upload a new operating system to the phone?

  67. @fact is fact
    Do you think those guys who blamed SE with angry words are fan of them…???????
    are u retard?
    If i get any of the SE developer, I will kick their ass…

    My Last phone frm SE,
    Sorry not only mine, its all of my frnds who come for me to get a new phone…

    I dont have time waiting for ur SHIT SE, why shud I when I have the latest and best in Market..

  68. Why are you visit then this forum ? Sell your x10 and shut up.
    I hope the update comes quick and i like the x10 like many others!

  69. Dear Sasi,

    your telling me that why should you wait for se, since you can get the latest and best in the market and yet you are here in a sony ericsson blog hmmm, I guess this says it all 🙂

    Have a good day man,

  70. @ Vishal
    The X10 is capable of 16million colours but SE chose to keep it at 65K for their own reasons.

  71. 2.1 ON MY X10!!!!! THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER!!!!! I’ve been waiting ages for this update to come now i’m installing it, i hope it’s worth the wait

  72. Describing this update as amazing is the clearest sign of just how desperate some of you x10 users are. Never seen so many people so excited about so little. You guys are like those demented little girls who scream when they see a celebrity.

  73. I’m sorry I know I was a bitch, I guess you guys are right, the 2.1 is indeed an amazing update.

  74. I’m sorry guys that IM an IDIOT, and I posted this useless link!
    I just watched myself, and I felt like a faggot, and thats it…
    Let’s wait update, and put links only you CAN DONWLOAD something!!!! 😀

  75. [Michel 26 de octubre 2010 a las 14:10
    No voy a actualizar. Sin duda, la nueva actualización será bloquear el gestor de arranque mucho más. Soy paciente y esperar a rom personalizado Android 2.2 con multitouch.]

    you know if someone is already working on this??

  76. To the idiot guy pretending to be me
    Fuck you and get a life
    Someone coud be interested to know about a new firmware update

  77. I hope that SE took all this time to make the android 2.1 update in order to change the software, enabling faster update of android versions!! Yet, I will still believe in SE since i really like this amalgamation of android/SE software



    The updates are imminent and have not start rolling out yet 🙂

  79. @ Zodiac,

    I’m seriously tired of seeing you comment on every single thread just for the pure joy of talking down on people. You have serious issues if this your way of getting off. Please do us all a favour and fuck off and die.

  80. @bernardo i totally agree with u. this zodiac shit guy has no life and the owner of this blog should do something about it. zadiac is only giving negative ideas about the x10 no matter what the thread of the topic is.

  81. @zodiac @x10 X10 please get this zodiac fuck off the blog. He has no life n his only job seems to be to piss ppl off. Even Sarah Palin’s brains r worth more than his

  82. Another sets of photos… Wow.
    Still no release date. Smells like another delay to me…
    Besides, does SE words and promises mean anything at this point?
    Here is my intake on this:
    There will be no release this month, besides, SE already confirmed not even two weeks ago that most firmware would be out by november’s end, and that was before the last confirmation that the 2,1 would be late.

    Got my solution today:
    1-HTC Desire HD(when it comes out, got a Droid2 to wait till there)
    2-Beefed up Apad(1 ghz processor, 1gb ram, 32 gig HDD + 32 gig Memory Card(from my Xperia)).
    In retrospect, this moment of my life is now over and can now enjoy all the features this fiasco of a phone will never do(despite SE constant lies).
    And fyi, folks, I got my money back from my provider for this crappy phone.
    Yeah, had you listened to me, you would all be over 400.00$ richer to buy better hardware.
    There was a way to get our money back in canada(read canadian laws, section on incured losses because of defective/non-functionning products) and got mine back.
    I advise all of you to think abut that…

  83. Perhaps they should have made it it a nice floral pink for you fanboys! Enough with the fuck’n whinging. You bought the phone, you made the mistake – Learn from it.

    On a more pleasant note, I think the user experience will be a lot smoother, but functionality will remain the same.

  84. It seems to me that SE is overloading us with demos, photos and other leaks to assure us that the update is there, so that when they will not issue it by the end of this month (which has 4 days left, for those who don´t remember), there will be a proof that they are doing something. They are preparing excuses in advance, remember my words.

  85. @JO I agree with you on functionality, actually I am happy with the phone they way it is. All I need is a better battery life and 2.1 compatibility for a couple of very specific programs.

  86. I’m STILL waiting!……………….

  87. have anyone updated mini/mini pro? can you post the screenshots/ new features …I think I will get the update later …(India)

  88. Any clue if the OS update will be simultaneous for all X10 models (i, mini, minipro)???

  89. I received an update for the “Sony Ericsson Software” on my windows PC? Maybe its a requirement for the android update?
    No phone update .
    But it is downloading a new Manual! I smell Eclairs this morning

  90. @fact is fact
    U think most of the guys are here to express their Love towards SE?

    This is the place were I can show my hatred & Frustrations wht i hv 4 the Fckin SE…
    its not only my case… its abt most of them who expect some value for their money they spend

  91. I confirm that the PC software did update, and I now have the option to check for phone updates ever time I connect the phone (I recall it having only every day as an option) but do tell me if I’m wrong.

  92. @sasi
    I’m pretty sure when the update will be released, everyone will be back to the original emotional state, again happy with their device, forgetting this unfortunate accident with SE.

  93. lol, still waitin for 2.1?

    Soooo glad I dodged this SE bullet.

    In case you didn’t know, you guys who bought your X10s are history, and SE don’t care. They have your money and are moving on to better things now.


    That should get you all excited/depressed :o)

    Probably as likely to happen as a 2.2 update on an X10, but what’s clear is that the X10 is a failed platform, and not near the top of anyone’s priorities at SE HQ.

  94. I bet we wont even see it this month, SE will inform us on Halloween that only tricks and no treat for us…

  95. Aloonatic, what you say is bullsh…
    the playstation-phone by Sony has completely different target users than the X10.
    How can yo compare them?

    SE did things wrong, but cannot say that X10 is a failed platform. If it failed for you, it simply means YOU did the wrong choice.

  96. Hi when will 2.1 will be in india… really exicited about 2.1 for X10….. will SE gives or wht

  97. what i dont understand is why are they NO screenshots or leaked videos or ANYTHING about the x10 mini or mini pro…. it would be a shame if we dont get an update!!!!

  98. I say the update comes at the end of the day.. I mean that they are starting with the update:P

  99. Well heres a small stone for this big pond…

    Why hasn’t S.E made an official statement on the starting rollout date!
    If it really is ready to roll then surely a date would have been made clear.

  100. The SE X10 video shows signs of the update is coming soon.

    “If you haven’t updated yet, please watch the software update video on how to do it” 😀

  101. The update will be released today or tomorrow. Putting an instruction video online about what to expect from the update (if you haven’t updated yet) is a clear sign! The update might just be hours away – at least for some countries. 🙂

  102. SEUS has just been updated to version Could be a sign. Still no update for the X10 Mini Pro in Denmark though….

  103. Yesterday I posted a comment on just how desperate x10 fanboys have become. To prove my point, one of you (fact is fact I’m sure) pretended to be me praising this update. How low you have really sunk. Some of you have reached the level of the Iphone crowd. Lost souls. Vacant minds falling happily through the bottomless pit of mediocrity.
    Back to this update… the more I see, the less impressed I become. Nothing added that would make any real difference just minor changes, most of which, you can already do with third party applications.
    Well done SE you have shown you don’t have any time for product support. The bar for high end devices( some might even argue 2010 phones) has been raised with the release and implementation of froyo. SE seem happy to relegate the x10 to the 2nd division.
    Since that approach would be suicidal, it can only mean one thing. The true high end device from SE will be announced shortly after this update is released.
    A lesson to all the objective x10 users….don’t touch any SE phone in future that’s lacking in any way even with a barge pole.

  104. In general there are two types of unsatisfied customers.

    Type 1: This type of customer complains a lot and no matter how negative the complaints might be this type really isn’t ready to give up on the product/company.

    Type 2: This type of customer never makes a sound. This type just leaves in silence and never returns.

    I’ll leave the task of identifying the two types on xperix10.net up to you. 😉

  105. Yesterday my HTC Desire HD arrived, now the update for my X10 has got so unimportant for me.
    SE just played wrong, and lost the game,

    now they are bringing out a castrated 2.1 without the mayor things people wanted…

    SE this is bad, really bad. After i updated my X10 it will go to ebay…

  106. @JC i get your point and who you are pointing it to.
    I dont understand when people have moved on and bought other phones why do they even bother to check the 2.1 update for X10. Is the new phone not that engaging even for a couple of days. 😉

  107. @vlad sorry i stand corrected. guessing it wont be a global release date considering uk se havent given a date

  108. Looks like the long awaited upgrade may have begun.

    A large phone software update is busy downloading at this moment for the x 10

  109. hoping 02-uk are testing now and release before 8th nov but highly doubting it and trev if it was 2.1 it wudve been said by se by now itll probs just be something else

  110. From what i’m reading at xda, seems like the update is starting to roll out only jus the last 10min…. we might have confirmation soon…

  111. If I am using Spanish Orange atm but I have unlocked phone bought from nordic countries
    Will I be able to update my phone getting nordic update despite being in Spain or I have to wait before local Orange countrie will release the update?

  112. @steve in fact SE UK confirmed on their twitter that the update will be released by the end of the month, but the date is unknown. I am in Brazil, but my X10 mini pro is unbranded with UK generic firmware, so I keep my fingers crossed.

  113. Hmm yeah SE UK Said it was this week,and Hey Vlad again :p Good news that all from the X10 family will get the update at same time ,eventhough i have the X10i .

    There are a few rumos that it will come out today on XDA,lets hope it will come true :p

  114. it seems that they are now preparing to roll the update, i tried opening SESU and it has updated the said software to sadly after trying to update it still says that my software is still updated.. 🙁

  115. correction SEUS.. hahahha.. got the letters swapped.. hahahah…

    still wished they start rolling up the updates..

  116. That playstation phone is soo prototype stage, I wouldn’t be surprised if its still 9 months off

  117. Will I need to reinstall my apps after the update and do I need to do anything before upgrading, aside form a normal backup?

  118. Can some tell me about uk i got o2 sim card but my phone (carphonewarehouse)is free and I dont have simlock. That how was/is orginall and my PC compansion remain not changes

    I looking forward for answer date, time and the like

  119. Hi All,
    Just C the reply from SE customer support abt my query for update

    Dear Customer,

    Thank you for contacting Sony Ericsson Contact Center.

    With the reference to your e-mail regarding Sony Ericsson handset XPERIA X10.We understand that you want to know whether there is a new update firmware after 1.6. We would like to inform you till now there is no update of firmware after 1.6 but in future if any update will come that will appear in our website http://www.sonyericsson.com/support.
    Best Regards,

    Gaurav Jetley
    Sony Ericsson Contact Center

  120. to x10 warrior – so what? One stupid indian is reposting an answer another stupid indian sent him. Why should we care?

  121. Boo,
    In the good old world of usenet…you’re “plonked” (look that up you racist kiddo)

  122. @x10 warrior
    they are not even aware of Android2.1 release happening ahead..

    Great support SE

  123. SonyEricssonUK Sony Ericsson UK
    @sagr_ved The update will not be released today however it will be very soon. We’ll let you know more as soon as we do.
    5 minutes ago

  124. I don’t understand why some users here are so FRUSTRATED, if u don’t like SE DON’T BUY IT. For me the X10 is one awesome mobile phone and i buy it since the first day when SE launch it in my country, like a lot of users i have several months waiting THIS UPDATE BUT i prefer 1000x times wait the SE customization of the Eclair os than the standard OS of andriod like in Nexus, Motorola or HTC whatever.

    I want java, 16m screen and multi-touch like all but anyway SE make a great job with the OS, have a very nice design.

  125. Well pc companion says that there is a software update for my phone and I have to follow some steps …

  126. Hi…guyz…………..
    @ ANYONE :I dont knw wheather this question hav been asked previously……………….
    Does this update supports SE X10 Mini Pro………….
    Someone please reply to dis………………….please…….

  127. @Boo …………………..did you hear that? Your…..being f….d by I….n. You know what the blacks are.. Dont You!

  128. @Boo @ Sam
    Mr. Sam, Count on ur words while posting here…

    Fuck u Boo if u say anything against an Indian… Beware !!!!!

    Its just a blog to share things abt the product.. not a place to show ur freaking stinging racism …

    Beware …
    It is so ease to trace where the hell u are..

  129. Agan, what is racist in calling Indian an Indian? I know you all would like to be italians, but there is nothing racist in calling a stupid indian a stupid indian, same as there is nothing racist in calling Rikard from SE an asshole Swedish. So it is you who see the word “indian” as a curse. Can´t help you guys. Go get a shrink.

  130. Follow these stepts to prepare the phone for the update:

    Step 5. Press and hold the Back key on the phone while connecting the USB cable into the phone.

    How long do I have to press the back key????? ..being pressing it like for 5 minutes and the phone goes on and off …..

  131. Well , I dont know , but PC companion is telling me that there is a software update for my x10 mini and that I should update , and is telling me that it will take about 30minutes … but I get stuck on step 5. I even receive a message on my phone that there is an update

  132. This is supposed to be comments about updates for Android, but it’s all gone samoosa shaped :p

  133. Will I loose all my data and contact after an auto update either through GPRS or Web ? Do you recommend taking a backup before a firware updrage

  134. Why I am not in spain but it not far from uk so that’s good !! so it should be soon in UK
    Hope fully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111

  135. no not really chetan in your x10 go to m.sonyericsson.com/backup
    1 download
    2 install
    3 backup
    4 wait and update
    5 then againg go to the m.sony…
    6 repeat step 1,2 an instead backup touch restore and every think will be back

    easy isn’t it

  136. Hi … Victor… is your x10i branded on Vodafone? I have an x10i branded on Vodafone Es; my cousin brought it to me, in june. I live in Romania. I got the update to R2BA024 in july… And i`ve been waiting for the 2.1 update ever since. I tried to update, but it says i have the most recent SW. I would like to know if ur phone is branded on Vodafone or not. Thanks !!

  137. This video is in this website one topic above #but thank any way

    So the update will be in the begining of november

  138. my x10 is still on r2ba020 my network provider is 3 how do i get the upgrade, seus says my phone is up to date!!!

  139. Well I manage to make the update work , but it didnt update to 2.1 … I dont know what it did , now I have buildnumber 1.1.A.0.12 … thats the only difference I see U.u ..

  140. Well, I have the buildnumber 1.2.A.1.174 in my Mini Pro, but I didn’t have done the update yet

  141. from twitter:

    Sony Ericsson UK
    Thanks for all your 2.1 tweets. It’s in the last stages of testing so will be ready in the next few days. We’ll update you with a date ASAP.

  142. @VictorCL,

    how did u manage to get the update work again? I was like you, stuck in step 5.. need some advise:)

  143. Most us have branded phone example 02 t-mobile what about the none simlock phone which generic soft. Do I have to wait as long how this work?

  144. I too have an unbranded Mini Pro. I’m in the US, but believe my phone came from the UK, any one know of a means by which I can check that?
    No indication of an update via desktop updater as of yet.

  145. If there is one thing SE is good at,it’s driving us nuts waiting for the update! No updates yet in Singapore. Up yours SE!

  146. “Most us have branded phone example 02 t-mobile what about the none simlock phone which generic soft. Do I have to wait as long how this work?”

    Please for answer

  147. @boy

    the step where you are supposed to press the back button while connecting the USB cable to the phone..

  148. About 2 minutes ago I received a pop-up message on my Mini Pro that tells me to update my phone. Hope that was 2.1

  149. Why they just dont put the date in it and close subject
    I think they change customer service to the promotion managment to “make .cookie” or make.monkeys” but certainly not the update.
    From my point of view they are so small or the gravitation are stronger in the company

  150. yes all the installed apps will be removed. however the market place remembers what you had and if its still avaialble IF ITS STILL AVAIALBLE you can selected off the the downloads tab without searching.. but i have 9 apps that i havent updated for ages as the latest review say features were removed. thats why its so annoying SE are so late at getting 2.1 out. if they did in in sept i would have still had the app versions i wanted and not be only able to reload worse versions

  151. @bartlindon

    When did I compare the x10 to the playstation phone?

    The thing is, your money has vanished into the SE coffers, and I am sorry if’ I’m just breaking this news to you, but the X10 was something of an experiment that has failed, but Sony have learned lessons from it at least. Thanks everyone who’s stumped up your hard earned money at least, hopefully they will get it right next time.


    I fail at what? I suppose you being an X10 owner has probably made you an expert at spotting “fail” though. So maybe you’ve seen something that I haven’t? :o)

    I don’t mean to be cruel to you guys though. I was so close to being one of you. I used to love Sony phones, but brand loyalty just leads to you getting abused.

    When did most of you guys buy your X10s? And you expected an update when? Still waiting? Hope none of you are holding your breath for anything better.

    Don’t shoot the messenger guys :o)

  152. SE Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

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    SE Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

  153. I, for one, have been perfectly happy with my X10… I’m looking forward to the update, but won’t lose much sleep if it doesn’t happen in the next 15 nanoseconds!

  154. hey if we update our phone with 2.1 version than can we update it with 2.2 or the phone is upgradable only once????

  155. first impressions of 2.1 update:

    after done all the settings n restarting the x10 the device runs like a charm n is real smooth without any lag…..great work done by SE n really satisfied with the update….touch responsiveness has improved n everything is much faster than 1.6

  156. got 2.1 two days before. Now where is the next kit ??? and what does it got ???? a surprise MULTI TOUCH ????? 16 million colors ?????????

  157. @trysh – still not clear with ur answer….. pls explain…
    and my other query is that i m not able to keep whole photo as wallpaper.. everytime it forces me to crop it.. how can i keep full photo as my wallpaper??????

  158. You could definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. At all times go after your heart.|