Playstation Phone outed; Engadget says it’s no fake

Playstation PhoneEarlier today Engadget followed on their scoop of a Playstation Android handset with some supposed real pictures of the device. The phone, codenamed “Zeus”, bears a strong resemblance to the PSP GO and will pack some serious hardware. The handset will be armed with a 45nm 1GHz Snapdragon (MSM8655 chipset) that comes with the Adreno 205 GPU, a screen size between 3.7-4.1-inches, 512MB of RAM and 1GB of ROM.

Other features include a long multitouch touchpad in the middle and microSD card support. Engadget says the device is hitting soon, although looking at the images which distinctly look like a prototype I’d be surprised to see it hit in 2010. The device is expected to ship with Android Gingerbread (although the test model was running Android 2.X). Some sources claim that the pictures are fake, prompting Engadget to put up a follow-up post saying that the pictures are real according to their “trusted sources”. What’s your take, is Sony Ericsson on the right path? Is this something you’d be interested in? Let us know in the comments below.

37 responses to “Playstation Phone outed; Engadget says it’s no fake”

  1. Appearance-wise it’s kind of what you’d expect. The “dual analog” touchpad is an interesting idea, and may actually work better than the current PSP “nub”. It’s kind of in an awkward position though, many people have complained about the control configuration of the PSP Go.

  2. 2nd 🙂

    Awesome news this – now we can play all those decent Android games using gaming controllers – this is the future baby!

  3. First.

    Seems cool. Will be interesting to see what games will be made available and if game makers follow suit for this 1 device. It’ll be up to sony ericsson to push this device hard to all regions and most network providers for it to catch on. Otherwise it will be a mute device.

  4. “The device is expected to ship with Android Gingerbread (although the test model was running Android 2.X).”

    What does this mean? Gingerbread is Android 2.3.

  5. well, performance will be interesting, ndk+3.0….
    Sony may either hit the wall or prove android as an ok game-platform.

  6. Looks like its using (or at least based around) a Vivaz chassis looking at its shape from the picture…not really sure what to think at this stage, Engadget seem confident enough in their claims but only time will tell.

  7. I don’t think this is real.. Why would SE suddenly have the 4 Android buttons in the bottom, when their other phones only have 3? (And there really is no need for the Search-button)

  8. @ joaö – “Gingerbread” is Android 3.0 not 2.3.

    I like the idea of a PSP phone, battery life would be my only concern but I assume they’d put in some sort of super long lasting one or at least give you a spare battery in the box. The sooner they bring this out the better, they made a mistake taking so long to release the X10 – strong competition (and an old OS) made it seem less appealing by the time it was out on the market.

  9. i agree the battery life will be poor considering its a phone and psp in one phone it sounds like a good phone but in principal playing games like those of psp calibur and a phone with latest android would mean a really bad battery life

  10. Mmmm.

    Can Anyone Say Nokia NGage. Possibly another attempt by sony to move to a digital distribution method they tried it with the PSP Go but it hasn’t taken off so now they are trying again this time piggy backing off of the android platform which already has a reasonable catalog of games albeit generally basic games.

    If the rumors are true it will probably ship months late with android 2.2 installed and sony promising an update to android 3 very shortly before fobbing the customers off with months of delays.

    however with all that said it will be interesting to see if they will try and make the device backwards compatible with the current catalogue of games available to the PSP Go.

  11. To the people who think its fake –
    Engadget released this annoucement a couple of months ago, if you followed engadget you’d obviously know this. When new pictures come out a couple of months later its hard to say its fake. PLUS ITS SONY. who the **** makes consoles for gaming. JUST CAUSE its something new its fake? my a***. get a grip, this will be awesome!

  12. this could be an idea to create cool smart phones, only from SE

    Sound Screen Camera Gaming Office Battery

    x12 9 9 12 7 10 9
    x12p 8 8 8 1 0* 5 10
    x12b 8 10* 10 7 7 8
    x12c 8 8 16* 7 5 8
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    *= Special fature
    p= playstation
    b= bravia
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    rate 1 to 10

  13. Looks real to me. However I don’t believe it will be real PSP .. it is more likely an android phone for gamers .. I mean a phone ideal for playing actual available android games. Very good idea I think. But I’m still little bit scared about Sony’s strategy because SONY have very bad strategy in last year. For example using untypical ports is very typical for all SONY equipment and one BIG downside of SONY.