Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update rolling out from Sunday evening, Nordic handsets first

Xperia X10 The SE Product blog has just revealed the date of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update before crashing under the weight of traffic. We managed to get a good look at the content and can reveal that the update will start from this Sunday Evening (Halloween) European time and that handsets running the Nordic firmware will get the update first. Check out the full blog post below. T-50 hours and counting…

XPERIA Software Update

Today I can confirm that we will start the roll-out of the Android 2.1 based updates for Xperia X10, X10 mini and X10 mini pro now this coming Sunday. The roll out will start in the evening European time.
So far I have received confirmation that the generic kits for the Nordic countries will be the very first ones out on Sunday evening and then there will be more kits coming already during Monday and then the roll-out will continue throughout the month of November.
As said earlier these updates will give you some features introduced by Android 2.1 and the Xperia X10 will also get HD-video recording in 720p with continuous auto focus.
The changes in user experience after the update is a mix of things added or changed going from Android 1.6 to Android 2.1 and things changed or improved by us directly.
As a re-cap – The key changes for the different products are the following:

Xperia X10:

• HD video recording with continuous auto-focus for high quality videos
• Upgrade of the Android platform to Android 2.1
• New back up and restore application, with extended content back up
• 5 homescreens for apps, widgets, shortcuts and folders
• Social phonebook which automatically syncs contact pictures from Facebook and shows when your friends are online

Xperia X10 mini and X10 mini pro:

• Improved Bluetooth functionality with support for sending and receiving pictures, contacts and more
• New backup and restore application with extended content back up
• Automatic synchronization of your contact pictures between Facebook and your phone book
• Improved ways of handling pictures, audio, text and numbers in your messages
• Upgrade of the Android platform to Android platform 2.1

In most markets, your phone will automatically let you know with a notification when the update is ready for your specific software version and then you will be guided to how to perform the update using the PC Companion software. In that process, because of this being a big update, you will also be guided through some steps to be able to backup personal data before the update and then restore it when the update is finished. Find out more at

IMPORTANT: As I’ve pointed out previously here on the blog the software upgrade will be done in a phased roll-out which means that different “kits” gets the update at different times. This to secure quality in all networks and countries. So don’t get paranoid if your phone isn’t updated in the very first days – it will come!

What we mean by a “kit” is a different configuration, i.e. color of the phone, bundled accessories but most importantly in this case different software configurations. The difference in software between different kits is mainly related to included settings, applications, network configuration etc – all this to comply to different legal and network requirements. All of these different kits need separate approvals based on market and network, hence the phased roll-out.

I will try to keep track of which versions that get released continuously and will post updates when new markets or “kits” become available. Feel free to share your findings in the comments section here when you get the update for your phone!


952 responses to “Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update rolling out from Sunday evening, Nordic handsets first”

  1. First
    This is really great news
    Just 2 days
    Waiting for it to come to India for my mini 😉

  2. I think everyone who’s ranted and generally acted like a crazy person about the update should be forced to listen to their mother read their comments aloud six months from now.

  3. Orgh, this is great! I live in Denmark, so I will probably get very soon 😀 Awesome!! I can’t wait 😀

  4. Nordic?

    What a joke.

    A) for those in that region as obviously this update isnt ready and they are guinea pigging a small market.
    B) the evening of the 31st! Talk about cutting targets fine.

    One/two broken promises.

    Total last minute roll out to one of the smallest markets.

    And its 2.1 already out of date.

    And it doesnt fix any of my top ten issues i have with the phone.

    SE have done a ratners here. Fuck them and there incompetent employees.

  5. In june I flashed my x10i to Generic fw, with o2 Germany. Since I haven’t made to flash it back to my org. fw, will it say that I would not get the update on sunday? I live in Norway..

  6. @ftm

    Well to be fair, sony ericsson is more or less swedish, so in that way it’s only fair that the nordic market get it first.

  7. @JP SEUS recognises the phones by firmware and not by where you live. You will get update together with Germans. I live in Brazil, but my phone has UK unbranded firmware, so I will get update, when UK will get an update. If you want an update now – reflash your x10 with original nordic FW

  8. with key lock ENABLED :

    1 time menu button (left button)

    2 times back button (right button)

    1 time menu button

    1 time back button

    2 times menu button

    1 time back button

    when pressing these keys to get into the Service menu.

  9. @rune

    Good point. However, i bought the phone, im not swedish, is a sale not a sale?

    Ill flash nordic anyway, then sell, then HTC.

  10. is debranding and flashing a different regions firmware dangerous?? im on at&t in usa so i know i wont be getting this update anytime soon

  11. @Vlad, Thanks for the info man! I’ve tried to flash it back with SEUS, but it is not working ( delete db-folder etc. method) can you please tell me how I can do it? The pc companion method is not working either.. thanks!

  12. “What we mean by a “kit” is a different configuration, i.e. color of the phone”

    why does the color of the phone influence the software? I didn’t know my X10 knew it was white

  13. India has uses the phones with generic fw.
    @Sagar Its Global if you brought frm India…
    I got tweet from one of the SE blog mender.. confirms that the update will happen in Nov 1st week…

    But dont have any excitement abt their late stinking announcement.

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  15. my build number is R2BA020. can it be update??? And I just wanna know when the roll out will coming to Malaysia?

  16. i too have done the debranding etc process to firmware 026 from XDA lads. what firmware do i actually have now? model: X10a, Country: Generic LAM (b), Brand: Customized.

  17. @X10er: I have the nordic firmware and you can choose from a bunch of languages. I have never checked the keybords though.

  18. @x10 warrior
    thanks man will be waiting for it
    and ha itna mat socho update ke bare mein
    it will come
    make yourself busy so that you dont get time to think about it!!!

  19. sory for asking stupid question but im new to all dis

    wat is nordic generic firmware? n which countries belong to it ?

    on my phone it says


  20. mine is generic ang said singapore… but im from philippines… how can i change it to nordic?… plsss…

  21. I like Nordic metal, been listening to Moonsorrow lately. However, the vikings aren’t interested in updates, we are.



  22. Ha ha ha, Off cause we in scandinavia is first!
    We of the nordic know much more technology than the american will ever do!

    Americans don’t even know what the scandinavia/nordic is, don’t even know where Sweeden, Denmark etc. is on the planet earth!!!

    There is much more outside the small 50 states you know of. You might have heard about the other countries that actually take care of the environment and greenhouse effects. While you guys in US drive V6 and V8 cyl. cars, and having Tea-parties with a stupid slut with no brain, you would like to have for the next president! It’s very very sad!!!

    Long live the Real Vikings!

  23. Beginning rollout the evening of the 31st? LOL. They weren’t lying when they said rollout would begin in October, but they’re cutting it as close as possible.

    At least there’s no more delays.

  24. @Jesper Simonsen, Denmark
    As much as I’d like to agree with you, there’s no need to start this argument once again.
    No one said anything bad about your country, so shut up already.

    By the way, ‘Scandinavia’ refers to Sweden, Norway and Denmark, so thanks for leaving out Finland and Iceland you ignorant asshat. ‘Nordic countries’ includes all five.

  25. You don’t get it do you SALTORIO.

    They promised October. They need to delay it longer but to avoid backlashes and anger, they’ll release an early build version for some remote village, while finishing up the update and releasing it for the world by late November.
    This way, they can say: “hey, we promised October and we delivered, but we didn’t say who we will deliver to”.


  26. Guys don’t ask when the update will be released in your region, NO ONE KNOWS. Sony themselves haven’t given dates except for the ones in the above article. If you have a debranded phone, that firmware you flashed it with has to match with the region that is receiving the update. Simple as that. If you want to know when it will be released follow: this is where official statements are made, and the source of info for this very website. DUH!!

  27. To JaX3RiR (Finland)´:

    Thanks for the kind word Finland.
    I know scandinavia, I wrote
    Sweeden, Denmark etc.
    etc. mean Norway, Iceland and Finland off cause.
    Well I was not starting the debate if you read further up this thread.

    Americans disliked we nordic getting the update first,
    then I responded. Thats it.
    Read before you get angry!

    Have a nice weekend Finland.

    ps. I write what ever I like to write.
    Freedom of speech.

  28. @Mr R2BA026
    Even the same with phone in India..
    The Generic Phone U got.. Hope u may get update soon…

    even me got the same and waiting…. waiting…. waiting

  29. Why didn’t you just say the last day of october? You knew there was no way in hell you’d roll it out earlier than that. But you had to give people that glimmer of false hope. “Phased” roll-outs? Way to “technically” get yourselves off the hook. Wow I’m so impressed by your damage control I almost believed that I’d get the update possibly before the very last day of the month. Bombarded by all these tweets and videos I almost believed taiwan would get the update like any other country….almost.

  30. model: x10i
    country: generic global
    brand: generic

    living in China now

    Can anyone tell me when i can get the update???????





  32. hi guys…. how can i debrand my phone? i tried with seus / pc companion and it didn’t work.

  33. It is indeed great to be a Dane.
    However my X10i is branded with TDC… I really hope they hurry up and get the update out fast. It shouldn’t take long, since their amount of bloatware is a minimum.

    I wonder what will come first: branded version of nordic release or generic version of global release?

  34. Just something that should probably be mentioned, a few weeks ago Samsung started releasing updates to Froyo for their Galaxy S only in Nordic countries. The update turned out to be pretty bad and were pulled off the update service a few days later, and now rumours has it that they are working on a better update to be released later.

    Samsung is a Korean company so there was really no reason to release the update in Nordic countries first, apart from the fact that it’s a relatively small region and the customers there were probably being used as guinea pigs. So, don’t be surprised if SE is doing a similar thing here and we get bad news over the next few days.

  35. @ Darwell how have u done it? could u help me with this, please? my x10i is branded on Vodafone ES.

  36. @ Chrono – This is spot on. Do you know how easy it is to load files on a server. This is a controlled roll out to minimize damage, test the product on a wider but controlled market and issue version 2.


    FINALLY! I think I’m gonna cry

  38. wow this thread is a mess lol, people need to calm down cant wait till the update comes then maybe you will stop acting like kids

  39. @STFU solo

    Finally we have “something”, something sure.

    I’m sure someone here started to cry by emotions.

    GG’ Sony Ericsson!

  40. good news for generic phone users but not us branded phone users 03-uk have the update to test but no date for release meaning im gonna be waiting weeks

  41. Finally.

    I am really happy that SE will finally publish the Eclair update.

    Just sorry to hear that x10 mini won’t get the updates made to X10, like new homescreen, and HD video. Wouldn’t care if a new camera app were made too.

    Can’t have everything, that’s life.

  42. @lalaine how did you check what version you had? i’m also from manila but mine says x10i and no country in About Phone

  43. It seems the predictions of mid to late November were right after all. I very much agree that this so called phased roll out is nothing more than a tactical ploy. Also the fact that even now yet more builds of the update are being certified shows that it’s not quite stable enough. That leads me to only one possible conclusion, they only started work on this update a short time ago.
    From all we know so far, there has been very little added to 2.1 which can only mean that the issues they are having all stem from getting UXP to work side by side with Android 2.1(probably what they meant by 170 changes to the base code).
    I think HTC have the right formula, the sense UI is just a light skin on top of android. The rest are tweaks and customizations to android itself to increase functionality and improve the user experience. With SE, they do very little with android itself but spend all their time trying to get UXP onto the phone so they can make money from playnow as well as propagate their timescape and mediascape apps.
    SE are not that bothered with android, they just want to use it’s popularity to sell their phones, apps and content.
    The final verdict is loud and clear.. the x10 is a decent phone but it’s not a great android device. In fact it falls quite some way short of that.

  44. JaX3RiR (Finland):

    The only nordic thing about Finland is that it used to be occupied by Sweden. The language is fundamentally different, and the people are genetically different. Just ask Mr. Hitler!

  45. @hvkong

    just do this
    with key lock ENABLED :
    1 time menu button (left button)
    2 times back button (right button)
    1 time menu button
    1 time back button
    2 times menu button
    1 time back button
    when pressing these keys to get into the Service menu.

  46. @ Ace. Please note that it depends on your Sony Ericsson branch and carriers.
    Singapore is also stuck at R2BA020 and are not getting the updated 26. But it makes sense since 26 is buggy with the Wifi problem.

    As for the roll out, you can call your Sony Ericsson service centres though it might take a little longer unless you are running a generic version of R2BA020 which suggests that you will still run the generic version of the 2.1 firmware.

  47. the different software builds being approved might not all be filled with bugs they could be regional u know hence phased roll out we all have seen se fail to deliver in the past but i think u all have to fill your lives with some fun and the time will go fast. be happy with what u have because some day it might all be gone. i my self are very happy with sony and se hardware regardless off software its the quality that makes products last not software. good luck to all in gettin the update asap though.

  48. The more i look at the list of changes, the more I can’t understand what took them so long.

  49. @LiLAsN. Im running a generic version of R2BA020 now. So it means I will get the update for 2.1?

  50. I live in Romania(that`s central-eastern Europe), and my country is listed as Greece and the Balkans,hope i`m getting the uprgade pretty soon.

  51. salut Outsyder84. !! in sfarsit primul roman:) … si eu sunt din romania, daca vrei sa vorbim pe mess despre update, da-mi add la george1993eu . multumesc:):D

  52. Hey guys I am living India today I saw a commercial inwhich they showed that xperia hs multi touch and its been marketing with android 2.1

  53. Can you make sure your website working propely there are some issues with support page.
    thanks for update

  54. As soon as you get it give as some feedback with detail please don’t forget

  55. congratulations !!!!

    I told you the wait is almost over and se sticked to their word and yes the update will be rolling soon, so happy like the rest of you 🙂

    Just keep in mind next time don’t panic and follow rumors from untrusted websites. I’m glad SE took a step forward and clarified the rolling date to cut all these pathetic rumors about delaying again.


  56. I have the X10 Mini Pro so I probably won’t be of much help giving feedback to X10 owners. But I will post as soon as I start downloading and once the update has been installed on my mobile and everything has been set up again I will check out the new Android 2.1. I will pay special attention to the Wifi disconnection issue. Once I have some feedback you’ll get it. 🙂

  57. Please note: Flashing your Xperia X10i to X10a (and vice versa) will result in SEUS not being able to update your phone for future updates.

    Just something to keep in mind, for me it’s better waiting than flashing and not being able to update in the future.

  58. hi guys. HOW can i debrand my xperia x10i? it’s branded on vodafone. SEUS doesn’t work. Pc Companion doesn’t work either, because S.E. updated both programs and now it downloads automatically those 2 files, every time i try to update it. so i can’t replace those. What should i do? i have R2BA024. I would like to replace my vodafone branded firmware to R2BA026 Generic Nordic . What should I do?

  59. great so the countdown to all those apps i havent upgraded being deleted and the downgrade current versions has begun.
    thanks to SE taking so long i gain something and loose more…

  60. Model: x10i
    Country: Singapore
    Brand: Customized

    im from philippines but the country is singapore.
    will i get the update on sunday??

  61. Who wants to bet on a second update in the first two weeks after the first update, due to the fact that SE hasn’t actually finished the firmware upgrade to Android 2.1, but decided to roll it out just to “keep” its promise?

  62. When will I get my upgrade? I am from the Planet Zombwaga…. Will mine be after India? Or South Africa? Or The Philippines? Oh I can’t wait to get my upgrade! Please let mine be before the Ziwalla celebrations. If I don’t get the upgrade before the celebration, they’ll cut off my reproductive organs!

  63. God, I hope all you fucking whiners are the ones gettin it last….Im soo sick of reading all your stupid posts about how lame this phone is…. IF you dont like it, then fuckin sell it. How hard can it be…. And all those stupid ideas about how and why SE is this and that… Do you realize that you actually dont have a fuckin clue what so ever ? Its all because of your messed up heads…. Just ditch this phone and buy an icrap or HTC that looks like crap. I dont give a damn, as long as i can read comments and forum on the net without your posts/comments..

  64. @John, I’m in!
    Though I would consider it to be pretty normal that problems show up if software is released on a wider scale. If they are solved promptly, no problem. Scandinavian countries are probably good guinea pigs for that.
    So, yes, I expect a second update, but this time not because SE messed it up yet again.
    Anyway, I’ll flash my phone to nordic firmware in a minute, I’m way too curious 😉

  65. According to SE Mexico, the roll out for this country will begin on November 15. Another two weeks of wating, the only good thing about this is that people will test it, publish their comments and will give their opinion, so we won´t be blind when the upgrade comes out.

  66. Jorge@
    Thanks for the info, I am in Mexico.
    Two more weeks doesn’t seem that much, but I thougth it would be next week.

  67. I have an x10i on tmobile us anyone can help me and let me know how i get the update (is it just settings, about phone and update?) or when i should expect to get it please? thanks 🙂

  68. man u guys keep complaining and complaining before it was cuz they dont release 2.1 now they release now u guys complain its old…

  69. @jc – tmobile arent releasing the udpate for tmobile customers til end of november according to there website. im the same with 02-uk we have been told they have it but are testing it but not holding my breathe for its release anytime soon as they are very unreliable. either way ill be glad when i do get it for it being 2.1 with hd recording and able to get more up to date apps.

  70. john:
    “The only nordic thing about Finland is that it used to be occupied by Sweden. The language is fundamentally different, and the people are genetically different. Just ask Mr. Hitler!”

    @You: What the hell have you been smoking? There’s a damn good reason for the two different words. ‘Scandinavia’ is a word meaning your home country and a couple others with the same old cultural heritage and practically the same, unoriginal language, and ‘Nordic’ is just expanding that to include the two other countries — Iceland and Finland — residing in the northernmost part of Europe.
    Simple, you see?
    And what the hell has Hitler got to do with anything?

  71. @steve: I do hope the update meets your expectations now that you have to wait for it so long. I bought my X10 Mini Pro unbranded and thank god for that. But the X10 is a whole lot more expensive so I do understand why many have bought it branded. Just sucks that people with branded phones have to wait so much longer. 🙁

  72. @jon wtf, its a update and it deserves to be delivered to ALL owners of Xperia X10 family, f off racist.

  73. @jon Fuck off u racist…. ur a big time loser…. get lost before u get ur ass kicked off by someone… ur such an Arse hole

  74. SE always f*cking last minute…

    model: x10i
    Country: Singapore
    Brand: Customized


    I expected on Sunday night will get update at Malaysia..

  75. well double checked and miens 02 branded but the firmware is generic so wtf does thatr mean does it mean my phone will get android 2.1 monday or when 02 decide to send it to us?

  76. @jon
    not cool dude, not cool
    rotten rats like u spoil the name of a whole community
    besides its about time you stop being racist, its getting old you know

  77. @ da JON da racist cunt.. listen ya moron ders nuff shit going around in tis world and you know why? Cz we all live with a filth like you around..
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    Indians are Kool innocent peeps.. open your eyed and educate yourself a little..

  78. when will be the update available in India x10i?can anyone tel me the approximated date range in November…
    reply any one

  79. You guys are just suckers you know that ?? You kept claiming that you want 2.1 and you wanted se to release the update and give a date for it. And now when se said that they are rolling the 2.1 upgrade your saying things like too late, or why not 2.2 ? seriously get a life, you are so pathetic I’m so ashamed to know that there are people with such stupidity still living.

  80. R2BA026

    model :x10i (india)
    generic (unbranded)
    when will be the update available in India x10i?
    can anyone tel me the approximated date range in November…
    reply any one

  81. I hate to admit it, but I gotta agree with power 88.

    It’s pathetic that you guys are never satisfied, give SE a break. I’m sure whatever they are doing is not to piss you off. Like every company, they do care about there customers and I am sure that they are trying to do the best they can to make everyone happy.

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but you need to understand that complaining about every little thing won’t make things move along quicker. Stop whining, because it makes you seem immature. Everyone needs to chill out and just enjoy the update that is coming out starting Sunday.

  82. @dAwG @Pak Ya. Note that your update depends on whether Singapore Sony Ericsson has approved of the 2.1 update. I have a friend who debranded his Singtel(branded) phone to Customized at Sony Ericsson Service Centre. Thus theoretically, he should get it faster than me who remained to stick with Singtel’s service. Thus, if need be, I’ll post here for you guys when he gets the update as his phone has basically the same Singapore, Customized version as you guys.
    Here’s an update of what your Customized Singapore version will get in this update. It includes some paid apps that may be useful or not to you guys. Good luck and have fun. (:

    @Ace @dAwG @Pak Ya. Please also note that it takes a few days for different Sony Ericsson companies around the world to approve. So Singapore’s Sony Ericsson might get it a few days later and thus the update may come a few days later as well. So do not expect the update to be on Sunday as it is said to be for the Nordic region not Asian/Singapore region.

  83. @ Jon, dude you know what I life people like you who shares their immoral and useless thoughts about absolutely unnecessary topic just to show how shallow yourself is but you know what everybody has a right to speak and share eyy so on that basis i shall let you know what we think about you too with a great big smile on my face that how amazing it is we think the same about you. The only and main difference is WE at least WASH IT and not JUST WIPE it.

    And thank you for sticking up to “I’m JON and I like. . . fanny”

  84. The rest Of Europe is getting 2.1 On the monday. Not sure if that includes global. Might Just wait untill someone updates it to XDA.

  85. @Jon,
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  86. Hey x10 warrior
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  87. Do you wanna know something? You’re all fuckin DOGS!

    You come here to bark and bite until Sony Ericsson throw you some scraps from there table and you’re happy to accept it.

    This simply isnt acceptable…6 months late and its not even a global rollout.

  88. @Jon : u r fckn piece if crap that ur mamma wiped of her face which came from other people’s ass. so u can understand wat kinda piece of crap u r. thanks a lot for givin ur explanation earlier about urself.

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    thanks and regards

  89. @lilasn

    The apps you listed on facebook aren’t paid apps. They’re ALL free apps.

    The only paid app you get is moxier mail.

  90. Was formerly running France firmware

    now on Nordic customized firmware, update here I come 😀

  91. finally! hope the next update wont be delayed (again) : ) i have a x10 and it is a Tmobile UK, i live in the Philippines, is it posible for me to get the update earlier since Tmobile UK announced that the update for their network will roll-out by the end of Nov. i’m not using their network, i could use any sim card on my phone.. Will i be able to receive the update this week? (cant wait no more for the update) Waiting another month SUCKS!! pls help.. THANKS FOR THE UPDATE SE!!

  92. i have managed to flash some of my SE phones but this X10 gives me a headache on flashing it. can anyone help, my phone is Tmobile UK, update is in the end of Nov. (that sucks) will i still receive the update this week? i live here in the Philippines, i have a X10 and a X10 mini pro, on my X10 mini pro it only indicates the model (U20i) no country, on my stupid X10, it says united kingdom. someone help pls..

  93. @dyeonoodle if your phone is from the nordic or w.e and is unbranded u will get the update 🙂

  94. well i flashed back to X10a on AT&T….hopefully we’ll get the update relatively soon. but if i find out japan gets the update first. well i’m gonna be flashin back REAL quick!

  95. On behalf of Sony Ericsson, we have our reason to roll out firmware for Nordic first. Nordic is the region that never complaint us on 2.1 update. So they deserve it.
    For the rest of the world, you are freaking lucky we provide update to you. We may just sit back and concentrate on X12. We already earn a lot of X10 sold, now just pitty you piece of shit to give you some update.
    Our valuable Japanese X10 user do not get their update in November, though our Japanese carrier use it against Iphone 4 in their local market. I warm you, Japan is one of our largest sales come from, we don’t give a shit on them, so you expect us to give you on time? You should be very thankful we finally roll it out.
    For those begging for 2.2, we don’t owe you a living, why do i need to take the shit up and spend money to develop 2.2 which will not increase my sales figure. You should throw your X10 to the river and buy our X12. We guarantee you X12 will come with 2.1, no multi-touch, no flash and we promise you the update to 2.2 will available in Q4 2011. No more delay.
    So, stop bothering us and never complaint my team. They are the best team i ever have as they willing to condemn by people in order to develop a perfect update that save us from copyright issue especially the touch from Apple.
    I warm you, if you people fuck us again, i will stop all updates.
    Get it, you piece of shit.

  96. I’m happy that i have the nordic 😛

    Will see on sunday what the big fuzz is about 😉

    Feel sorry for the rest of you 😉

  97. @lalaine thanks! it works.. seems i have x10i country philippines. wish the update is available asap

  98. I don’t know how to do this one cuz’ I don’t understand

    with key lock ENABLED :
    1 time menu button (left button)
    2 times back button (right button)
    1 time menu button
    1 time back button
    2 times menu button
    1 time back button
    when pressing these keys to get into the Service menu.

    I already press the key like what it was told but still cannot…

  99. Hey, can anybody help me?
    I bought my x10mini over
    Which firmware is on my phone?
    I mean from which country the firmware?

  100. Baboo wants to thank bha’i sumit malhotra for his leadership in getting the 2.1 update to all X10 fans.

    Though only 1% of X10 owners will get update on 31 October and 99% of us don’t know when we get update. Bha’i sumit has delivered his promise.

    Bha’i sumit you will be revered like god for deliver the upgrade. Baboo wants to thank you for bringing happiness to all X10 owners, it is like a diwali gift from you.

  101. Hey Tech guys, can you help us out pls. NO idea how to classify my x10. I did not find any “NORDIC” word when I checked my service info. It says like this:

    Phone software version: R2BA026 GENERIC
    Model: X10i
    Country: United Arab Emirates
    Brand: Customized

    When they release the update tomorrow, do I have a chance to get it base on my phone details?

  102. @Topher

    Where do you find the informations of your handy?
    I mean, how do you know which software version and which country?

  103. it means that Nordic country will be the first one to experience the bug ^^_ so fine with me even if my country will get the last of the roll out ^^_

  104. @Mescht,

    I did the above instruction from the guys:

    with key lock ENABLED :
    1 time menu button (left button)
    2 times back button (right button)
    1 time menu button
    1 time back button
    2 times menu button
    1 time back button

    After pressing those, my x10 directed me to its SERVICE DETAILS. There you can find service info, service settings, etc. But I did not see any “NORDIC” in my phone’s software. Im not really sure if I will get the updates tomorrow 🙁

  105. @Topher

    Thanks a lot,

    but I can’t find “NORDIC” too. When I enter “Software Info” I can read that I’m a generic user and under “File System Version” there stands “WORLD -1-8_1.1.A.0.8”;

    I can’t find any description of the country of my phone

  106. Topher i can say you 100% you dont get the update tomorow because youre firmware is not from nordic

  107. My model is X10i
    Country: Indonesia
    Brand: Customized

    Can it be update to 2.1?

    Can anyone tell me? Pls?

  108. @ Shebin

    No, not Qatar either, unless your phone has Nordic FW, to check, do this: while phone is locked press middle button then:

    1 time menu button (left button)
    2 times back button (right button)
    1 time menu button
    1 time back button
    2 times menu button
    1 time back button

    After pressing those -> Service info -> Model Info

    If it looks like this, you are good to go:

    Nordic means: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

  109. Can anyone tell me when it will roll out in Malaysia? Cuz my X10i is from Indonesia but I live in Malaysia.

  110. Well what can I do? Maybe I have to wait a little longer. At least I will be happy for all you guys who will luckily get the updates tomorrow.

  111. @ Topher

    Thanks a lot,

    but i also can’t find any “NORDIC”, the only thing I can find is that I’m a “generic” user. And in the “File System Version” stands WORLD -1-8_1.1.A.0.8;

    There isn’t anything about my country or anything else

  112. Dudes i got the nordic version. But how do i get it i have 2 xperias one black and one white the black one have the nordic the other have generic how do i change to nordic

  113. Mescht,

    We will not get the update tomorrow based on our firmware. We will get it today!! Hehe!! Just kiddin’! We have to wait for sometime but dont worry, we will get it for sure.

  114. Guys,
    SE made all of us fool.. Just to keep the promise they are releasing the update at the last sec. that too just a number of country..

    All others has to wait more or less a Month…
    Just think, the time US, India & Japan get the update……

    F U SE…

  115. U can change your firmware to NORDIC (I did the same half year ago). Get in the firmware via SEUS for free or use special utility and pay (easy way for somebody). For ex. – DavinciTeam etc.

  116. @Abel

    Sorry yours was not like this, similar to mine. Mine was FR (France) firmware, however I changed it using this:

    1. Root your X10i/a (See other posts)
    2. Download Root Explorer
    3. Open Root Explorer and navigate to /SYSTEM
    4. Push on white button in the right top corner of Root Explorer (This wil change R/O in R/W).
    5. Long Press on the file Default.prop and choose “Open in Text Editor”
    6. Change in the folowing lines the XXXX-XXXX (scroll for firm codes):


    7. Press “Menu” and choose save and exit
    8. Reboot your Phone
    9. Open PC Companion
    10. Choose Support Zone
    11. Choose Repair (Your phone will be reset and will update with the newest firmware)
    12. When done check your settings in de lock screen (menu-back-back-menu-back-menu-menu-back)

    X10i CUST-NL GENERIC 1234-8547 (NL Customized)

    via 810215118 @ xdaforum

    I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong, as this does require some technological know-how.

  117. I also had to make use of the NORDIC FLASH TOOL. Click my name to go to source

    because i know that all of you want to upgrade to 2.1 as soon as they can i decrypted the Nordic Generic (Nordic Combined) R2BA026 firmware for you and put it together with flashtool.

    Just start X10flash.bat. It will ask you if you want to wipe userdata or not (if you wipe userdata you will be factory resettet, if not your settings and programs will stay).

    Just download the X10flash.rar in my attachement and overwrite the existing X10flash.bat with the one in the Archive!

    Corrected Package without Error:…ic_Flasher.rar

    Mirror: (thanks to MarylandCookie)

    Mirror: (thanks to Vin87)

    On 64-bit Systems:
    1.) Be sure that you have the 32-bit Java Runtime installed. See Rooting-Thread for problem informations.
    2.) Overwrite the DevID folder with this one:


  118. @freddy. i need some help. i tried to edit the default.prop and it didn’t work. it showed a blank page, when i opened it as text. can i please get some help/advice? thanks in advance. !

  119. Wow! Its a comeing!
    Question #1 : When is it comeing to Germany?
    Question #2 : I got the version 2.6.29-rel. Can it be updated? And,. what will it bring to my cellphone?
    #3 : Also,. i got the build number : R2BA020. does that have something to do with any update comeing up?
    Any answers would be great. Thanx


    Rumour has it that SE is already working on the next generation of Android mobile phone. The prototype has been named X13 and will be an even smarter smartphone. The phone will be able to adapt to users needs and wishes.
    SE is trying to meet the customers demands for a more flexible phone. SE will try to create a phone that meets even the thoughest demands. Based on a lot of user input – especially based on posts at, SE will try to create a phone that can change to whatever wishes the user has. SE does have worries about the results from using the phone. SE CEO explains: “Well – the problem is that once the user is satisfied with the phone – some users will keep on asking for more and more features/enhancements and never be completely satisfied. Our fears are that some users probably will go insane in the end and that could results in law suits. So the X13 is still only a prototype and at this time we can’t say if the X13 will over see production”.

    Well – there you have it folks! The perfect mobile for the demanding user. 😉

  121. Want to debrand your X10, X10 Mini or X10 Mini Pro? Well – look no futher. You can visit: or Both sites provide debranding of the X10 family in many languages. It’s not free but it should work. I have used both services on A200 based SE mobiles (Elm etc.) with great success. Just remember – your doing it at your own risk and debranding is a warrenty void. 🙂

  122. i think i’ll wait when it officially release at my country… nothing special about this update… it just 2.1… live wallpaper, 5 home screen, HD with auto-focus… just piece of SHIT… 5 home screen = ADW launcher (up to 7 home screen), Live wallpaper = Ambient Launcher… HD recording = I not frequently use at all! :-)) I not interesting to update… i LOVE to my current 1.6..:P

  123. Model: x10i
    Country: Nordic combined (b)
    Brand: Customized
    only problem is i STILL have the shitty vodafone proprietary apps 😐

  124. @ andrei

    LoL, andrei dupa Update 2.1 nu cred ca o sa mai ai mizeriile alea de la Vodafone, e bine ca te ai schimbat daca stateai pana venea versiunea 2.1 pentru VF RO te apuca craciunu.

  125. @Raiden
    Defapt mi-a adus telefonul verisorul meu, din Spania, si era branduit pe Vodafone ES. acum e customized !! daca era pe VF RO pe 1.1.11 aveam ceva, poate:)) trecea si craciunu`.

  126. @andrei
    Eu lam adus din Netherlands branduit pe KPN Mobile NL si apoi lam deblocat, am de gand sa pun si eu Nordic firmware asta pentru 2.1 🙂

  127. Sunt incantat ca mai sunt posesori de Xperia din RO care citesc acest blog 🙂 Eu am un Xperia care este branduit pe “Belgia”, momentan sunt in dubii daca sa ii schimb firmware cu unul din tarile “nordice”. Ma gandesc ca tot saptamana viitoare se raspendeste update-ul si mai spre mijlocul Europei.

  128. Please, whiny people, shut up! A date is set, and it may not be available at first, but this is bigger progress than SE have shown in a loooong time.

    Don’t worry, be HAPPY! =D

    (Really hoping for a new lockscreen though…)

  129. I think the only reason for update by region is the simple fact that if they would announce update worldwide, their servers will crash from so many people trying to

  130. Help me out guys. My location is United Arab Emirates. I want to debrand my phone to NORDIC generic “R2BA023” by following the intruction from another forum. It is okay? Will there a regional problem? Should I do it to get the update tomorrow??

  131. @Vlad
    Ha ha .. its not the fact.. They use F5 load balance.
    Its SE a MNC co. They shud be well n gud in their servers..

    To keep up the promise they made only one FW version up and released, Luckly Nordic got the update.

    It will take whole Nov to Dec to get others the update.

    We can only make it out with comparing the below
    Check the above link, Only 4 FW got approved, just compare the previous version with that. There were 11 types of FW released previously (Update on june).
    After One fw has got approved, they takes more than 2 weeks to release.

    Just think abt the other release dates now. They are making fool of all their customers to keep their promise to sustain in Market.

    I am sure, it will be last Dec 2010 when all the users gets the update

  132. just went software update and it says theres a new software avalible, x10 mini pro from new zealand 4am on a sunday here right now

  133. Hey Guys….

    This question was asked before from another user and not answered so hoping to get some kind of explanation….. I have this Firmware and Povlo does

    model: X10a, Country: Generic LAM (b), Brand: Customized

    Where exactly do I stand with region. Am I still restricted to a Canadian release?
    Thanks in advance

  134. You guys need to be very careful with flashing Nordic firmware onto your phones just to be one of the first to receive an update that is essentially akin to what service packs are to windows. 2.1 is not even a new OS despite all the clamour for it. It has the same kernel as 1.5/1.6 which means its only a significant update and not an OS upgrade unlike froyo which has a new kernel.
    I said before your phones will remain largely the same after the update so don’t do anything that might cause you more problems in future.
    Indeed it can be argued that a rooted x10/x10 mini/x10 mini pro running 1.6 with titanium back up and barnacle wifi tethering is a more functional device that the same phone with just SEs rendition of 2.1.
    Act wisely, don’t leap before you look. Most will get it sometime in November so just hold your horses.
    I know you have waited a long time for it and most of you just want to end the wait and anticipation but we know enough about the upgrade to know it’s not worth risking anything for.

  135. @lalaine haha ewan ko. nakuha ko siya from Sony Ericsson Philippines eh. yung may 1 yr warranty. Saan mo nakuha yung sa iyo?

  136. @Chris
    Citesc blogul asta din iunie, de cand am telefonul… si am asteptat update-ul nerabdator….in fiecare zi intru pe aici sa vad stiri noi despre x10. Incearca sa decodezi telefonul… de ce sa mai astepti cand poti avea update-ul chiar maine? Nu e greu de flashuit…trebuie doar sa conectezi telefonul in flash mode, dupa ce deschizi x10flash.bat si raspunzi daca vrei sa iti stearga programele instalate/preinstalate sau nu…poti alege nu:), si apesi orice tasta, dupa ce ai conectat telefonul in flash mode, astepti pana termina …. si o sa scrie ##end test. sau ceva similar.

  137. I can’t explain why everybody is so happy about the update.

    Okay software updates are cool, but do you really need a update?

    If you are a android developer i can understand it, but otherwise, don’t get to excited it’s just a update (:

  138. Wuhu…

    Now there should be less than 24 hours too the 2.1 update.

    I must admit i’m looking forward to the update, and hoping for a more fluently phone, and not so much lagging. And of course some usb/wifi tethering.

    I’m keeping my fingered crossed, and hoping for an update on time.

  139. I have X10a. Why isn’t that the first? Lol. Just saying. Sony has turned the X10 into an overpowered Joke.

    Like 2.2 came out just as they started talking about 2.1. Why are they wasting our time. They could have been developing and rolling out 2.2 today. X_X I know. Let’s all install Windows 98. It sounds like a good it. Come on. It’s bad enough they turned the PS3 into a stronger version of the Wii.

  140. Will this update finally provide GPS functionality in the default browser? I’m writing a webbased aerial navigation app for mobile phones, but it won’t work on my own phone as a result of the lack of functionality.

    Would be great!

  141. @Marcu
    Salut… ca sa aflii ce versiune de firmware ai, intra in Settings> About phone > Firmware version 🙂

  142. Zodiac is right.
    I LOL at the people rushing to get their phone as nordic just to get the latest firmware. Watch them post back here when they brick their phone.

    …only to find out that their country is getting the update the next day 😀

  143. @Amro Chermiti
    nd ericsson yup two different companies
    Sony Ericsson joint is partnership b/w these two companiess..
    so consider it sony

  144. @ Chris & Zodiac
    I`ll receive the update tomorrow. U`ll receive it after 1-14 days. Why should I wait if I`ll get the same update as you? It will be the same thing. SE worked hard, it’s their first phone, it’s not my problem their devs are incompetent, and the update was delayed. They made it, the update was tested, now it’s time to get it:).

  145. i flash my x10 to nordic fw whith the flashtool, will i have tommorow the update?
    The orginal software is vodafone nl branded
    I updated the phone after the flash with pc companion and all the software from vodafone is gone ( yessss!!!) and it`s nordic fw customized

  146. @daniel
    my phone was vodafone branded as well. I updated the phone after the flash too, and all the vodafone protected pre-installed apps were gone. And yes, we should receive the update tomorrow, @ evening.

  147. zodiacs right those flashing ur phone your risking bricking your phone altogether just wait might be in your country day after

  148. flashing your phone on the right way is safe, but its always a risk and when its gone wrong you can fix it with pc companion

  149. now there is less than 17 hours left 😀

    I’m looking forward to updating my own X10 and my sisters X10 Mini.

    still keeping my fingers crossed

  150. Its AMAZING the 2.1 update i just updated for 10 mins ago man it rocks i think im the first one that got it !!

  151. omg I got 2.1 now my phone can light cigarettes and it shoots laser beams out of the led flash. plus the battery lasts 500x longer.


  153. Very interesting.

    I bought my X10 mini pro from Gigantti (an electronics superstore) in Finland, and I’ve never updated my firmware so far (running R8A026) however my the info says nothing about my phone being Nordic, the firmware is just GENERIC-user under Software Info in the hidden menu.

    I wonder if I will get the update tomorrow evening..?

  154. HEY guys don’t be happy, SE just announced that there will be another delay and they will release the update next year.

    fuck you SE you suck

  155. Where I can see these information about a Nordic firmware, Generic firmware, and such things?

  156. hey guys! lots of varied opinions about this update eh? lol

    well im glad for the update, its nice to see a bit more functionality added to a nice phone 🙂

    anyhooo im a bit confused about this “branding” thing.. how do you find out?

    ive tried the menu, back, menu……… blah blah blah lol

    and in there ive got united kingdom, customized… what does this mean? what is branding? thanks guys!

  157. if it’s gonna be out by sunday evening european time, what time is it in southeast asian countries?

  158. @hvkong hay nako…. sa greenhils ko na bili… kainis naman pag di ako na kakuwa ng update daretcho ako greenhils hanap ng software update… pag wala swap agad sa dell streak… hay…

  159. @hvkong naghahanap nga din ako ng original housing ng x10 eh wala ako makita… kasi ung chrome ng phone ko nag turnish na… ang pangit tignan…

  160. Lalaine,

    Wag mo i-swap x10, sayang nman. Ok nman functionality ng x10. Im also waiting for the update. …

  161. @topher actually i love my phone(x10) lalo na ung design… ok na rin sakin kahit walang live wallpaper at mt. pero gusto ko ng flash player… hu hu

  162. Lalai,

    May mga downloadable browser supporting flash gaya ng skyfire. Pag enable ang flash, it’ll make your phone slower. HD recording is the coolest thing that will happen to x10. Medyo hobby ko kasi mglalabas. Sige goodluck sana makuha natin update today. If not, I have to debrand my phone to get it.

  163. Thanks Freddy. My x10 is not the same. I have to debrand it with Nordic firmware for me to get the update.

  164. And that’s why I flashed my X10 to the Nordic unbranded firmware two weeks ago.. kinda guesses Sony Ericcson might look after their own backyard first… ! 😉

  165. @topher ganun ba… san ko po makikita yang skyfire… sige pag nag debrand ka plsss teach me ah…. asahan po kita… thanks…

  166. i’m from indonesia, can you tell me how to debranding ? and what does it do?
    can you translate the rules of debranding x10 into indonesia language ? thanks

  167. WUHU!

    It’s today the update SHOULD be released!

    Less than 10 hours left, if it is at the evening the update would be released.

    Still keeping my fingers crossed

  168. Dave, I’m from Indonesia and I think that all x-10 in Indonesia had global generic version. In other words, it’s already debranded. We’ll get the update when it goes global.

  169. @dev
    dungsi debranding itu apa si? kalo bricked gmna? emang pasti kalo debrand pasti dapet eclair? thx

  170. @topher
    oh my gosh its to complicated…. di ko maintindihan… lol im computer illiterate topher… lol

  171. Dave, di luar negri itu, jaringan mereka ada jual handphone juga (punya kita ada sih, simpati, im3 etc) tapi jarang. Dan yang mereka jual itu ada kontraknya dan karena subsidi lebih murah tapi ada brand mereka. Sehingga semua update harus di otak atik oleh jaringannya dulu baru di kasih ke pelangannya. Kita punya, selama gak ada ama jaringan (setahuku sih gak ada di Indonesia) kita jadi ada versi yang umum internasional. Jadi pada saat updatenya sudah medunia, kita akan dapat. Sabar aja. Paling2 beberapa hari lagi.

  172. Oh, lupa 1 hal. Debranding itu ya membuat hpnya jadi yang brand umum, internasional (kayak kita) jadi kita punya sudah debranded.

  173. People from uk , check your update , i just upgrade it to 2.1 , use seus , my phone is debranded , i debrand it a week ago. Good luck

  174. Hehehe! Do it carefully without having another task on your other hand. Concentrate to x10 :-). Run the back-up first. If anything happens, you have SEUS with you to re-update your phone but with the old firware or you can select the “factory reset”.

    Attention tech dudes:

    Please help out Lalaine debranding her x10.


  175. @lalaine

    you don’t need to debrand your phone the update will also come to us here in the Philippines though not as early as the Nordic countries, the only reason i would tell some-one to debrand their phone is when SE no longer support their phone and the good guys at XDA releases the updates much faster. You probably might get the update much faster since your phone is from SG. and beside if you screw-up, reversing the process might be as hassle as the debranding process it self. 🙂

  176. (crying)… can’t update even if It is available. My phone is on the service center. Please, for once in your pathetic history, be a good customer service and give back my phone withing the week.

  177. @Jack
    The update is not available in the UK via SEUS. What are you guys on? And you debranded your handset to which FW exactly? UK Generic??

  178. @ Jack
    Stop Trolling you idiot! Its funny how everyone that’s replied to you leads to this website. Next time, at least try to be a little more smart! Dumbass!


  179. @ Steve / Jack / Suresh / Orlando / Jimmy (The same people)


    Stop wasting everyone elses time on here and get lost!

    @ X10
    Block the loser!

  180. It seems that these losers are provoking users to debrand their phone. Dont buy their post…


  182. @topher

    yes i will… pero tinatawagan ko pa ung friend ko para intindihin eh… hahahaha mag descending nga lang ng files sa laptop ko di ko alam eh… hehehe but i will assure u that i will debranding my x10… hehehe at kung ayaw at di ko magawa… hhuntingin kita para turuan ako hehehe

  183. Based on the fact that this blog is filled with comments from people acting like small spoiled children using a language so primitive that it makes me sick – I have decided not to post any info about the update what so ever. None of you (you know who you are) deserve any info on SE products, updates etc. It’s unbelievable how you can accept and approve your own behaviour.
    I’m done wasting time on this blog.

  184. SE said the update will come out as planned, this evening, for Nordic debranded phones only. I don’t see any SE uk website updates on the Xperia x10i update, so it might be a false alarm. Why these misleading informations? Have a little patience:) and stop arguing about nothing. The update will come out shortly.

  185. So when did this turn into a matter of race you racist cunt. Then again it wouldn’t apply as I’m not Pakistani. But that’s irrelevant. And as far as language goes. At least try to learn English before you tell others what to do in their own language. It brings out the ignorance in you.

    Again everyone, just ignore the loser. Once the update is out. It will be obvious.

  186. @lalaine…. Hi. dont debrand your xperia just for the update… Unless your an technical user, debranding isnt recommended to anyone. If ur just a normal user then dont debrand as it will surely cancel out ur warranty plus you might not be able to do it the right way and it might get bricked…. I have debranded 10 phones till now of my friends, all for this update but i havent debranded mine coz it doesnt make sense…. Only if u wana try the root user experience u can root it, which is harder than debranding…

  187. Laine,

    Wait for a few days and check about the updates for our region. I hope it will come sooner. Maybe the guys over at XDA will do something about it. Just wait…

  188. @ghostrider
    Hi.For Root you can use one click root app => Universal Androot.
    In case something goes wrong, there are 2 errors, none of them bricks your phone, there are just 2 java errors. In the worst case … in which ur phone bricks, you can repair it using the Pc Companion. So what if u`ll lose your warranty? Is it useful? To have ur carrier’s preinstalled apps? U can uninstall mediascape&timescape if u`re root, but u can’t do anything with those preinstalled proprietary carrier apps, unless you debrand it 🙂

  189. @andrei…. Hi. i agree to what your saying , but i was just telling it for those people who are very basic users like lalaine…
    I am a deeprooted user so i knw all the stuff that ur talking about, but i wouldnt recommend it to any beginner

  190. Andrei,

    I have the Iniversal Android root on my apps. Even if I execute the app. I will just root your x10 allowing you to install application for rooted device. It will not change the software details (e.g. from xxxxxx to Nordic generic).

  191. @ghostrider I agree to what you’re saying too:). Wouldn’t recommend it to any beginner either:)

  192. Debranding does not void warranty, as long as you are flashing with an original sony ericsson firmware. If you experience a warrant issue, as I have, after you have debranded your phone. You should, to avoid additional service time, take your device directly to a phone repair service, instead of to your operator, they will fix (or attempt to) no matter what firmware you have, as long as the issue is under warranty.
    This is a sony ericsson policy or what ever you call it, if the firmware is original, warranty holds.

    There is however, always the risc of bricking your phone, if you do not know what you are doing. (doing something wrong)

    Rooting is another story. Meaning this will void the warranty, unless you are able to flash your device back to an original firmware.

  193. okay i will listen to u guys.. beside you know more about the software… thanks… i really appreciate it… thanks topher and johnny blaze(ghostrider)

  194. @ Topher
    Yes, Rooting and debranding are 2 different things.
    If you’re root you can install apps for rooted devices, as you said previously, but to change software details you need to flash your phone/or go to your carrier and tell them you want to debrand your phone, if it’s the warranty you’re worried about(of course you’ll need to pay 4 it) but in case something goes wrong, it will be your fault, and u won’t loose your warranty (if you’re a beginner).
    If you’re more of a experienced user, you should try Bin4ry’s debranding method, found here :

  195. Downloading a 147.7MB update atm. hoping its 2.1! In Australia w/ Vodafone. I’m using the “update service tool” instead of the PC companion. Shall confirm if it is 2.1 once it finishes. wish me luck!

  196. suresh dont say anythink wrong about muslims or pakistan;-)
    I have uk generic firmware and i dont have the update jack is lieing

  197. Laine,

    🙂 Bit complicated huh. Just increase your PATIENCE and lets all hope that the update will come sooner..

  198. @ Thomas
    Warranty void is when you debrand your phone. That’s why they call it branding. They brand it so you can only use it on their carrier. If u want to use it on other carriers, you need to buy an IMEI code unlock, which is kind of expensive AND your phone will still be BRANDED, or you can try debranding (which is for free, if u know what you’re doing:) ).

  199. @chairXhat Good luck with that !
    @x104ever Yes, we all knew that, SE stated that the update will be available sunday(today) EVENING, only for NORDIC customized handsets.

  200. haha looks like I jumped the gun a little. I was really excited for a entire 15 minutes. @Rod M. was right.

  201. @ andrei
    No! Please read my message once more. I’ve been there, with a debranded phone with a warranty issue(the restart loop), and it was taken care of under warranty by a 3rd party phone repair service. First I received a refurb with the same problem, and then a completely new phone.
    Debranding and unlocking is NOT the same.

  202. @suresh
    Dude, srsly? I mean, this blog is being used for news&comments on Xperia x10, not for race wars. Srsly. Are they doing something? Their problem, not ours. Our only concern is this particular update/future updates/ news on the X10, and that’s about it. Stop being off-topic, and stop being racist.

  203. @lalaine hintayin mo nalang yung tegra 2 tablets hehe… if you want to replace your housing, you can order here:

    naka-order na ako sa kanila screenprotector. ok naman. yung housing nga lang baka pa-claim sa yo sa post office if ever malaki sya. baka may custom charges. try mo ask sa games & gadgets if they have or if you can order from them. good luck!

    as for me, hintayin ko na maging available update. hehe

  204. @ Thomas
    Sry dude…. was a misunderstanding(my bad) 🙂 . My phone was branded. And i know debranding and unlocking are 2 different things. I just said that debranding voids warranty, if not done properly. (example: my phone used to be branded on Vodafone es/ country: Spain, and after the debrand i still had those Vodafone preinstalled apps, then I got rid of them by updating using SEUS to R2BA026(same sw version as the one i debranded it with, and it removed the preinstalled vodafone apps, so i voided my warranty). 🙂

  205. @hvkong
    i have just one worry… who will disassemble my phone… hay hirap… tagal naman kasi ng ericsson satin may release ng housing…

  206. @ Andrei
    Multumesc ptr raspuns. Stiam ca asa se afla versiunea, respectiv ca este R2BA020, dar cred ca nu m-am exprimat corect ….am vrut sa intreb daca e GENERIC sau altceva……este branduit ORANGE, asta ca sa stiu cand o sa-i vina randul…

  207. @Marcu
    Salut… hmm… blocheaza telefonul, apasa pe tasta “Home” (cea din mijloc) si o sa vezi slider-ul, ca sa il deblochezi. acum trebuie sa apesi pe tastele urmatoare: Menu(tasta din stanga) Back(tasta din dreapta) Back Menu Back Menu Menu Back . Iti va aparea Meniul de service al telefonului. Intra din Service info => Model Info. Aici gasesti Modelul, Tara si Brandul. Daca e customized inseamna ca e generic=> ca nu e branduit. Daca scrie orange ro, trebuie sa astepti ceva vreme(1-14 zile) pana cand o sa ajunga update-ul la ORANGE romania. (orange preinstaleaza pe deasupra update-ului aplicatii proprii, la vodafone sunt 360, Shop, etc. ). Sper ca te-a ajutat informatia:) Daca nu e branduit si e customized la Brand, o sa ai update-ul pana la sfarsitul saptamanii ce urmeaza, probabil.

  208. @suresh… Dude u should seriously try a psycho-therapist!!!! why are u trying to bring off-topic issues???? this forum is designed for xperia issues and things,,, not for dumbass like u to talk about racistic comments of yours….
    @andrei… ur exactly right…. but to remove the mediascape or timescape u dont need to debrand your phone, instead u can directly go into settings and uninstall it… i have already done it.. m from australia, on a 3mobile contract so its branded with 3 apps… but i could easily remove off time&mediascape

  209. @ ghostrider
    You need to debrand ur phone in order to remove the preinstalled 3 apps(in ur example). Idk if timescape/mediascape can be uninstalled that simple, i guess u need to root ur phone. I mean, i tried, and it didn’t work, but it did, after i rooted my phone. And yes, ur right:)

  210. @Ghostrider
    ahahaha crap dude yew remove time& media scapeee
    den y u bought X10 …
    Beauty of X10 is these twoo application none other phone supports this
    its the uniqueness of this phone….the only sony custom modified apps ..nd yew removed that 😀
    i think
    yew should buy sumother android phone 😉

  211. man what a sad lot some of you are,slaggin each other off over an upgrade to a bloody mobile phone…………

  212. @Suresh apnay abbu ko na yaad kero
    X10 ka blog hai …isi phone ki baat keroo
    …. stop showing up yewr fuckd up asss

  213. @Zaryab
    m8 i gotta say im not a big fan of mediascape using mixzing
    media got no EQ and sometimes lags

  214. @Zaryab
    It was just a hyphotetical talk. We weren’t actually uninstalling timescape/mediascape. We were just talking about preinstalled carrier apps( u need to debrand phone to get them uninstalled/removed). and yes, u`re right about them:).
    Hi. The benefits of rooting an android phone :
    -Full Control Over Android
    -Back Up The System
    -Save Space On Your Phone by:
    -Moving cache data to SD card
    -Move installed applications to SD card (apps2sd)
    -Run Special Applications(Superuser(allows you to approve or deny root access to any application ), SetCPU for Root Users , Startup Manager, Auto Memory manager, and that’s about it:)

  215. @Mickx10
    yup man i knew it doesnt hav equalizer stufff … nd yup lags too . songs keeps on playing but the tym stuck at 0.00 nd other stuff too
    w8 fr update 😀 . all will b fixxxxx hopfulyyy

  216. i tried rooting nd almost messed up with the phone many tymes so w8n for eclairr den will try rooting nd other stufff …more modification 😀
    the most annoying app moxier mail contact ….
    inorder to dele apps
    jst root yewr fone install TITANIUM BACKUP simply uninstall anything yew wanttt 😀

  217. @ Zaryab
    I told him HOW to root his device and what advantages the root has. I haven’t told him WHEN. 🙂

  218. Im on Orange (UK) does anyone know when the update is going to arrive. Should i ‘debrand’ my handset and wait for the UK generic version to be released? thanks in advance.

  219. @Prash
    If your device is branded, it should update in 1-(?) days. If you don’t want to wait for your carrier to release the update, you can debrand, ONLY if you know what you’re doing and fully understand the risks(or you can go at a 3rd party service shop, and pay for the debrand, if you’re a beginner.)
    Debranding tutorial to R2BA026 Nordic Customized can be found here :

  220. @Zaryab
    yup 🙂
    i`m bored already (w8in for the update).
    i think there are like….6 hours left? idk

  221. Andrie i did roof , thank you and i backup whole system , but is this effect on new update 2.1 ? And what should i do after rooting to make my mobile better . Thanks

  222. @Zaryab
    My phone’s Nordic Customized, so i should receive the update in a few hours, if SE will keep their promiss.

  223. @sunny
    I`m glad it worked. Once u`ll update, u`ll need to root again. BUT u`ll have all ur apps stored in ur SD card. U`ll just need to download ASTRO file manager, from the market, to reinstall those apps u backuped. U can install Adfree (browsing with no ads), Battery savers, Cache mate( to clear cache) etc.

  224. @Zaryab
    If it’s customized, i guess u`ll receive it in 1-14 days… `till mid-November, u`ll have it for sure:)

  225. Model x10i
    Country United Kingdom
    Brand Orange

    any ideas if Orange will let the update go through on the monday??

  226. hi is it possible to debrand my x10 from R2BA020 GENERIC to some NORDIC ? to for example Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R2BA026) or it have to be R2BA020 NORDIC?
    Thank you

  227. unlock phone, press home to light up the screen, then: Menu-Back-Back-Menu-Back-Menu-Menu-Back. Go to Service Info => Model info. If it’s Nordic Customized u`ll receive it today. If it’s branded, u`ll have to wait, and if it’s not Nordic Customized u`ll have to wait as well.

  228. Wow i’m getting the update today I cant wait for it. My next phone will be a se again

  229. Hi guys!
    I have a non-customized fully generic X10i. Estimated time to update? Will it before other customized FWs and phone type(not Nordic phones, I mean)?
    Thanks in advance

  230. @Adolflf1994
    If u`re phone is not branded, u will receive the update the following days. If it is branded, u`ll have to wait a little more:)

  231. @v1ctorleu
    SE stated it that the update will occur in the evening. that’s probably in…5-6 hours? we`ll wait and see:)

  232. @sunny
    Lock your phone, press home key (middle key) to light up the screen, then: Menu(left key)-Back(right key)-Back-Menu-Back-Menu-Menu-Back. Go to Service Info => Model info. There you should see.. Model, Country, Brand: …..
    If it’s a customized it means it’s NOT branded.

  233. @ sunny
    If it’s customized, it means it’s NOT branded**** without “a”.sry. my bad:)
    @ everybody
    Gotta go . I`ll be back in a few hours, i guess… hopefully the update will be released, until then.

  234. STOP ASKING ‘WHEN WILL I GET MY UPDATE?’ ‘WHEN WILL I GET MY UPDATE?’ just be fucken patient you bunch of twats

  235. You know when you download stuff from internett where does it go. I have searched and i am still not founding them. And i know where do install stuff from the downloads but where do i need to go do delete the stuff i have downloaded

  236. @Mickx10 bahaha yeah, we are probs near bottom of the list for this update. hopefully it hits our shores before end of November!

  237. Less than 4 hours to go!

    Unless SE means by the END of the evening. Will see when the time comes.

    But my fingers are still crossed, so my hopes are high 😀

  238. @chairXhat
    I really hope i’m rng ths time.
    Bur remember vodafone kept
    x10 of the shelfes coz they culdnt
    Get vodafone live going…..
    That said
    WE R SO SCREWED:-[:-[:-[:-\:-\:-\

  239. @lalaine sinabi mo pa. nung pinagawa ko yung Aino ko, di nila ako inasikaso. lagi nalang walang part na kailangan. ilang balik ako until nagreklamo ako sa friend ko na may kilala sa SE at sa SE call center. dun lang ako inasikaso.

    kaya nga inisip ko, wala rin kwenta kumuha ng phone na may warranty kasi walang kwenta rin service nila. anyways, may guide dito:

    pero kung di ka sanay, wag mo nalang gawin. pagawa mo sa SE or sa tao na kilala mo magaling sa electronics.

  240. It would seem that the x10s deficiencies are slowly catching up to it. You can only survive on looks alone for so long. SE take note, start making phones that are feature rich and stop trying to dazzle consumers with great designs. The mobile phone market only has room for one brand orientated phone and that ground is firmly occupied and strongly defended by apple.

  241. I’ve managed to bite my tongue until now… god f* king damnit SE, release the piece of shit already…

    Nordic handset, 1:45am in Australia, no update as yet.

  242. Im guessing after 6pm Helsinki time which is now 4.54pm where as its 1.54am here in Australia.. soooooo maybe in an hour or so.. maybe !

  243. se said evening, evening not afternoon! its amazing how so many of you dont know the difference it can be anything from 6-12pm why is that so hard to understand not 2 in the afternoon not 3 lol

    Chill out

  244. @ John
    You cannot fuck SE for three reason
    1. You damn lucky in Nordic
    2. 8 hours to midnight, if SE roll-out inside this 8 hours, no one can fuck them.
    3. SE may say USA time or alien time

  245. Bane66: I hope so man…

    x19: We will not chill out as we’ve waited well and truly long enough…

    burdie: luck has nothing to do with it… I flashed to the Nordic handset this morning to get this quicker.

  246. @ burdie

    1. I’m not in Nordic, I just flashed my phone to nordic
    2. 8 hours to midnight. If SE says from X to Z time frame, it means it’s gonna happen 1 minute to Z whatever it is that they promised…

    Take it easy…

  247. 16:13 netherlands, nordic handset and no update yet.
    2 hours left before its evening. Fingers crossed:-)

  248. There’s no update you morons. Stop living in your fantasy world and face the truth.

    SE will simply release the update for perhaps ONE european country. That will take them off the hook since they claim they delivered on what they promised. Then they’ll take their sweet time and work on the update till mid-november and release it for the rest of us late november, early december. Maybe January for some poor suckers.

    LEARN YOUR LESSON, Next time you want to buy a phone, avoid all this headache and go with a reliable company that supports their customers and doesn’t lie to them.

  249. Model X10i
    Nordic Conbined(b)
    brand: Customized
    Will i get update today or couples days?…please help me i don’t understant…thank you alot!

  250. i am using linux operating system, there are repositories to download from , and these are dedicated to every unique distribution : i mean ubuntu 10.10 uses different repository than 10.04. therefore I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW that what is the repository name for each type of 1.6 firmwared X10. then we could just edit the reository list and get the update. I understand that all fw types of different region are unique, but IF we could get the NORDIC generic fw repository name or that what will get the first 2.1 fw file, we could be happy right now.

  251. Han steike! Eg glede meg masse!!! Sitter her med min X10i klar til å oppdatere…

    English: Wowsers! I am so looking forward to it! I am a proud owner of a X10i and I am ready to update…

  252. Well it is SE.

    So maybe the update will come out at midnight 😛 just too hold on to the update ’till last second

  253. Hi guys. I`m back. Still no update? Mine hasn’t updated (yet):).
    Model: X10i
    Nordic: Conbined(b)
    Brand: Customized

  254. Can’t wait! I’ve got my X10 plugged in all the time! Gonna be sooo cool with overall better performance and experince, HD-capturing and 3D-gallery :DD

  255. @ joker
    Salut… 1. Intri la, downloadezi fisierul arhivat din unul din link-uri/mirror
    2. Downloadezi X10flash.bat (atasamentul din primul post a lui Bin4ry) dupa ce iti faci un cont pe Xda dev.
    3. Inlocuiesti x10flash.bat downloadat cu cel din arhiva downloadata la pasul 1, pt. ca *.bat-ul de la primul pas avea o eroare de scriere:)
    4. Nu conectezi telefonul INCA!!! . Deschizi x10flash.bat
    5. Te intreaba daca vrei sa stergi datele din telefon sau NU, poti alege nu, ca sa nu afecteze datele, in cazul in care nu le-ai salvat, si daca nu, poti alege da
    6. Te pune sa conectezi telefonul in flash mode. Pt asta, il inchizi, conectezi cablul USB la unul din porturile USB de la calculator, si tii apasat pe <= tasta de revenire, in timp ce conectezi jack-ul micro-sd.
    7. Apesi orice tasta… TREBUIE sa ramana led-ul verde aprins…
    8. Daca da eroare, repeta pasii anteriori (trebuie sa iti arate ceva….si scrie mult)
    9. Astepti pana scrie ##end test, decuplezi telefonul
    10. Dupa ce ai l-ai debranduit, ca sa elimini aplicatiile preinstalate de vodafone,orange, in cazul in care era branduit deschizi SEUS si o sa iti zica …(scuze de cacofonie) ca nu a gasit niciun update pt. telefonul tau, tu ii dai actualizare, si o sa fie softul ca nou, Nordic Customized, si ar trebui sa primesti update-ul in seara asta, ca si mine:)
    11. Enjoy!! si sper ca te-am lamurit:)

  256. @Andrei
    Multumesc pentru ajutor. Am vazut care e treaba. Din pacate e Orange asa ca…intre 1 -14 zile….

  257. This is my last phone from sony ericsson , even they r
    elease 3.0 i will not buy se again , thier management is like common wealth games in india, forget se , please guys try to change now . Just search about htc phones and you will love it , i try to sell my x10 on gumtree or ebay .

  258. They say Sunday evening (EUROPEAN TIME). we have now almost 6 p.m… so the evening just begins.

  259. hellou guys,

    I have one question…
    I’m not sure, how to upgrade my mino pro. I know it’s not available yet (in slovakia), but I don’t know how exactly do that. Or will be upgrade atomatic??

    sorry, my enlglish and android skills are F-ing poor…

  260. @ haggis shush lol u wil lnot get it any faster by moaning what are you a 5 yr old kid wow. When this update comes you will be moaning for something else never will be happy just cause u want to boast to your friends that you have a better phone lol. u will continue to buy se and you know it, a lot of you sound really pathetic

  261. x19: Have a go at others that have bitched and moaned alot more than I have… which was once. Don’t assume what you don’t know, the last thing on my mind is boasting to friends that already have different phones running 2.2 already. Your poor English skills make you sound pathetic.

  262. @3orys you will need to connect your phone to your computer and then upgrade through PC Companion

  263. you fuckin’ liers !

  264. Hope it will come soon 🙂

    Whats the best way to upgrade? – and by that i mean, is it best to put the phone back to “factorey settings” and uninstall all the apps and stuff you have downloadet, or doesnt that matter?

  265. no update here at the moment (18:04)

    something tells me that SE gonna release at midnight, just for the fun of it.


  267. seems like no update is coming today just a lot of bullshit . lets ask ourselves why we are waiting for an update thats a year old, sony should be ashamed ,thats not leading the war against iphone as they said when they relaeased the xperia

  268. Us danes are too impatient. It’ll probaly be around 21.00 for us, guys! 😀

    @Anders Virring: What’s a SEUS Pro user? Ö

  269. SEUS Pro is the pro version of the SEUS update program. You need a password to use it. Got the password from my local phonestore. It’ll give you benefits of faster updates etc.

    Best reg.

    Anders Virring, Denmark

  270. I think we wait for notting when i am be fair. But let we hope se is fair this time too and let the update come quick. Of course se said no time only evening but are the real waiting until 23.59?? Then i give up this time and then i now se is a good company but not for smartphones like this. And i hope se don`t wait until it`s tommorow because the anger of costumers growing and growing. So please let the update come

  271. No update so far, in the Nordic.
    Tested 31. oct 2010 18:11 on unbranded X10i Luster White.
    Tried all 3 options.
    – SE Update Service (newest version)
    – SE PC Companion (newest version)
    – With the Phones Update checkup in the phones settings.

  272. I’m assuming the reason why Sony Ericsson decided to release it in the last hours of a Sunday evening is because they had to keep their promise and release it in October, and this way only a number of Nordic people will get a chance to install it before they have a full workforce the next morning helping people with the update and patching any bugs and so on.

  273. do you know how to upgrade SE if I have MAC? I mean, PC Companion doesn’t work on MAC so I don’t know what to do…
    Is there any other soft what can I use??
    Help pls

  274. @Anders Virring:

    As I understand, SEUS PRO gives you access to EMMA. Which means that you have been able to update since October 25th. Which, again, means youre late 😉

  275. @Borgermeister:

    I dont think so – tried two hourts ago, and it was a no go 🙂

    But I wish I had the update since the 25th October 🙂

  276. 17:28 in Portugal… but going as a Nordic citizen 😀

    Still nothing guys??? keep the world posted 😉

  277. Sorry, no can do….. Otherwise Ill probably get banned – and I need the login for further updates 🙂 Sorry m8te

  278. The backup servers have now crapped up. Load is too heavy and connections are timing out. Or are they? Maybe SE shut the service down and plan on blaming the delayed update on server issues…


  279. Could someone with the update upload the firmware file so ppl could use the firmware, maybe decrypting it and using a free flashtool?

  280. Den ligger på SEUS pro. laster den ned nå. Pro er bare tilgjengelig for forhandlere blandt annet:)

  281. @everybody
    Maybe they are uploading &preparing the servers for distribution of the necesary files for the update. Be patient !

  282. @HAKOV
    Proof? If u don’t have the proof, then it’s not legit, if it’s not legit stop posting crap. we’re already full of it.

  283. The Update Service Pro exist!

    You have to have an SE Pro account. And it has to be confirmed by SE, I have tried now. You get a e-mail to confirm the e-mail address and then your will some time when SE has confirmed you, you get a mail I guess. So I dont think it is an option for us private consumers.

    ps. No Update yet in Denmark (Nordic) Clock 19:08 (Viking time)

  284. @andrei
    I thing is he/she is right they have to stop server to upload update and then they it will flow
    I guess 🙂

  285. andrs anyone can download seus pro u fool its what the shops use to update or repair phones instore u can do it instore or download from the internet, so your not special sorry

  286. in my country is name for andrei for a girl so ?
    that is my confusion!

  287. hello can anyone tell me where i can update the firware on my sony ericsson t28, also where can i get a snub ariel for it..??

  288. @bushypants
    This is an X10 ONLY blog. So, stop being off-topic, and go search another blog for firmware update on your t28.

  289. @andrei
    “”This is an X10 ONLY blog. So, stop being off-topic, and go search another blog for firmware update on your t28.””
    so where is this firmwareupdate to comment on it haven’t been yet release so we are off topic
    Why are you suprise!!

  290. The Wheel is turning!!! Cmon SE… hurry up, so I can go dinner and after play a bit with 2.1!!!!

    1829 Portugal Time… (Rains a lot and Android 1.6 is wet already!!)

  291. Will be interesting when the update does finally arrive and all those who have foolishly chosen to buy a Mac realise that they need a PC to download the update 😉

  292. dahh, you dont say i`m waiting like the rest of us silly gits, just thought id lighten the mood… also im the silliest git here waiting in the uk when thre is not chance of me getting updated this month never mind 6:01 nordic time….. lol

  293. Bushypants’s comment made my day.

    To find out why, google “Sony Ericsson T28”.
    It’s good to know that some people still have a sense of humor!

  294. what happend to Sony ericcson blog ? are they trying to mislead us for not spreading the update i,m really patience but i,m getting annoyed that i cant downlaod any thing from Market if a download its says Download has failed.

  295. The update will 0:01 to make as furious!! They still have 5 hours left
    Just for fun becouse they like when we are furious.

  296. no update in norway 19.30 and i think not att all this day. se home sitte is blocked
    so kritik they cant ansver to!!! i had x10 for over 6 month NEVER SE EVER!!!

  297. I have the worst luck ever, I have been waiting for this update since august now and for the first time ever my internet is cut off:( Well I stressed myself to find my old buggy mobile broadband and plugged in my “twin sim card”:P

    Just to let people know, on your SE PC Companion make sure it updates every time you plug in your phone. If not, it is by standard set to “Every 2 days”.

    Also, no update yet 19:39 Norwegian time.

  298. @Rohan: theres a problem with the new market-update, just go to applications-menü and remove the update 😉

  299. There willbe quite a few pronlems with demand when the update arrives.

    Firstly lots of people will also have to install the “Backup and Restore” app from the Android Market which will put strain on the Market (which has been very unreliable the last few days anyway – taken 10-11 attempts to get a app to download)

    Then there’ll be the strain on Sony’s servers which will also delay things

  300. The update will be ready at 10 pm, according to this:

  301. hi friends
    i am from india…i have flash my x10i to nordic custome b firmware…
    i am also waiting for update…its 12.15am of night….
    please just leave one post if update is avalible on web site…

  302. “TRICK OR TREAT!?”
    hello? it’s halloween! just enjoy the time nd relax! the update is comin’ soon! why beeing impatient?!!

  303. I live in Serbia, I hope that I will get update tonight, but probably I will get update next year this time!

  304. @andrei
    Did you see ?
    “”It has 12 mpix camera, 64 gb in hard and 4 gb ram and 5inch camera full hd recording””

  305. @andrei
    Did you see the super nokia 2110!!
    The is the phone the update will be!!!

  306. When we are waiting for update and it is the Nordic to get it first you need to look at the clock for the Nordic lands

  307. @SE Support October 31, 2010 at 6:44 PM

    not workin site

  308. hahahaha the site crashed rofl 😀
    i bet this is there excuse
    and all my nordic frnds out there have fun 😀
    SE will be SE

  309. I have removed alot of stuff from my mini pro to make space for the update and im refreshing this very page with the stock browser on mini pro and it takes about 2 mins to scroll down to the bottom of the page to read these updates, so i hope 2.1 has a better browsing experience… also does anyone know if its safe to just update to 2.1 without losing data, apps, messages etc…

  310. compilacion: R2BA026
    pais: mexico
    Compañia: TELcel
    mi compilacion R2BA026, PODRE ACTUALIZAR hoy domingo?

  311. Necesitas pasar tu x10a a x10i para poder actualizar el dia de hoy, si no tendras que esperar alrededor de 1 mes.

  312. @andrei

    This little shit-update will come about 0:01 so we have a lot of time even thou and it become a bit boooooorrrriiiiinnnng

  313. @dacs
    no puedes actualizar hoy domingo, porque tu tienes el telefono codificada en la red TELcel. Tienes que esperar entre 1 y 14 dias. Disculpame por escrivir este mensaje de esta manera, pero yo no se hablar muy bien espanol.

  314. @Seus lightning x10
    update will come about 00.01.its for whom?everyone or again nordic:)

  315. @dacs
    tambien lo tengo de telcel
    estoy casi seguro que no actualizaremos hoy /:

    completely dissapointed (N) SE -5

  316. I didn’t know that I Matrix
    so is me and is not me
    there are two of us
    any more!!!
    How I am??

  317. @juanpablo
    Usted tienes el x10a, el actualizacion por hoy esta solo por el x10i, a Europa del Norte.

  318. why is there a difference between ‘nordic’ firmware and other firmwares? i am from italy, i bought my device over here, but i can set my phones language also to norwegian or swedish… so whats the difference???

  319. a la comunidad mexicana (probablemente americana) que se encuentra aqui, no recibiremos ninguna actualizacion, solo esperemos las noticias de cómo les funciona el nuevo FW a los usuarios europeos…

  320. @lordshadow
    maybe. If u`ll see the update being rolled out, you should try seus and see if it works ! should work, tho:)

  321. vorbiti in engleza — — speak in english please ….,and about the update i dont think it will be here soon……well..i hope so….

  322. @hiisii
    The region that will receive the update. if se stated that will release it today for Northern europe, they will release it ONLY for customized northern european handsets(maybe generic global and others.):) They will release this update controlled, one region at a time.

  323. @lordshadow

    Me too – Generic and global.

    I suspect that we won’t see it today, they know that it’s mostly fanboys who have the global generic and will want to release it to a small audience first to test the weight on their servers.

    Anyone got thoughts on this? I’m just speculating.

  324. @andrei We can pass the x10a to x10i why u say that we can??…cuz i have one x10a with the firmware of the x10i wating for the update too. (Living in America, with Telcel company)

  325. Just a heads up for everyone planning to upgrade as soon as possible — you might want to download the new Backup & Restore application by entering the following URL in the browser of your Android device, be it X10, X10 mini or X10 mini pro.

  326. go to on your phone to download the new backup program, will download links to the market for apps and playnow data.

  327. hey guys dont trust on sony ericsson backup and restore application…becoz now i take backup of my x10i on Companies backup apps…after that i write nordic firmware on my x10i…and i try to restore my backup but it fails to restore my contacts….
    i lost my contacts now…
    but i have taken another backup by using sprite backup ….lets see will sprite backup restore my contact back or not??
    sprite backup taking 3 min to restore my backup….
    Ohh yaaa i got my contact back…thanks to sprite backup…
    but guys u take care of backup

  328. The update is officially out there. At least for the Nordic countries as far as I know. I’m in Norway. Getting it now.

  329. @ Chris Merriman
    Yes, you’re right, but Im fantasizing bout SE must have different servers for each country, every country has their own webpage, but idk, maybe im wrong.
    We just have to wait a guy who can update his phone and tell us how’s it going.

  330. @michael
    My matrix just read that the update will 10:00
    or there is more matrixs
    se- which is not
    so is there any two matrix-se
    This is just heeeeelllll

  331. @andrei

    thanks a lot for the explanation. so does that mean, even if sweden, norway etc. get this f***ing update we in italy must still wait?????

  332. does the ‘about phone’ settings menu help identify ur phones firmware country? been trying that menu-back combi fo ages…aint workin 🙁 frustrated kenyan

  333. I’m getting the Update now with PC Companion.
    Will post when I know more…

    Denmark (nordic) 20:28 Viking time.
    Unbranded X10i Luster White.

  334. @hiisii
    Well, yes, a couple of days, try and update, it’s out… OFFICIALY. i just updated, so i can confirm it.

  335. @pachi, si, tienes que instalar el firmware generico nordico para poder realizar la acutlaizacion. No se si ahorita lo tengas con el generico latinoamericano o con el de telcel.

  336. Someone try and report back the results of updating an original X10a version with X10i flashed onto it?

  337. hey ever1 those idiot are lying i am in sweden and leving in stockholm and those idiot who claims that the uppdate is aut are lying time is 20:33 no uppdate out yet

  338. dem fra danmark! når i går ind og kigger under service oplysninger har i så stående nordic eller danmark?

  339. @ swapniladsure

    Its already 1:05 am nov1 …if u find update let me know by a post

    Between guys do we get 16m colours by 2.1 update?

  340. @ Alejandro
    tienes un x10? o es mini?
    cuentale a la comunidad mexicana si en verdad vale la pena pasarnos al FW que recibe la actualizacion, o mejor esperarnos un poco. De antemano, gracias!

  341. After the first update….reconnect to PC Companion. Another update is available. Updating second time now….

  342. @gulliver …hey man i am trying to update…but my pc companion can find any update yet…where are you from?? i am from india..
    can i use update service software to update 2.1?? becoz my pc companion only says that checking update for ur phone only…

  343. I’ve got an message that said it is an update for my phone. My x10 is debranded. PC Companion is preparing the update 😀 i’m so excited!

  344. sm1 plis hlp…is there another way of knwing ur fw source apart frm that wretched button aint working:-(

  345. For anyone in the Nordic countries having trouble — try going to Settings -> About phone -> Update now on your X10 and see what it comes up with. My X10 mini pro shows the update there and tells me to update on my PC, however both SEUS & PC Companion keep telling me that I have the latest software version. Doesn’t make sense..

  346. do i lose all my the data i got on my phone (contacts, photos, apps etc) when i update to 2.1????

  347. is there any way to upgrade, I’m from mexico, I saw a site that only X10A to X10i?

  348. seems the evening is over… we have NIGHT now! … and SE had even the extra hour from day light saving time change!!!

  349. Still no sign of update in Denmark (20:47)
    I have the Luster White X10i … Although i’ve heard some others updated theirs in DK and they have the same phone as mine.. Weird.

    Well.. Still waiting. :/

  350. If PC companion is not finding any updates, go to and download it again… it worked for me..

  351. Guys, I have tried in Denmark but the software keeps telling me that I already have the latest software installed. Anyone who has experienced the same problem? Any solutions?

  352. Updating as I type this.

    @JaX3RiR (Finland): Check the PC Companion settings (upper right corner), by default the software will check the device software version each time the phone is connected. If the setting is correct, unplug the USB cable and re-connect it and PC Companion should show the update being available.

  353. The update is gone from PC Companion and my phone is still 1.6. SE fucked up or they are pulling some halloween stunt!

  354. Night would be 00:00 hours, it’s 20:49 in Sweden.. Got my update now, installed 1.6.. strange.. updating again..

  355. I bought my phone in Norway.,
    but nether the Phones internal update, nore pc comanuion or SEUS wants to give me an update.
    How can I check that my phone is actually Nordic? even though I bought it i a Norwegian Shop??

  356. @ swapniladsure
    Im frm chennai…i think we still didnt get updates here…fu**ing all other brands giving 2.2 ,we still waiting for 2.1 we get 16m colours in this update?

  357. @Morten, lock your phone and then you press: mbmbbmbmmb… m=menu and b=back and then service info

  358. @andrei: This is my third attempt. This download seems big so I hope it’s 2.1. Taking some time this one. 🙂

  359. @JC
    this is my 2nd update, so… it’s really big. i`m waiting… estimating ~ 4 mins left… then it has to install it, then i`ll open it:)

  360. ATTENTION! IMPORTANT! If you still have 1.6 after an update please try again. I’m on my third attempt! 😀

  361. @ gulliver yaa i am downloding pc companion again and install it again…let see will it work or not…
    i have flash my phone to nordic genric…have u flash to nordic?

  362. The guys over at SE must be laughing their asses off at the moment.
    And what humor they have, huh…
    First delaying the update in the last minute to Q4. Then waiting for the last day of october to launch it. Then launching it in the evening, but Pro users first, of course… Honestly it makes me laugh a little, too.
    I have a branded German handset so I expect the update to be available “in the end of November” at the ealiest.
    But still, I think what’s happening now is a pretty big Joke…
    SE really got serious problems to care of as fast as possible for a change.

  363. Service menu: open “Dialer” app and enter the following :
    * # * # 4636 # * # *
    Service menu dialog will then open.

  364. Thank you, asdf!
    Updating PCCompanion to the newest version and then checking “Update the next time I connect my phone” under settings fixed my errors, and my X10 mini pro is updating as we speak!

  365. I have a norwegian generic x10 mini pro, but have recieved no update yet.

    Has anyone succsessfully updated their mini pro yet? 🙂

  366. JP:
    I guess it’s file system version, : mine says world-1-8_1.1.A.0.8

    Phone software says generic – user..
    can’t find any entry that says nordic.,.,
    crap, guess that means I’ll be waiting some more.,??any easy way to change my phone to nordic??

  367. @ swapniladsure
    Nope i didnt flash…i really donno what it do actually,.what the difference between them?once u get let me know

  368. PCComapnion installed 1.6, after that I started SEUS and then I had another update.. and this time it was 2.1

    Happy upgrading!!


  369. Borgermeister:
    I have the same issue.,
    bought a X10 mini pro in Norway.
    but No update.,
    And I can’t find anywhere in the Service menus that state that it’s a nordic phone.,.

    anyone know an easy way to change to nordic device?`?

  370. @Borgermeister, I just started to upgrade my unbranded norwegian x10 mini pro, so try again 🙂

  371. @Morten:
    I have a Finnish X10 mini pro, which is obviously Nordic as well. You do not need to change anything with the phone, mine didn’t state anything about being Nordic either.

    You should try updating the PCCompanion software at and then selecting “Update my phone on the next connect” under the PCCompanion settings.
    If this doesn’t help, check out Settings -> About phone -> Update now on your X10 mini pro and see if it finds an update.

    Happy updating!

  372. hi guys, i just wana ask is it possible to update my xperia x10 by downloading the update 2.1 to SD card then to my phone? the reason i ask is the USB within phone is dammaged & its unrepairable. please help and many thanks. am from NEWZEALAND BTW.

  373. hey anybudy can tell me …how many time u need to update ur phone??
    3 times or 4 times???
    please tell me what are the steps??
    reply ..because i got update and its updating it…

  374. @ everybody
    The eclair is so yummyyyyy, mmm… yaaaaaaay. I can confirm 2.1 update on xperia x10i.

  375. Tack för att du uppdaterar!
    Telefonen har uppdaterats med den senaste programvaran. Vi hoppas att du blir nöjd.

    Now we’re running 2.1 !!!!!!!!!!!

  376. OMG! I try it one more time right now. But i”m Realy Sure my next Phone will be an Iphone 5 or 6gen 😀

  377. @Morten and Mobar:

    Mine says Generic Customized. Nothing about nordic. Not sure if it even shows in the mini/mini pro menu, like it does on the x10?

    I bought my phone sim-locked, but it is unlocked, and as far as I can tell there’s no branding (doesn’t say so in the service menu either).

  378. LOL@ the sweds getting way to over excited over a out of date android update. You are the Ginnie pigs, you bring the big countrys perfection 😉

  379. Om det står Telia uppe i rullgardinslisten ärtelefonen operatörslåst och inte kan få 2.1 nu eller?