UK Xperia X10 update now rolling out

UK FlagSony Ericsson UK has confirmed that the Android 2.1 update for the Xperia X10 is finally rolling out. They also went on to apologise for the wait. I imagine this is for unbranded handsets right now with the branded updates following at some point down the line. Hopefully other regions should follow shortly.

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  1. Glad to hear that. And SE France, please follow the UK and don’t keep us waiting anymore.

  2. Yay, all I need now if to try and get the PC companion working on my laptop. For some reason it keeps coming up with stack corruption errors and I can’t run it. o_O

  3. Well apperntly 02 and orange customers have the update. And lot of people with unbranded hanset ie me havent recieved the update yet. This is oh so confusing :'(

  4. Well apperntly 02 and orange customers have the update. And lot of people with unbranded hanset ie me havent recieved the update yet. This is oh so confusing :'( :'(

  5. Can’t understand why you’re waiting so long guys. I’m from France, and I’ve been installing 2.1 nordic as shown by XDA. My X10 is also rooted now, and everything runs perfectly.I must admit that it takes quite a long time to “tune” everything, but now with the help of some good apps, it’s really great !

  6. i’m on orange uk branded handset and nothing yet, pc companion and handset update say nothing ……

  7. Kuwait is waiting as well ! Come on SE your working good, but we need you to work faster ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Kuwait is waiting as well! Come on SE your working well, but we want you to work harder ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I am 3UK costumer …. and I still waiting for the update … nothing up till now ….

  10. Been waiting for the UK roll out anxiously, lost my patience yesterday and flashed to global generic 2.1.

    So smooth. Orange UK here, 2.1 global working perfectly. Loving the new update!

  11. @ Raiden

    are you looking to change from the nordic 2.1 to the uk 2.1?
    ive done this and i could help if ya need it?

  12. If you read the forum on this website update for uk users in a few days alot of people have received the update are orannge and 02 users. Unless their phone is unbranded but that doesnt explain why I dont have it as I have unbranded phone

  13. Can confirm that the 2.1 update is available for people on O2.

    I am on O2 and just downloaded the update from PC Companion as on the phone it says you need to use a computer to update!

    Good Diwali present SE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. @ noodles

    have you tried connecting your phone up to sony ericsson update services (SEUS)
    and tried for the update that way?

    ps – what phone ya got? x10i? mini pro?

  15. I am x10 mini pro user currently using a t mob sim. I tried pc compagnion and update service. I even pressed repair whn it siad you havw the latest software but it didnt work. Guessin its for x10 users only

  16. so far i think so…
    sorry tho dude i dont know much about the mini pros im afraid ๐Ÿ™

  17. I am on O2. i have a de-branded phone.. and i cant get the update… tried allsorts of ways! and nothing!!!! ๐Ÿ™ grrr

  18. @TylerDurden can you help me i am currently in nordic and want to return back to uk generic

  19. Waited four months for this update dont think it makes much diffrence that I dont get it. Just wont buy SE again

  20. Orange UK (me) have only received a text stating that the update will occur in a few weeks.
    Im guessing this only applies to Orange branded, (me) otherwise, you’ll get it when your supposed to. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Holland is still sleeping … retards
    and SE NL keeps denying everything, they’re saying they are done and waiting for the providers and when you call your provider they say they are waiting for SE.
    My last SE product unless 2.1 will make me cum because of its awesomeness

  22. I live in the Netherlands, changed my phone to Nordic on Monday without flashing, got the update from SEUS after 2nd try, rooted the X10, and so far everything has been running smoothly, even with the “galaxy core” live wallpaper on!
    Thank you XDA and AbsintheSyringe! Amazing work!

  23. Can someone explain UK version is X10i or X10aโ€ฆ.If this is X10i where would I get X10a?

  24. Hi guys, I am on 3 network and wondering when the update will become available for branded handsets? Any one with news on 3 network please post. I tweeted SE but no replies. SE is surely the slowest (A snail is faster than SE).

  25. Just tried to update by 3 phone again… All up to date, apparently.

    Called 3 and the really “helpful” call centre agent in Mumbai told me that they knew “nothing” of any update!

  26. Congratulation UK!
    We are still waiting to update in Japan. docomo will start to update from 10th Nov.
    I can’t stand it!
    By the way hey! Sony Ericsson! implement multi-touch in Update 2.1x. Without it, we never use Google Earth forever.

  27. Se UK just tweeted me. Unbranded/generic Mini Pro UK owners should get the update in the next few hours. If it dont arrive im to contact them. Lets see.

  28. Hi im in the Uk on O2 and i havent got it yet it says that its already up to date? My phone model is the R2BA026? Help?!? please

  29. How do you know if your phone is branded or unbranded. I bought this phone from amazon a couple months back and i am not sure whether the person i bought it from originally got the phone from a branded network or not. Its really frustrating having to wait for the update for so long.

  30. @ steevi
    seriously they r the worst. But they have gud deals compared to other networks.

    I jus got reply from SE that the will let us kno “as soon as” they find out.
    last time i heard “soon” word frm SE it took them month to release the update.

  31. Just to clarify, i got it from amazon uk. I have a feeling this phone was from 3 network, because that was one of the default web page during my first time opening the phone.

  32. Oh! Could anyone confirm to be able to download and use Google Earth in Android Market?
    I think Control for Google Earth needs Multi-touch which means pinch-in/out.


  34. @ Steevi

    in the last couple of days ive gone from a uk 1.6, rooted it, and gone to nordic 2.1
    then back to uk 1.6 (to make sure i could revert for the uk 2.1) then back to nordic 2.1

    this mornin the feckin uk 2.1 comes out lol so again, flashed back to uk 1.6 and then upgraded to the uk 2,1 lol and its sat in ma pocket runnin 2.1 happy as can be ๐Ÿ™‚

    but if you the the most tecnicial of computer users then it might be best to wait

    my point is ive flashed mine like 3 times in the last 48 hours and no trouble ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. @Elnino
    U can check if ur phone is branded or not by doing the following
    in key lock screen press foloowing buttons
    menu back back menu back menu menu back
    then check under service info>>>> model info
    it will tell u there

  36. @badmash

    cheers mate! it turns out its brand under T-mobile. i suppose they don’t have any of their updates yet…

  37. Wtf i rang o2 and they said talk to sony we have to many call’s on the line -_- i hate o2

  38. Please guys. Remember this is an unofficial site. Stop pleading to SE here cos there’s no guarantee that they’ll read it.

  39. It’s doing something… Got a camera and a blue arrow… that ain’t happened before… Could this be 2.1?

  40. lmao @ steevi

    nice one dude! glad to be of help! take it your rockin 2.1 now? ๐Ÿ˜€

  41. shit…
    again we gotta wait….

    Common SE… release it for every one.. what the hell u are waiting for?
    How long u make all of us to wait?

    We know u will end this up with a simple apology …. SHIT ….

  42. Im on orange in the uk and updated mine lunchtime today :)… checked through the phone update in settings and nothing but plugged into me pc and happydays there it was ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. @TylerDurden

    OK I followed the instructions but am stuck at the flash mode won’t see the phone any help please.

  44. @TylerDurden thanks
    i am currently in version 1.6 uk generic .the thing is i have mini pro so i think i need to wait bit longer and when i try to update from seus it say that i already have latest software and when i try to repair it it doesnot download the firmware. it say cannot download ha ha.i think they are updating server. hope so now i am enjoying 1.6 unlock hardware key he he. i miss that key in 2.1

  45. Finally, i have the 2.1 upgrade here in the UK ON THE o2 network. I did not recieve the notification i simply connected to pc companion and the update started, took around 20 minuests to upgrade and a further 10 to switch on, after the upgrade. now time to check out the changes and optimized features that 2.1 BRINGS :)))

  46. @ sorehammer

    The flash bit? Did you get your device id ok?

    Also when you hook the phone up in flash mode
    You need to hit enter to kick of the flash process
    In the dos window.

    Need more details tho which part exactly are ya stuck?

  47. @sorehammer why dont you download bin4ry update tool and firmware and then move to 1.6 uk generic then update using seus .hope that work .hehe

  48. @badboybiky
    Turns out my problem was wrong id soon as i put the right one in away it went to be honest heart was pumping on the restart of 1.6 ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. @unknown wants to know simple, and i’m no techy to be honest, it was as simple as in my last message, i connected the phone to SE pc companion and it done the rest! It’s definitely there i’m on 02 and i think there just stalling now i’m just using back up and restore now and it’s taking longer than the actual downgrade process

  50. branded phones gettin update before generic WTF! goes without sayin will never buy SE again.

  51. @TylerDurden
    I got the device id by searching the registry but it was wrong so i run 1st and used the id’s that it showed about 5 wouldn’t you know it was the very last damn one lol ):

  52. Ok any one know how to either change the calling screen or lock it properly as while on a call i keep touching bluetooth button on screen and turning off the damn bluetooth ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. well looks like vodafone users uk wont get the update for a while yet they have to sort there own serviceHi Guys

    Thanks for your post. There are a number of factors that influence the timescale of firmware releases. As any information on dates would always be subject to change, we do not provide this information. However, here are a few frequently asked questions that will be helpful:

    Why does Vodafone have its own software on phones?

    We customise phone software to optimise customers’ experience of the device on the Vodafone network and to enable access to our services. At a basic level, this can involve ensuring services like MMS, voicemail and data connections are set correctly. In other instances, our customisation is more extensive such as the preloading of services (People, My Web, 360 Shop, etc), but this varies from device to device.

    Why does Vodafone delay the issue of future software updates?

    Prior to releasing or approving any software update for customers who have bought a handset through Vodafone, we test it thoroughly to ensure it provides customers the best possible experience on our network. Our testing process begins as soon as we receive the software, which often happens once the manufacturer has already released the open market version of the software. During the review process, we report any issues with the software back to the manufacturer for them to address. Once the firmware is approved by Vodafone, we return it to the manufacturer and they will then distribute the software to customers through the appropriate channels.

    We undertake this process with every device that we sell to customers, regardless of whether or not the handset contains Vodafone branded software.

    If you have purchased the device from another company (Phones 4U, Carphone Warehouse etc) it is possible that the device may not be on the Vodafone version of software. In this case the manufacturer would be in control of releasing any future updates.

    Do you add or remove anything compared to the standard firmware?

    To ensure the handset is optimised for performance on Vodafone, we will sometimes add or remove certain functions. As an example, we would remove an App that only worked in America (e.g. Netflix) to avoid confusion for people trying to use it in the UK. We also remove other operators’ settings from the handset to free up onboard memory.

    When will the update be available?

    As mentioned above, there are numerous factors which influence a release date which means we cannot give a date; even an estimate would often change. The best option is to use the firmware updates sub forum which you can subscribe to here.

    What happens if I update my phone to an unofficial (non-Vodafone) version of software?

    Any mobile phone we sell is covered by a Vodafone warranty in addition to a manufacturer warranty. Any device upgraded to a non Vodafone approved version of software which then becomes faulty may then not be covered by warranty.

    Firmware Feedback

    As there is nothing more we can add we won’t reply to this thread again, however, we are happy for you to discuss the above and any other firmware related topics. We will always leave one main thread open per phone and then direct any new queries about the same issue to the original thread. As this is the first thread about this specific phone, we will now link any new posts to here. This makes sure any interested eForum members will know where to come to discuss any firmware feedback. As this is a discussion thread we wonโ€™t respond to any questions so if you have a different query please start a new thread.


    s out first like the 360 app this was on avodafone forum,

  54. @TylerDurden
    Yep just finished setting me cotacts up, just need to sort out calling screen now lol

  55. Can some on tell me the language code for uk customised generic firmware

    you can finded in defult.prop
    in first line

    sw=xxxx-xxxx ro.semc.version
    uk generic needed
    (Carphonware house )

  56. A 2.0.B.0.138 Nov 5, 2010
    A 2.0.A.0.504 Nov 5, 2010
    A 2.0.A.0.497 Oct 28, 2010
    A 2.0.B.0.127 Oct 26, 2010
    A 2.0.B.0.109 Oct 25, 2010
    A 2.0.A.0.453 Oct 22, 2010

    Folks few more firmwares updated!…………

  57. Yappi

    Got an update in Paksitan to my second phone that is Uk unbranded. Curretly downloading update for it, but havent chked for my first phone that is Uk T- Mobiles. Hope soon get 2.1 on it tooooooooooooooooooo. Im so happy yahooo

  58. I consider myself as a rational SE fanboy, but I’m really reaching the point where I’ve had enough.
    I’ve been using SE since my very first T610i and I’ve had the K800i, W890i, K850i and X10i since. But this… I mean, come on.. I really love this phone hardwarewise, but delay after delay after delay is really starting to annoy me bigtime.
    They said it would be end of october.. I defended this to all of my friend, who never believed SE would keep their promise.
    Then FINALLY they announce the update. You can question if 31 october, 00:00 is still the end of october, but alright; finally, we’re getting the update like they promised.

    But now, almost a week later, there’s no trace of any update, and even worse: there is no timetable, no date, no nothing at all. If you’re not keeping your promiss, how hard can it be to just give us some release dates?
    If it’s not here within a few days, I’m done with SE. Not because of the quality of their phones, but because of their attitude towards their customers.

  59. Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa India.
    Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa India..
    Indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa India…

  60. IS ONLY A UPDATE !ยฌ don’t get so work up. my god you lot are nerds with no life >< all single by any chance ? :O

  61. @ pornman

    grab your SI number off the side of your box and pop over to the blog site now and post it, if your lucky and Rikard is still on he will be able/may be able to give you more info.

  62. @vekz
    Well said buddy…

    Even I was a fan boy of SE..

    SE, why can’t you give up? If you can’t why the hell u guys hanging around? You guys really made your customers suck …We are fed up now….. I don want ur shit ver 2.1….

    Better I use Nokia 1100 ๐Ÿ˜›

  63. SE UK just tweeted me. Generic/unbranded uk mini pro should be within 24 hours at most.

    Fingers crossed.

  64. Yes I am waiting for update tooo.. why some of people (or kids) are spaming (when, why and other stupid questions) on UNOFFICIAL xperia site.. nothing will change if you cry here.. grow up a little bit… Peace!

  65. I Switched from UK 02 to nordic for 2.1 then switched back to 1.6 to get uk update
    Updating at the moment to 2.1 uk this time hopefully not as buggy as nordic update…………

  66. Still waiting here from Uk, i rang O2 and they said it was up to sony to roll out the updates… ill check in the morning or sommin ):

  67. For those who had an update from O2, can you share some tips?
    I have an O2 branded X10, tried using both PC companion and SEUS, but both softwares claim that I’m running the lastest version, while I’m still on 1.6…

  68. HI. We got a msg today from SE Australia on facebook that they havent received the update yet, so once they receive it will be just a few weeks!!!! WOwwwww!!!!! Isnt that amazing???? I am so excited that by the next century i will surely get the update from SE Australia….. they are bunch of clowns!!!! they like to play games rather than concentrating on giving the updates…… SE Australia, you officially suck!!!!!!!!!

  69. Hi guys i`ve just checked for the updates in the phone (software
    update ) and i got the notification immediatly…so im gonna connect to pc as they said in the notification..

  70. been SE fan for ages now but im done with them, even when i do finally get this update i dont really care as its not 2.2 which is what i was expecting when i first purchased this phone, after my contract is up its proberly gona have to be HTC from this point on, this x10 has must have lost a lot of loyal SE supports, sorry sony but never again will i put my faith in your mobile products

  71. @ buza,
    how do u do it, coz i get the same saying that i can update, but prepairing i get confused n waitin too long for nothing, help me out

  72. yes, ive got it. im on orange and now have 2.1 on my x10. it took a while but it looks it may well have been worth the wait. i recorded a HD video and played it full widescreen on my 19″ laptop and it looked awesome

  73. @unknown wants to know
    I update it via update Serbia
    You hold the back button and connect to usb then follow the instruction

  74. UK on o2 Pc companion says no up date but if u use update program it finds update ?! And installs fine

  75. hey guys!i updated my sofware to 2.1 n guess wot???…i lost my contacts,apps and settings etc…i backed up my stuff with the back up and restore app before i updated.when i try restoring, it says that ”error could not restore”,now i have no NOTHING!!!please can someone help me in terms which i can understand lol.thnx in advance

  76. For those on branded uk networks e.g. O2, orange, vodafone etc you will have to debrand to generic if you want to update to eclair as the update has to be passed by the networks before released to your phones. If you don’t understand the risks involved i.e. potential to brick your phone then just wait.

  77. For those who can’t wait debrand to nordic via the web link you also have to change your country from United Kingdom to Nordic (sixth line I think?) which isn’t mentioned on the link he prob forgot.

    You will lose your warranty

  78. I’m on UK orange still not got the update . My X10 doesn’t have any orange branding at all not even a wallpaper so I thought it might be unbranded but now doesn’t seem to be the case. Have any other people like me had any success?

  79. OMG! I’ve had this update for almost a week, but my life did not change that much. You act like kids waiting for goodies. Can’t you just shut up and wait till you get the f*****g update. I hope you will have to wait for weeks…jerks.

  80. Steve, I received notification on my phone earlier today telling me a 2.1 update is available (in the notifications bar at the top of the screen). I got home not so long ago, hooked it to PC Companion and I’ve got it updated.

  81. you probably may find it easier to get the nordic update but i wouldn’t advise it there are issues such as 3G is roaming because phone has nordic firmware but is in the uk and stuff.

    Switching from nordic 2.1 back to uk firmware isn’t a simple task either.

    all thoughts considered just wait

  82. shashasha if you have another backup file a older/different one try that but my advise is to keep trying!

  83. cheers kamss1, i havent got that yet, ill have to wait, i just watched a video on youtube of the 2.1 update on the mini and it looks great.

  84. Thanks zakura, I was more skeptical of following the nordic firmware option because of compatibility issues in the UK, but I’ll probably go ahead with unbranding tomorrow if I dont get the firmware.

    For those of you who were wondering (e.g. unknown wants to know) this is how I understand it. Basically when you get any mobile phone, you either get a generic phone, i.e. directly from the supplier (in this case sony ericsson) or one which is bundled with some kind of contract or pay as you go deal (e.g. orange, O2 etc.). These companies tamper around with the firmware a bit, to ‘lock’ the phone to their network and to make it harder to switch network providers, and to make the firmware their own (e.g. orange seem to like to add links to orange world, orange wednesdays etc on the home screens of various phones). These are therefore called branded firmwares.

    Obviously once sony ericsson release the generic 2.1 firmware, it would take a bit more time for these companies to do their tampering and then release it to their respective customers, hence the delay. Some companies will turn around a firmware pretty quickly, some will take months or won’t bother at all, particularly for older phones (unlikely scenario for X10).

    Hope that helps someone.

  85. The update is available via pc companion. Just click repair/update and it will download 2.1 eclair. In on t-mobile and orange UK branded. Stop complaining about se and update your x10’s.

  86. i updated my phone today, but there is TWO problems with it, the 3g doesn’t work well most of the time my phone goes to gprs connection, and the other one is that there is no more Auto brightness option under display settings!!

  87. when will the 2.1 update for x10 Baseband version R1FA014 come out? and how?
    its not branded, bought it straight from a Sony Ericssson shop.

  88. We did not get the update until now in UAE so I decided yesterday to root my X10. I followed the procedure from XDA. After rooting, it takes almost 2 hours for 2.1 to embrace my phone and work smoothly in it. I lost the warranty, yes! But one of the most important thing i got after rooting is the ANDROID MARKET. This app was blocked in UAE and all over MidEast. Im glad I decided to do the rooting.

    Kudos to XDA!!

  89. A good handset held back due to delay in updates from the manufacturer…. Wake up SE!!!

  90. SE must take care of their demands in the market before hand …. But Timescape and mediascape is worth the delay….Buttttt……not this much delay…..


    2.3 will roll out in Nov 11 and I am still craving for 2.1… india…..Please SE think of the people who have x10 in the pocket and still dont take out in front of Galaxy S …

  91. Well, I have just plugged my UK Orange branded X10i in and I am being told that I am running the latest software at 1.6 :0(

    How much longer !!!!!

  92. @Makaveli go watch hostel by the time u finnish it’ll b available alright slavi? Now KURWA GET ME TO THE HELIPORT!

  93. @dave This phone won’t support Froyo I wouldn’t think as I think Froyo requires more RAM than the phone has.

  94. Well, still nothing here in UK on my unbranded X10 Mini Pro.

    SR tweeted me last night stating it would be here within 24 hours. Well 12 hours to go and still nothing. I’ll keep you posted, if anyone else gets it on their Mini or Mini Pro let us know.

    According to the SE Blog the latest kits to be rolled out where mainly Mini Pro, but I havent found anyone who has had the update.


  95. EvilED: check the specs, it isnt hard.. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you are wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰

    .. 2.1 update is available in Norway ๐Ÿ˜‰

  96. They says for India -this weekend (Today & tomorrow ).

    Nothing so far.. e’m keep on trying.. may be hv to give a try evening again.

  97. Still no update here in Oz on 3 Network.
    Yeah it’s frustrating but as long as it works once it finally arrives I can live with it. Still pissed with SE lack of communication but.
    Happy with phone but SE should learn about customer service from HTC

  98. Simply, admirable what you have done here. it is pleasing how to look you express from the heart and also your clarity by this significant content can be easily looked. Remarkable article and also went look forward how to your future update

  99. Guyz………………
    I got the update.I am from qatar(middle east)
    It doesnt sjow that the update is available….All u gotta do is just repair it….
    It will update…..

  100. yays i have a x10i branded to t-mobile i told it to repair using pc compainion after creating a backup and it installed 2.1 on the phone so now restoring my data tho i should have backed up 3000 messages lol that was silly ๐Ÿ˜› tho glad i am now running 2.1 yays

  101. @simon same here I also have generic uk now .i change that into nordic before for update and updated without problem .now back in generic 1-6 . But the thing is I know how 2.1 feels like so I am waiting for it without excitement because it is sure you will atlast miss the unlock button and the on screen button is totally annoying. You know what I meanยฟ

  102. I’m from Portugal, but my x10i is germany and costomized.
    Someone has already done the update with these settings are used?

  103. I’m an American living in Ireland with a UK branded X10 using an Irish O2 Network. Any clue as to when 2.1 will be released here? Or am I on the SE UK non-existent schedule? Very frustrated! Hating the phone I love…..

  104. I am an X10 mini pro unbranded, WorldGeneric user from UK. After no update notifications, on the phone, nothing on PC companion or SEUS, i decided to simply reinstall my phone using SEUS. And it has worked. It downloaded a 120 Mb file and installed. My phone now has Android 2.1. But the wait has drained me of all my excitement.
    Fuck you very much Sony.

  105. I am an X10 mini pro unbranded, WorldGeneric user from UK. After no update notifications, on the phone, nothing on PC companion or SEUS, i decided to simply reinstall my phone using SEUS. And it has worked. It downloaded a 120 Mb file and installed. My phone now has Android 2.1. But the wait has drained me of all my excitement.
    F**k you very much Sony.

  106. I got an x10i from carphonewarehouse on an o2 contract. It didn’t have any trace of o2 branding or software on it. I upgraded to 2.1 last night, (via pc companion) after checking for it all week like the rest of us!The whole process took me no longer than 25 minutes. I say this 2.1 has brought the x10 right back into the competition with all the other top handsets out. I’m really impressed with the look and the extra homestead and all that. We shouldn’t of had to wait, but hey, its here now. Hopefully Sony learn to do things better in the future. My Sony history just for your interest……Sony mars bar phone from the mid 90’s, Sony ph range from the late 90’s, Sony cmd z5, Sony t10, Sony d750i, Sony k800i, Sony k810i, Sony cybershot phone, Sony walkman phone, Sony xperia x1i silver, Sony xperia x1i black, Sony xperia x10i mini (i had this phone a couple months here it came out on a market research
    test), and the x10i……..

  107. t-mobile x10 mini pro; Very odd, this morning my phone has a message to say there was an update, then asked me to confirm I had a reliable data connection the told me there was no update. PC companion said that my phone is up to date???

  108. I am from India
    Now i am giving a try on update by repairing my x10i. Lets C it comes up with 2.1 or 1.6

    I will post the result…

  109. No luck in India.. for x10i repairing option doesnt work for me..

    I was bit exited, bcoz the steps where just as same as in the official tutorial of SE for updating 1.6 to 2.1… But after reboot, it came up with 1.6 again.

    Shit.. time waste..

    SE…. I gotta say u shud fuck ur mama…. AsshOle
    release the shit u craps………….


  110. i got my phone from the carphone warehouse on O2 contract but debranded my phone to that nordic update and now i cant put it back to UK software ๐Ÿ™

  111. You updated with SEUS, didn’t you? Had you received any notification on your phone before updating?

  112. Well, have unlocked Mini from o2. Detected update this morning via SE Update App. Applied the new s/w and per instructions and it downloaded and applied to phone apparently OK. But the phone just keeps rebooting in a loop with the spash screen LOL! HELP?????

  113. I received the notification on my phone (X10i, not branded, France)
    PC Companion said my phone was up to date
    So I made a backup, did a repair procedure
    Now got 2.1 and doing the restore as I’m typing
    Have to say I’m liking that new darker blue background

  114. Still no update for orange UK even if I try the repair option. Probably going to unbrand the thing

  115. UK Unbranded X10 Mini Pro –
    nothing showing on PC Companion for Update ,
    used Repair function in SEUS
    SEUS dloaded a 120meg file
    SEUS installed it – about 3-4 minutes
    Disconnected and restarted/rebooted (which took a while) ………………wooooo hooooo 2.1

  116. If I get PC companion to repair my phone, will I lose all my message carrier and network settings etc. ?

  117. @Quincy ME, you’ll lose EVERYTHING. Repairing the phone wont make the update appear anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

  118. @Quincy ME

    Maybe, maybe not

    I did the backup and restore procedure but still lost everything. Used SE sync to get contacts back…but had to do my settings all over again. carrier and network settings are now automatic

  119. Ive only had the phone a few weeks , I`d advise updating the Backup app as Sony have updated it to include Apps (saw the advice on a Sony website) . I updated , re-entered my Google account name and password , then used Restore app and then had to manually OK each of the apps to allow reinstalling , then went and manually added my Wifi network password after clicking on it .

  120. I have installed the Nordic version 2.1, I installed yesterday.
    Now take a look and re-install my 1.6 or 2.1 version of the T-Mobile UK

  121. im on orange in uk. when i check for software update on my phone it says it is available but to download it by connecting it to my computer. however pc companion says that my phone is up to date. anyone else having this issue? is there anything we can do?

  122. @kyeocat

    Dear kyeocat i have too T mobile branded Uk x10 but repair option do not update it, why can u plz tel mmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  123. just spoke to 3 network, was told update nothing to do with them…………check the SE web site for details!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR when we getting the update hehehhehehe

  124. Repair option won’t update your handset if you didn’t receive the update notification
    I received the update notification but PC companion was telling me the phone was up to date, so I did a repair and it worked. Repair will only work if you received the notification.

  125. O2 UK, X10i, still on 1.6, PC companion does not seem to update to 2.1 for me even that I used repair/update option :S
    anyone has got any tips for me?

  126. Plz plz help in debranding my phone to Uk generic. I have T Mobile UK but cannt wait for the update. Anyone tell me about pros and corns of deb randing

  127. How do I get the newest backup and restore application before I update. Sony says to make sure you have the newest but not how to get it ?

  128. @Franck
    I didn’t receive any notification, I just try a “repair” ti see what would happen…and it installed 2.1
    @all french users : just give it a try, even if you were not notified….who knows
    (my battery is draining fasssssssssstttttt)

  129. @Frank – you didnt read my post above (which says it) and as Charlo says , I also never received ANY notification at all , and PC Companion said I was up to date . Please read , before spreading false info .

  130. For some reason the repair thing didn’t work with my orange UK phone and kept downloading a 148.6mb file instead of the 120mb everyone else is reporting. My phone keeps telling me that I have the latest update as does pc companion. The most annoying thing is not the waiting but knowing that other orange uk customers are having plenty of success getting to 2.1- its like santa delivering presents at xmas but just bypassing your house despite being your best behavior all year. Anybody have any advice- seems like unbranding is the only option

  131. @thegoonerkid
    its ok for u, at least orange phone are being updated..still no news for 3 users,
    mayne they missing u out if ur a gooner supporter ๐Ÿ™‚

  132. @RobC
    Was your phone connected to internet at all times?
    Was your update “Auto search” turned on? At what frequency does it check for updates (we don’t know)? Every day? every hour maybe at best?
    How come is it not working for Onlyhuman and thegoonerkid?
    Did you try the “Update Now” in the menu before trying the repair procedure?

    We still have to see one person who got the “You are currently using the latest software” message when trying to update but still managed to install 2.1

  133. Hi Last night someone did a tweet or twittred to o2 saying I WANT IT NOW (Along the lines of that) They replied we are working hard but we still dont have a date…

    I dont think it will be coming any time soon for us O2 user’s i phoned them and said if you dont get the update out tomz im leaving you (Said in the non gay way) and hung up so they should get it out tomz… they cry if anyone leaves them Fact.

  134. @Frank
    My phone has Wifi turned on (so I spose , yes it was connected at all times)
    Autosearch – Ive never touched it on my phone , so it would have been set to Default (whatever that is)
    I tried the Update in PC Companion AND Seus – both said I was “Up to date” .
    I checked my phone last night – deffo generic unbranded .
    I updated the Backup/Restore (from URL above) , scanned the code – turned OFF the “android only” message that came up
    I reran the Backup to include the URLs for my installed apps and saved that .
    Then I ran (again) Seus and chose the Reinstall option
    It dloaded a 120meg file and installed it – took about 4minutes to dload and about 4minutes to install
    Restarted phone – took about 2minutes to reboot
    ……2.1 .
    To repeat , I had NO messages on my toolbar , both PC Companion and Seus both said I was up to date .
    The only reasons I can think of that Seus wouldnt update other peoples phones would be that they have different hardware versions , my version was 1235-3411 Generic um…something or other .

  135. i,m in Accra, Ghana and in a vehicle going home and i just received a message to update my x!0 to 2. 1. when i get home i will do that and let u guys know of the outcome. i lv my x10 and i have been an SE fan for 10 years now.
    Model.: X10i, France and Customised FR.

  136. @ RobC
    Well like you said people should still try…but make backup first
    Actually, I didn’t get a notification in the toolbar, i just tried the software update in the menu and it said there was an update available.
    Have a good day!

  137. Im still waiting SE.whats wrong with u the othere companies started thinking of 2.3 and SE on1.6 how come? I’ll never forgive that falt to myself when i bought that phone with no arabic fonts no aab support why? .why arab? Im thinking to tose it in alexandria sea and forget SE not only xpariax10

  138. updating my phone now (3UK Phone)
    when i connected to pc it says up to date
    but it is taking longer to update, I think it might be 2.1 (i hope it is).

  139. Well, following on from the posting earlier, ie Locked in a reboot Loop after update.

    Contacted SE via their online chat and they verified my phone was a brick and would have to return it to the Service Centre as the Update had failed.

    Anyway, after reading a few threads I tried to use the ‘repair’ function, but I had two problems. The phone was stuck in a repeating boot cycle, and I couldn’t physically turn it off and it kept starting up all the time! I managed to solve the above by using fast fingers! But when I did get it connected the Download Service kept telling me it couldn’t download anything!

    Anyway, I walked away disappointed my phone was a brick and 10-14 days to repair! Went shopping came back and it was still rebooting itself over and over. Anyway I tried one more time with ‘repair’ and this time I got to the download % moving. May be earlier the actual SE download server was not giving me a connection?

    Anyway, it then updated the s/w again, and I was crossing all my toes and fingers. It updated it told me to reboot (and this is where it all went wrong last time) – but to my shock it came back this time with the new 2.1!!!!!

    So, not sure why the initial ‘update service’ failed to reboot it, but the ‘repair’ option fixed whatever went wrong, but after alot of messing about.

    So, I’m updated!!!

  140. I have orange UK branded x10i. tried to repair it and update but it didnt work. still waiting for update


    NTT DoCoMo in Japan has explicitly stated that the 3rd update for the Xperia SO-01b will roll out on November 10th.

    The only Japan specific updates seems to be a version update to the POBox Japanese input method and new supposed more sophisticated Japanese fonts.

    I am in no rush for this update as long as it comes this month.
    As a developer, I will be loosing my 1.6 testing environment where new highly customized market specific devices have recently been released on version 1.6.

    Has nothing to do with NTT DoCoMo who releases the update nor Sony Ericsson who developed the update… but more important than that, Google really needs to update their gmail app to include emoji support to really be in this market. SP Mode was introduced by DoCoMo to bridge their shitty mail service because 1.) people wanted to keep their old network email addresses and 2.) for DoCoMo’s ugly emoji. Android devices could get take on the competition and the dominance of feature phones if they properly supported emoji from inside the gmail app.

  142. Hello im been looking your comments about the repair way,… i have a claro x10a i havent try but in the case that dont work that i think its gonna be, do u know when the update aprox will aveleable in latinamerica aprox PLEASE

  143. I HAVE GOT a serious BUG WITH

    X10i 2.0.A.0.504 GLOBAL FW!!!!!!!!!

    for translate, use google translate !

    in english sortly :

    if u have this FW, and u are just calling by somebody (somebody is calling U) – U DO NOT have to ANSWER this call, can hear the other side.

    in one side : x10i in you hand, other side -> doesn’t matter !!!

    you don’t have to answer the call, just wait, and hear the other side, WIthout establishing the connectinon.


    Na kedves x10i tulajok van 1 รณriรกsi hรญrem :

    ezzel a firmwarrel รฉs vodafone kรกrtyรกval TUTI ! :
    X10i 2.0.A.0.504 GLOBAL

    ha ilyen FW telรณd van, รฉs Tร‰GED hรญvnak, a nรฉlkรผl, hogy felvedd a telefont (fogadnรกd a hรญvรกst) hallod, mit beszรฉl a mรกsik.

    kvรกzi ingyen telefonรกlsz, de รญgy le is hallgathatsz, vagy akรกr hallhatod mit akar mondani, mielล‘tt TE effektรญve is felvennรฉd a hรญvรกst

    NAGYON durva BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kedves SE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Still no update for 3 UK user ๐Ÿ™
    tried reparing but still 1.6. Some of you guys are lucky man having 2.1.
    I still have to wait, or even worse, i might not even get it, this sort of stuff always happens to me…FML

  145. Hi everyone

    I have a mini pro on 3uk network, i have just tried updating by using the sony ericsson update, it said no update available so i did repair and NOTHING so if you have same phone network etc… DONT BOTHER

  146. Orange UK user here, still no update for me yet. but did notice that some people on orange in UK have the update?how is this or are said people just lying?
    Quite sad how much I want this update, when I finally get it I hope it really does improve the phone in general

  147. hi,I have a problem just flashed my phone trough SEUS and i switched it on and all it happends is a boot loop,first comes sonyericsson,then their logo appears and then screen switches off and all over again,how long does it take to phone boot to os,please help!!!???

  148. I had this morning the 2.1 update for My Xperia x10. I’m in France…
    Happy, lot of improvements, more lisible…
    I’m verry Happy.
    Sorry for my bad english

  149. wizard are u serious? im on o2 and its branded and nothing available. you must have an unbranded phone

  150. What’s about the in call volume fix? Is Android 2.1 for the X10 a solution for the in call volume problem?

  151. still no update on mini pro generic uk – note if seus download’s a 102mb file it’s still 1.6.

  152. Is there any news for T-Mobile UK? It’s just appauling how we have to wait so long. From September to November? Please keep me posted with the update!

  153. For people having T-mobile branded phone:

    Hi Shafiq, we have not released the 2.1 update for the X10 yet. As soon as we do we will tweet. Thanks

  154. @Junayd,

    I believe that answered ur question. I am not sure when they will release it. Didn’t bother to ask. Been trying to unbrand the phone but without much success..

  155. @Junayd

    Nope. As far as i know, somebody here mentioned, it will be released at the end of this month. Check out their tweet page.

  156. People its not SE Holding the update its the phone companys from what ive read
    Vodafone – have the update
    Orange – no update yet
    O2 – No update yet
    T – Mobile – No update yet
    I don’t know if there are any others btw wizard is lying im on O2 and haven’t got it

  157. @Sunandajit Ray
    Please dont miss lead any one… I am from India and tried a lot today to update x10i .. No luck.
    Tell me how do u updated… first of all which handset U updated..

    All the x10 owners are pissed-of now.. never play around.

  158. The thing is, they tweeted me the first time saying if i own a branded t mobile, i should get the 2.1 update. But when i said its not working (i tried both SEUS and pc companion), they gave me that reply. Contradicting.

  159. Doesn’t make sense.. now it’s gonna take even longer?
    Why would they announce an update that’s taken so long and it’s still not out yet? Isn’t 2.3 out soon? I actually enjoy my X10, I’m not complaining. I just want that update.

  160. Iam going for FLASHING / DEBRANDING XPERIA X10 T-Mob-UK WITH OMNIUS, Anyone tell me if they tried it. Plz pplz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz tell me

  161. i’m still waiting for the update on orange SEUK twitter page has went quiet yet again maybe they don’t do weekends?

  162. Just tried my mrs’ phone on Tmobile uk, still no update, tried repair in pc companion and seus and it isn’t even downloading a file. Do I need to delete the old file that it downloaded last time I checked to force it to download a new one? If so what file do I delete?

  163. Well because I suspect orange (UK) will take some time about this (got a text yesterday saying the update will be here in a few weeks) I’ve took the leap and unbranded my phone. Pretty easy process in all fairness. Updating to 2.1 as I speak

  164. x10 mini pro generic uk update is up use SEUS to update 2.1 my download size was 120.6mb.

  165. I have just called 3uk regarding the update. They said 3 will only release it if 3 network needs it but he also said that wait for one week there might be a possibility of an update.

    “I have a question that if I unlock my phone will I then be able to download the update.”
    Anyone konw the ans plz post

  166. @roland
    No buddy we makes calls using ur mama tits…….. where the hell u are from dude?
    U know where the x10 released first?

  167. Hey guys

    If anyone needs or wants to debrand or flash to a generic uk 1.6 firmware then update to the uk 2.1 check at the top of this for my posts!

    One has a link to a page to help anyone do this.

    Ive done it 3 times and helped another one here to do it and he was successful !

    Its dead easy and the best way to go if you simply cant wait!


    ill keep an eye out if any one needs help!

    Good luck which ever way you decide to go!

  168. I update to 2.1 a unbranded X10 using SEUS in Brazil.
    My phone status before the upgrade:
    Nรบmero do Modelo
    Versรฃo do firmware
    Versรฃo da banda de base
    Versรฃo do kernel
    Numero da versรฃo
    Try using SEUS, PCC not work for me.

  169. Hi Guys

    on vodafone uk, tried unsuccessfully to debrand my phone over the last 2 days, just could not time the copy and paste, and kept failing errrrrr!!!!. ๐Ÿ™ tried about 15 times and finally gave up. turned phone on and got the yellow ! mark. though i give just try again and reinstall the original firmware again.

    connected up SEUS and just about to reinstall and says a new firmware version is available. not sure if generic version went on or vodafone version. To my surprise i just continued.

    ye ha now have 2.1 :), do not know if it was a vodafone release or the unbranded uk release.

    how do tell if vodafone branded or generic uk version or whatever version it is.


  170. @thegoonerkid
    but icouldnot found any folders that were mensioned in tutorial. I think SE has changed the whole way. Still need help

  171. total bs with 02. se uk twitter claims to be in contact with all networks but didnt announce anything on twitter bout vodafone. sick of this crap for a simple update why they taking the piss out if us.

  172. @cupidstunt
    how can u update?mine is orange too but i cant! what’s your phone software version? mine is R2BA020

  173. have updated my x10 yesterday (05/11/2010) with no problems other then that android market had a crash (needed to shutdown) and now most of my applications are gone on the download page…

    unbranded x10 on three uk
    2.6.29 SEMCUser@SEMCHost #1

  174. How very underwhelming this update is. I can’t put my finger on anything that makes the phone more functional. Most of the changes are cosmetic. So much frustration, anticipation, and excitement over nothing. Plus that flipping live wallpaper function just makes the damn thing lag and even crash and reboot.

  175. @Shazib Ali
    Yeah I forgot to mention that the folder mentioned is wrong- had to work out where it is myself.

    The folder where the update files are is: C:\ProgramData\Sony Ericsson\Update Engine\db if you’r running windows 7 or vista I think. My guess is it’s C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sony Ericsson\Update Engine\db for windos xp but dont count me on that as I dont have xp any more. Back up that folder just in case it goes wrong. The other thing the instructions don’t make clear is that you’ve got to insert those files at the 99% stage as with the SEUS program (that method didn’t work for me).

  176. Oops, that above comment was actually by me- put Shazib Ali in the name box by mistake- my bad

  177. I am a developer and also repair phones, anyone thinking of rooting your phone to nordic think twice, the xperiaa x10 cannot be flashed more than twice, if done, the phone will have problems with flash ic which you will have to replace, experience,

  178. @Mao – dont have a clue about software version im afraid. I simply plugged it into to my PC and it said the update was ready, so off it went. D/l complete in about 2 minutes. No trickery on my behalf to pass on. Its a simple bog standard Orange x10.

  179. @tylerdurden

    Hi, I am wondering if u kno the answer to the question I posted earlier. My Q was if I unlock (not unbrand) my phone will I be able to get the update?
    I am on 3 UK network.
    Please Help

  180. @ badmash

    to be honest im not sure but i dont think so…
    unlocking your phone would allow you to stick another sim from a different
    network into it

    where as the debranding is to do with the phones firmware i think when a phone is
    branded to a particualr network it will stick to it for stuff like the updates and whatnot..

    im not 100% tho…

    but as i say im not sure unlocking your phone would help you out much in regards to the update ๐Ÿ™

  181. Is there anyways of Unbranding on a win7 X64 without having to mess with all the java stuff with the error thing people get with one of the flasher thigns ive seen…Im new and i kinda understand all the old methods to unbranding but i cant get any of the new methods to work and i cant go reinstalling java as im not on my own laptop im borrowing someone elses? Any help cheers

  182. @ harry

    what are you debranding from?
    and what you trying to debrand too?
    what phone ya on?

  183. @ badmash

    no worries dude but good luck none the less!!
    hope 3 get their feckin fingers out!!

  184. Is there any way that i can take back up of everything on my x10. I mean from contacts and msgs to softwares, their settings and data.

    I actually want to do a repair to see if my set gets upgraded to 2.1.

    all responses much appreciated

  185. @ Sam
    bring up your apps menu and use the backup and restore app! ๐Ÿ™‚

    theres a way to download the newist version just google it “on your phones browser”
    as you will need to download an installer for the updated one to your phone!

    then just run it, it has the options in there on what to back up!

  186. @badmash
    No- unlocking won’t allow access to 2.1, even though you’ll have an unlocked phone, your phone will still have firmware modified by 3. The only way to get the firmware right now is to reflash, the easiest way imo being by unbranding it

  187. @TylerDurden

    Thanks for your reply mate. Does it backup my installed apps and their data+settings as well?? actually thats what i am more worried about.


  188. sony ericsson uk’s twitter page says they are trying to get info from 02 cos ive been bugging them they claim in a few days but that means they dont know, whose willing to bet this is going to go on for a few weeks

  189. i’v updated my xperia x10i n its now 2.1
    im loving the work SE put into the update and they are soo good
    Accra, Ghana we too have our update to 2.1
    i went to the update phone in the setings and it asked me to update to 2.1
    it requested me to update with the pc companion
    i got home and conected my phone to my computer but the pc companion
    said my phone is up to date even though i was still 1.6
    i went to update section and clicked on the repair
    it took some time and after it updated to 2.1
    it’s waowwwww!!!!….2.1 is realy gr8
    i wil advice u guys not to flash ur phone through the XDA but wait for your verson of update and u gonna love it cos the DA will void your warranty.
    i love evrything about the update
    i cant wait for the rumoured xperia x12.

  190. @TylerDurden:
    Im debranding an x10i
    o2 Pay Monthly
    Phone Software Version:

    Ive tried the method of replacing the two files when repairing the phone, but i cannot find anything to do with the file Path mentioned…it just doesnt exist for some reason…And the second method i used was some flasher thing to Unbrand the phone to 016 Uk Generic (i think thats correct). Either way this method tells me that i cant run the java script coz im on x64 and its built for x32(watever the numbers are lol). And ive looked at the method of reinstalling java etc but this isnt my laptop im borrowing it whilst mine is in repairs… any other methods? Thanks

  191. why has everyone else got 2.1 in UK. I’m in London in the UK and there absolutely no update.
    has anyone on 3 UK got the update yet or know what’s happening with it?
    I don’t wanna debrand my phone, I got two years warranty on it and I just got it August

  192. I would suggest debranding to those still waiting on the 2.1 update. Its not hard to do and doesnt affect anything from youre network…it simply removes the branding and allows much quicker updates.

    However, dont be too disappointed that you dont have 2.1 yet as the buglist continues to grow.

  193. UK X10i on Vodafone – still nothing here! Wasted 2 days now trying the unbrand methods, always without success – pasting those files when 99% always replaces the biggest at the last millisecond and then “fails” the update process (SEUS or PC-Comp). For those who cannot find the folders, the “ProgramData” folder is hidden in Windows 7, and I found SEUS and PC-Comp both use different folders anyway! If you open a ‘cmd’ prompt in Windows, cd \ and then type attrib -r -s -h ProgramData – this will make the folder visible in Windows – still doesnt help with copying the files though ๐Ÿ™

    So to summarise, still stuck on 1.6, no success with any debrand method – any help / suggestions welcome!

  194. Morning everyone,
    Hows the updating going? im on 3 network UK and nothing yet for me……..anyone else on 3 with any news?

  195. Just connected my x10i to pc companion……….its doing something lol, dont know if its updating or wheather the programs just frozen lol, got the hour glass going round and round, going to leave it and see what happens, keep u informed…

  196. Have to say having flashed mine about 8 times with the same build, I’m loafed to keep on trying – took me 2 hours again last night putting everything back (backup/restore) only copies out some of the information so beware!!

  197. hmmmm just opened task manager and it says pc companion is not responding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!help anyone

  198. no update on 3 uk, done some research and three said it would take 2 or3 more weeks to update on their network because they have to tailor the update to their network. like adding certain three apps.
    ‘ sigh’ I have to wait again…… this is so stoo-pid!

  199. @ 342 T arek ali
    thats funny…i spoke to 3 yesterday and they told me it was upto sony ericsson to update the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  200. @ wunderloaf

    omg, three don’t know what they’re talking about then, do they?
    I f what you say us right, I have no update which leaves me no option but to de brand my phone and do it from there.
    what did you do out are you still waiting?

  201. ive tried the copy/paste method into the db folder of SEUS
    tried it a few times but no joy… couldnt get it to take..

    so i rooted my phone and went to the nordic 2.1
    and the method in the link above i used so i could get back to the uk 2.1 when it came out
    and i am runnin the uk 2.1 after using the above method to get back to the uk 1.6
    then updating through SEUS..

    the above method is only for x10i phones (i cant comment on x10a’s as i dont have one lol)
    in order to check your phone model…

    hit the power button to lock your phone, then press the middle button to show the lock screen then–

    press — left, right, right, left, right, left, left, right.
    (this referes to the 3 buttons on the front of the x10 left middle and right lol)
    sorry just trying to be as clear as i can.

    that will bring up the service menu!

    tap service info/model info that should give you the phone model, the country and its branding.

  202. ill hang about here for a wee while if anyone needs help ill try as best as i can, ill also meet on
    msn messenger as it very well might be easier than waiting for the posts on here
    just give me an email address that i can add you to my messenger list ๐Ÿ™‚

  203. Word of note for “branded” Vodafone X10i – the middle button (menu) is actually the far left button to get service menu details!! (not middle button).


    I tried the java method too – just kept failing!

    The JAVA did report 2 device Id’s however – tried each one, both of them – still fails.

    To clarify:

    1. Run SEUS – do we leave this running and if so, at what point do we run the “cmd” file to start the update?

    What should be a simple process is causing me massive frustration – Ive been in the IT business for over 20 years and cannt get this to work!!!

  204. any news on other networks then?
    like did orange get their update or o2?
    anyone on that network knows?
    I really want the update, once I get it, I’m gonna preorder live view on, it only cost 50 pounds!
    after preorder. it’ll be 70.

  205. @ MysticMaverick

    i gave up on that method lol
    and used the method i gave a link for above ๐Ÿ™‚ its much easier and it works ๐Ÿ™‚
    (just for the record im a certified desktop support tech!)

  206. @TylerDurden
    r u saying that if i debrand my phone then set it to nordic update it, then down grade it then go on seus it will give me the UK update?

  207. @ wunderloaf
    you wount have to go to nordic… i went to nordic as i couldnt wait ๐Ÿ™‚

    all you would have to do is flash to an unbranded firmware i.e

    a uk, customized one ๐Ÿ™‚ then update to 2.1 from seus

  208. @TylerDurden

    Ahh – a fellow techie!!

    I have downloaded the files in the link you provided above, found I have 2 device Id’s being report – editted deviceid file to try each – still fails.

    Run SEUS, it reports up to date so I leave it running in the background – unplug my X10i and run the batch file – then reconnect it with the back button pressed and hit enter – just fails every time with same JAVA errors!

    Im running Windows 7 32bit so nothing out of the ordinary. The JAVA executable responds with 2 device id’s and the registry confirms I have 2 – still no good however ๐Ÿ™

  209. @ wunderloaf

    over all it takes about 10 min ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Mystic
    id suggest a restart, leaving seus off and goin from there ๐Ÿ™‚

    did you get the android forums page yea?

  210. Update:
    Cancel SEUS so it closes, then run the batch file ….

    Now says INFO:Starting but then bombs with different JAVA error ๐Ÿ™

  211. Ok – now have a load of command strings running wildly on the batch file, I assume its flashing?

  212. @ mystic

    you follow the instructions then?
    and if there is a load of white txt in a dos window then yes its flashing!
    it will pause on a couple of files near the end WAIT!!! thats normal!!

    its done when it says press any key to continue!! dont touch it till then!!

  213. @TylerDurden

    I salute U, as u r the only one who responds to help people. u r just amazing man. i used ur tectic and I just debranded My T-Mob Uk. Its now customized UK as it showed in the Model info.
    I’m now updating it hope it will be 2.1.
    I have another fone which has already on 2.1, but where can we get the service/softwere/model info as left-right-right formula didnot worked on 2.1.
    At eh END I again appricieate U for ur kind heart n helping nature.


  214. At LAST!!!

    Phone downgraded to unbranded firmware – connected to SEUS and its downloading 2.1 ๐Ÿ™‚

    Seems my problem with the upgrade link was actually SEUS – dont run it, just make sure you have the correct DeviceID pasted into the file, switch phone off – run the batch file and then hold back button on phone and connect USB. Hit enter on the batch file – runs through a load of commands for a couple of minutes – eventually stops (press enter to continue) – restart phone and its on unbranded F/W!!

    Will report shortly on 2.1 update ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks to @TylerDurden – huge shout out ๐Ÿ™‚

  215. @ Mystic

    id also recomend to clear the download cache from SEUS by goin here

    C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db\13740270\blob_fs

    hold ctrl and hit A to select all and delete..

    leave the phone alone for a mo

    restaret seus it will connect and resync then close… open it again and run the update
    as normal

  216. cool ya got it then ๐Ÿ™‚ see? told ya it was piss easy lol keep us updated when the new update
    finishes for you Mystic!

  217. @ Shazib Ali

    your very welcome dude! hows it goin now? did you get 2.1 on then?

    and all im trying to do is help! ๐Ÿ™‚ i just twralled the forums and net and found methods
    that work, and im just trying to pass that on to peeps that like me couldnt wait lol

    im just glad to have helped a few peeps! ๐Ÿ™‚

  218. @TylerDurden

    I was searching the way to debrand from many days but failed. Thank God U was there to help. God Bless U as u help peoples.

  219. @@TylerDurden

    I have another fone which has already on 2.1, but where can we get the service/softwere/model info as left-right-right formula didnot worked on 2.1.

    help me again

  220. ok lol

    @ wunderloaf
    if you need to uninstall SEUS
    click start, then control panel, and look for programs or add/remove programs
    find sony ericsson update service in the list click it then uninstall it
    you can then goto sony ericssons website and download the newist version and install that in fact ill get you a linky!

    there thats a link to redownload the newist update service program from sony

    and @ shazib ali

    its the same thing except instead of left, right blah blah
    replace the middle button with the left button so its
    middle, right, right, middle, right, middle, middle, right lol

  221. @ wunderloaf

    right i see, there is a second link just below it try that one…
    if you are trying the link for filevo (the first one) under the table of green ticks there are
    2 buttons, click the one that says free download, then on the next page
    there is a white box with black letters in it, type those into the smaller white box beneath
    b4 the timer gets to 0 then when the timer DOES get to 0 click download file ๐Ÿ™‚

  222. @ wunderloaf

    if your having a hard time, do you have msn messenger at all? as i could meet you on there to help you

  223. my internet security isnt letting me go to the other link, think im destined to stay on 1.6 until the update comes out for me, thx for ur time and help

  224. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what am i to do? no update for me, any news on the update for x10i on 3 network UK?

  225. Just Got my 2.1 after debranding T mobile Uk. Its amazing

    Credit goes to one n only TylerDurden

  226. hey TylerDurden,

    I tried the flash method but always get error. I tried reinstalling java as suggested but i still get the same result.

  227. I can report that the JAVA flash method works – just a little tuning of the instructions required but I was on branded UK Vodafone X10i – unbranded using the link kindly provided by @TylerDurden, connected SEUS and presto – 2.1 downloaded and installed!!!

    Took a while to post my findings but 2.1 is very nice once it actually settles itself in!

  228. I changed my Vodafone Xperia x10 couple of days ago to Nordic 2.1 Android. Because UK generic is there, just wondering how we can I –
    1) confirm if I have got UK or Nordic version . My rooted “build.prop” file has = X10i-1234-8465 and ro.product.local.region = GB. Because of GB, it looks like i have UK release NOT Nordic.

    2) If i have Nordic, how can i convert it to UK one


  229. @ElNino

    I was getting errors too. Basically, switch OFF phone (dont bother with SEUS at all), run the “DeviceID.JAR” file found in the “1st” folder. This should locate the DeviceID string you need.

    Once you have that – paste it into the DeviceID file in “Step1” folder and save.

    Now run the “Step1” file, it will ask for the phone to be connected, make sure you hold the BACK button.

    Once connected – press ENTER. Now, if the DeviceID was correct that you found and pasted ealier, a load of strings / text will start to flow down the screen, at this point you can let go of the back button and WAIT (couple of minutes) until it completes and ask “Press any Key to Continue” – press ENTER. Disconnect phone and power up – should be debranded! Just connect to SEUS, follow instructions and it will downloaded 2.1

    If you get JAVA errors, I found this to be an incorrect DeviceID paste – I actually had two so just changed it up and whooooooo hooooo!!

  230. @ Mystic

    Thanks for steppin in there with help for the java issue ๐Ÿ™‚

    I didnt get it so im not to up on it lol
    And im doin dinner for the family lol just havin a quick check
    On my phone b4 startin the spuds lol

    Again good luck!

  231. Hey, i tried debranding my phone so i can update it with the UK version, but it ended up getting an error and yellow exclamation mark. i managed to sort it out by deleting a folder in SEUS and updating my phone. but now when i look at the service to see if my phone is branded or not it just says “no service” does that mean its debranded or is it messed up?

  232. sorry for the double post but i meant it just says phone software – generic user file system WORLD?

  233. hey TylerDurden was wondering if you could help me install the uk genric firmwire on my x10i

  234. @martinkyeo

    You need to download the pack that is included somewhere here (one of the above links), quite large but the process does work ๐Ÿ™‚


  236. The pack provided here is for UK generic only I believe – it will unbrand to an early F/W, which when done and reconnected back to SEUS – automatically downloads 2.1 ๐Ÿ™‚

  237. To confirm, I was on UK Vodafone, 1.6 RABA024 – using the method as posted, it downgraded my phone to an earlier “unbranded” ROM. Reconnected to SEUS and it stated update was available and hey presto – 2.1 installed ๐Ÿ™‚

    Make sure you use the backup/restore utility and SE Sync and maybe google sync as well – otherwise goodbye to all your contacts / messages etc!

    Check post ‘392’ above which has my additional notes on the whole process.

  238. A word of note for Vodafone users, the 360 pack does now work – and is especially useful to syncing contact information too! If you manage to unbrand and upgrade, you can goto – register for free and push the app to your mobile. Useful !

  239. @unknown knows it

    The 2.1 update is only available for selected networks and unbranded X10 – still not for Vodafone branded (or Orange / 02 I believe).

  240. Anyone on 3UK network please post any news from sony or 3UK regarding the update. me here gettin very desperate.

  241. @ badmash

    I was on 3 uk and i got desperate that i debranded the phone using tylerdurden’s link and now i have 2.1.
    Im not entirely happy because Im not entirely sure what effect debranding has on your warranty but i did it which took 20mins overall and found it easier than i thought.
    Its up to you whether you wanna wait 3 more weeks or so when 3 will be ready to bring it out with their branded version or just be a risk taker and go and debrand it.
    good luck dude

  242. @badmash

    I was the same with UK Vodafone mate – much prefer unbranded now anyway, means every update from now on is available without having to wait for the network operator!

  243. Hey all! just wanna give a shout out to MysticMaverick for carryin on the torch! nice one dude!

    ill probably not get back on here till tomorrow now but still big thanks to Maverick for his continued help on this thread!

  244. Hey all! just wanna give a shout out to MysticMaverick for carryin on the torch! nice one dude!

    ill probably not get back on here till tomorrow now but still big thanks to Maverick for his continued help on this thread!

  245. @TylerDurden

    Thank you buddy – not alot happening so I guess we all have unbranded 2.1 running!!!

    I check in later and tomorrow, you da man !! ๐Ÿ™‚

  246. @TylerDurden I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH! HAHA!!,
    The flasher tut you sent me was the same one i had used before.. but i thought f*ck it i will mess about with the Java, so ive reinstalled Java and it all worked Perfect. Now to search for 2.1 Update. BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  247. Same here, i tried with Orange and nothing.

    I really dont see the point in unbranding the phone, its totally unnecessary. you’re risking your phone for an update that will be released within a few days. You’ve waited this long whats another month (max)

  248. @MysticMaverick

    whilst trying to run step 1 i keep getting the java error and have tried loads of different device ids so going to try reinstalling java on my computer

  249. MysticMaverick,

    I tried all the device ids but they all didn’t work. When i opened up the deviceID.jar, they gave me three numbers with &1, &3 and &4 at the end. I pasted each one to the deviceid text file and ran the step1.cmd. still get the same error. I keep on getting this message:

    INFO: start Unable to open channel. GetLastError=0
    at com.sonyericsson.cs.usbflashnative.impl.USBFlashNativeImpl.openChannel

    at X10flash.main,>
    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NullPointerException
    at java.lang.String.(Unknown Source>
    at X10flash.testPluged
    at X10flash.main

  250. ElNino – You have to put the device I.D file into the Step 1 directory as well as the top directory. You also have to hit a key to continue REALLY fast after connecting your cable. Took me a few attempts but you know you have it if it starts listing things as its writing.

    The Java device I.D gives you the correct I.D for your phone.

    Going to try SEUS and see if it pulls 2.1 down, fingers crossed

  251. I downgraded my firmware to generic following the guide from here:

    Only do step 5:

    a. install the SEUS run it once as said,
    b. then use the DeviceID.jar from the linked download to get the USB device ID,
    c. put it into DeviceID.txt in the step one folder,
    d. then get out of it and run the step1.cmd,
    e. turn off phone,
    f. press back key, insert cable, let go of back key, press a key on your pc to let it do its thing and then restart your phone.
    g. Then run SEUS to get the generic update. Job done.

    A problem I have is the backup and restore – the contacts have been restored, but in a weird way – they show in the call log and in the messaging app, but they do not show in the phone book.

    Any ideas on how I can fix this?

  252. @ you

    open contatcs the sync it wth google mail. then open back abd resotre and check only contatcs then resotre. thats should so it

  253. was waiting for notification of update so decided to do manual check for updates in phone menu…it was already avaiable so now it is on my phone…lovin the live wallpapers and just the general look of the new screen….well done se..i never slagged you i just waited and my update works without any flaws…its like a new phone….

  254. For those of you who want to debrand their phones using Windows 7 64-bit and have problems, simply run things in compatibility mode… I believe everyone here knows how to run applications in compatibility mode… ๐Ÿ™‚

  255. Just rang O2 uk and they have no release date as of yet. They were very helpful, she even went and asked her collegues but the best she could do was to advise me to just keep checking their website and the PC companion.

  256. couple things i don’t like about this 2.1 update;

    – green charger led stays on even when the battery is fully charged (in 1.6 it goes off)
    – no more auto brightness setting
    – very small sms txt font

    thats all for now

  257. @wunderloaf

    I literally just got off the phone with 3, and a few friends I know working for 3, and I have been told that they can confirm the UK release which we knew already, and they are working to release it ASAP but have no timescale due to having to test their branded software on 2.1…So hopefully the end of this week or start of next

  258. Regarding the charger led for 2.1, the led is orange whilst charging and turns solid green when phone is 100% charged instead of switching off so you can still tell when the phone is fully charged.

  259. It all worked fine for me last night, finally finished installing at 12.15 am!

    Loving 2.1, at least if and when the next update rolls out will be able to grab it straight away due to debranding.

    Backup said it would provide links to your downloaded apps but it hasnt (or I cant find them! ), only one i cant find now on the marketplace is the scummvm main program, found the plugins, however I can grab that online and install as an apk file.

    Screen images seem to be sharper now and loving the live wallpapers. Also noticed that the keys on the edge of the screen when sending sms are now responsive where previously they seemed a bit hit & miss.

    Been worth the wait I think. Hopefully next time round SE will get their fingers out and also the UK networks to do the same thing. Keep our phones up to date when new software rolls out.

  260. Hey Guys.
    News from Denmark.

    Found out yesterday that 3 Denmark has released the update to ver. 2.1.
    Having played with the phone for a few hours now, i can safely say that the phone STILL sucks bigtime. it’s even slower now than before the update If that’s possible.
    Sooo glad that i bought the Iphone 4 :o) Now i’m a happy camper. No more SE, I’m done with them.

  261. I am quite frustrated with having to wait so long for this update, it is essential to the phone to make it better than what it is…

  262. any news at all on update fpr xperia 10i on VODAFONE UK..ive tried to get answers but nothing..i dont want to de-brand my phone to get it

  263. @Nonnopinolo
    The update will be coming soon, but when its released in Ireland dont expect it to be there straight away as you will have to wait for the networks approval.

    No idea on the timescale for vodafone UK atm, I guess they are putting that horrible vodafone Live software on it…then they have to do tests etc….It’s the same with 3 for me at the moment, Hopefully within the next week it will come out ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope this helps

  264. On 1 November i updated to R2BA016 and then on Friday 5th November updated to Ecair 2.1 2.0.a.0.504, Since the R2BA016 update i have not been able to use the WIFI feature. Why is this?

  265. @MysticMaverick

    thanks alot for your help i got it downgraded to 1.6 generic and it is now downloading 2.1 ๐Ÿ™‚ igot round my java error by not running seus after restarting then flashing, also installed one of the java programes from an earlier post ๐Ÿ˜›

  266. @ the guys out there who have been helping everyone out in the venture of unbranding,
    and updating to 2.1 uk

    MysticMaverick, Iain M, Elnino, You, and anyone else lol

    thanks for hanging about and helping whoever you could with the flashing/debranding process
    by the seems of things most that want to, have managed to debrand and update ๐Ÿ˜€
    thanks to you guys for your support!!

    good looking guys! hope all that did the process are happy with the results and are enjoyin
    2.1 !

    i found a good app that lets you use a vid as a live wallpaper lol
    its on the market, search for video live wallpaper on the market if your interested!

    ps – long live angry birds! lol

    thanks again guys!

  267. thx to all u out there that tried ur best to help me, but seems im doomed to wait for 3 UK network to release the update ๐Ÿ™ once again thx everyone i will b here everyday to see how u r all doing and for news of the update for us 3 customers lol

  268. my phone still says there is an update available
    and pc companion still says its up to date.

    4 days of “no sync” between the phones thinking and the pc softwares thinking.

    oh and “happiness” has needed 2 upgrades in the last week. says a lot about how little SE can get right

  269. I think it is true about the 3 UK update being two weeks from now so say about the 22nd of November we will get it.. yeah it is frustrating but it would be good if anyone could confirm this, i love 3 for the simple fact as i have 3G pretty much everywhere and i live in Scotland.

  270. Dude…. i really want to help you.
    I was on 3 like you but debranded my phone using tylerdurdens link.
    I think that you should retry debranding it again and get the update that you deserve, i got the update and happy that i debranded my 3 frikken UK network and got this.

    Try it again dude.

  271. T mobile just responded to me on twitter to say they have no fresh news on when the update will be available! FFS! Ho hum…

  272. finally it updates…
    and what settings has “backup” brought over?
    none of my email accounts are there, and as for market place, yesterday i had 12 apps needing an update… now it says ive only got google maps to download and no history…


    the screen is sluggish, and everything has to be double pressed.


  273. I’m with OrangeUK but bought my handset PAYG so I guess that’s the reason I was able to update? I just went in to settings then About Phone, checked for updates – it said YES and to plug it in to PC companion, then I followed the instructions. One quick backup, install and restore later and I’m loving it. Slick menus, integrated Facbook, everything seems more polished and responsive. No news on the battery life yet though as I havent used it too much.

  274. still waiting on o2 for my x10 mini pro update.
    think im getting a bit bored.
    is the mini pro easy to debrand cause i reckon it could be christmas before o2 do anything

  275. Thank you for the shout out – back in from work so thought Id login and see what’s occurring!

    Good to see a few of you have managed to debrand and get 2.1. My first full day with 2.1 and I have to say its awesome!! Live wallpaper, loads of brill tweaks – using it all day and my battery is not even half used – awesome!

    But remember – the first app to download MUST be Angry Birds, damn that game ๐Ÿ™‚

  276. @fried egg

    The Sluggish nature of 2.1 does go away, seems to take a while to bed itself in. As for the apps, etc – I did point out in an earlier post to sync using different methods, my google account remembered my apps, Sony sync and backup/restore got everything back no problem.
    (contacts / texts etc).
    And Vodafone 360 too, more useful than I thought! Just remember people, use as many methods as are available to you and then upgrade, saves alot of pain

  277. Guys i habe a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 debranded with the iberia R2BA026, i debranded it so i could have de update earlier, but when i go for update it says that i have the latest software. Why? Have anyone of you guys the iberia firmware and updated to 2.1 ???

    Thanks a lot, X10 RULES!

  278. dk November 6, 2010 at 8:38 PM

    I am a developer and also repair phones, anyone thinking of rooting your phone to nordic think twice, the xperiaa x10 cannot be flashed more than twice, if done, the phone will have problems with flash ic which you will have to replace, experience,

    IS IT REAAAAL ???????????????????????????????????

  279. Anyone help…. ive still not got my update yet. With OrangeUK, but i have signed up to use the T-Mobile network aswell… will this be the issue or something else?

  280. Just updated my x10 , just go to sony UK VIRGIN NETWORK. Update is very good .

  281. So If I have a debranded factory unlocked generic X10 and it says that I got the latest update (1.6) how do I force it to upgrade to 2.1? anyone?


  282. anyone missing the ambient light sensor in 2.1 ?
    how do u turn it on or off ?
    i cant see it anywhere.
    i had to manually adjust brightness.
    i recall 1.6 ambient sensor worked.

  283. @tiborh
    i have never seen any flash device datasheets that had 2 write cycles.!
    this is madness.!
    if such a lock was in place, it would be an enforced characteristic of the boot loader which has never changed.
    my x10 was loaded with 1.6 to R2BA020, which took 2 attempts due to a predecesor, then i flashed it a 3rd time to 2.1 nordic.

  284. Hi anyone on t mobile with the update. I. Think get a htc nxt time which had the 2.2update almost a year ago. Se u suck

  285. I called Sony Ericsson Mexico today at 01800 000 4722 and they told me they donยดt even know if the update is going to be available in Mexico this year!!! What the hell does that means??? I have been waiting for this update and every time they give me a date for the update is false. I am really disappointed with Sony Ericsson and the lack of information they have with their update. I hope the update comes out before I get rid of the phone and not because it is a bad phone, not at all, but the way SE is treating us, the client!!

  286. Anyone having problems with 3g connection after updating??
    For some reason i havent seen 3g on my phone since debranding and updating, dunno if there is some kind of setting i need to change? But ive checked that i didnt change from x10i to x10a etc…so im sure it should be working. thanks in advance x

  287. mouse November 8, 2010 at 11:52 PM

    i have never seen any flash device datasheets that had 2 write cycles.!
    this is madness.!
    if such a lock was in place, it would be an enforced characteristic of the boot loader which has never changed.
    my x10 was loaded with 1.6 to R2BA020, which took 2 attempts due to a predecesor, then i flashed it a 3rd time to 2.1 nordic.

    i have just talked with a programmer, and he says that these flash chips (if these are flash chips) are for 10000 reflash, not for 2 -or some…..


  288. SE you string of p**s. I got a new contract last week hoping to get the HTC desire but had sold out around the country, so had to stick with my original choice of getting the x10 (being a long time SE follower). The dude in the shop told me it does most of what the HTC does, so I was happy, went on my way, and now I’m finding out were not even close with this 1.6 BS. Its my 1st smart phone and was looking forward to watching football, films etc but of course we need flash player, its very fcukin annoying to know that SE was one of the leading brands not so long back and now the cunts cant keep up. Please SE do us all a favour and bury your fcukin souls, stop toying with us. It hurts to know that my next phone upgrade is 24 months away, I feel sorry for the people that have had the phone alot longer than myself, If my guess was correct they’ve been shafting you all since around Mar/Apr. Get it together SE, your playing dangerously. I don’t really want to cancel my contract in the 1st month, I like the phone but if there’s no update by the end of the month, I’m off and I ain’t looking back.

    Does anyone know if this 2.1 update will have a flash player? I hope so, SE are really pushing it if it isn’t.

  289. Hey Ive been trying to debrand my x10 mini pro with the post from tylerdurden. When i connect the phone in flash mode and press any key it just says “‘java’ is not recognised as an external or internal command, operable program or batch file…”

    PLEASE help if anyone can ๐Ÿ˜‰

  290. Thanks Hokey but I just tried that and it said Java is already installed?!
    Is there anything else I could try…?


  291. My x10 mini pro o2 uk says my phone has the latest software already installed.
    The software version says ‘GENERIC – USER.

    Shouldnt i be able to update bynow??
    Am I doing something wrong?

    Any advice would be much appreciated,

  292. any1 to confirm that rooting metod works on x10 mini…?
    i’ve done all the instructions provided in MysticMaverick link,got no errors,but after restart does not have any changes in the phone firm.connect to pc comp. phone is up to date….x10 mini on O2 UK..

  293. orange uk – end of month
    tmobile uk – end of month
    Vodafone – avaiable
    virgin (of all networks the least popular retailer) – available
    3 – Available
    02 uk – no date or time frame given the same old were trying to get it out as soon as possible.. been saying that for the past 2 weeks now and its getting to be a joke customer services know nothing of any updates and im getting really tired of this crap they gave a time frame to other phoine users but not x10 users shows 02’s prioritys are with iphones every one else can wait

  294. @ emma

    there is a chance you might not have the correct device id

    that seems to cause a bit of trouble in the process..
    another way to find it is by running the file “1st” in the main folder of the file you downloaded
    that should give you your deviceid ๐Ÿ™‚

    just copy and paste it into the deviceId txt file in the “step1” folder and try again ๐Ÿ™‚

    if you have more than one device id then you may have to filter through by trying each one!

  295. Does flashing the Firmware manually changes the Default Manufacturer of country too
    for e.g
    Model X10
    Country. Germany
    according to menu back back menu back home home back
    if i flash it with UK generic
    den my phone will
    if i chek thruu back etc stuff
    Yes or no

  296. Orange SIM in Vodafone X10 – will I get the update? I have an X10 that was originally sold by Vodafone, but which has been working great with an Orange pre-pay SIM for a couple of months. I had a text from Orange UK saying the 2.1 update was on the way and to keep checking with for news. I wonder if I will get the 2.1 update via Orange or if I will need to manually flash the handset and install the Nordic/English version? Any experts got a clue?
    Thanks guys.

  297. @eric
    3UK has not released the update. Please let me know if any 3 user updated their phone.

    All fellow 3UK users will have to wait upto 2 more weeks before they hear “UPDATE” from 3UK itself. They just told me that there is no time frame about the update release but hopefully it will be out in next two weeks.

  298. The reason for delaying the update is that 3UK is running some tests on the update. One of the test is for the 3g compatibilty with new update and Skype. So once they make sure that evrything is fine then they will release the update. It is confirmed by one of the 3 technician.

  299. @TylerDurden

    I’ve been trying to use your method to unbrand my vodafone X10, but i get the error message that u get for a wrong deviceid, so ive tried using the java deviceid file but it doesnt come up with anything, the box stays empty!

    any help will be greatly appreiciated

  300. vodafone still no update spoke with someone and they said that there aint going to be an update for a while. so no idea what any of the operators in the uk are doing with the software

  301. Don’t worry have tried the process on another computer and it is currently flashing my phone! Android 2.1 here i come! lol

  302. @ jake

    Nice one! at first guess id hazzard a guess that it might be something to do with seus needing a reinstall and the phone connecting to it to register the deviceid, but thats just a guess lol

    glad you got it sussed!

  303. @ Zaryab

    yea if your phone says x10i, germany

    it will say x10i, united kingdom, customized after the flash.

    the flash method is only for the UK firmware, im not sure how it could be changed to give
    you a german generic firmware… maybe a google search might help?

  304. @TylerDurden

    Thanks for linking the tutorial, was getting a little frustrated cos everyone was saying it was really easy to do yet it kept failing for me! Doesnt matter now ive got 2.1 up and running!

    Quick question to anyone thats been running the update, I’ve tried linking my contacts with their facebook, but only a couple have automatically sync and when i go into those that haven’t, there is no ‘link to’ option in the menu, so does anyone know how i can sync the rest of my contacts?

  305. @TylerDurden Can you give me the links to un-brand and brand the xperia x10i? im on O2 and havent got the update still…. im so angry at O2 ):

  306. Hoping someone can help with general question about debranding/rooting the X10i. Having tried a couple times to update the phone with generic software (first was swapping files method and second was pc companion repair) i now have R2BA026 GENERIC installed but phone is still branded to T-Mobile in UK – not sure what I had before these updates but may have been 20.

    My next and last attempt tonight will be to try the method in following link – which has been posted a few times by TylerDurden.

    I wanted to check that this method only debrands T-Mobile from the phone rather than rooting. I’m guessing only debrands but as you can tell, new to this and dont want to wipe phone too many times.

    Thanks for any help!

  307. Hey guys!
    @ Lawrence
    The link is in adams post just above ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Adam
    Yes this method only debrands the phone.
    I’ve rooted the 1.6 firmware and you need a
    apk that runs like an installation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  308. Cheers Tyler. Hopefully I can get this method to work but so far I just seem to be updating/overwriting current FW and wiping phone in the mean time. My connection isnt the fastest so every time I’ve tried has been quite time consuming. 2.1 best be worth it.

  309. Hey guys!

    Has anyone thats gone from 1.6 to 2.1 found that when sending a txt messege the “enter” key no longer sends the txt?

    It used to but now I have to keep hitting send. Im sure it did it b4 tho… Anyone come across this?

  310. Hey everyone,

    So who has the Orange Uk update? Anyone? Am i the only one still waiting?!?!?! ๐Ÿ™
    Any tips would be great



  311. hi everyone……… any news for the update for 3 UK users? im stilll waiting lol but i have some news, i have just downloaded angry birds on to my x10i and im still on 1.6 ๐Ÿ™‚

  312. hey, i was just wandering if ive done something wrong.
    in the service menu under software info ive got:

    phone software version – GENERIC – User
    File software version – WORLD

    have i just got the 2.1 world generic update?
    im confused lol

  313. hi can any one help as i debranded my x10 world generick thru davinciteam after update to 2.1 i lost android market on the phone.

  314. @wunderloaf
    dude i have been chasing 3 for the update but still no luck. last time the info i got frm 3 is that 2 more weeks for update but no exact date.

  315. hey guys,
    been waiting for this update forever…got my xperia mini in hong kong but in the UK now under o2 pay monthly…i have SI 1236-7073.4…i cant install PC companion or SEUS and i dont think i can flash my phone because i have mac…1) is there any work around to get PC companion or SEUS on my mac, 2) is there a way to flash my phone, and 3) once the update is ready for my phone can i update it straight from my phone or do i need PC C or SEUS?
    any help would be great…and please dont say get windows

  316. Update 2.1 for Xperia Mini here in Chile and it works perfect

    X10 MINI E10A
    Android 2.1 Update1
    Telephone Company: CLARO CHILE


  317. Dear Sir/Mam,
    I am from India and i am using xperia x10…I want to know is that when 2.1 is going to launch in india..I am eagerly waiting to update my phone to 2.1…..

  318. Loving the recommendation for the live video wallpapers. Impressed a few of the people at work with iphones!

    Main thing with the debrand and reflash that the link doesnt mention is that you need to copy your saved txt file with the device id into the second directory of the files that you download.

    Once you do that it is pretty plain sailing. You have to be pretty quick with the pressing key on the cmd screen also! If you get the small block of txt that is about 4 lines total you havn’t quite got it right and need to start again.

    As soon as the light goes green release back key and press a key to continue on the cmd screen.

  319. I used superonelick can any one hlp me to solve this problem

    Killing ADB Server…
    * server not running *


    Starting ADB Server…
    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *


    Waiting for device…


    Pushing rageagainstthecage…
    11 KB/s (5392 bytes in 0.468s)


    chmod rageagainstthecage…


    Running rageagainstthecage…

    Getting mount path…

    Remounting system with read-write access…


    Pushing su…
    failed to copy ‘su’ to ‘/system/bin/su’: Permission denied


    Pushing superuser.apk…
    failed to copy ‘superuser.apk’ to ‘/system/app/superuser.apk’: Permission denied


    chmod su…


    Remounting system with read-only access…


  320. got a response from mailing ceo of 02-uk (multiple people have recieved a same response) 02-uk are hoping to release 2.1 15th november same date as 2.2 for galaxy s. anyone on 02 check ur phone from monday coming and check all week as we will hopefully have 2.1

  321. for anyone having problems with worrys on restoring contacts etc do what ive done which is do normal back up and restore then go into your memory card (when u have it attached to the phone to usb and pc/laptop) then go to the datd fil and back up copy all your back up files to your pc. if 2.1 doesnt restore any contacts after installing then move the backup files you copied from your pc/laptop into the same file u copied them from and then click restore and ull get them all back hope this helps anyone upgrading to 2.1 that hasnt yet

  322. hey anyone on 02 got some news for you this is from the 02 website official forum

    by Chris@O2 on Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:30 pm
    Reply with quote
    Hello everyone

    Thanks all for your comments. I’m sorry that many of you have been disappointed at how long you’ve had to wait for this update.

    We consider it absolutely essential to ensure that, when a handset manufacturer releases a software update, it’ll work properly with the device on the O2 network. To that end, we’re committed to thoroughly testing the software and will only release it for our customers to use when we’re satisfied that they’ll get the right experience.

    To end the speculation and answer your burning question, though….

    Yes – We will, subject to satisfactory test verification, provide this update to customers next week (commencing 15 November). At the moment, we cannot be any more specific, but we’ll update you when we can.


  323. thanks to MysticMavericks notes on debranding nd ny1 who helped him..if i knew how easy it wud be i wudve dun it much earlier rather thn waiting on orange to upgrade thnx guys!!!!!

  324. I got news off 3, the moderator of their blog said the update will be at the end of this week hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  325. Amazing news for us o2 customers!
    @O2 can you tell me if you have the date for release of Android 2.1 for xperia x10 cheers

    @******** Yep, it’ll be available from next week, subject to testing approval ๐Ÿ™‚!/O2

    Yess Finally Boys ๐Ÿ˜€

  326. Xperia X10i update from o2 is out… received a notification on my pc a few seconds ago!!!
    Updating at the moment… ๐Ÿ™‚
    X10i RULES!!! xD

  327. I just spoke to some individual from T-mobile UK and they stated they have no idea whatsoever as to when the 2.1 update will be possible on my Xperia x10 on a contract, nor as to the reason why it’s taking so long for them to do anything at all, the delays from SE notwithstanding. All PC Companion states is that updates will be coming soon………

    Useless, the whole lot of them…………..

    (Sorry for venting)

  328. I can comfirm Orange UK update is now available, tried updating from phone – told me that the update is available and i need to connect to PC to recieve it.

  329. orange upadate is out but when i connect to my laptop it is updating still i am having the 1.6 on it

  330. @zak Iโ€™m on a branded O2 UK handset and I can confirm I have 2.1-update1 with a baseband version of M76XX-TSNCJOLYM-53404006 Build 2.0.A.504

  331. yep on 3 as well and have been freaking waiting for ages.

    But just went through the update…powering it up now.

  332. Any one no how to get the old keyboerd txt pay thing back were the words come up this new one it a paid in the asre.