Winner Announcement: 16GB microSD memory card

FireworksFirst of all we just wanted to say thanks to all that entered our competition to win a 16GB microSD memory card. In the end, we had over a thousand entries, but only 12 correct answers. This pointed to pretty good odds for the 12 that guessed the correct date of the Android 2.1 release for the Xperia X10 as the 31st October.

To decide the winner, we used a random number generator from and picked a number. The lucky winner was smrtak.newman from Finland, who will have a 16GB card heading his way. Many congrats to him and thanks again for entering. Don’t be too disappointed if you didn’t win, we’ll have another great competition for you to enter next week!


12 responses to “Winner Announcement: 16GB microSD memory card”

  1. Its ok,. this is my first time ever posting something in here first,. so ,. i said it,. 1ST! khakhakhakh anyway,. i didnt win the competition,. but eh,. who cares… if it were a new phone or something,. then id care…

  2. Congrats Buddy

    2.1 is amazing….. its so coool
    SE shud be again in Market if they can run more faster… Common guys if u wanna win market, u gotta run till 2.3 now! make it fast. (I am not asking for 2.3 in my x10i anyway. but looking for 2.2 in future.. not for at least 5 months)

  3. I still think that the winner should be SE CEO, in order to thank him for such a delay.
    smrtak.newman, it will be more meaningful to “transfer” the winnig to beloved SE CEO for not delay again..

  4. Lol, i totally forgot about this competition, maybe because the update got delayed for 2 months – again.

    So i got myself a 16gb last month and im kind of unsatisfied. The writing-speed is very low compared to the original 8gb which was included.

  5. Would you please let me know which of the tens of different 16gb micro sd memory cards is the one that would work best with an Xperia X10a? I logged on to amazon but I see many different manufacturers and also was told before an SDHC memory card would not work with Xperia, so what brand of this 16gb micro sd card you gave away?