Sony Ericsson’s ANZU get’s a first look preview

Sony Ericsson ANZUMobile-Review has come up trumps with the first detailed preview of the next Sony Ericsson Android flagship, codenamed ANZU. There are a ton of pictures in the preview that shows the same device we leaked last week.

He confirmed some of the leaked specs we saw last night including 800MHz MSM7230 chipset and a Q1 launch. Other specs were slightly different from those seen yesterday, this included a 4.3-inch multi-touch display and a 12MP camera.

Initial impressions were positive in terms of performance (using stock Android Éclair), but the Mobile-Review team feel that the handset is doomed given that the phone will not be able to compete with the top-end from HTC and Samsung on launch.

Somewhat contentiously, MR also says that ANZU will launch with Froyo in Q1 and get the Gingerbread upgrade in the late Summer of 2011. I wonder how many X10 users will trust Sony Ericsson this time around if that does turn out to be the case. Check out the key points from the preview below.

Key points from Mobile-Review ANZU Preview:

  • The handset is expected to launch in early 2011.
  • The ANZU will launch with Android 2.2 (Froyo) and is likely to be updated to Android Gingerbread in the late Summer of 2011. The device previewed is currently running on Android 2.1 (Éclair) for engineering purposes.
  • The device is thinner, lighter with a larger display than the Xperia X10. This gives a ‘cheap’ sensation not seen with the X10. The glossy plastics are on par with other Sony Ericsson phones.
  • The handset will come with a 4.3″ (854 x 480) display capable of multi-touch. This is a usual TFT display and won’t utilise AMOLED or S-LCD.
  • It will be powered by the latest 45nm 800MHz Snapdragon chipset (MSM7230). This is the same as used by the HTC Desire Z and shouldn’t be seen as a downgrade from the 65nm 1GHz QSD8250 used in the Xperia X10. The MSM7230 chip comes with the Adreno 205 GPU (as opposed to the Adreno 200) that should mean greater multimedia capabilities.
  • Performance is zippy, but the prototype is running stock Android. It will be interesting to see the performance once Sony Ericsson adds its UXP layer on top.
  • The camera sensor is meant to by 12MP. The prototype version does not work properly with resolution limited to 3MP.
  • HD video recording (720p) will be much improved over the Xperia X10, mainly due to the hardware changes.

42 responses to “Sony Ericsson’s ANZU get’s a first look preview”

  1. @janus yes and this could also mean we will be stuck android 2.1 because of anzu…wont be lookin forward 2 a new sony phone im gonna go for a blackberry or even desire hd.
    consider the x10 project finished

  2. My trust i broken, unless i launches with Gingerbread in Q1 I will not even see it as an option to the (probably, upcoming new Nexus phone).

  3. Well, ANZU seen’s to be very beautifull, but i still can’t trust in SE, since i’ve bought a x10, my next phone probably will be not this one.

  4. “ANZU will launch with Froyo in Q1 and get the Gingerbread upgrade in the late Summer of 2011”

    story sounds familiar, but all n all a good phone.

  5. too little too late sony, ill stick to playstation 3’s. im selling my x10 before its worthless. cause its quickly on its way… not even gonna bother with an ericsson handset again. i wonder how many people will fall for this sales pitch “ANZU will launch with Froyo in Q1 and get the Gingerbread upgrade in the late Summer of 2011” only to be bitterly disappointed like the fiasco with 2.1 for x10.

  6. Its like a satio with android lol I dont think I will get it with all the update crap with my x10 . I phoned vodafone last month to kick off about the crap batt and update as voda told me when I got the phone back in april the updat will be in a month or 2. They sent me a htc magic for 40 quid to shut me up. So sold it on ebay lol

  7. Here we go again…the same marketing tactics being employed yet again for another SE phone. Good luck to all who get this under par phone.

  8. “I wonder how many X10 users will trust Sony Ericsson this time around if that does turn out to be the case.”

    Well….I won’t.
    Besides, I’m afraid the review team is right. This looks like another too little too late-thing. Though, somewhere else i read about an exmor-chip built in ANZU, which would probably make it a pretty good camera with a phone function, aiming for a different share of the market.

  9. great phone cant wait 🙂 so slim and top features, other manufacturers will rush to get gingerbread, glad se will lay off it for a while 2.2 is fine for now

  10. This one probably has al the things we were promised to have on our crappy X10,but this one will DEFINATLY NOT be bought by us x10 owners!!

    Same misleading marketing all over again,and another bunch of dissapointed/unhappy costumers after their buy,but does anybody think S.E ever CARES!!??

    New socalled FLAGSHIP mobile phone and much thinner and better design,same old crappy battery that drains fast!!

    Probably will not last an hour playing over HDMI output…


  11. spec’s seem fine…..but still if it wer to compete wid the likes of top end samsung’s n htc’s 1ghz wud hav been better!!

  12. i thought my xperia is the latest cp, now there releasing again! damn i want to send it in the philippines and buy new one.tsk!

  13. wtf? what is rong whit SE !!! the x10 is the same or even beter /// fuck i am a SE fan ..but this is the end /// think i will go for samsung …..2 bad !!

  14. I completely agree with the Mobile review. SE are trying once again to sell a mid range phone for top dollar. The company is in desperate need of new leadership. The list of under par expensive phones from them is just getting longer and longer… x1, x2,satio, vivaz, x10, and now x12. Only the x10 mini/ mini pro seem to have been good value for money.

  15. my finger crossed the 12MP camera is as good as that on the Nokia N8. probably not due to the slim profile.

  16. First of all I dislike 4.3 display, even X10 with 4.0 is on bulky size so anything over it I think it is too much. Minimum screen size for gingerbread new res is 4″, so I think it would be better to stay with 4″. Other specs seem to be decent, most likely they will go for 1080p recording than beating N8 camerwise, cause on 4.3″ screen Xenon flash is no go. They should rework Timescape and Mediascape also.

  17. The Qualcomm MSM7230 features a similar Scorpion CPU as the Snapdragon, but it contains the much faster Adreno 205 GPU. ( Which means the gaming will be much better on X12)

    At the end of the day the newer 800 MHz MSM7230 will likely out-perform the older 1 GHz Snapdragon, still it would nice if s/e managed to give us a 1 Ghz MSM7230.

  18. “and is likely to be updated to Android Gingerbread in the late Summer of 2011.”

    Yea ok Sony Ericsson, you bunch of fat lying dishonest incompetent camels. We’re going to take your word and buy this underpowered half-assed phone for the insane price you ask for.
    Wait, sorry but I learend my lesson. Shove it. I’m getting an HTC next.

  19. Exactly esko, if you dont like SE, or lost it’s “trust”, then get the fuck out of here, go buy some other piece of shit phone while i have my great x10 or might even get ANZU and PS Phone. Quit bitching little kids and grow up. that said, im excited lol 🙂

  20. Ok this device looks half great and half not but it matters little because SE are stubborn and wont give us the phone we really want.

    No one really needs a camera bigger than 5mp on there phone if the lens isn’t good enough to take great pictures of there’s no xenon flash…. I could go on but there’s no point.
    Beyond the missing bits from every SE phone they lie to everyone in the plain light of day.

    If remember correctly did that SE employee proclaim they had learned there lesson and they wouldn’t go so deep into Android to avoid making the same mistakes.

    So why is this phone running 2.1 rather than 2.2 when 2.2 isn’t hard to get hold of. oh yes they have to take out the features that make it a smart phone first, slow it up considerably and then release the phone once it has nothing special about it.

    At least the x10 looks good. this device looks cheap and thrown together… what’s going on with the camera position?

    Next years Samsung line will be even better and so will HTC’s line, why is it so strange or alien for SE to do the same.

    P.s. I can’t believe the bench mark of the x10 with the close to stock version of android. Truly amazing in a good way and a bad way. What is the aim of SE because the people buying there phones and I don’t seem to matter. 🙁

  21. Well, this is all like rumors. I will rather wait until I can see it in the SE website. I just got my x10a and am happy with it though I haven’t updated it yet to Eclair, but with all the good news as multitouch and a possible froyo update I will not quit living for a most likely unknown device.


    This is a thread about Sony Ericsson, and people are welcome to discuss, whether positive or negative.

    The facts are clear. SE are liars, they constantly mislead their customers, fail to meet deadlines, and sell botched phones for high end prices.

    I agree 100% with h0ruza.

    Now grow up and go to sleep you dumbwit halfasses. Also don’t forget, fanboyism is a lose/win relationship. You’re the pathetic loser, while the greedy corporations laughs at your dumb ass and wins.

    p.s. I used my cousin’s Blackberry to make a call. I was blown away by the crisp and loud call volume.

  23. well said bandit…very well said… that’s the sort of constructive argument de-constructing the crap that comes out of the fanboys I like to see. I particularly like your definition of fanboyism. Absolutely fantastic stuff..keep it up my man.

  24. well said bandit, as gay people we have the write to say our opinions just like others. I hate it when people don’t want us to speak at all.

    I know this is only rumors and the x12 may be much better but still I’m angry because I still can’t afford the x10 and now how can I even buy the X12.

  25. I’m not ashamed to be a f@g in fact I’m proud. I mean it’s ok to be gay, but what I don’t like is that people always tell me to STFU because I’m gay.

    Well I’m happy as gay people we can say what ever we want in this forum.

  26. “Initial impressions were positive in terms of performance (using stock Android Éclair)”

    Anything on stock android is positive in terms of performance. Load it with mediascape and timescape and you will get a turtle.

  27. Yeah… Specs are not that great… and will be probably release end April 2011…
    I will keep my X10 until 2012, no need to spend money on that 🙂

  28. wont be getting that phone. It is seriously lacking compared to other phones coming out in 2011. @zodiac why are u talkin to urself? We know bandit is you. You have to make up people to agree with you. U really are a sad one. U must live a sad life.

  29. Jan 1st I’m avail for a HW upgrade but it will be interesting to see what Rogers (The so called “Leaders” *cough* bullshit *cough* of wireless in Canada). If they offer the X12 as well as the Samsung Nexus S, It’ll be a tough choice for me to decide as both look to each have their own pro’s and cons.

  30. Samsung nexus S or whatever it is called blows this out of the water. Pathetic sony.e. Will wait and see what psp phone is like…….

  31. The X10i has WAY too many bugs, even on Android 2.1 so I will sell my X10i and buy the HTC Desire Z anytime! Never a Sorry Errorson mobile again, even be better of with an iPhone 4! That said it! X10 is a crap phone with way to many fault nd missing features to be a manufactors flagship! My Ass! Even all the Update software is only Windows, no Mac software… come on man! SE you should be a shamed.

  32. Every day I regret getting my X10. Sony Ericsson fucked up big time, they should have given us vanilla 2.2 and drop the performance-decreasing layer. If you work at SE and you’re reading all these comments, just show them to your superior. He’s probably not as smart as you are, but maybe he will realize that SE could make more profit if they would think a bit more.