Sony Ericsson has no plans for Windows Phone 7 after all?

Xperia X2We recently brought you rumours that Sony Ericsson were planning to launch a couple of handsets under the Xperia brand running the fledgling WP7 OS. However, if SE France CEO, Pierre Perron, is to be believed a WP7 handset could be a long time coming. Whilst SE are still in discussions with Microsoft, the company does not expect to release a handset anytime soon.

The main reason for this is the strict specification and software limits imposed by Microsoft. “[With] Windows [Phone] 7 we run the risk of standardising our smartphones” Perron told Les Echos, “we would be obliged to fight only on design and price, which we want to avoid.” With all of the effort the company has ploughed into its UXP for its X10 range, it’s not surprising it wants to utilise this UI layer where possible.

Via Telecom Paper.

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  1. @Filipe If Android 3.0 (after Gingerbread which is 2.3) does not allow customization, NO US CARRIER (save maybe T-Mobile) will carry Android.

    US carriers demand that Android features be stripped out of the base units — tethering being a prime example. Google Sync is barely permitted when the carrier has their own Sync app for money. In the case of Sony Sync, that’s not happening at all in the US. They barely tolerate YouTube over their own for-pay streaming video. They want to maximize the monthly payments they get, and any feature that hinders that won’t be on the phones. And Yes, I Understand that you can install what you want, but even having the Sony Sync app, won’t make it a selectable option in the sync function of android or even run as a stand-alone application.

    Remember at least in the US, it’s the only place where you pay for both incoming and outgoing calls unless there is some other ‘feature’ that overrides that, such as ‘Friends and Family” or ‘same carrier’ free calling.

  2. Oh yeah the same Rachael UXP that is working wonders with its slowness. I would rather have the Microsoft designed UI over anything Sony designs any day of the week. Their software developers for phones are on level with Huawei developers or maybe even worse since my brothers Huawei android phone outperforms the Sony UI.

    And they take half a year implementing their own UI. I hope Android 3.0 does not allow for custom UI, Sony would ruin that too.

  3. yea ! SE never shud go towards win7,
    It is a OS which doesn’t hv any features that can be compared with smartphone.
    They are @ beginning , as a Linux fan I hate win…

    Love android.. se shud concentrate on Android 3.0… utilize the UXP

  4. One question
    Does anybody buy Sony Ericsson windows phone?
    Almost SE fan doesn’t wait ugly OS and Windows phone is already loser before launch.

  5. that’s great news..

    cause SE X1 with wm6 suuuucked bigtime…

    i bought one, and hated it, so slow, nothing worked kinda..
    sold it almost direct 🙂

  6. thanks god… they can’t put FroYo into xperia x10 yet, imagine if the half of developers works on windows phone…

  7. At the end of the day, it is about product cost. Everything being equal, SE cannot compete with HTC, Samsung or LG on cost, therefore in terms of pricing it will make SE phones much more expensive relative to other makers.

    Good example is the X10, what justifies the premium price we pay for the X10 even with its outdated firmware?

  8. “…the company does not expect to release a handset anytime soon.”

    Well, SE not releasing anything anytime soon sounds familiar… 😉

  9. haters of SE get a life ….leave dis site….
    i love se to d core
    SE dont get close to windows phone 7 android is d future

  10. My desire is new UXP will be opitimized, much faster, less memory-consumption. Also good idea is to be able to switch off all (slowness..) SE services. Android updates is nightmare. When we enjoy the phone with systematic updates of platform? I hope it would not be too far. Greets x

  11. I really think windows would be a perfect fit for Sony. Having their software up to snuff has always been their problem, doing unique style hardware has been their strong suit. But I think they are waiting until they are able to do Manufacture type zones, like HTC Sense will appear on windows and Sony could then include their version.

  12. @Stan S Wait wait wait.. in the US you have to PAY for incomming calls? What the hell for? The person who decides to make the call should pay for it..
    I read the other day they don’t allow Skype over 3G. Sounds bloody awful!

  13. @Sparks. Yes it is true, i lived in us for the past 10 years and you have to pay for income call’s, unless you subscribe for unlimited plan for U$ 99.00 a month, or you include the numbers in your my five (t-mobile). That’s a big rip of, because i’m used to not pay incoming, and was very difficult for me to adapt to this income call issue, and other thing the cell phone network in US is crap, The biggest carrier still using CDMA,…..rsrsrsrsrsrsrs

  14. This blog used to be very interesting so why is it so boring and slow now? Nothing new at all or what. I guess the owner may be a little busy these days 🙂

    Hope to have something new soon!

  15. @fact is fact
    want some fresh news?
    download links for Froyo 2.2.1 AOSP ROM => next week.
    Known problems:
    – no Audio playback (voice calls work)
    – no native Video playback (RockPlayer works)
    – camera – not implemented yet
    – random reboots (identified – WIP)
    – random lags (identified – WIP)
    – slight radio issue – voice calls – sometimes (1 out of 25-30 for me) both you and the other person sound like a chipmunk (identified – WIP)

  16. Note to all: if SE actually made a WP7 device that could be approved by Windows it would be the fullest, hardware feature set filled device SE have ever made.

    So I’m not surprised they’re not in a rush to build one. As for the UI issuesHTC have added there own style to WP7 with no problems BTW.

  17. I understand why SE want their own UI. But if you think about how long it took them to release the Android 2.1 update, SE using their own UI may not be a good thing.

  18. Well, that’s all I want from Sony.
    Make beautiful hardware. Make a solid, good looking phone that feels good in your hand.
    Which is what the X10 is.

    And let someone else do the damn software.

  19. Sony Ericsson with windows phone = great hardware and software >>>
    Be sure to have the latest software updates because windows phone updates are by Microsoft…

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