Sony Ericsson’s Playstation Phone to get 9th December announcement?

Sony Playstation PhoneThe rumours surrounding a Playstation/PSP Android phone from Sony Ericsson continue. This time we are hearing that the handset may get an announcement on 9th December after Sony Ericsson France sent some invites with some revealing hints. This included a phone icon next to images of the Playstation controller icons (the square, the circle, the triangle and the cross). The text of the invite also promises the most exciting presentation from the company in the last 10 years.

Who knows whether the invite is legit or not. I‘m also a bit sceptical as to why we have not heard of such invites being sent to journalists in other regions around the globe. Surely if the announcement is that exciting this would be of global interest. Anyway, regardless of the legitimacy of the invite, it does seem that SE is planning to launch such a device at some point given the weight of evidence.

Sony Playstation Phone

In related news, MobileCrunch has received a few more juicy details on the handset where a tipster said it will use a “mind-blowing” display, similar to the iPhone 4’s retina display. Sony Ericsson is considering leveraging the Bravia name, given the quality of the display (potentially something SE also plans to do with ANZU).

The tipster says the phone will probably launch in February 2011 around MWC and that the price point will be around $500 with 5 free games. Game prices will be in the sub-$10 range rather than the traditional pricing seen with PSP games. He also says that Google is working closely with SE to bring a closed section of the Android Market to be used exclusively for this new device.

13 responses to “Sony Ericsson’s Playstation Phone to get 9th December announcement?”

  1. Just wow !!!!!!

    SE= make.believe

    You just keep brining up more and more interesting stuff 🙂

    While others keep producing cheap, boring, plasticy phones which are always the same with different names. SE keeps making new thing that keeps the fans and the people engaged.

  2. What a load of fucking garbage, who wants a Playstation on their phone? What a waste of time and effort, and the worst thing is all you die hard SE fans will go and buy it like the marketing target drones you are.


  3. @ The Optimist
    Sadly for u and all the SE haters, if the playstation phone is real sales of the thing, not only from SE fan but Playstation and gamer fan will put SE way out there, no mobile company could possibly compete, the Playstation brand is way to strong, whether HTC or Samsung do make a better android phone or not, the PSPHONE will destroy them both combined in sales, and that’s what matters at the end of the day.

  4. Im sure there are many people out there just like me… that has a PSP and a Xperia X10.. (or any other smartphone) that wishes that the two device was one.

    A ultimate a true real entertainment hub.
    Iphone’s touchscreen can’t beat real physical buttons.

    @The optimist
    You are a drone only when don’t know what you want or need and then someone presents you with something, you follow it no matter what (*cough* Iphone users). PSPhone is something a good percentage of PSP owners actually want. Sony Ericsson is just answering to a demand.
    But, anyways, we are all essentially drones to marketing target. If we weren’t, smartphones or even regular cellphones wouldn’t be the way it is today.

  5. @ fact is fact:
    Are you stoned? SE is the king of making plasticy phones. Only difference is they try to hide it with cheap chrome paint that rubs off after a few months.

    Take a closer look at ur x10 r-tard. Its ALL plastic

  6. LOL… wonder how long the battery will last o.O… if they release a phone like that then maybe the nintendo will be joining the mobile phone world, now that would be too awesome if you have a NDS 3D in your mobile phone lols ^^_

  7. Im not believing in the hype, its not gonna run any real psp games. SE’s prob just gonna come up with their own mobile games store like N-gage. Who’s gonna buy any of the real psp/psp2 if this phone is capable of what the real psp can do

  8. The PlaystationPhone will support PSP1 games and new developed games.
    Separately PSP2 will have the REAL power.

  9. fuck u fact is fact
    Pa nayinte mone
    Inja baapande se
    Poda maira
    Nokia is the world leader in mobile phone
    Inja bali baayilito panneente mone