SE Turkey rep says official Froyo Xperia X10 update coming in Q2 2011

Android FroyoA Sony Ericsson support representative in Turkey has revealed that the Xperia X10 will get updated to Android 2.2 (Froyo) during Q2 2011. aLPaSLaN07 from xda-developers asked the question and received the reply that we’ve attached below. The text broadly translates into: “SE X10 will get the Android 2.2 update during the second quarter of 2011. Work is still currently ongoing on version 2.2.”

Now this by no means makes it official that the Froyo update is coming. After all the employee may have his/her wires crossed or may just be spouting any old bs to move onto the next person. On the flip side, an internal roadmap may already have been communicated to staff and perhaps this rep decided to let the cat out of the bag a little earlier than intended. An official Sony Ericsson support person on the same thread says that he is “investigating the email that was sent” and that they have “have NOT made any announcements concerning 2.2 on any current Android devices.” Whilst this may put a dampener on things, nowhere does he say that the update is not coming…

Update: SE Turkey replied to this customer with the usual sorry but we were wrong about the Android 2.2 update for the Xperia X10. Check out the full reply below.

Original SE Reply

SE Turkey

New SE Reply

SE Turkey

Translated it reads:

Mr. Ozdemir
–> (here, there is a standart thanks message)
Sorry for wrong information about Android 2.2 firm for X10…
The last information which was sent from our customer service is invalid. Sorry about it.
There is no information about Android 2.2 firmware, yet.

Via xda-developers.


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  1. I know SE is trying thier best to please thier consumers but i would rather them focus on 2.2 rather than the 2.1 update we just had recently.
    Because then Sony ericsson wouldnt be wasting any time creating an outdated android, but use that time to catch up with the competition and bring out 2.2.
    2.3 is coming out soonish and everyone will have their 2.3 and then we’ll be on 2.2. Then after 2.2, the xperia x10 cannot be updated anymore since the next android versions require more hardware specs which the xperia hasnt got, like RAM.
    and er…. first!!

  2. i really hate who write “first” “second”….. who cares if you are the first!!!! did you want a standing ovation?

  3. If this is true, it is the best news about the X10 ever released.
    Sure a Q2 Froyo update is late compared to other phones and to the fact that Gingerbread is coming, but as far as I have understood (and I may be wrong) the X10 is not capable of running Gingerbread due to hardware limitations.

    A Froyo update combined with the promised “multitouch” update would surely restore some of my lost faith in Sony Ericsson.

  4. Carrot for X10 users 🙂

    I hope it is a news from valid source, this is a historical event for all the X10 users now if “Authentic”.

    Hey SE…. is it true as per the “Calendar” you have in your company ??

    Far far away…

  5. And yet again i slap my head in my hand…
    They are only making it because they have seen that 1 modder can out do a whole company…
    On my birthday im paying the rest of my contract off and buying a new phone from HTC S.E Have let me down…

  6. Q2? Sony Ericsson are too slowly in relasing software. In Q1 gingerbread will be shipped and in q2 we will see honeycomb propably.

    I belive they can even optimize gingerbread for x10 but they have impaired strategy -_-‘

  7. Good news

    But owners of SEXperia10 always go late.

    2Q 2011 -> Xperia X10 Froyo, Samsung, htc Gingerbread?

    1Q 2011 -> MT on Xperia X10, They said it was impossible, now it is not. They know neither their product.

    I will never buy SE, your service does not seem serious.

  8. Why 2011 ? Please keep it till Q4 2012, this way no X10 owner will ever replace his phone with another SE phone… Stupid ass SE

  9. @ lalaine – are you on crack? thanking SE for a rumour? i pity you.

    SE is such a joke, as X10user_india put it ‘dangling a carrot in front of a donkey’ is exactly what there doing. wake up and smell the roses people or should i say donkeys! ha ha ha. im not holding my breath for this, its bound to be another string along.

  10. yeah…i will be good x10 with froyo…
    i care who be the first comment..
    so far i go one time only.. hehehe

  11. still havent got 2.1 update in spain x10 mini movistar .fuck ing get your akt together se.

  12. Why people are such idiots, why people buy such phones. Every fucking news about an update on this phone is comented buy a bunch of idiots that are complaining about shit. Go and buy and Iphone or a Samsung and you have the phone of your dreams if every thing that comes new on x10 is a problem. Unbelieveable.


  14. Q2 2011 ?? Pardon me I have a more exact date..
    its 30/6/2011 at 11pm that’s ofc if its not delayed :-$

  15. If yes I expect it by end of 2011. And by the way it will be absolutely obsolete since 2.3 will be widely used by other brands. Maybe SE should skip 2.2 and focus directly to 2.3.

  16. If u think we r fool stupid and idiot for believing in SE, I do not care … thats ur opinion … but my opinion is, why r u here? U r the one who mad at SE right? why do you keep on returning back to the SE blog? Who’s pathetic now? … me? Who believe and satisfied in the SE or u? Who mad because you have not satisfied at SE?… or u just cant admit that ur still using SE bcoz u cant buy a new one…

  17. dats awesum….mkin me love my x10 more is unbelievable…….
    i love se die….
    dose complainin..just get a samsung or htc
    …..u can never change a die hard fan…

  18. @Bandit

    STFU and stop using others nick you low life bastard !! I know it’s you who keeps using my nick. Who else is a loser and keeps reading every news regarding SE and yet keeps bashing them like a pig !? Why didn’t you sell your phone already if you hate se that much ? HA.

    And MT and 2.2 were not even choices for the X10 ?! And now since there is hope in having them you still keep bashing se? What kind of people are you ? Seriously sometimes I wonder why did god create such stupidity in people. Well I guess he has his reasons.

    I guess we need people like you to work in low and simple jobs to serve more important people. I mean for sure not all of you can be professors, doctors or engineers! Specially with this kind of mentality.

  19. And for the owner of this blog, can you please tell me one reason for leaving people like Bandit in this blog ? Go search all his comments, none of them are productive! All he does is swear and bash SE and the fans constantly, nothing else.

    Seriously this is getting out of control, he is only one person that uses several nicks and he is probably 14 years old, it’s about time cleaning this blog from shitty insects like band-shit.

  20. @fact is fact,

    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, it’s just sad how people abuse the privilege!

    just a quick thought, i never once regret buying my x10. only because i know how to use it and extend its capabilities. i suggest reading up on xda developers site to further extend your x10’s capabilities for all those idiots out there. if you don’t like your phone sell it and buy an iphone(the best phone for the uninformed)

  21. i saw what it took for SE to release 2.1 and it was enough. personally, i’m convinced this is as far as they’ll get with this phone. maybe, just maybe, they’ll also implement some kind of MT. but other than that, flat line for X10. i’m now focused on what happens in XDA’s yard and how they’re doing with that custom 2.2 ROM. it’s still in its early stages and has some major bugs but at least we know for sure that they’re working on it and there are serious chances for this project to succeed. Flash is the only thing i want right now (skyfire is ok, but it’s only a compromise for online flash content).

  22. @JDM

    Dude I totally agree, and usually reasonable guys do their homework before buying a single product and then judge fairly. I also never did regret buying such an amazing phone. In fact, I am very happy with it.

    And with the recent updates and news I’m hearing this makes me even feel better! And yes XDA developers are a blessing as well. So overall, this is what we get when we know exactly what we want.

    But unfortunately my friend this is not the case with the majority of people! And therefore being wiser is a good thing but in the same time it makes you suffer from the people around you.

    Have you ever heard about what one of the greatest minds of human kind had to say regarding this matter ? Here you go :

    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the the universe.”
    Albert Einstein

  23. I feel sorry for the turkish guy, this investigation will result in him being fired. 🙁 on another note. 2.2 would rock.

  24. Froyo 2.2? In the USA?
    For all I know I keep waiting for AT&T to release freaking Eclair 2.1 for SI # 1237-4604…
    Froyo 2.2 in the USA?
    Maybe the anti-christ brings it under his arm…sigh

  25. Hey S&N,
    Me too on AT&T USA. Just flash your phone with XDA tool bro. I did the same ans now have 2.1 on X10. Losers at AT&T will take months to strip everything great about 2.1.

  26. this phone is a failure. who cares about it anymore. i wasted a good chunk of change on this phone thinking it would be great. turns out, i was dead wrong and my money was wasted. 2.2 next year? shit, i’ll have 2.3 soon on my nexus one. and technically 2.1 isn’t even out yet in the USA. ATT is gay and so is SE.

  27. @SumitBhatia- I have not tried XDA as I only have Win7 64 bit and I did not find any specific instructions for my Operating System. Believe me, my brother and me own X10a’s with AT&T and just can’t wait for detailed instructions on how to update to 2.1. Can you post the exact link I should go to at the XDA developers website? or maybe just send me how you did it @ THANKS

  28. I totally called this in numerous posts. Sony is being quiet because of anzu/x12 because it will launch at 2.2 and then get 2.3 in q2. Sony needs the x12 to have something to make it sell instead of people getting a much cheaper x10. So when the x12 get gingerbread x10 gets froyo. There is nothing to stop the x10 from getting gingerbread except Sony uses the logic I shown above, those min specs are for the 3.0 update and are aimed at tablets rather then phones.

  29. tel me one special tin from 2.2 to 2.3…
    x10 nids a successor..i love my x10 if ur mad at sony leave dis blog
    ever believe a fan nigeria culd b dis kin…..u talk bout nexus iv used
    talk bout galaxy iv used..
    nothin fil beta dan sonyericsson x10…
    am rily glad i got dis blog plus i cant wait 4 x12 to b out if its a fact
    if u hate it sale it ill buy …..

  30. Q2 2011? given the current life-span of smartphones (<1 year) I will have since long bought a new phone..

  31. […] (2.2 voor X10 en 2.3 voor Playstation Phone) bezig (als het klopt wat op volgende site staat). SE Turkey rep says official Froyo Xperia X10 update coming in Q2 2011 | Xperia X10 Blog –TimVK– –> Puzzel Alarm SE Xperia X10 -> EDPnet Mobile HTC Magic (32A) -> Mobi* […]

  32. As nerve has said: “Haven’t we played this game before??”
    Man, I’ll not play this game again, as soon my contract finish I’ll buy another phone and retire my dumb hat….

  33. I love my Xperia X10 and it has become even better with Android 2.1, but yeah, its necessary for SE to do something not only to be a good opponent in the smartphones market, but also to satisfy the demands of the users of their products. I’ve used SE phones over 4 years now and I’m convinced that is a good trademark, but it also has arbitrary ways to work and most of the times the SE team don’t listen to us, the consumers when we express what we need/want on a phone.
    And yes, those who attack SE shouldn’t waste their times here and should be on topics of iPhones or Samsung galaxies instead, talking about the real problems on those phones. Detractors: your opinions are useless here.