Sony Ericsson Z1 (Playstation Phone) to launch in March 2011

Sony Ericsson Z1The Sony Ericsson Z1 (Playstation Phone) will hit retail in March 2011 according to sources at ITProPortal. This wouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s broadly the same period during which the Xperia X10 launched earlier this year. It is believed the phone will be shown off at the MWC show in Barcelona in February and CeBIT 2011 in early March.

However, what is not known is when the phone will be officially announced. It sounds like Sony Ericsson has learned their lesson from the Xperia X10 when it was forced to announce the phone earlier after a number of leaks. Despite the same happening this time round with the Playstation Phone and ANZU, it seems as if SE is hanging tight until they can announce the handsets under their own terms.

13 responses to “Sony Ericsson Z1 (Playstation Phone) to launch in March 2011”

  1. Its incredible to see rumours come true. But I hope the leaked spec of the ANZU are not true as I would like it to be much better spec’d. But the I am not expecting the rumours to be incorrect. Come on SE make the ANZU top notch

  2. This one has to be a good one! To run PSP games it really has to have a pretty strong GPU and CPU and lots of RAM. It is even painful for me to emulate the PSP in my QUAD core computer.

  3. i think i’ll wait til the the other one comes out this phone would be a massive battery drainer as itll be a smartphone/psp battery wont last a few hours never mind a day

  4. @Shizumaru

    It is known as playstation phone but rumour is that it won’t be running PSP games.

  5. This phone just has to rock it SE wants to keep in the android game. As a former X10 owner I swore off SE, so this one would have to be pretty solid to sway me back. I just hope they don’t s@!t the bed here…….not supporting psp games is obviously a huge mistake on their part if its true. At least get the hardware right this time guys..

  6. maybe it can support psp games… or else hope xda team can make and emulator for psp (i have more hope in xda than se lol) ^^_

  7. @ Asad Mulla:

    I’ve spoken to a SE representative some time ago and he assured me the ANZU itself is real, but the specs, as they are listed on some websites – also GSM-Review – are not.
    I’ve no reason to doubt that.