Playstation Phone gets benchmarked, scores lower than the Xperia X10

Sony Ericsson Z1Recently we brought you the first benchmark of Sony Ericsson’s next Android smartphone, codenamed ANZU. The handset scored a respectable 63.7fps in the Neocore benchmark against, versus our Xperia X10 that could only manage 27.6fps.

Well now, Engadget has revealed the same benchmark score for the upcoming Playstation Phone aka Sony Ericsson Z1. However, if you were expecting it to comfortably beat ANZU than you’ll be in for a surprise as it couldn’t even beat the X10, scoring just 24.4fps. I’m sure there’s probably a reason behind this such as the prototype hardware or software being used. You can check out the benchmark video for yourself after the break.

Thanks Franz!

24 responses to “Playstation Phone gets benchmarked, scores lower than the Xperia X10”

  1. LOL!! I LOVE MY X10a from At&T and this just made me laugh even harder. WOW!! Definetly need a retest!!

  2. I am worried whether or not the playstation part of this phone is going to mean sacrificing vital smartphone features but that said its unlikely the scores for this and the anzu are anywhere near final

  3. This is not final for god sakes its a proto-type and who knows how many apps engadget opened along the test just to decrease the results. I’ll just wait for something official.

  4. PLZ someone tell me about this – fps – what is this ??? is it how clear screen is or what ? thank you .

  5. @gizmo it’s the amount of frames the pphone can render a second so if it is 12 fps it is really laggy and 30 fps and up you will probably even notice the difference

  6. Well, if this is a proto with that result and the Anzu is a proto with 63.7fps, then I’ll go for the anzu xD

  7. Either a prototype issue….. or the price issue.
    They probably don’t like the idea of the PSP2 getting competition from the Z1, so it might just be a decent device, priced reasonably, but (maybe?) more aimed at random android games that will be, with the right support, more enjoyable with real buttons, and maybe support for minis and PSX classics.
    Your guess is as good as mine, anyway.

  8. PSP imitation failed!

    not only SE is screwing over its customers, its screwing over sony as well!
    lets see how SE will destroy the playstation name.

  9. It´s not official that this is the real OS. The real Graphic. Also the look could(!) change. And i don´t think you can play PSP2 Games with it. You “only” could play PSP and PS-One Games! 😉
    I don´t know why people think so bad about it. This could be the best android phone. 😉
    We will see 😉

  10. Why did sony make fun of people using iphone to play games and now they are turning around and doing the samething. Sony are a bunch of hypocrites.

  11. “Couldn’t even beat the X10…” like a slap in the face, ahaha. My x10 has been running slow the past few days, maybe you guys hurt her feelings… poor thing. I do love her but I think I’m just about ready to upgrade to something newer.

  12. Come on people. Why are you complaining you dont even own the phone. If SE told you the phone was the best in the world and you bought based on that, then it turns out to be a load of crap, you can winge. Sony havent even announced the thing yet. Wait til we get the real deal then see. and if you dont like it dont buy it. Simple

  13. Why is the video in an upside down landscape mode? Im pretty sure the buttons should be on the right side of the phone. The controls slide….

  14. Ok. So I just downloaded the demo Neocore app about 12 hrs ago and then started the test. It didn’t come up with a result at first so I had to exit out of the app twice and run it again. So the first initial test was surprising to even see. 29.4FPS with 70.38 mb available memory per Super Security Task manager!!! And this is on a At&T phone that has 1.6, yet to be unlocked,unbranded and anything else you could think of doing to it :)!! So i tried it again 4 hours later after playing Angry birds and checking the internet and it came up at 28.4 FPS with 65.80 mb available memory!! So I’m thinking this is crazy considering the fact of previous posted blogs and such came less with 2.1 right?! So I shut down the phone and restart it and after clearing out the apps running with Super Security, I only left Lookout and Super Security running per the Super Security Task Manager and low and behold the Neocore ran at 29.1FPS with 113.50 available memory. So is my phone just as good as a Nexus 1?!! LOL!!

  15. Fatter intet ! det lyder som noget og ingenting . Pis på mig for det er da bare endnu en røvsnasker som jeg bad om. !

  16. Remember all those early videos of the x10 and how bad it lagged? Then, do you remember how SE said it was due to pre-release software problems and that the production phone would work much better? Well guess what, they were lying then and they are lying now. This phone is going to be a disaster, screw SE and screw you fact is fact.