New X10 update (2.0.2.A.0.24) brings bug fixes; loses ability to root

X10 updateSony Ericsson has released a new (minor) update for the Xperia X10 family. The firmware has been updated to version 2.0.2.A.0.24 with Baseband version 2.0.49. There is no official changelog from the company so we can’t officially say what changes it brings. The main improvements appear to be better performance overall including Timescape and Mediascape, a new keyboard and some users are reporting louder in-call volume.

However, one big disadvantage is that you are no longer able to root the handset. The 162MB update should be available for users to download now via PC Companion or SEUS, although the update wasn’t available on our handset running Generic Nordic firmware. However, it shouldn’t be long before it hits all regions.

Thanks to all that sent this in!

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  1. When r they getting the 2.2 update to this phone….. cant wait to have it on my phone…. If anyone has rooted this update, kindly share the link…

  2. Does updating cause data loss? For instance, do we have to re-install our apps after updating to this firmware? Anyone who has updated please give me the answer. Thanx in advance.

  3. @Angel112: will need to reinstall apps.. but you can restore data if you make a backup.

    couldn’t root with SuperOneClick nor z4root. i noticed an increase in responsiveness at start. but after restoring backups, reinstalling all apps, reconfiguring missing settings, it started to lag. whether opening apps, closing, switching apps, getting into settings.. rebooting fixed a little. still notice lag when opening app, but once it’s opened it’s faster..

    imo, not worth the update if you’re rooted.

    can’t wait for root!!

  4. update for x10 eh? x10 mini and mini pro I suppose doesn’t have the update yet (Philippines). Not that I use root for something (yet), but that update would really put more effort If one will decide on rooting their x10 mini. I might just wait for the FroYo update then (if it will ever cone).

  5. Got my update before i realised i couldn’t root this yet, big mistake from me i guess.
    i live in spain but i got a generic nordic firmware. Hope they root this one soon, i need my wi-fi tether.

  6. Advantage:
    – Keyboard looks nice and the lag seems to have gone
    – Not noticed anything else as of now

    – Moxier mail is back 🙁

  7. […] New X10 update (2.0.2.A.0.24) brings bug fixes; loses ability to root | Xperia X10 Blog Pre-rooted version of latest X10 update (2.0.2.A.0.24) already available | Xperia X10 Blog Xperia X10にマイナーアップデートが来てるみたい。 「Timescape、Mediascapeを含む全体のパフォーマンスが改善されているけど、root取れなくなってるよ」ってことかな? new keyboardってのが気になる。 でも、もうroot済み、busybox、xRecoveryインストール済みのROMが公開されているようです。 Timescape、Mediascapeは使わないから、アップデータしなくても大丈夫かな。 トラックバックURL       ニュースAndroid ← 2010/12/23 気になったAndroidニュースの感想 /* */ […]

  8. Never mind… Just updated and the problem still exists… No 160 characters for non english SMSes. 🙁

  9. Is the update for x10 mini ? A few minutes ago I did not have any the notification for the update greece

  10. @bri by rooting your phone you can install apps which require root access and uninstall apps like Moxier Mail, Createtouch etc. which eats memory and battery.

    Another thing I noticed is that the lag in general has gone down. Still lags for me. Also the LED flash for notifications which did not work for me earlier has started working. Having used 2.2 by XDA on this phone as well I think SE had done good job with 1.6 OS. Hope they skip 2.2 and hop right o to 2.3 🙂

  11. hi

    please share me a working CDA for the update. Global generic is not updating.


    but working with xrecovery, like a charm !

  12. I don’t see any major difference in either mediascape/timescape except that they seem a little faster – thankfully, as mediascape used to lag quite a bit (not noticed as of yet after the update).
    The new keyboard’s cool and everything is generally more responsive (which is really great).

    I don’t really care what anyone else says, I think SE did a fair job with the phone and the UI

    – X10 in Malaysia

  13. Canada: Rogers – I haven’t seen anything yet and I don’t intend to update since I rooted mine! Everything works better now that it’s rooted! I suggest you guys do the same and nevermind the update

  14. @INDIA
    Can any one confirm this update in India ?
    I tried today connecting my x10, my phone is already updated.

    – help please

  15. @INDIA
    Can any one confirm this update in India ?
    I tried today connecting my x10, my phone says it is already updated.

    – help please

  16. Got the update, Bosnia using generic Nordic firmware.

    This update is exactly what I needed because my Xperia was getting ridiculously slow especially the keyboard which was unusable at times! New keyboard looks good is much much much faster then the old one.

    Good to see that SE is still doing something regarding this phone.

  17. @Kiranjith

    Not available yet in India, I get the same message.
    Others must have nordic firmware.

  18. I wont upgrade since i use root functionality, however if this update stops the annoying reboots of the phone i will apply it…

    Anyone can confirm?

  19. @ Alejandro,

    I just updated my phone to Nordic FW. I have the same annoying reboot/auto-crash/restarting issues since I updated to 2.1. I have visited so many forum discussing this x10 problem. But right now, I did not test my phone yet. Update your phone and let us see if this update will cure the reboot issue of our phone.

    Post your observation after updating.

  20. Singapore got the update .Anyways w/o the update i still get my phone lagging when opening the menu x.x when using the live wallpapers x.x. . . .

  21. how to not lose apps and data when I update? I mean its annoying that I have to load and install everything again after updates…

  22. Ian@ you can use your backup and restore application to save your applications and your settings. It is very easy. Nothing in greece yet

  23. Really annoyed at SE! They are to lazy to have my phone show Thai script and the only way to fix this is to root the phone and put the fonts in there (which of course SE should have done for me!!!). It took me some time to figure out how to do this quite easy with z4root. Now they release an update (still without Thai fonts) that cannot be rooted and I have to spend time learning more complex ways of messing with my phone. Merry Christmas to you too SE! I love my phone so if someone can give easy directions on how to fix this issue I will be for ever great full!

  24. It seems sony now noe how to lock kernal nd baseband from being getting rooot
    if they provide their customers with 2.2 or 2.3
    ..with no rooot
    then _____________________________________________

  25. guys these ass holes are back with some other crappy thing,i can guarentee you that there is nothing which is going to improve in this phone,guys i was a fan of sony but not anymore,iam using their phones from my school,but they give you great hardware ,and does nt even use 10% of it,and coming to x10,oh my god this is the worst mistake i did in my life,this phone looks awesome but holds the worlds crappiest thing,after i updated it to 2.1 it started rebooting itself for every 10 minutes,the keyboard sucks sometimes the space bar taps continuosly itself,the menu bar responds slowly,guys iam from india ,i bought it for Rs.35000 ,which means i can buy one nexus s and an ipod touch 4g,and they worked on 2.1 for one year,these people are true ass holes,iam gonna ask you two questions.1.why did you take one year for this crappy 2.1 thing? you people know anythingi about multitouch,16m colours,android 2.2 ,flash,ram ,touch sence buttens,in call volume,keyboard,dialpad vibration,self rebooting,overheating,charging capacity,speaker other than time scape and mediascape?

  26. @ Topher and Alejandro,

    I had the exact same problem as you guys, in 1.6 the phone was rock solid, after the 2.1 update it would reboot itself at random. I spoke to SE support and they said they suggested reflashing, factory data reset, I had already done those a couple of times. Turns out there was a hardware defect in the phone that didn’t show up until you put 2.1 on it. Which makes sense, as the new OS will tax the hardware in different ways.

    I took this information to my service provider and they swapped me out new hardware, haven’t had a problem since. Might be something you guys could look into.

  27. already updated.. but didn’t see any changes. some said the the keyboard was changed but mine was not. and don’t worry, this update won’t delete anything from your phone. but do a back up for safe.

  28. things i noted AFTER THE UPDATE:

    4.SLIGHT IMPROVEMENT IN BATTERY LIFE (actually really good battery life for me now than before)



  29. I got a software update message now
    ‘New Se software is available for your phone. Update your software to get the latest features and corrections and keep your phone in the best possible condition. blah blah blah..’

    Estimated download time :2-15 min. Size : 8.42 MB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Xperia Mini,
    Chennai, India

    What is the update for 8.42 mb? weird….

    Any of you guys got this?

  30. update not available in India as of now ! Tried updating through PC companion and Update Service………

  31. guys why you people are very much interested in the update,there is nothing this update gives the phone,this is just for publicity ,by which we will think that they are giving faster update,they are providing the same 2.1 update which we recieved last month.these people are masters in frodding.

  32. iam gonna ask you SONY ERICSSON some questions.
    answer these if you were born to a single dad. you know that samsung did nt even promise with its
    galaxy s that they will provide 2.3 in the future during the launch of the phone but they are giving 2.3 you know that htc didnt even promise to give 2.2,2.3 to all their devices but they are giving to their phones. you know that dell streak ,motorola updated their phones to 2.2 and will provide 2.3 to some of their phones. you know that lg is providing 2.2 to their phones you people know the value of money as you people kept huge price tag for your fucking phone.

  33. I’ve changed my mind about this update, besides loosing root, it only got my phone slower, slower to the point of me wanting to smash it against the wall! >_<

    Been Sony Ericsson user for almost a decade now, but this is definitely my last Sony Ericsson phone!

  34. if you click the “appear” link in the main article it takes you to a page were you can download the rooted and the unroted update firmware….



  35. Update was released on the 21st of December 2010. That’s six days ago! WHERE THE F… IS THE UPDATE????!!

  36. @ jad i did it myself..i used software update service man….dont worry u will get it soon or u would have got already……

  37. looks like the update is now available for India (normal India user – not Nordic). PC companion just informed me of an update. Will try the same.

  38. Common Guys dont expect somthing frm SE…
    Its the shitting SE again
    All know they never keeps time… expect the update next year !!!!

  39. Why people are w8n for update when they noee datt .. dey wont b able to root
    This phone withoutt Root nd jit enable is Crap
    but whenn roooted nd Jit enabled
    Its besttt .. it kicks galaxyy SSSSASSSSS

    dont w8 for the updatee its useless

  40. THAT’S IT! F… YOU SE! I am NEVER buying a SE Mobile again. I’m getting the HTC Desire tomorrow!

  41. the update is not useless at all. it is made my x10 more stable and the touch screen is better than before. keyboard in white looks cool and performs well too. Swype keyboard mix with this works like a charm. no need to root your phone when you got an X10, it is fast enough already…

  42. there is no multi touch enabled in this update…
    or did anybody got multi touch update enabled


  43. @Zabih
    WHERE DID U DOWNLOAD SWYPE ?can u post me the link of that or say some more details of that pls….

  44. i got updated to the latest FW (2.0.2.A.0.24), mine is xperia mini pro. i dont know abt others but i am liking this (missing root as well , but no issues , i am sure we will have it in very near future again). One bug fix which i saw immediately was the USB issue (phone goes to restart if you chose “connect phone” and if u have SD notification ON with notification ringtone set to something from ur SD card). Battery life does seem to have improved a bit (just a feeling).

  45. this release is just a bug fix …SE never said it is giving u MT with this why are some people fussing abt it ? You should be happy instead that u get a bug fix within a month or so of a major release.

  46. Its useful fr uuu . Zabih bt nt fr those on xda world
    Search google
    Downlod it it will provide u all paid apps fr free .

  47. @goku
    Thanks buddy
    thanks for applanet.
    Can u tell me what is Jit? and what SW u used to root?

  48. I’m in Oz and downloaded the update yesterday. Battery seems to be improved and the responsiveness is better. The unlock is faster – doesn’t appear any louder on the volume side of things. Slowly but surely the phone is getting better. Lets be honest – a year after a phone is released it will be out of date. From where we started in April, things aren’t too bad.

  49. Anyone from India got update for xperia x10??????????????????
    I m not getting it till now……………………

  50. Hi, I m from india and i m unable to receive any update notification either with SEUS or PC Companion…is there anyone on indian firmware who have recieved it..?

  51. Hi Rippsa, I’m also in Oz, couldn’t get update yet, which network do you use? I’m with 3. Thanks!

  52. uk still no update, yet se website shows available from 21/12/10
    tried both seus and pc companion no joy either, how bad can se really be at releasing an update?????

  53. @kiranjith
    i havent updated to latest version.. dat is 2.0.2.a.0.2.4
    Becoz SE hav locked its kernal nd baseband so we cant root
    nd as per every XDA developerss Definition specialyy a phone lykk X10 without Root is just a piece of wood

    if u wanto root yewr fone
    search Z4root in applanet ..
    remeber this app isnt available on Android market
    1st root yewr fone install Xrevoeryy den JIT then feeel thee change in yewr foneee
    links are provided in the previous posttt

  54. Hey i just “POPPED” my phone, it said that there was -NO-… i RepeaT -NO- update, ok whatever, i heard the update had happened..

    So if you want the update but have had the -NO- update flashed at you,

    simply do a “Repair” which gets you the new software….


  56. Updated here in Malaysia.

    When check for update, try to check by connecting the phone to the computer that have internet connection. Do not check over the air (through handphone wifi or 3G connection) as it will indicate that you already have the latest revision….

  57. im in Ghana n my xperia x10i got updated yesterday with PC was easy n the phone is faster…i lv the new keyboard…none of my installed application was deleted…

  58. Hello. I am having xperia x10 with nordic firmware in india, i’ve tried both OTA and pc companion but both says lastest firmware already installed please help me out so that i can installed new firmware on my x10.

  59. wifi conection not automatically off.
    can’t root using z4 root. nice keyboard. nothing special about this update.
    Why so serious? (Malaysia – debrand to Global Generic)

  60. as


    said, there is NO OTA indicatio on the upper panel, BUT update is available bye SEUS update (i am not using pc companion):
    for x10i , global generic, CE3,
    mini pro global generic, CE3

    i have tried theses….


  61. Please, type here for which SI is available.

    X10i SI 1235-5527 (CE1 1237-8344) is latest 2.0.A.0.504

    Still no update.

  62. @Zaryab
    Thanks Bro,,,,
    It was a great piece of help.
    I really appreciate your time.

    Happy New Year Bro..

    Happy New year Folks :o)

  63. X10A with rogers firmware, no udate via SEUS or PC companion! How do people update their rogers devises already if there is no update out yet?!

  64. IHere in greece I had the notification in my x10 mini to download a new software update. But I cannot update my phone . I download the update and my phone goes to flass mode normally but when it restarts says that the software update failed . What can I do ? X10 mini 2.1 world generic rooted please help me….

  65. Enjoying my new HTC Desire which I got yesterday. 😀 Happy New Year everyone and F… Sony Ericsson. You just lost another customer for good! 😀

  66. @JC
    Yew changed X10 for Desire
    then a bad move
    if yew changedd X10 for Desire HD beauthayyyyyyy 😀 nyccc

  67. @Kiranjith
    would yew mind posting yew Becnhmark result here
    LINpack nd … Quadrantt
    if yew havv done…enabled JIT V 2

  68. Kats@όπως σου είπα στο techblog έχει κάποια πλεονεκτήματα αλλά θέλω να το κάνω ξέρεις τιποτα ? Έκανες την αναβάθμιση αυτή ? Έβαλες το JIT ?

  69. Got the update from xda. I dont know if it is avible for uk yet.
    I did not notice any improvementapart from the keybord but still laggy.the touchscreen goes crazy. Instlled jit and linpack shows up to 33 mflops., a bit smoother, a big difference from stock 6 mflops…

  70. @ mario try to reinstall 2.1 rom again.then install new update from zda,the pre rooted update.or even if you have instled original se 2.1 then just root phone again and start the updte process not with se companion,follow xda instrucions

  71. after the update i have a problem with youtube application…..does any body have the same problem…it says stopped and force closed…is any solution for utube application (default app)…pls reply

  72. @mario well i installed it on my x10i no problem. Just get the apps u need,then once u hve them copy the update files to the sd and install it from xrecovery. Once its instaled reboot ur phone and go to flash mode.use non gui flasher. Just folow xda instructions,a few pages more they explain it easier.

  73. Got Generic 2.1 in the UK, but still no update….

    I’m already running
    Baseband Version – 2.0.46
    Kernel Version – 2.6.29
    Build Version – 2.0.A.0.504

    This is the update I had at the end of November from 1.6.

    Should i be expecting a further update?

  74. @damian tube works fine, when i create a youtube widget it shows the force close problem..or else utube is working fine….just try with widget and reply pls

  75. @goku….my x10i has 2.1-update1
    Baseband Version – 2.0.46
    Kernel Version – 2.6.29
    Build Version – 2.0.A.0.504…even my pc companion shows that i have the latest software….my SI number is 1235-2964…..what’s ur SI number…

  76. @INDIA
    Tried again. No luck.
    We have to wait more.
    Its SE 🙂 never expect somthing so soon …

    I have enough to remember how SE behaves.

  77. Updated yesterday (MNL)… Updating wont cause you to loose application or contacts.. it’s just like a service pack for your windows..

  78. @Goku

    HI! Widget works fine, you need to have activated 3g, otherwise it will show no conneciton error,but it does not force close.

  79. My wife got the update for her x10 mini pro 2 days ago. Maybe her phone is from Norway.
    I’m still waiting for the update as my phone is from Germany. (We are from Hungary and the phones are factory unlocked ones).

    We had some problems after the update: as we can’t root it, we decided to delete manually some of the “most useful” apps like “CA Gold Rush”, “Rollercoaster” and others that the OS enables to delete without rooting.
    After restarting the phone, all uninstalled crap came back.

    The problem with my phone is that I can’t even restore or repair it with SEUS or PCC.
    SEUS said that there is no updates but I can’t choose to repair it.

    PCC said that there is no updates but I can repair it. After starting the repair sequence, it said that “There is no available software for your phone”. But this happens only with my x10 mini pro. I can repair my wife’s…

    Very interesting…

    Sorry for my bad english… 🙂

  80. I have been in the technology field for 20 years now, and never have I seen a company treat their consumers in such a way that would drive them from their product. I have never known a company that did not have a deadline when developing any application of any kind. There are so few updates and so little respect on SE’s part that it sickens me. How can a company release a product that is outdated to the point of becoming a small paperweight on my desk? At one point I had praised Sony for their products, but as the months continue, I am left with something that is equivalent to Windows 98. The fourth quarter of 2010 has passed and yet your blog still states the update is pending for that time frame. Shame on you for not updating on a regular basis, which leaves all of us feeling like we all purchased a brick. If you are reading this SE, it’s about time you say something to the masses that have been venting for months… and months, instead of the usual “Oh we don’t know anything” crap.

  81. My X10i is hanging up and rebooting around 10times a day. I wrote a mail to the support if the bugfix-update (which is not available yet for A1-Austria) will solve this problem…as they didn’t answer, i ask you. will this bugfix-update solve my hang-up-problem?

  82. hey guys!

    has anyone noticed if this update is out in the uk yet? i just tried it using sus and sod all..
    mind you with the way sony is im not surrprised that there is talk of an update and no frikin update lol

  83. Why India?! Everyday are here same questions about… India, India and again… India…

    Why not UK, why not Slovakia,…?

  84. The reason for the serious delays in the current global releases is the several existing problems with the new software …sony is always behind the 8 ball on the android releases as they do not invest in software ….across the board…sony vegas editing has the same problems

  85. I had the new firmware is exactly when says, its over all faster and snappier. i dont see lag with my live wallpapers turned on at all. I am very happy with this update. Doesn’t have multi-touch but I’m sure it will come in time.

  86. Now this Update launch in India through its update service not over the air or pc companion…………

  87. ok, on the SE UK facebook site, ive recently seen a few comments saying they are not updating the Android platform, but will still recieve system updates. Heres the exact comment:

    We believe a further Android update for the X10 family of handsets would not drastically improve the user experience. Our developers included features in the Android 2.1 update which is on par with, and in many cases better than, a …vanilla installation of Android 2.2.

    We will continue to provide system updates to the handset, but this will not include an update to the Android platform – Aimee.

  88. on the way update… is slow….. slower than when i update from 1.6 to 2.1……. haiz…………

  89. Another one bites the dust! That was a nice way to close this case. Killing rooting with last update and no further android upgrades.

  90. True, I got the new update yesterday in India.

    But the greatest disadvantage is my Z4Root is not working anymore, and hence the AdFree app is also not working and ad started coming up in lots of my apps 🙁

    Anyone knows how to get it rooted again with 1 click?

  91. Updated my X10 mini pro to 2.1 through PC companion. Saw that the “CreateTouch” app was removed. It was a good to have app to create some cool walls…but I am not complaining . Angry birds and seasons (not lite) was working more smoothly on my 1.6. On 2.1 its bit slow. I have never had any other mobile than SE ). I just like their intuitive UI (even if its generics like android). I am happy!!

  92. Avoid update. Lost root. Phone is now laggy and unresponsive even 1 day after update. Now my poor x10 has all the bloatware back on it. Have to wait for sea to bring out new root tool

  93. Panic over, folks!

    There is a new version of SuperOneClick over on the XDA forums which DOES root the latest X10 update 🙂

    Bye bye Moxier Mail etc 🙂

  94. I’ve not had any update, use to have uk vodafone but i flashed to uk generic to get the 2.1 update, does anyone know if this update has been released to the uk generic?

  95. Having used it for a few days, here are some things I noticed:
    – overall it’s faster, more responsive, less lag
    – Quadrant performance is similar to HTC Desire and Nexus One, ~550 points
    – wireless connection is more stable, less disconnects apparently
    – battery life seems worse, sometimes when plugged in the phone would not charge.
    Might be related to Traffic counter extended, these issues started after installing it. The wireless connection is by far the biggest drain on the battery >45%, with the option for Wi-Fi standby set to never.
    If SonyEricsson would have enabled JIT in this firmware the phone probably would have been quite fast.

  96. I have just updated my X10 into this latest firmware update (Saudi Arabia). The noticeable part after this update is that my X10 is even faster now. Opening the Timescape is blazingling faster (although I have no complaint anymore with my previous firmware as there’s no lag anymore). The keyboard is even better, the in-call volume is also even better, touch responsiveness also improved. Keyboard is very cool, it’s just like the keys itself is more thumbable now. Although this update does not include yet the multi-touch. I understand that SE mentioned that we will be receiving update for the multi-touch through OTA (Over-The-Air). I just hope no later than February.

  97. MAJOR BUG DISCOVERED: setting brightness to auto is gone in this firmware version. I can’t find it in the X10i settings.

  98. I’m not gonna try and address every comment, but a few caught my eye. first off, root via superoneclick for 2.0.2
    second, auto brightness can be set using power control widget.

    third, and finally, the Cypress TrueTouch GEn3 PSoc driver is fully capable of supporting multi touch on the xperia range, but the next update is Dualtouch only. Please, no complaints about Res changes / multi-touch support etc; Few updates is much, much better than none.

  99. i just updated and believe me, this update has really improved the speed of my phone than earlier and the keyboard is much better and to be honest, i was thinking at first this is the dual touch update……so i tried and no use……lolz

  100. I rooted and started cleaning out some of the crap yesterday – today I got the update… (Virgin supplied phone on 3UK sim… don’t ask…)

    This update has reinstalled all the crap and added some extras… update killed root – but immediately reinstated via latest SuperOneClick v1.6.3.0 😉

    …Must remember not to kill GTalk this time 😀

    Can’t comment on whether update adds any stability / features as too busy removing Peggle / RollerCoaster / Timescape etc etc…

  101. Just upgraded to my Three X10i baseband 2.0.49

    I am still to see what happens. It is said that indexing of media may still be taking place in background. Can someone please remind me of the maximum size of mini sd card and is it easy to change over from 8gb (I think that is the size)

  102. The new Update 2.0.2.A.0.24 has a new Inteface for Keyboard….and nothing else….yes my battery life also has increrased conpared to earlier…