Pre-rooted version of latest X10 update (2.0.2.A.0.24) already available

X10 pre-rootedOne of the major disadvantages of the latest firmware update (2.0.2.A.0.24) for the Xperia X10 family is that you lose the ability to root. This is more than likely to put off a number of you, but fear not as zdzihu from xda-developers has already been hard at work and released a pre-rooted version of this firmware. The firmware is available to download here and comes pre-rooted, with busybox and xRecovery pre-installed.


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  1. Hey.
    I have a question about the things you need to use. i have busy box, but can’t find the xrecovery and x10 flasher can someone help me????

    Also, do your phone need to be rooted to get this update?

  2. @se1: no… as of now, roms from OEMs are not pre-rooted. So installing a new rom removes root or your superuser privileges. That means, the update that you will download from sony will remove superuser privileges or root. After you have installed this rom you will have to acquire this superuser privilege, or root your phone. But sony has patched the back-door thru which we used to do that. So, if you wanted a rooted phone with the latest/updated rom, this is your option.

    @Bumblebee: There are separate threads within the X10 forum over at XDA where you can get x10 flasher and xrecovery. search under “xperia x10 android development” sub topic and you will get it


  3. I wonder how zdzihu from XDA achieved the root in the first place, it is not possible that he would come up with a stand alone app or a method to root the rom from the SE update?

  4. Yesterday i have got the x10 experia send to my postoffice i rather wait to feb for the new anzu.

  5. First the 2.1 was announced and made available over a weekend and on the very last day of November….. Now SE gives us a minor update that is larger than the 2.1 upgrade, over the Christmas weekend. Did they do this so they can get away with the “we’ve provided you with the 2 updates for X10” promise, and not have to deal with the complaints for a few days?!


  6. Guys Your are so late the bugs was fix. But not any more if any one want to have root back got to th Glories Xda-developer there you can find every think You need .

    Firstly go back to the previous one and install Xda version

    There is multi-touch and any visal improment

  7. shocking se update released on 21st now 27th still no update available for x10 mini pro even through seus or pc companion, what a load a shite!

  8. You need Xrecovery to install this image. But that is rather strange, since you need root to install Xrecovery. Am I missing something? I have asked this on Xda as well, but haven’t received an answer. Maybe someone knows on this site?

  9. I finally managed to get the update working – the GUI version of the X10 Flasher didn’t work for me so I found the non GUI version on the XDA site. The instructions are not so great – quite a bit of faffing about. Using Jit – I got 34 MFLOPS

    It does seem faster and smoother but I’ve not noticed much else different.

    Can’t wait for 2.2

  10. ok, on the SE UK facebook site, ive recently seen a few comments saying they are not updating the Android platform, but will still recieve system updates. Heres the exact comment:

    We believe a further Android update for the X10 family of handsets would not drastically improve the user experience. Our developers included features in the Android 2.1 update which is on par with, and in many cases better than, a …vanilla installation of Android 2.2.

    We will continue to provide system updates to the handset, but this will not include an update to the Android platform – Aimee.