Sony Ericsson ships 9 million Xperia handsets in 2010

Sony EricssonSony Ericsson released full-year results for 2010 and within all the financial blurb, the company revealed that it had sold 9 million Android Xperia handsets during the year. Considering that the Xperia X10 only launched in early April with the X10 mini, X10 mini pro and X8 following thereafter it seems like a pretty good result for SE.

The real question now is how well will the company do from here. Many customers would have been extremely frustrated being stuck on Android 1.6 for so long and it will be interesting to see how many decide to pick a SE Android handset again. Our personal view is that these numbers will only get higher, as the company does seem to have learned lessons from its 2010 line-up. One thing’s for sure though, its customers won’t tolerate any further mess ups.

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  1. haha customers will always go back to SE no matter what they always bring out a product that will have people running to the shops

  2. IF I decide to go with SE again they won’t be my default go to site for updates…already learned that lesson.

    How do you lie to customers and tell us that our phones are incapable hardware-wise to have multitouch then the next year (after telling us that we won’t get any more Android upgrades) give us an update that adds multitouch?

    Shady shady SE

  3. what about perviouse year 9 million does not tell me any think
    I need some scale from previouse years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!

  4. As Sony Ericsson admits Xperia X10 mistakes, they should start exchanging process where we give our Xperia X10 and upgrade to Xperia Arc in nominal cost.

    Do anyone agree on this…

  5. aiyaaa…
    9 million device outside..
    that why they won’t give update anymore.
    rikard cockberg (this motherfucker team is fuckin lazy)

  6. @ Sanjay Navik

    Are you crazy? Sony Ericsson wouldn’t spend a penny for you. They wont give you a software update, what makes you think they’ll give their new phone for nominal cost? They proved time and time again, they simply don’t give a shit about their customers or their wishes.


  7. I’ve already had enough of SE, they can go an f**k them self, if they think there getting another penny out of me an I bet I’m not the only one….
    So it goodbye SE an hello HTC

  8. @stig they will not miss u @sanjay are u stupid its an update the x10 has nothing wrong with it get a grip

  9. @Jord..
    SO? Ur going to buy a lag phone in the future? Just admit it man, x10 is lag compare to iPhone. Im not an iPhone fan, but at least with iPhone 3g, it is smooth. Lack of features in micro usb, i changed phone to HTC. Then I was impressed by SE x10 design. Come on, 1ghz processor, far more powerful than iPhone, but the menu screen still lags?? WTF? My point of view is, those number will decrease. Its either SAMSUNG, HTC, or iPhone, or Motorola..

  10. almost 7milion of them expect Android core update and SE ignore them.shame on this company.they just wants our money.

  11. Good Bye SE…never again !!!! In 2011 they will sell perhaps 5 million – 1 (that’s mine) … going 2 Buy HTC & Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

  12. X10 was crap. The phone just looks good and that’s it.
    I’m not risking by buying Xperia Arc cuz i rather get htc instead which i know is way better.

  13. se sayes that x10 is the flag ship for them but what think is its fuck ship now after these no one will buy se again. as i seen in all xperia arc video the phon dont have a wifi tethering in a lastest andriod ver n who will change there phon for a new update why the se f**ing all the time

  14. i am okay with SE, but for their future handset i will hold off by now. Since their upcoming xperia arc and xperia play does not have 1700 MHz (xperia x10i does and it support T-mobile USA HSPA network, and that’s why i bought it) on their UMTS spec, therefore i have to give up on their products

  15. yeah it’s too risky buying sony again..
    i prefer to own HTC on future.
    owhhhh… i just 6 month own this rubbish…
    fuck you SE.

  16. I’m going back to HTC. Better build quality and customer service. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice……. shame on me.

  17. Verdict: 9 million x10 users were fooled including me.. hence we wont be fooled again with SE.

    Better if SE will offer trade-ins for Xperia ARC

  18. after my experience with the service from SE i probably will not be going back the hardware may be good but I also want the software to match.

  19. Once bitten, twice shy. I guess it was OK for SE to use its customer base to get the hang of how to make decent phones, but being at the receiving end: no thanks. No more SE – ever.

  20. “Our personal view is that these numbers will only get higher, as the company does seem to have learned lessons from its 2010 line-up. ” … Yeah right… only at the expense of us , GUINEA PIGS!!

    I doubt how many of these 9M users will go back to SE again for next smart phones. I guess they will con new users instead.

  21. I think what did it for me was when they said they wont upgrade to froyo and said their eclair is better than the vanilla froyo. the biggest load of BS i ever heard. and this is supposed to be a premium phone. im in australia and i got my phone free on a 24 month contract as of Jan 2011 and im stuck now with 23 1/2 months to go. but best is, phone is free and unlocked so i can trade this phone and just upgrade a few hundred bucks to get one with at least 2.3 and upgradable.
    the phone looks sleek no doubt but i sympathize with x10 users who paid a premium or a heavy contract and then told no more upgraded but hey listen, we got the Arc x12 coming now so you can get your 2.3, your tethering, put your apps on your SD, Flash…
    biggest BS from a BS company. my first and last SE phone.

  22. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I hold no loyalty to any phone brand, and I’m only against buying any product with a lower case i in front of it. Since I won’t personally be in the market for a new phone for about a year, I’ll keep an eye on SE and see how they deal with the arc as well as what new phones they might have to offer in a year. When the time comes for me to upgrade, I’ll survey the market and see what fits my lifestyle at the time. It will need to be both “pretty” and useful and it doesn’t have to be perfect. SE will probably be head of class for appearance, but if they can’t back that up with a phone that is competitive, I’ll have to settle for second place beauty queen.

  23. Seriously? Broken Record, again and again and again!
    My X10 has never had any serious faults, as for people saying it’s cr@p build quality, RUBBISH! I have friends who have samsung and HTC and all of them at some point or another have had to have their phone repaired or replaced due to touch screen “Giving up” and by that I dont mean accidental damage, I mean it literally just stopped working, how many X10 users have you known to have this happen?
    Yes there have been bugs and sometimes laggy but it’s all fixable either with eventual SE updates or by way of the Amazing work from the XDA Wizards!

    If you have a real problem with SE, complain to them directly, sell your X10 and go replace it with an unreliable handset of your choice!

    Why does everyone feel the need to fill this blog (which is in no way directly linked to SE)
    This is a site for X10 users and enthusiasts. supposed to be where people come for help and advice.

    If I wanted moaning, whining and bitching, I would go sit at a bus stop with the old ladies waiting to be taken to the bingo hall!

    YOUR SUPPOSED TO BE ADULTS, start acting like it!
    The people responsible for putting this site together deserve a little more respect and gratitude than just the simple fact of providing you a place to come and cry!

  24. SE – Sony Ericsson – NEVER MORE

    How much Sony Ericsson would spend to implement Ginger bread on X10? Would it be more than 1 dollar per xperia that was sold??? That would sum 9 million US$ !!! That would mean 9 million satisfied (or not hopeless) customers!!!

    That means: We actually don’t deserve a single 1US$ of investment from SE !

    And @bob, let us talk. Write whatever we want!!! Let people search the web and see how we fell.
    I you are delighted with SE. Say it. Express your opinion. But don’t tell us what we can or cannot say!!!
    I won’t by from SE again!

  25. @Ney Matsumura – It’s not a case of telling people what they can and can’t say…
    Look back through comments on previous posts on this blog, it’s all the same, everytime and completely pointless!

    Moaning here is going to achieve nothing, take it to SE and have them hear what you have to say, after all, it’s them that everyone is p!ssed off with.

    And NO, I am not delighted with SE, but I am happy with my X10. There are worse phones to be had and in the grand scheme of things, the lack of support from SE is a problem I can cope with. I have aired my grievances directly with SE and I know everyone is entitled to an opinion but as I stated above, it’s a little disrespectful to the guys who made and manage this site to have nothing but the crying, time wasting comments that get in the way of informative posts and comments.
    For Example, you read a post your interested in, you start reading through the comments and after the first 5 people you see doing nothing but crying and shouting about how much they hate Sony Ericsson, you get bored and would miss any informative comments made by people who actually have something interesting they want to share with the rest of us!

    There is a time and a place for everything, that’s all I’m saying!

  26. @Bob

    Don’t even bother! This blog is filled with children and teenagers and most of them are not even smart. I also complained about all the whining and bitching and told them to grow up, but a kid is a kid and he needs time to grow up and understand if you know what I mean.

    Back to topic, good job SE! Keep it up. The profit you gained is because of your good and dedicated work this year. I don’t give a damn about all the bitching and whining. I care about the numbers, and the numbers say that you are moving in the correct direction, and that many people still trust you so bravo!

    I really hope that SE learned from their previous mistakes and that next year will even be a better year for them. Implementing android 2.3 to all their new devices is a very good start, and having phones such as the Arc and xperia play also proves that SE is still a unique player that still has interesting phones to offer.

    PS: for the low life people who will be using my nick as usual, use it as much as you want, but this doesn’t change the fact that your hate for se is worth nothing! And that reality states that SE is gaining money, so just live with it 🙂

    remember you are dealing with fact is fact and I’m all about facts 😛

    Good Job Bert Nordberg

  27. wow…
    here comes the most matured guy, who was paid a million by SE for praising their Crap

  28. Kids love new stuff and no doubt htc is quick off the mark.Nevertheless the Xperia x10 is a superbly reliable phone and SE have ensured quality which is more important to most customers than breakneck new developments.I for one will be happy to see out my contract and look forward to the Arc but the x10 is the most reliable wonderful phone I have ever had.Well done SE ok we dont have 2,2 but our phone works every day has a superb camera and Mediascape terrific

  29. I don’t get why people always complain and cry like btches about an update. Doesn’t your phone work the same and does the same things when you first got it?

  30. All I ever wanted was flash and tethering, thats all I also thought since it was not that much of an old phone we would have got froyo I mean gingerbread is out so it still would be a behind update but its still a major one with the things we need I mean even older phones have flash don’t get me wrong its a good phone thats why I see its potential, so i’ve decided not because of the phone or the update but the lack of flash that i’ll go with iPhone or HTC I can’t be bothered with all this stuff its not good if your on a low income.

  31. Get real. What brand give you support (newest OS) to older phones?? HTC?? Don’t be funny…

  32. why u guys behave like a child???
    common… its SE the greatest Co. ever in phone industries..

    They are up to the mark with customer satisfaction . never say any word against them….
    i hate those who are against SE

  33. I do not think SE learn the lession.
    When X10 was released it was a good HW with poor SW. Arc is the opposite.

  34. I have been really disappointed in SE x10. A good looking expensive phone…that’s about all its worth. I am now on HTC HD7 and very satisfied (having used a HTC Touch Diamond 2)…may a matter of personal preference…die hard SE fans may not agree…but I don’t think I would risk my peace of mind again by buying a SE phone.

  35. 9 million is not a big number in smartphone industries
    Infact Samsung & HTC shipped more than 12 Million phones….

    And SE is well behind among them.

    Why this fact is being hide here?
    I will paste the URL that points the link soon

  36. i got pissed off with my phones lag other day and smashed it off the wall so now got a real phone htc wildfire with 2.2 and flash and it cost £135 brand new prepay on enter code XV520 when you order for 10% off. i have put my x10 on ebay and have bids of £150 . the wildfire on paper has less ram and speed but works a lot better than my x10i and cost £300 less.

  37. This x10 is my last SE. I’ll move to HTC or Samsung. SE does not offer a good update policy, and will not offer any upgrade past eclair. it’s just a pretty phone.