Which Android version are you running on your Xperia X10? [Poll]

AndroidNow that Sony Ericsson has confirmed that the Xperia X10 family will not get any more official Android releases, many users are now looking at the custom ROM’s to get them onto Froyo or even Gingerbread. The custom ROM releases are becoming more stable over time, just earlier this week we reached Beta 3 for the Android 2.2 custom ROM bringing some major bug fixes. This ROM is now even being marked as ‘semi-stable’.

With a lot more people looking to these ROM’s we were intrigued into how many of you are actually using them. Our feeling is that the vast majority are still using the official Sony Ericsson 2.1 ROM, due to the complications of running a custom ROM. We are running a poll below for Xperia X10 owners that will give us a better idea on the current state of play, please vote.

Which Android version are you running? [Xperia X10 owners only please]

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103 responses to “Which Android version are you running on your Xperia X10? [Poll]”

  1. Why is everyone b*tching about the 2.1 update and it’s “delay”, I don’t understand. I have had NO issues with my X10 and once multi-touch update is released it’ll almost be perfect. People, remember, nothing is perfect, not even you.

  2. I’m currently on SE Official 2.1 ROM, but will switch to 2.3 or 2.2 as soon as there won’t be any bugs. Or untill I buy Vivaz2/Arc (not decided yet) 🙂

  3. Is it me or are the results a bit confusing? Currently Donut 1.6 has 0 votes but still manages to get 1% of the vote, now I’m not the greatest at maths but I sure do know that 0 votes should be 0% 🙂

  4. Anyone who is still on the official 1.6 and isn’t stuck there because of at&t or something is clearly an idiot. :).. Mines is official 2.1 but I wish I had the know how to froyo it!

  5. I am waiting for the 2.3 to be more stable and will then switch. It’s the only one that will make my existing pre-x10 bluetooth device work with voice calling.
    It’s a shame that the bootloader is locked to the kernel the way it is and will IMHO never be be cracked.

  6. and i don´t understand, that se don´t give aus 2.2 or 2.3
    for e.a. you can install apps on sd-card with 2.2.. hello SE !!!! not good ??

  7. using the 2.2.1 froyo custom rom!!
    its awesome!
    just missing the camcorder function!!
    the speed is thousand times better than 2.1 SE rom!
    but i miss some system apps on my 2.2!
    like the phonebook n camera app!

  8. I’ll never buy another Sony Ericsson product – After SE abandoned updating the X10i I’m waiting on the guys at XDA Developers to sort out SE’s failings.

    SE take ages to bring out updates and will abandon you when you just want one update…

    If SE gave us Android 2.2 it would have changed my mind in a heartbeat . But they have new products out that are not much better that they want to sell to the uneducated phone buyer.

  9. Just flashed dual touch to my rooted 2.1 x10. Works fine. Now this phone ticks all the correct boxes apart from flash. Looking forward to trying the custom 2.2 and 2.3 roms when the are more stable.

  10. My next android would be a dual core with dedicated gpu.. And the Arc seems a bit low on hardware.. and it only got 512 mb ram n 1 ghz processor. So i m confused even though flattered by its looks..

  11. Never again SE i am running freex10 froyo, my next phone will be lg optimus 2x or galaxy s2

  12. im running 2.1 and just gt the dual touch update last night, waiting for the 2.2 or 2.3 roms to be more stanble

  13. SE fucking gay..
    they never give you update,
    wait at your own grave,
    the update will release over the air
    how’s that?

  14. I cant understand why people like the looks of the arc. The screens too big for anything else, the camera lens is literally at the VERY end of the phone, The white version looks horrible and and i hate the curve of it. Seriously, some people need to take a look at it more closely to understand that sometimes the thin ‘ness of a phone isnt everything without its compromises.

    As for the Poll, i would have conducted this when the 2.2 is stable because im literally just about to move to it now. jerpelea’s Roms arent great, I wont be using his but zdzihu i can rely on.

  15. Guys, i just got prompted with a software update on PC Companion with official UK Generic 2.1? Is this… Multitouch???? Anyone else got it cuz there hasnt been any activity on here. Im not updating cuz im flashing 2.2 custom

  16. Go to hell SE! I will NEVER buy any of your products again! No update for x10!! I gave bunch of money for what?! Semi-product?? Now, I must get rid of x10 and go get Arc??? LOLz at you SE! I’m really pissed! ..bye bye SE..

  17. Using 2.1 official with JIT v2 enabled and multitouch added, reasonably happy with its speed. Currently I am planning to switch to 2.2 once it is more stable and fully working.
    Honestly, I kinda like the Sony Ericsson Timescape from time to time. Mediascape, not so much.

  18. I m realy wonder bcuz of the results.I guess that the costum 2.1rom will hlget the highest vote instead official 2.1 get that.But I am pretty sure that all most of the ppl having official rom rooted their phones and flashed the dt and unistall many junk apps and…….. so I think Its not.official and its like a real costum rom that shows the fu….. support.Snd as soon as 2.1/3 roms bug fixes ibthink no clever man will stay on this fu… version
    am I right ppl?

  19. Running the freeX10 2.2.1 Rom. It gives the x10 a new lease of life, although in an unfinished state I.e camera and video capture. Runs very fast and the handset responds much better. Flash and app to SD works great. I have official 2.1 backed up in xrecovery so when the mood requires I just roll back or forth…simples

  20. i have free x10 2.2 works fine love having flash. if i did not have 2.2 i would have sold my x10

  21. I love how half the people here are waiting for SE to release a new phone after the piece of crap I just spent 6 months using, with basically no future updates coming.Why would anyone go back to all that bloatware. I installed 2.2 and i’m never going back to 2.1. Anyway on a different note, lowing the quality in the camcorder app fixes the green lines btw. I uploaded a picture of the quadrant for you few on the fence about flashing this rom. It seems really stable and i haven’t really had any problems with it. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12638244/screenshot_5.jpg

  22. I’m running the 2.2 beta 3 and I use it everyday. I can say that this rom is WAYYY faster and smoother than 2.1. the camera works well.. just cant use my flash.. and the videocam doesnt work, but other than that this ROM is pretty damn stable. love it! not goin back.

  23. Been running 2.2 custom beta 3 since release very stable intact 0 reboots since flashes would recommend to anyone, stil waiting for the video recorder to be fixed and knowing Z it won’t take that long 🙂 🙂 :-). One more thing “UP YOURS SE”!!!!!

  24. I’m running a tweaked 2.1 with a custom theme and system font. And I’ve hacked the dual. Touch functionality into it lol

    But when 2. 2 has a fully working camcorder ill be goin. Back to that one, much smother than se. Rom

  25. @DjL yeah! 😛
    why so serious..
    since SE announced x10 and family will never get update..
    i JUST lose my respect to them…not me only but all x10 users..
    why others such XDA hardly work for x10?
    WHY se stop releasing update…?
    WHY they’re so Lazy to us?
    there are 9 million units xperiax10 on market..
    what a profit!!
    SE was left customers behind with outdated software.
    i never trust SE anymore. They always GAY for me.

    PSP phone – im expecting not lot of games will release, not compatible with PSP. WTF
    ARC – look nice, they bring superb screen, – just piece of crap , dual processor will coming soon.

    THANK to XDA.
    you’re very hardworking!!

  26. I used custom 2.2 but it had so may bugs and phone crashed every 5 minutes. Now I am using custom 2.1 rom with all junk system apps removed and it works smoothly.

    Will change to 2.2 custom rom once its 80% stable at least.

  27. i also dont understand why SE dont release an optional upgrade wich strips out the inbuilt timescape rubbish and make the OS cleaner… if its that that has the problems THEY COULD GET RID OF IT!

  28. still stuck on 1.6…
    don’t know where this phone is from. it’s a x10a. uses gsm and sim for 2g but need wcdma for 3g. bought it on ebay from a guy who lives in scottland.
    baseband version 1.0.21
    kernel version 2.6.29-rel semc-android@semc #2
    build number r1fb001
    it’s rooted but none of my computers can detect it in bootloader mode, so i don’t see any way to stick on another rom myself.
    can anyone help me?
    where does it come from? and how do i get my comp to detect it?

  29. I am still stuck w/ 1.6 sony hasn’t released it yet in the USA,…and since I bought this ohone becuz sony promised this phone was to be updated as all other androids. ….them they NEED TO KEEP THEIR WORD. …BY EITHER REIMBURSING US OUR MONEY, SINE WE HAVE BEEN SCREWED, OR GIVE US A PHINE TGAT THEY ARE PLANNING ON UPDATING …..THE ARC……THATS ONLY FAIR ….AND IN GOOD FAITH WHAT SHOUD BE DONE!!!G

  30. I voted, been running Zdzihu’s FreeX10 Froyo since beta1 and am loving it; just keeps improving with each new release or Hotfix!

  31. I’m still on the 2.1 ROM + JIT flash. I tried zdzihu’s 2.2 custom ROM but there are still issues.

  32. I’m still rockin’ 1.6. I rooted my AT&T X10 just to remove the AT&T bloatware. But I’ll wait to see if the custom 2.2 stuff gets finished up completely and then I’ll decide what to do next.

  33. I got trip’s 2.2.1 ROM a few weeks ago, the camera won’t work… but it’s still way ahead of anything SE has to offer on this phone! so now I’m waiting for the gingerbread rom to be complete with camera support and well, there you go, a pretty good and functional phone will be in my head…

    Also of the official SE ROMs, the better one I used was their original 1.6 after they updated it… and I got it rooted…

    For those saying whatever SE has to offer is good enough… look at any HTC phone and repeat that again…

  34. Used to have 2.1 but switched to a custom 2.1 ROM (kx10) and is extremely stable, fast and makes me love my phone more than ever! I think everyone should give it a try.

  35. Been using Z’s 2.2 for a few weeks now. Just upgraded to beta3, faster than beta2 but wifi is still knda sketchy.

  36. Im running 2.1 but still DREAMING to get 2.2…. But I guess, I’ll be on a NIGHTMARE since SE will not give Froyo…..

  37. can anybody tell me..
    what are the bugs in free x10 2.2 beta 3 update??..
    i know that camcorder not working ..but what are more bugs in free x10 2.2??
    reply me 2.2 problems ..anybody have install and test it on x10i?

  38. for those who are “waiting ” for stable 2.2/2.3 … when u bought an android phone over crappy phones like iphone, it meant that u have enough gut to try new things , that’s what android is about … so I’d say don’t try to be pansy like iphone users and flash ur phone to 2.2 or 2.3 … I’ve been using 2.2 for past few days and althought has few bugs n camcorder doesnt work for now, but it still is alot better than 2.1 from SE … partly because of speed,flash etc , but also to fight SE’s stupidity and support our mates at XDA 😀

  39. Running SE’s 2.1 2.0.2.A.0.24, rooted, JIT-ed, DT fix installed.

    Waiting for 2.2.1 to be fully functional

  40. @Candido
    is it already avaible for whole EU or is it a japanise/chiness domoco soft ????

  41. Will be upgrading two one of these as soon as my warranty runs out:
    Htc Sense
    Free x10 2.2
    Android 2.3 ( Depending if its bug free)
    Android 2.4?!?!?! (If there is such thing, Or on x10)

  42. sorta got DT working but its only working on Angry birds nothing else, not even the browser. any help??

  43. For everyone like me that is still running on the official firmware what are some of the reasons you haven’t tried the other custom firmwares available?
    I haven’t attempted to try any because im abit cautious with my phone and i don’t clearly understand the steps for installing other firmwares..kinda wished someone would do a step by step video rather than a long page of instructions.

  44. GAY. someone who bats for the other side.
    like a transexual, bi-sexual is gay.


  45. Hey, i have a rooted x10 on 2.1, with google talk, and other applications deleted.
    Would there be any problems that would occur by updating the phone with the official SE dual touch update ? Thanks !

  46. freex10 …i was having problems with the rogers fw (random reboots, phone lags, etc) so i was decided to go with 2.2.1. So fast and zero problems so far (aside from camcorder, but not a big deal for me)

  47. i got z’s 2.2 froyo and j’s 2.3
    im happy with those, they made what sony ericsson is to lame for..
    next one, htc 🙂

  48. So if any one want a update in xda developers is avaiable and is rooted
    There are some changelog
    1) media scape work in landscape mode
    2) there is a option to trim video in mediascape
    3) soft is much more smoother
    4) dual touch work smoothly
    5) i think the camera have fresh interface
    6) there are two “junk” apps: neoreader, postcard, (or is xda gift, dont know)
    neo reader is for multi barcode reader and postcard is soft to make a post card electronicly!
    7 fresh creatouch “which personally I like to play with”

  49. yo yo . in australia i just got a multitouch update. officiale. 😉
    but yes! anyway. do i bother installing this/navigating the horrendous instructions, because atm 2.1 is so, so slow. someone give me a coherent response. yes thankyou.

  50. Hi Kangaroo Mike.

    Could you please explain, in proper English, what are you babbling about? What is the problem exactly?

  51. Running 2.1 with the Official MT update. Works fine…but laggy. Even laggy to try to dial a phone number. (This is a phone right?)
    I see a lot of comments that say the XDA 2.2 ROM is a “little buggy” and “no video cam”. But I’d like more details on what kinds of bugs. Oddly, no detailed feedback on this site regarding the 2.2 ROM. Any plans for a future post? If no one has inputs, then I guess I may have to try it and then post what I find….Anyone? Bueller?

  52. hi, a like to know if someone with 2.2 or 2.3 tasted Voice Actions or any app with voice recognition?
    if i install 2.2 on my x10 i’ll be able to go back to SE 2.1?

  53. Hi everyone!
    anyone who has a wish to buy Xperia Arc, should wait for sometime to see whether its bootloader can be cracked or not. X10’s bootloader can’t be cracked thats why we have buggy custom roms because kernel cant be replaced. Devs have to patch every file to current X10 kernel.
    So its worth a wait to see the Xperia Arc bootloader being cracked.

  54. @AlohaDylan
    Overall, I found the 2.2 ROM very fast and stable. One bug I noticed was that sometimes the wifi would have trouble connecting, but turning it off/on fixed it. There is no working Camcorder. Other than that, it was smooth as butter.
    I didn’t try voice stuff but yes, you can easily go back to 2.1, and you won’t even use your settings. Just install xRecovery on your phone. Enter xRecovery, back up everything. Then install 2.2. If you dont like it, go to xRecovery and restore. Everything goes back to the way it was.


  55. I switched to 2.2, simply amazing. I even got better battery life.
    Pitty about the video camera not working, but I love native exchange sync and really happy I got rid of Moxier. Finally propper contact sync
    Miss the SE SMS app which tells you when you’re going over the 256 char limit , and the SE keyboard, which I somehow prefer.
    I don’t miss the above so much to run 2.1 though.. 🙂

  56. Of course, I want the newest ROM, however, 2.3 is not stable after all at this time. 2.2’s stability is fine, and I have not yet experience any major problem on 2.2 yet. Therefore, I voted for 2.2

  57. Hey Guy!

    Im running the DT on my rooted x10 but Im not familiar to “JIT”. Can anybody post the complete procedures enabling the JIT to x10i


  58. When the official update (2.1.A.0.435) release in Indonesia.
    Still no update prompted on PC Companion or SEUS…??

  59. Unfortunately this is my first & last Android phone. Service from these guys are crap, to say the least. Looks like another customer will be sliding over to Apple!!!!!

    Customer Support, first & foremost!

  60. @Topher

    this is a phone booster so the cpu is doing the provided code at once and do not divide them in to the parts. is called just in time
    More info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalvik_(software)
    how to install JIT
    1 download those file
    guide and install procedure is there in link above
    2 install as is says in the guide
    3 download in http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=885977&highlight=jit
    4 copy in SD
    5 reboot phone
    6 in first 10 second press back when phone boot up
    7 open install zip
    8 install custom zip from sd find zip file
    10 done

  61. ” 83 AgX10 January 31, 2011 at 10:02 AM
    When the official update (2.1.A.0.435) release in Indonesia.
    Still no update prompted on PC Companion or SEUS…??”

    maybe May or June this year!! Better go to xda will be faster !!

  62. I´m running the X10 on german 2.0.2.A.0.24 firmware, rooted + JIT_enabled + DT.
    Linpack shows up to 33MFlops, whereas the original is just around 8MFlops. Quadrant value is 750… To extend battery life and speed up the device, I uninstalled some of the SE-crap and I must say, at the moment I am a happy X10 user. This is exactly how I expected the phone to be.
    I can´t wait for FreeX10 2.2 final release, battery lifetime is usually a lot better on Froyo!
    But for the future: no more SE. They just don´t get the idea of what smartphones are all about. I´m thinking of buying the Nexus S, which is a straight Android device without any useless fanciness…

  63. 2.1 generic ,Im switching to 2.2 custom shortly.

    O ye almost forgot the mandatory SE trashtalk
    FCK SE YOU SUCK EAT SHIT N DIE!!!!! Ill never buy your shit again!!!!

  64. Sill on crapy SE latest but already outdated 2.1, awaiting fully functional 2.3 but will try 2.2 first….no more SE phone for me too

  65. SE takes more money compared to LG and SAMSUNG, who are launching the most latest versions of android handsets compared to SE. SE is really very slow in getting the latest updates and bring 1 new feature in 1 release again n again rather than releasing all features together at a time. SE, u goin 2 lose ur market value soon.

  66. I flashed to the 2.2 rom from xda developers last weekend. I don’t understand why I never switched earlier! It is obscenely faster than the old SE 2.1. Everything is better. I have zero need for camcorder function, so I am happy with how it is now. People who are holding back because they hear it is too “buggy”, don’t wait! There are no noticeable bugs! I haven’t had one single problem in the entire time I’ve been running it.

  67. I have 3 installs on my X10i

    The official one, Free X10 2.2, and the 2.3 Gingerbread one also on xda.

    The one I use the most is Free X10.

    The 2.3 one works nice, but not as much working stuff in it as in Free X10.

    I keep 2.1 on there also so that if needed I can go back to the stock firmware.

    I use xRecovery to backup and restore roms

  68. Hey out there, I recently got my x10 on at&t and like many others
    I didn’t know about the Sony update issues. But what are my options
    since I’m on at&t? Ive been struggling to find how to update it or atleast install a new rom, if any one knows a simple way for me to get a newer android rom let me know. Can email me if interested @ chadlaine@live.Co.

  69. Oh an I live in the northeast U.S. by the way, and still haven’t got the multi-touch update over the air, I’d really like to get that update as well.
    And that email above is @live.com. I made a typo on this thing 🙂

  70. Just installed 2.3.2 on my X10i Finally my dual touch works coz i couldnt use it on free x10 for some reason.. Gingerbread looks good but i dont think its as fast as freex10.. great though

  71. Still stuck on 1.6 thanks to AT&T. I think I read a while back that AT&T will NOT be releasing an update. I want to destroy my phone now.


  72. No more SE for me !
    Am just using this 2.1 official update for the time being while i save for galaxy s2 or something else NOT from SE.

    Totally disappointed with them and their empty promises.

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