Sony Ericsson reveals changelog for latest Xperia X10 family update

Xperia X10 familySony Ericsson’s Rikard Skogberg has laid out the full details of the latest firmware update that is starting to roll out. This update is for the whole Xperia X10 family (including X8), but there are slightly different features between each.

All handsets get new language support (including Arabic, Farsi, Thai and Hebrew) and bug fixes. However, dual-touch support will be supported by the Xperia X10 only. X10 mini and X8 owners may be consoled to know that ANT+ support has been added for fitness products such as heart rate monitors. Sound like bit of a raw deal to us.

Other improvements include an updated version of Moxier (2.7.13) that includes a new widget, a new Moxier plug-in for Timescape, video editing, as well as some ‘minor’ changes to Mediascape. What hasn’t been clarified though is whether or not this is the promised UXP update. He also didn’t confirm what firmware build number is rolling out, we believe it is version 2.1.A.0.435.

Rikard confirmed that the rollout has started now for the Xperia X10 and will start within a week for the X10 mini, X10 mini pro and X8. However, as before, different kits will be released on different timescales depending on when these kits are approved. You will be able to update the phone from PC Companion or over-the-air (OTA).

Via SE Product Blog.

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  1. let the bad comments and im still waiting for the update to commence hence why im changing to a htc desire hd can see the arc getting fucked over lets face it loolk at se’s past history. x1(discontinued no updates) satio (discontinued no updates) vivaz (discontinued no updates) and the same with the xperia x10 see the trend stay with se and this will happen screw se they dont care they just churn out phones and then make the enxt new one whiole htc update my neice has a htc wildfire which has 2.2 and will probbaly get 2.3 shows htc have more sense

  2. @x10,

    It was mentioned in the previous forum. This FW ( 2.1.A.0.435) is for x10a. Just updated my device using the Flashtool from XDA. After doing it, my Model changed from x10i to x10a. Correct me if im wrong.

  3. Topher calm down and give them chance, all you x10 users are ungrateful, all cry babies. You cry for 2.1 then as soon as thats out you cry for 2.2.

  4. menu> back> back> menu> back> menu> menu> back

    this is not working for me using Generic 2.1, while I had no problem using Greek 1.6

  5. I don´t wait more for Sony Ericsson until the Zdzihu (XDA Developers) released the last 2.2.1 Beta 3 for X10. Works fine and it´s impossible live without flash after you enjoy it in the X10.


  7. That’s right, where is the promised DLNA support? But to be honest, I rather exchange DLNA support for atleast USB tethering and Google cloud PUSH support. It is possible to port this functionality from 2.2 to 2.1, at least I know Samsung done it. And last, X10 mini pro is dual touch capable, why it is not supported in update is a big mystery .. commercial reasons?

  8. We all learned a lot from buying a sony ericsson phone. well, for me, i’ve always liked the walkman series with big internal memory (way back then), like the w960i. sold it when sd cards came with 16gb and got the x10mini pro. now, i’m stuck with 2.1, with a very small internal memory, which makes installing aps VERY VERY frustrating (even with link2sd or app2sd). consolation was being promised that it can be upgraded to future version of androids.

    with walkman phones, you won’t really care about support. you get what you pay for, and what you expect from the phone. i didn’t had that with the xperia.

  9. its for X10i and the update version is 2.1.A.0.435.
    i think there is another update further to this one

  10. Clearly we will never get Froyo from SE.

    Clearly we will never get a decent update that makes the phone usable and not a clunky, laggy piece of shit.

    Clearly we’ll never get a working flash or 16m colours.

    Rikard…at the very least, ship out a large tub of Vaseline for every SE user to at least numb the pain in our buttocks as you bend us over and ram us continually, minus a reacharound!! You owe us at least that!

  11. All i want them to do is fix the dam inciomin call volume issue thats it and they cant even adde that to to the update … how lame

  12. who needs ant?? maybe in the future. but my mini pro has no future with eclair.

    what are they doing instead of updating to froyo at se? are they loughing on us?? very strange …

  13. Hey arkedk,

    Dont you have the same FW (2.1.A.0.435 for the X10i’s) for Nordic Region or even Global x10i??? The FW is for SA (Mideast) without the market and im living in the same region. Boring without the market. SlideMe is nothing compare to Android Market.

  14. ya, all cry babies.

    se handphone is for cool people. xperia x10 design is the most stylish. we dont really care about 2.3 or whatever. as long as the update adequately. we will be proud off.

    if u want all the updates, use samsung galaxy. it is made for geeks

  15. Any 1 already update… I try to used pc compa. but it say my sorfware up to date…..
    My X10 still on 2.0.49
    Buid no:2.0.2.A.24

    Where the latest update??????

  16. @kurt

    I’ve got the same Build Number. The latest software update is not available yet in Saudi Arabia. I can wait for a week or so as I don’t want to use the XDA update.

  17. Hate this company! I hate my SE x10 mini pro! Going to buy HTC!!!! PEOPLE, DON`T TRUST SE!!!!

  18. had to flash my x10i using xda. i can say people at xda is awesome!!
    kudos to the people @ xda

  19. Nothing in Germany yet on O2…
    I’m actually more looking forward to bugfixes than on dual touch. I still can’t plug my X10 into the USB port without a total phone crash and a reboot…

    And still there is no information given by SE whether this is the UXP update/ last big update for the X10. Timescape and Mediascape still need lots of improvement. Mediascape just doesn’t have a conceived UI imo, so you need lots of taps to get what you want whereas other market apps do much better. And Timescape is even slower than it was on 1.6… So I hope they’ll take care of this in an upcuming update!

  20. Nothing in UK yet,at least on Voda.
    how long is an update supposed to take until it’s finaly released ffs?

  21. Hi guys! I have nordic fw and i could already update. The problem is, that it is not OTA and i am not near a computer. So have to wait ’till saturday! 🙁

  22. I loved the phone even when it had 1.6 and each upgrade has just made it better. Just upgraded via SEUS and then rooted back with SuperOneClick, keep forgetting that I have pinch & zoom. Lol

  23. I’ve got the update (Saudi Arabia) last night. It’s getting even more and more faster particularly the Timescape and Mediascape. The one-finger zoom is quite nice in Mediascape and the pinch to zoom in the internet browser is wonderful. I was only a bit disappointed why the animination opening the Mediascape (music / video / photo) is gone. I love the animation before. One thing I cannot update is the PlayNow (Get Music Info). After downloading to 13 music update (275 in total), it stuck there and nothing happend. Anybody got this problem updating the PlayNow?

  24. WTF SE…….!!!! Why at sony ericsson website show latest software update for x10. but after dondload PC campanion try to update it show up to date. (since my soft last update version is 2.0.2.A.0.24 build no. version 2.0.49 this the last update.) where got up todate????

    Software updates for Xperia™ X10New Sony Ericsson software is now available for your phone. Update your software to get the latest features and corrections and keep your phone in the best possible condition.
    When the new software is available, you may receive a message in the notification bar of your phone. The easiest way to get the new software is to accept this update.

    New features include:
    Pinch/Zoom touch for mobile Internet browsing and Google Maps.
    Support of ANT+ technology, making it possible to connect wirelessly to a wide range of health and fitness products.

    If your phone already has Android 2.1, you can use your mobile network* or a Wi-Fi connection to download the software. Alternatively, you can connect to your PC and use PC Companion (if you don’t already have it, download via the button below).
    If your phone still has Android 1.6, you need to use PC Companion to update your phone with the latest software. For more info on benefits included in the Android 2.1 update, click

    FUCK off se …. next time if not yet ready for ppl update don show at official website………… Suck…..

  25. I’ve updated my X10i last night…. And I’m not seeing any true difference. Specifically, the “Pinch/Zoom touch for mobile Internet browsing and Google Maps”. I really see no difference. What am I missing?

  26. @majorscapes
    Check if you the following info under “About Phone” (press menu then press setting then select “About Phone”):
    Firmware Version
    Baseband Version
    Kernel Version
    SEMCUser@SEMCHost #1
    Build Number

    This is the latest firmware data and if you have all these in your phone, you should have all the new features like one-finger zoom, pinch to zoom in the web, google maps, Mediascape has changed (I mean no more animation).

  27. Hi Andi!

    Thanks for that. Yes, I am on the newest update. Maybe, I’m jsut ignorant… Does the one-fingerzome and pinch to zoomin the web… The same thing as the zoom process that is used on the iPhone?

  28. i’m from malaysia,

    already received the 2.1.A.0.435 update.. my first impression.. everything seems smooth.. got the multitouch.. can use mt with google maps n web browser.. and i do see a major update in mediascape..
    + can browse my music album, video (in coverflow like) n photo in landscape mode..
    + can use one-finger zoom..(no mt in mediascape)
    + seem everything is much bigger (font n photo)
    + while playing video color seem much more vivid (or it just me)
    yup as andi said mediascape opening animation already gone..

    timescape much smoother..

  29. hi

    I a have just removed the pccompanion – and delete the directory what contains it, then reinstall pccompanion, and the NEW update appears to be installed !

    SI (customization) global generic : X10i GLOBAL-GGL GENERIC 1232-9897

    new version after update :

    tiborh, X10i with official bildnumber: 2.1.A.0.435

  30. I have just finished the new update for my X10i in Hong Kong, hope SE release the Android 2.2 for X10 series.

  31. Update coming in now from PC companion,
    UK Generic!
    I’ve been waiting for the official update as I am actually one of the people who use Moxier Mail, and its been due an update for some time now!
    I am chuffed we have dual-touch (Tank Hero and psx4droid are going to rock now!) but still disappointed at the lack of 2.2 etc, some of the things built in like push to device, and apps2sd would be nice, but I can survive, no need to take a hissy fit…. unless you are on AT&T…. then I sympathize…..

  32. so, first bug – calendar aplication does’t work anymore, when trying to select an error apears and it closes.

    Anyone else has this problem?

  33. @LTU
    Right now, my calendar app won’t open at all, and if force closes when I try.
    I can, however, access my data from Pure Grid Calendar and even get to the “add event” screen. I just can’t open the app.

  34. @Janus

    Try to sync whit your google account and wait couple minutes.
    Then should work, at least it worked for me. Maybe try to restart phone after sync.

  35. I’m from the UK and on X10i Generic and have NEVER found a update for my phone. It always says i have the latest software. The only way i’ve ever found a update is by messing about flashing it and stuff. Quite fucking annoying if you dont mind me saying 🙂

  36. Wow! Well worth the upgrade. Overall more snappy UI.
    And ant+, perfect! (can’t find any apps yet though…)

    (x10 mini pro)

  37. @majorscapes

    Yes, multi-touch on web browsing is just like the iPhone but this does not apply on Mediascape. You can use one-finger zoom on Mediascape. As I have said, SE should have maintained the animation opening the Mediascape to make xperia x10 UI’s really eye-candy and unique. I suspect they have removed the animation to avoid lag during opening the Mediascape, but still I prefer the animated version of Mediascape. I wish SE should return back the animation on next firmware update as I find Mediascape now is boring.

  38. I’m really not all that mad. I got my phone, it can do so much stuff. Really all I use it for is facebook pictures texting and calling. Then there’s all that random crap buuut. Not that big of a deal to me. I would like 2.1 though. Idk if us AT&T suckers will EVER get that lol 😛

  39. Is there any way to know what version is being pushed to the phones?. I’ve got an AT&T one that I upgraded to the 2.1.I.xxxx, so now I have a X10I with build number 2.0.A.0.504 and kernel 2.6.29. AT&T seems to be pushing an upgrade, but I’m afraid to let it go, last thing i want is to loose Moxier and other cool stuff in here…

  40. is there anybody here knows how to fix this low call volume? if theres none..then this fone is useless specially here in phil..thanks…

  41. @ everybody who already updated:

    if i install this new FW, do i loose all the content like the last time when upgrading from 1.6 to 2.1???

  42. erm guys… i’ve just updated my x10 mini pro and i got Build 2.0.2.A.0.24!!!!!! is tat the right one???

  43. Am using the X10i and my build number is 2.1.A.0.435 not sure about the mini pros though. I understand you can now only root with super one click. I haven’t tried it though but am gonna

  44. 1. Can anyone comfirm that the UK generic firmware has received the update?
    2. anyone who is not careful and doesnt check might find themselves updating their phones just to find it have the same firmware but no root. (pc companion says theres an update when there isnt if your rooted and they simply remove the root access)

  45. I’m in south africa, any1 know when ill actually be able to update? using X10i build number 2.0.A.0.504

  46. I’m a noob, don’t hate
    right so…model number U20i
    Firmware V : 2.1-update1
    kernel : 2.6.39
    compliaion number : 2.1.1.A.0.6

    thing is : still no flash so a girl can’t get her desperate housewifes on or anything like that
    umm…no zoom in the camera, yep that’s a bummer
    now…idk much about that mediascape thing cose my phone don’t got it but sure looks preety having all the media in one place

    anyways, damn yall busters over at SE Development not puttin your heads to work & giving us some Gingerbread!!!
    a girl’s gotta stay fly & how she gonn do that witn no flash suport & no damn focus on the camera!?!?!

    oh & btw i can’t root my phone to get ridd of them apk that camed with the pyhone,to free some memory, na’ah, can’t do that 🙁

  47. they ruined the mediascape as now it looks like sit,no more animation and especially the upper buttons look like the buttons of a web page made by a beginner , different size and position while u navigate through the app. even a market noob app is designed more carefully.

  48. @becca
    This is really what I really wanted Sonyericsson to fix because volume is truly crap. In fact, I’ve got only 3 wishes to SE (in particular order) for X10 if they will not give us 2.2 Froyo (available at XDA Developers though):
    1. Volume (all users around the world are really complaining)
    2. 16M colors (since hardware is capable to make Timescape “spline” more readable)
    3. Equalizer (I don’t like to use third-party app as built-in is far better)

  49. @ dab
    Yes I agree with you. That’s also my complain why SE has removed the animation in Mediascape and now it looks very ordinary UI. Instead SE is giving us more beautiful UI through firmware updates, they are removing those nice eye-candy features on UI everytime they issue a new firmware update. Those original UI of X10 makes this unit beautiful and unique but look what they did. I’m afraid next firmware update the animation in Timescape is also gone, it’s B.S. SE should return back the animation in Mediascape. What blog we can post all our complains to SE?

  50. Anyone knows if this update works with Swype or Shapewriter? Does the dual-touch or one-finger zoom break these “swiping” keyboards? If so, is there a mode to turn zoom/dual-touch off?

  51. Ok, I dont like it that it took so long to update and that there will not be android 2.2 or 2.3.

    However, I can now get hotmail pushed to my phone and integrated in timescape (unfortunately still not in the contacts page). With that function and multitouch, I think I am happy enough with my phone. I still want it to be faster and stuff, but it is ok now.

    Everything I need most is there now.

  52. @user x10, @amber – am from india too….waiting for the update for ages now…its neither available OTA nor in the latest SEUS nor in the latest PC companion…i dunno how long its gonna take…please let me know when u get the update…

  53. I updated my Xperia X8 yesterday (Feb. 10) through PC Companion. Besides additional language support (no support for Hindi), I do not see any major changes or additions.

  54. @ Madhav

    actually for india it takes 10-14 days from global generic release…….global generic latest FW for x10i was released on feb 3…… for us in india,it will be some where by feb 15,we will get within next week……….

  55. @kannan – thanks a lot for the info kannan…as you say we will have to wait for a few more days i believe…i really hope this update is worth the wait…

  56. Wow, I must be the only girl who is really happy with her X10 mini pro, I mean we just got the update 2.1.. Come on guys.

  57. hey i am xperia x10 mini pro user ….does the update enable the multi-touch??…plz help me with this…..

  58. @Topher There is no difference in the X10a and the X10i. The X10i is an International version whereas the X10a is an American version.

  59. Does anyone have an update on what’s happening with this update? It’s been two weeks since the article but still no update on my O2 UK 2.1 X10i. Does anyone know of timescales for this update across the regions and network providers?

  60. updated my x10…india
    worth an update,pinch zoom working good….n phone more snappy also….
    but the blurry contact images remain…..thats sad…

  61. Blurry contact image is because the dimensions of the crop window has change. Re-crop the picture from the original image and it should be fine.

    Anyone in with generic UK got the update yet?

  62. @ Bob, nope i dont have it yet. I haven’t even recieved the minor update that was released in december.

  63. I have updated my X10 almost a month now but I just notice that my “calendar” application is not working. Anybody experience the same problem?

    yes, that’s what I am complaining as well. Why SE has removed the beautiful animation in Mediascape. I would like SE to return back the animation on next minor update.

  64. Hey hey, the update has been released in Germany just today. I think all other countries which are still outstanding will be following the next days/weeks. Just be a bit patient and it will be there soon.

  65. just updated to 2.1.1.A.0.6 on x10 mini pro..

    they must be doing something right because the phone is suddenly fast.. no more hanging while opening menus, pics, phone book etc.. the 2-3 second pause when dailing numbers is gone too! much more responsive than even a fresh factory reset in all the other versions.. all apps & data are still intact.. really really surprised!

    don’t know what else is new, just noticed a new default app, officesuite and a new user data only reset button (finally!)

    only problem so far is a duplicate ‘settings’ icon which i can’t delete, and is kinda stuck in an extra widget page.. dragging both setings icon to other pages just returns one of the icons back to a new, blank widget page :/

    any remedy that doesn’t involve rooting?

  66. I have already updated my X10i to this latest firmware (2.1.A.0.435) with multi-touch and pinch-to-zoom. However, would it still be possible to return back to my previous firmware which is 2.0.2.A.0.24?

  67. I too updated my x10i to latest firmware 2.1.A.0.435 today, but found that this latest update has errors/ bugs that it wont support .wav, .mp3 ringtones and supports only built-in ringtones. Moreover, the ringer volume is too low dat i can hardly hear compared to its previous firmware version as below,
    Model number X10i
    Firmware version 2.1-update1
    Baseband version 2.0.49
    Kernel Version 2.6.49 SEMCUser@SEMCHost#1
    Build number 2.0.2.A.0.24

    Sumone pls help me downgrade to previous version. Am happy w/o pich zoom update.Thanx in advance.

  68. @ Deepak
    Yes, me too is quite happy without pinch zoome, so I really wanted also to downgrade to the previous version to clearly mentioned. I believe the previous version is far better even without the pinch zoom or multi-touch. Luckily, my X10i still supports .wav, mp3 ringtones with the latest version, but as I have said, the previous version is much better even without the pinch zoom.

    So if someone knows how to downgrade (if possible) the previous version of X10i, we appreciate it very much if you could let us know how to do it. Many thanks in advance.

  69. @ Deepak
    Downgrade to older version is no longer possible. See response from SE regarding my inquiry on this matter:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thank you for contacting Sony Ericsson Customer Support (Singapore).

    With regards to your enquiry, we do regret to inform you that the software will not be able to downgrade to earlier version. We do apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    If we can be of further assistance, please email to us at or contact us at our Customer Support hotline. For un-resolved issue, please do quote your cases ID for quick reference purposes.

    Thank You and have a nice day.

    Best regards,
    Sony Ericsson Email Team

    Sony Ericsson Customer Support (Singapore)
    Contact Us: +65 6744 0733
    Operating Hours: 9am to 6pm (Mon-Fri) & 9am to 1pm (Sat)
    Sunday & Public Holiday: CLOSED

  70. @ Andi,

    Phffff…dat’s really a sad news for all of us…in my opinion if u had noticed, baseband version 2.0.49 was the best update so far dat sounded gr8 in terms of sound output (better than all previous updates).. Luckily, i was able to repair/ re-flash my s/w ystrday using SEUS (not PC comp)on latest firmware 2.1.A.0.435 that helped me support .wav & .mp3 rintones now…

  71. When is this Update going to come to Austria, as I read above, it was already published in Germany a week ago, and there’s still no update available here in Austria.

  72. Got my 2.1.A.0.435 yesterday. MTN South Africa. Very much pleased with update. Almost NO lag what so ever. Phone MUCH snappier. Good work SE! Keep it up and keep them coming! Proudly X10.

  73. I am totally disappointed by this phone. I had a T68 before and moved on to 5 ot 6 Nokia Phones. I moved back to SE because I really liked the Xperia X10 mini design. I trusted SE to make a good phone. I was very disappointed with the fact that it is not keeping with Android versions and has not even ensured that the features one would expect from any normal smartphone is not available on this phone. Features like saving contacts to my PC( added after a year), adding a call phone to an existing contact, installing apps on a sdcard instead of internal memory ( making sdcard and android market totally useless- can;t be bothered to keeping deleting apps all the time), etc, etc.
    I really miss my Nokia user friendliness.