Xperia X10 xda-developers at war

Angry AndroidThe latest version of two of the most popular custom ROMs for the Xperia X10 went live over the last 24 hours. First zdzihu & Jerpelea’s FreeX10 Froyo ROM reached Beta 4, which offers only minor improvements over Beta 3 but is designed to work for those who upgraded to the latest firmware (v2.1.A.0.435 and baseband 2.1.54). A few people are having problems in upgrading from Beta 3 to 4 but there are a couple of good guides here and here if you’re stuck.

On the other side, TripNRaVeR released his CyanogenMod 6.1.1 v1.2 ROM. Whichever you download is down to personal preference, but both are well received by the community. However, it looks like there is tension between the developers as zdzihu has accused TripNRaVeR of “theft” after he claims that several files from the FreeX10 ROM were used in the CyanogenMod ROM. This has led to TripNRaVeR deleting his ROM and linking to the FreeX10 ROM in his first post. His frustrations can be evidenced here. You can still download the ROM if you are interested (details for the SD card fix can be found here).

Let’s hope TripNRaVeR changes mind when he’s had a chance to reflect. Also, we can’t be the only ones thinking it would be great if the devs combined their efforts to create a super ROM for the X10. One chap on xda already had a similar idea and has created a ‘ROM’ combining both the FreeX10 and CyanogenMod. Click here if you want to give it a try.

We at the Xperia X10 Blog speak on behalf of all X10 users in saying how thankful we are that there have been a dedicated group of developers pushing the phone to its limits. After all, considering the bootloader remains intact, they’ve done a great job in giving us Froyo and Gingerbread ROMs to play with. Let’s hope the xda-devs are able to come to an amicable solution and keep X10 community spirits high.

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  1. Hi.

    This is great. We need Froyo or Gingerbread ported to the Mini. I have a Mini Pro and would kill for 2.2 or higher on it.


  2. Thats all we need. Developpers showin frustration. Lets show our support to all of them instead of comparing shit and giving them grief…

  3. “We at the Xperia X10 Blog speak on behalf of all X10 users in saying how thankful we are that there have been a dedicated group of developers pushing the phone to its limits. After all, considering the bootloader remains intact, they’ve done a great job in giving us Froyo and Gingerbread ROMs to play with. Let’s hope the xda-devs are able to come to an amicable solution and keep X10 community spirits high.”

    Let me second this.
    Having 2.2.1 on my phone practically made it a new phone, it’s amazingly fast & snappy. 🙂

  4. Zdzihu Jarplea better dan tripnraver
    zdzihu working on onlyy one rom nd trying to make it completly stable by giving hotfixes
    where as ..tripnraver making two threee roms nd not providn stability if providing stability .dan hes confusing the users which rom to select.. ..

  5. Salutes to people at XDA (not just zdzihu & Jerpelea but everyone). They are doing a great job. Hope this is just a minor issue, which will get resolved 🙂

  6. of course ZDZIHU IS TRUE, trip stole some stuff, but he also put some stuff from him, he didnt released source code (many people just dont want to understand that android is opensource and xda is opensource community too).
    Anyway FreeX10 already include some code from Cyanogen and if you want to have proper Cyanogen you have to have cyanogen kernel which you cant since x10 bootloader is locked

  7. all what zdzihu askd tripnraver is that if hes using his stuff he should mention his name in that rom too
    lyk . credit goes too …J & Z etcc
    nd as per . Open Source
    Android is open source …. Google made the OS gave to companyss SE samsung motrola etc
    than they modd the rom …… if its open source y each of the companys has locked the bootloader 😀 ?
    tripnraver by this theft earnd alott….. ..basterd… i neva downloaded his rom …

  8. Dude…. wtf? How the hack can you still something that is free? The only problem arr the ctedits but ….. let it be

  9. negative actions causes negative reactions. TripNRaVeR shouldn’t just take other people stuff for granted even its free or to save us (its never been hard to include credits)

  10. This is always a problem with underground hacker communities. They purport to work hard to break down the systems that bind us like copyright, but have hissy fits when they don’t get credit for the work they’ve done. I won’t let time warner come to my house and cry that people rip their movies online, so why would I let a phone o/s hacker cry that someone had copied his code? FREEDOM OF INFORMATION… once it’s in 1s and 0s it belongs to no one and everyone.

  11. What’s with everyone bitching about this? Sure Android is Open Source and by Open Source it’s free to use, Trip took FreeX10’s source codes and didn’t bother releasing them nor give credits where it’s due, and do keep in mind people donated to Trip for his “work”, where most work done was by J&Z.

    What Z did was merely telling Trip to either take the ROM down or give credits where it was due, mainly J&Z and CyanogenMod, but instead he decided to bitch about it, cause a scene and take the ROM down. What is wrong with typing a simple “Thank you J&Z”?

  12. I knew trip forked cyanogen and z’s work because his cyanogenmod was somewhat stable. shame on him. not to mention trip get a kleenex your mascara is running.

  13. Not to be a downer or anything…but isn’t Android technically open source? Why not work together on this rather than whining about who gets the credit over small bits? Sure, we all want credit for what we do, but getting it working should be the ultimate goal. Some things that one developer does might be better than the others…and vice versa, why not combine all the parts that work the best into a single ROM and just call it an XDA X10 community ROM putting the credit where it belongs for each part?

    Asside from this, I can only think of one thing that really needs to be improved…and that is the cracking of the bootrom…then these little arguments would be moot.

  14. @ khast, I hope u ll show the same solidarity and generosity nd talk abt working together even after any of your own hardwork is stolen, plagiarised, exploted without providing any credit to you at all.

  15. LoL “at war”. One asked the other to remove his files. That’s hardly driving tanks through each others homes. This is exaggeration to the extreme right here.

  16. TripNRaVeR has been treated really badly. I’m very appreciative of the work he has done and am right there to help out – WHY? – because he is doing it for free.. WHAT? – he is fixing my phone that someone decided to lock the boot loader on.. saving me masses of time and teaching me as he goes, how can anyone end up getting slammed for doing something that cool off his own generosity?

    You can’t steal open source software, the credits are obvious, J, Z, B and many more brilliant people have contributed to this phone and the end users slam these guys or whinge when something isn’t working. It’s appalling!

  17. @Anurag Dalmia – Yes – 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3 – all run on the mini. 2.1 (Eclair) is stable and 2.2 (Froyo) is Beta 4 and practically 100% complete also, work continues on 2.3.1 (Gingerbread) and 3.0 (Honeycomb) – your device will have a very hard time with 3.0 as it’s designed for Tablet’s!

  18. If you look at posts made by trip you will see he did give credit to z and j while he was making his first rom, but when he made his rom better than theirs well no one liked it. honestly i dont blame him for telling people to go f$%^$ themselves.

  19. Can somebody please tell me
    1. what GINGERBREAD and FROYO is?
    2. what do these 2 things do?
    3. which one is better?
    4. will i be able to delete bloatware apps by AT&T if I install any of these 2?

    i’m currently running rooted R2CA016 firmware.

    sorry for asking noob questions here…


  20. @Confused, dont worry for asking those questions here, at least ure not at xda threads cuz they would hammer you. Im using a x10a from canada with freex10 rom runnin froyo that is android 2.2, since then my phone is a beast, cuz it rums faster, load faster and thank god no mo timescape and mediascape. Froyo can install apps on sd, have full multitouch suport, flash player etc…I didnt try gingerbread yet cuz i didnt find it yet, I fell on this thread by searching it so hope my info will help

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  22. heyyy!!!!!! anyone plzzz can u tell why my phone always shows : can’t mount SD card during installing recovery using xrecovery!!!!!!!!!!