Sony Ericsson confirms DLNA not coming to Xperia X10 family

DLNASony Ericsson has confirmed that it has dropped DLNA, one of the features it promised for the Xperia X10 last May. The feature had to be “de-scoped” due to a number of changes since the original announcement including adding pinch-to-zoom as well as splitting the Android 2.1 update into two parts. All is not lost however, as there are a number of third-party DLNA apps out there on the Android Market (iMediaShare is a good start).

Rikard Skogberg answered a number of other questions in a Q&A on the SE Product Blog including a reiteration that Android 2.2/2.3 will not be heading to the X10. In questions about the bootloader he said that Sony Ericsson doesn’t have a solution in place to secure the handset whilst opening the bootloader without breaking “legal agreements with many of our partners”. You can find the full Q&A here.

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  1. I don’t think this is a big deal, as the post above states, there are many third party apps available for DLNA.

    About bootloader, he is right in what he is saying, so basically they would be willing to open it but could break legal agreements, so they don’t really have a solution atm, he’s right.

    Sony Ericsson have let a lot of people down with many things, but they are trying their best now, and people need to get over it….get a new phone if you’re not happy 🙂

  2. i’d rather se open the bootloader than having to rely on someone else to crack it. the handsets will soon enough disappear off xda’s radars. a 12 month life cycle really is shit. nexus users will receive 2.3 and this is now 14 months old.

  3. @bbb

    Like he said, they cannot open the bootloader without breaking legal agreements with partners, so I don’t see it happening.


    I agree, Xperia X10 is over, it’s deceased now. Most stores don’t even stock it anymore. I had it on an 18 month contract with T-Mobile (UK), and I had only had it for 6 months when I had to sent it off for repair. it needed replacing, but because they no longer stock it, they couldn’t give me a replacement, they then offered me a free upgrade to the HTC Desire HD, and I got the keep the Xperia X10 which my fiancée now uses for games (as she has a crappy blackberry)

  4. For the first time, im gonna put these words in my mouth… SE you suck. One thing is not upgrading to group, that i dont care about. But SE have just shown us X10 FAMILY have deceased, when they dont even release stuff they freakin promised……….BB SE samsung will get my next order……

  5. Morpheus took me to see the oracle. She told me she sees a Motorola Atrix or a Galaxy S II in my future. I said no shit. I threw my X10 into the oven next to the cookies and flew to my nearest Motorola store. FUCK YOU SE. NEVER AGAIN.

  6. “legal agreements with many of our partners”

    this is bull***t! for one, SE is not not tied to a specific carrier or some sort. market-exclusive (or carrier exclusive) exists only in the US, and most of them are still stuck with 1.6.

    if they are worried about legalities, come on, X10s are already EOL’d with most carriers now. what SE can loose now?

    as i can see it, they will only loose business opportunity. SE did made a good piece of hardware, and by opening the bootloader, heck, people can now port 2.3 into the device, and of course that will make buying the new line of xperia off for a few more months.

    lame excuse SE. you can not even fulfill the promises you said last year.

  7. This announcement is kind of a precursor for the next bad news for the X10… No more updates (for 2.1) this year and EOL.
    What the hell are SE thinking? If the current update was really the “big” UXP-Upgrade I’d have to say it’s a complete failure, even with dual touch! Timescape is still laggy, the widget is still just a picture (and not the useful widget I’ve seen on videos for the 2.1 update some time ago). I am using Timescape because I think it’s a good idea for getting the info I want and it’s looking pretty good. But not improving one of the few things that make this phone unique is just stupid. I don’t see the point why they ignore 2.2 then if SE don’t look after their own apps anyway…
    Well, Mediascape did a step into the right direction but is still not really structured that well, I think…
    In the end, I spent a lots of money for nothing when I compare the X10 to other phones… Won’t happen again.

  8. Do what I did, sell it for anything you can get, but a used nexus one, have a great phone that is all yourd with the latest android OS. I bought my used on ebay – still even under warranty – I dropped mine a week into it and HTC sent me a new one immediately – great company. The nexus one camera (still,video, ui) is not as good as the X10 but everything else is great. I still have 2 x10s in the house ( wife, son) so I come here in hopes of getting them a decent upgrade path ( my son really needs 2.2 and flash).

  9. So reading the commenting above I agree with the over all emotional distress. “Fuck you SE” is an appropriate remark to this lastest news. Yes there maybe other DLNA apps out there but you have to realize that with the competition between Android smartphones a promise kept is a highly valued item.

    Xperia blog might not have as many readers in the future because although I like my X10, it will be my first AND LAST SE product I ever buy.

    Acer smart or Motorola Atrix might be my next smartphone.

    When comparing SE to the rest of the competition for 2011 smartphones, SE has the worst selection and have the least competitive edge. Sure the Xperia play is good but with the NGP around the corner the play wont be on the minds of many consumers. (PlayStation suite has yet to capture any ground and is not guaranteed to do well. Along with movies I would rather play video games on a large flat screen than a lil four incher)

    SE has definitely taken a back seat for 2011

    Maybe instead of Xperia blog you can change it to Iconia or Atrix (no offence to the people who run the blog)

  10. Time to revolt!
    I had a good chat with my Service Provider about how due to the lack of 2.2 or 2.3 update by S.E.; I can not enjoy the benefits of my 36 month contract with this inferior device! We are going to explore other hardware options. ALL X10 owners should do this! Once you have a bunch of good apps, you can’t get any more without deleting others due to low space and inability to move apps to sd card.
    I wanted to believe that S.E. would “Step Up” and do the right thing, but they just expect 9 plus Million X10 owners to bend over and take it. Well I’m gonna backfire S.E.’s crap and never buy ANYTHING with Sony name again. No Laptops, 3D Surround Systems or Phones! There is thousands and thousands of my money I will never give them!

  11. I am glad SE is doing this to X10. At least, I can now resist falling for their sexy looking devices as I can never forget how badly they annoyed me as an X10 user making me wait forever from release of phone to having to debrand to even smell half-baked 2.1 upgrade. And oh boy, that stupid Timescape and Mediascape. I wonder how much billing was done by their developers for those crappy apps that actually helped screw the Android experience and lovely hardware?

    Few more days to get my hands on Samsung Focus until HTC figures to make an Android phone for AT&T bands that at least looks as good as their own HTC HD2 or will have to go for the fugly looking Nexus S when it comes with AT&T 3G.

  12. I used to be a huge Sony fan pre-ipod era, though I noticed that in their haste to catch up rather than stick out, SONY has decided to abandon it’s loyal users for those idiots who prefer apple. Sadly to say, SONY no longer cares about quality and this can be seen in their last several phone line ups. They use to have amazing phones, but my loyalty for SONY is dead, dead like lebron leaving Cleveland……R>IP SONY

    No longer do they qualify as a premium product, i’d rather go RCA, or even best buy in house brand Insignia first.

    You know what I’m talking about Rob

  13. I used to love SE. Most of my phones are SE. But because of lack of support. I dropped them.
    I’m sad that I had to drop them cuz I am really crazy about their phones. I dropped my x10 about 2 months ago. I miss the phone but SE didn’t use it to it’s potential!! The phone can do sooo much stuff but oh well.. Time to move on.

    About the Arc, I think it’s a nice phone. But, I already learned my lesson. They might do the same thing all over again. They are not gonna keep up with the competition cuz they dropped all the support for x10. Their competitors are giving all what they’re consumers want and need. But SE, this is where you blows.. SUPPORT!

    Nice phones but no support? A BIG FAIL!

    Sorry SE… I loved your products. But, I don’t know about the future.

  14. i know these mother fucker now i m buying iPhone 4 i think its better in any aspect se is a big dick sucker …. asshole.

  15. BUY X10 because it has DLNA, come on ppl, new thingies for your phone. after 1 year: Won’t be available for the x10. wait, what? That’s why you need to buy phones already updated and NEVER expect the manufacturer updates to bring latest functions etc. Nexus one has 2.3.3 AOSP/Cyanogenmod. If a dev wants to develop DLNA he could develop it. Nexus one just doesn’t have the same feel and look as the x10, doesn’t have this beautiful camera && 4″ screen. Besides that, SW speaking .. it’s 1000 times better. Sony Ericsson is the only company which puts a lock on open source OS. THEY should be SUED for misleading informations => we will bring 2.2!! (NOOOT), we will bring dlna &16M colors to your phones (NOOOT!!!) . Sony sued George Hotz, who now bought an x10 to crack the bootloader for cracking the ps3. Why? He is right. From the moment you buy a device, it is YOURS no matter what. So, technically speaking, you could do whatever you want with it. Install new SW, Change firmware etc. it’s YOUR fault if you fuck it up. If you want a phone that SUCKS and it’s expensive as shit, buy yourself an iphone. George is currently working on x10. If he’ll succeed, SE will sue him, again? if he cracks x10s bootloader he could be able to crack arc/play/neo’s bootloader, which would have almost identical encryptions, with few values added/taken. WE should support what GOOGLE wants, that is the OPEN SOURCE projects. We should ALL users write an open letter to GOOGLE, and tell them that we were misinformed. (GOOGLE built half this phone => SE built HW/ Google built SW + OS). This is really a fraud. When the bootloader will be cracked, you’ll see the real potential of this phone. it’s like ARC without LED screen / exmcrap camera(which nobody needs anyways) but same 8.1 MPX resolution / and without HDMI output which obviously could work wireless with DLNA.

    Summing up what i said earlier, i think SE should be sued by Google, us(all the users who have this phone), and the xda community, who are trying desperately to improve our phones through software, which, obviously is just a pain in the ass (when the bootloader will be cracked, they will have to work on other kernel, and just rewrite the whole code again, for ALL the phone + that it will be for 16M colors / dual touch axis correction(maybe) + others. ). THINK at what i said. Don’t let developers work this much, let us write this open letter ASAP.

  16. Of course. Sony Ericsson doesn’t have a solution in place to secure the handset whilst opening the bootloader without breaking “legal agreements with many of our partners”. If they would open the bootloader for us, they will break the legal agreements with who? who are their partners? GOOGLE? who has a policy for open source SW / HW? they opened the bootloader for nexus one. ANDROID phone cannot be bricked. if smth goes wrong, you just enter recovery, and try again. wtf. there is no need for their “security”. THEY ARE THE ONES BREAKING LEGAL AGREEMENTS with GOOGLE.

  17. Awsome…. SE did it again…….
    To all M Fuckers In SE… Gud Bye.

    Ohh.. again forgot the best filthy crap …
    Where the SE sucker Fact is Fact ??????????

    In this auspicious awsom announcement frm SE, The M fucker Fact is shit have anything to say about it ?

    Guys….To all Android Lovers.. Best to go with Nexus.. Else Samsung/LG/HTC
    Have u guys checked xperia arc specification ? It sucks in Hardware level. Its outdated now it self.

    All are releasing 1 Gig RAM with dual Core Processor. We are gonna suck in performance with new apps in xperia arc. Beware !!!!

  18. sorry sony, that was your one chance.
    you had promised with the x1, x2 mistakes (that i watched from my omnia perspective) that you had learnt. yet you were late to market and didnt up the specs to the clear 2010 roadmap of technology and operating system trends.

    what you should have done is spent time producing a “pure” google o/s as a leaving pressie to x10 owners to use if they wanted. whatelse does the phone have others have that could be a license issue. its not cutting edge on screen type, on speakers, on, anything.

    the latest version works well as a feature phone. the diary function is finally set out well (although the widget is rubbish), and it takes a 32gb card as long as you remove most apps. i.e its not a featurephone and its not the “ultimate google phone” as they were still claiming in their marketing this month even as the arc was being announced.

    so i am not in the market for a feature phone, so im not in the market for a sony.

  19. the other thing is all this does is annoy the little users of the brand.

    the big guys who can commerically expoit any security breaches will have already cracked them.

    so the person who wants to mod their phone cant, who would cost sony nothing and keep goodwill going for the brand… while the kirf bootleggers who will churn out millions of chinese made copyphones will still do so.

  20. Woah!

    There are tons of custom ROMs (MIUI, Cyanogen 6.1.3, 7, …) plus a lot of good stuff for X10, (They even ported ARC’s Launcher) in the xda Forums for X10 and this is what this Blog posts as NEWS?

    Son, I am disappoint.

  21. i feel sorry for people who arent happy with their x10s they will never be happy with a phone maybe they should buy a iphone or a htc which is still on 2.2 the rest of us can upgrade to the latest O.S from se and watch them seeth at another companies faults LOSERS

  22. perhaps hmmm would feel differently if hmmm had wanted the things it was meant to do and then having paid for a 2 year contract (£1000 total spend) you dont get £1000 worth of phone. see why people are annoyed?

    “the ultimate android phone” was the tagline for the x10 all the way into 2011

  23. I dont want any of the half finished roms from xda. I want a fully functional phone, with SE firmware as stock android is boring. And i want what SE freakin promised, i dont give a shit if i can download some other app. Its the principle in it…..

  24. @Akmad….
    You are absolutely right, SE is to android what Apple is to smart phones….style over substance. This news for me is neither here nor there as I have been convinced for a long time that the 2.1 upgrade would be the last reasonable thing we would get from SE.
    The new line up from SE is just so underwhelming when compared to what other manufactures are showcasing. Even the xperia play meant for gaming has 2010 hardware. Just ridiculous. They make phones for fanboys and ignoramuses.

  25. Funny thing is the LG 3D phone has a 3D screen. Dual Core. And yet on most websites, the sim free version is cheaper then Neo, that apart from a slightly better screen and Exmor chip (if it even is a chip, knowing Sony, it’s just a software algorihim branded with Exmor name) practically is an X10.

  26. “All of old. Nothing else ever. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” (Samuel Beckett, Worstward Ho (1983))

    SE learned from their mistakes. Fnar, fnar! 😀

  27. Well, I’m not buying another Sony Ericsson phone again, to think I could have gone with a manufacturer that actually supports it’s hardware, even past the EOL…but no, I had to choose one that actually looked good, and was made by a decent company that this was my first phone by them.

    Since I am in a 3 year contract, I am buying another phone outright this summer. I am looking a Motorola, which made most of the phones I had prior to this.

  28. Woah, great. Now i am really pissed. i have a problem with my phone. My micro-usb port has stopped working suddenly(i can charge my phone through it, charger/usb but when i conned the usb cable to the pc, it just charges and that’s it. ) Before this, it said “device unknown”. then stopped working, just charging it. I really don’t know what to do . I tried 6 different usb cables(microusb=>usb) and all gave the same result : phone charges, doesn’t connect to pc. 🙁 then, i tried on 4 different computers. Same thing. It’s obviously from my micro-usb port, on the phone. How may i solve this? Please help me.

  29. good news gingerbread confirmed for galaxy s and all htc high end and we stuck with eclair i hate eclair word

  30. Funny, everytime SE talks, makes trouble. Anyway, who gives a shit? use DLNA and phone would die soon

  31. Guys – Everyone who is fustrated with SE has every right to be but in order to really hurt SE we need to get our voices outside of these Blogs and get these messages viral so it really hurts their pockets and not ours. We are just complaining to ourselves. How can we get the message out to all Sony & SE consumers to let them know that they do not listen, care, service, update the consumers / products. Any suggestions???

  32. @Rene,
    You are right Rene, SE must provide higher version updates to X10 users. To let more people listen these complaints it’s better to be on twitter or facebook otherwise no body here is going to listen.

  33. @ all : Don’t forget to tell this bad news to all people, at least we have saved them from deceit SE.
    together we make the SE bankrupt, make.believe

  34. I am stuck with another 18 months of this phone. Already some apps that I want to use won’t work with X10 (iPlayer for one). I don’t want to invalidate the warranty so I am stuck with what SE gives me 2.1. I am far from happy with this but I refuse to pay out for another Android phone (especially one from SE) after buying what I was told at the time was a “flagship” model at a high price and taking out such a long contract.

    I certainly won’t be purchasing an “Arc” as I cannot trust anything SE say after my experiences with the X10 and this blog just confirms my feelings (another promised feature which Sony Ericsson can’t be bothered to deliver).

    Most of SE’s sales are based on Marketing, the support just isn’t there for their Android devices. I have a long time to go on my current contract so I will wait to see what happens with Android Phones in the meantime. Sony Ericsson’s marketing strategy of not upgrading the X10 to force existing customers to upgrade to the Arc, hasn’t worked with me and I hope everyone else that feels so let down by these cowboys takes the same view. This is the only way SE will be punished for their dishonesty although Rene’s idea in post #41 is also worth considering – anyone out there know how to do this?

    I think in the future I will probably go with one of Google’s own phones so at least the updates will be there. SE has definitely lost me as a customer if this lack of updates for the X10 continues, which it seems it will.

  35. ok guys that is a really good idea we gotta do something in facebook someone gotta design some blog for our protest purpose.we gott force se to release froyo its their duty i cant stand seeing gingerbread on 600 mhz phone while i stuck with damn flashless 2.1

  36. im glad..i only buy x10 mini pro…plus my new phone acer liquid..acer not a popular in phone maker but their are good on update their phone. first acer liquid launching with 1.6 now can upgrade to 2.2 with same model…end of the maker make a phone better than original phone maker like SONY ERICCSON…..


  38. I’m confused… I just installed Twonky Mobile on my X10 Mini Pro, and the PC software on my PC, and it seems to be working perfectly. :-\

  39. p.s. My X10 Mini Pro isn’t rooted.

    I’ve since realised two things:

    1) The Twonky PC software seems to be trialware; not free forever. I deinstalled it from my laptop and installed Skifta instead (because it’s completely free):

    It was a pain to install. Register an account on the Skifta website, before downloading the software. I had to run the install the software three times on Windows 7 Starter for it to install properly. After it installs, you have to browse to C:\Program Files\Skifta and find the exe file. Once you’ve ran the exe file, go back to the link above for further instructions.

    There is an Android app for Skifta, but it only runs on Android 2.2 and above. The free Twonky app will still work, because DLNA is a universal protocol.

    2) When I say that the free Twonky app works, it does and it doesn’t… You can stream media to your phone from Windows Media Player. You can use the Twonky app as a remote control for Windows Media Player. But the option to share media FROM the phone to a PC seems to be disabled in the Twonky app settings. 🙁

  40. I know everyone says these things but I mean it. SE have lost me as a customer. The x10 is a piece of garbage now. I will NEVER buy another SE product, they can’t be trusted. Pathetic company.

  41. I gave up on SE about 4 months ago. I had the X10 Mini. I replaced it with a HTC Desire and thank god for that! Just dropped by today and from what I can read nothing has changed.
    I am never buying any SE products again. Burned my fingers on a Greenheart phone that worked like shit! Then again with the X10 Mini. Fuck you SE! Muuuhahahahaha!