Xperia arc ROM ported to X10

Xperia arc ROM ported to X10Following on from the release of the Xperia arc system files, one of the devs (TripNRaVeR) over at xda-developers has ported over this arc ROM to the Xperia X10. This new custom ROM is based on Android Gingerbread (v2.3.1) and includes apps from the Xperia arc including Timescape and the Mediascape widget.

The release is at a very early stage, so there are a number of bugs including no sound output (for incoming calls). However, it’s impressive the number of things that do work including the network, data, wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS. It also includes the default Gingerbread keyboard. For more information on the ‘TripNArc’ ROM click here.

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  1. jeez. Could they wipe the floor with SE any quicker?!!
    That’s sweeet.
    Shame SE couldn’t be bothered to put a couple of day’s work into making X10 users happy.
    Will be flashing once sound for incoming calls are working 🙂
    Thanks TripNArc.

  2. is there any possiblity that x10 will get arc timescape widget and mediapane ?
    any idea my friends?

  3. its a unrelated question..
    i am frm india(x10i), i bought x10 in india now i am moving to usa , can i able to use the same power charger frm india in usa?
    charger specification:
    input:100-240 vac 150 mA 50-60hz
    can anyone give me an answer pls………..?

  4. Another embarrassment for Sony Ericsson!

    It’s amazing that someone who is doing this development in their own spare time can develop software better than a team of programmers being employed to do this by Sony Ericsson. Or is it that they don’t want the X10 to compete with the “ARC” as they’re frightened this will affect sales? Lets face it the Arc is hardly an evolutionary step forward on the hardware front its just more of the same with the new (for a while) OS thrown in…

  5. Ha! Suck it Sorry Errorsson! I knew it could & would be done, I just didn’t expect it so soon. I’m sure it will eventually be more stable than this first go. After reading the first 10 pages of comments, I see the trend of bugs and issues emerging and have faith they will be sorted out. Another jab in the ribs and spit on the face of Sorry Errorsson jerks! Great stuff from XDA all the time! Keep up the good work!

  6. wow…. i mean dis is amazing… Hats off to uo SIR Developer…………………………………


    SE SUCK.

  8. as always..
    SE shits….

    cant think abt the world with out xda dev…

    U guys really rock!!!!!!! 🙂 luv u guys..

    F u SE

  9. i cant believe its out already!!!, just give it a few months and i think there will be a near perfect rom out. hopefully by then the bootloader will be cracked, great work XDA!!!!!

  10. This is great new ! Go XDA…hope you guys come up with a stable ROM and I an surely moving on to it ! SE can bite the dust !

  11. And popping into Three / Orange today, the X10 is still on offer. Shame on you Sony, at least have the decency to take it off the shelves now you’ve made it obselete.

  12. SE isnot suck!
    X10 released with 1.6, later 2.1 update for free!
    they not promised upgrade at all!
    You are so lame!
    Be happy to have xda and stop being asshole!

  13. What a dumb consumer just what se need buying whatever they throw down on the market just try too open your eyes to samsung and htc confirmed gingerbread and future 2.4

  14. We all admit that the hardware for the phone kicks ass. If we can get gingerbread and the xarc interface on the phone I will be happy., I just need the phone to last another year before I considered a replacement.

    Yes, i know we all hate SE, but does every post on this forum have to turn into that? (fanning the flames of hate!)

  15. @BushidoBlack
    i agree man, it would be great if we could get a fully working (or near perfect) version of gingerbread on the X10, along with the new Arc interface, that would be awesome, and maybe, just maybe, it might be a decent android phone, a phone worth having. who knows fingers crossed.

  16. X10 with the Arc software should be quite interesting, there must be a lot of hardware similarities that can be exploited by the community and modders.

  17. To all xperia x10 owners watch the above 3D UI and port it to ur mobile by following this guide

    1)download the launcher from here
    3)restart your mobile
    4)click on set default and choose SPB Shell as default
    5)select activate now and wait Compatability error will be displayed ignore it
    6)click on ok
    it should work

    to the blog owner please start this as a new post so everyone can get this launcher in their mobile… all credits goes to the XDA developers

  18. Sony Ericson should FIRE!!! all there staff and hire these guys.
    well done guys….,,, really well DONE !!

  19. @spilsie

    SE could do the same but they don’t want to.
    Old product = no money
    New product = money

    It’s all about money.

  20. I don’t hold a grudge against any company for wanting to make money. After all they never expressed any claims as to being in this business for charity.

    Even if SE had updated the X10 to froyo/ gingerbread, I’d still have bought an Arc, because even we, who now hate this company, agree that it makes some good hardware. My reasons for buing the Arc would be- the screen size, the camera, and the way the phone looks.

    On the other hand, now after having been at the recieving end of the shoddy treatment meted out to us X10 buyers, it’s a matter of principle and I absolutely REFUSE to buy another SE product, while advising others to do the same.

    I mistakenly accused Samsung for shoddy updates. Having done more research intothe matter, I find out Samsung’s updates not reaching the Galaxy S was a matter of carriers not pushing out the updates. Samsung is in fact going to push gingerbread to the Galaxy s, or so I understand. This company on the other hand has just refused to have anything more to do with the X10.

    I guess we live and learn.

  21. Don’t install it yet, TriNRaver had some issue, phone stopped booting completely and currently the firmware download is pulled from his post.
    Wait until it’s fixed.

  22. lol i dont think sony ericsson will be too bothered the fact is your still using their phone, so they are laughing at you. instead of upgrading to their latest phones you have to suffer and wait for xda to update everything for you which will not work as good as their latest phones, so while your stuck with the poor old x10 with no front facing cam and no high resolution scene the rest have the latest phone and will get regular update that you will be months behind.

    A lot more customers are going to upgrade trust me you think you are a huge number but your minimal look at the poll this site did the other day not even 500 people voted lol.
    theres a limit to what that x10 can do eventually it will lag a lot if it messes up i dont think your provider will be happy to fix it with an imported rom 😛 let alone sony e

    so whose laughing now hahaha

  23. We’re laughing knob jockey. We might have to wait a little longer but if we were waiting for Sony to deliver we’d fart dust and keel over before we got another Android update. So ..|../

  24. lol no need for name calling your seething :|. You will be suprised dude htc desire is still on 2.2 Sony Ericsson will be big this year Xperia play is going to huge world wide especially for playstation gamers so while your still playing with your ‘edited’ outdated phone people are walking around with that have features yours never will. Maybe xda can get you a high resolution screen and a front camera pmsl aye? 😉

    You singing xda praises but inside your seething cause you stuck with ya x10 left behind in the dark cause ya moaning cause ya didnt get 2.2 boo hoo hehe

  25. @ hmmm.

    You implied that we(?) are stuck with the x10. Not so. My X10 is “archived”, in other words, boxed and put into my old phones collection.

    I’m using a Desire HD as my primary and alternating between an N900 and Desire as my secondary phone.

    One thing I don’t do is use XDA roms. Sure, they’re great, but somehow they have some glitches. By the time all is ironed out, the next gen phone is in. Hence, I believe, that the phone manufacturer should provide timely updates. And that, my freind is where SE FAILS.

    Sure, I’m mad with this company, but it’s not because I’m stuck with their crapware, it’s because I can’t stand it’s cheek. Take my money for a “Flagship” device and hang me out to dry.

    As you mentioned, the Desire is still on froyo. What you haven’t mentioned though, is that it will get gingerbread, and this has been announced by HTC.

    The way I see it, a lot of X10 buyers will not buy another SE product. Sales, though, are beyond my prediction. First time sony buyers, and sheep who don’t mind shoddy treatment meted out to them by SE are what will drive the sales.

    You mention the great features of the new SE phones. Front facing camera, High res (really?) screens. How? Arc doesn’t have a front facing camera. The screen res is much the same. Where did you pull those out of? I can replace it with any phone on the market and won’t lose out on features. The processor is also a year late. HTC released it in 2010.

    On the other hand, it does look nice and has a nice camera, and the screen size is just right. I’d have bought it for sure, but nah. Cant be bothered with this company. It’s just not going to deliver and then sheep will come out of the woodwork and say, “But where did they promise updates?” or “you should have done more research”.

  26. Oh,

    And the number of people who voted is in no way an indication of the number of disgruntled buyers. If you implied it is, I can imply that it’s the number of SE loyalists, since they are still bothering themselves with this piece of junk phone.

  27. @Nitin your using a htc so my post does not apply to you so you can jog on cheers 🙂

  28. @Krishnan Thanks!
    That’s a pretty cool launcher or whatever you call it.
    I especially like that I don’t need root permission for it.
    It’s going to take me a while to organize everything to exactly where I want it, but I like the layout and 3D panels write a bit. The new widgets are piety slick too. Please let me know if this gets posted elsewhere too, I’d like to see others comments.

  29. @Jasmin
    Read instructions!
    Reboot after install and compatibility error, then select it from home button. Works great on my X10A running branded 2.1 with dual touch update. I like it, it looks cool.

  30. Obviously, SE wants you to buy their newer phone. The x10 is not a bad phone and stupid people keeps on comparing it to the latest phones.

  31. Don’t you guys have a girlfried(s)?!? Is this your biggest problem your phone has 2.1 not 2.2?
    It’s just a phone! Get a girlfriend (or a raccoon) and you are gonna be happy even with 1.6:)
    It’s just a phone! A toy!

  32. If your girlfriend/ partner utilises all of your attention/ time, you have serious issues.

    Having a partner doesn’t mean one has no other interests in life.

  33. I don’t think many will upgrade to the Arc myself, have you seen the price of it and for what? Something that’s way behind the competition and even though Sony E have promised to do better on updates, can anyone who has suffered the slow updates on the X10 really believe it? I don’t! Anyway, I am locked into a contract for another 18 months! By the time it ends the Arc will be history also… In fact if the EOL on the X10 is anything to go by, Sony E will probably have released 2 more models by the time my existing X10 contract ends!

  34. Nitin: you ment about intrest the lots of “fock ya se” opinion? The phone is working with 2.1. You can call, text, twitter, surf, … So if you start flaming because your phone has 2.1 (and you can use it) then you have a serius problem, but not with your phone.And if it is an intrest then you read first then buy. If you want the most recent android buy a Nexus 1/S. I don’t believe that you’ve just walled in the market and bougth the very first phone with 2 years contract! However the Se has a stable release of android, but the xda guys only release beta! I have the freex10 on my mobile and as soon as i have a stable rom i’m gonna donate. But i think that date is not even close!:-(

  35. @Krishnan: It started Lagging & Crashing bad, hates low battery too. Widget Errors 🙁

    @Attila Bardi: “Don’t you guys have a girlfried(s)?!?…biggest problem your phone has 2.1 not 2.2?”

    I know it’s just a phone. I was promised updates through until Sept. 2012! I’m on contract until Sept. 2013! I’m 43 with a 25 y.o. very hot GF! I’m living the dream like Charlie Sheen w/o the $$$ + Drugs. I got her an X10 when I got mine, so I’m in this for TWO of them. Glad I didn’t get her the mini. Without rooting and voiding warranty, I’m stuck to branded 2.1 and no ability to move apps to sd! Who puts a Vespa motor in a Ferrari? Seriously? I get more than a few apps and I get low space warnings! GeoHot is on the case now and XDA has lots of interesting stuff too. So, if I don’t soon get other hardware with dual core and/or 2.2+, I will root and mod it when warranty expires or I have alternate device. In the interim, I feel it vital to vent my frustrations about Sorry Errorsson’s Epic Fail everywhere I can! Even if only 1 in 10 of my posts prevents a potential buyer from buying S.E., it is worth it! They have betrayed the people who had the most faith in them for greed! We the betrayed must remind them constantly until there is some form of restitution! Acknowledging mistakes without correcting them while it’s still possible is NOT learning!

  36. Noxious:
    who promised that update? Do you have it written?
    Did you signed a contract for 3 years? Omg!

  37. @ Attila Bardi.

    Firstly, I think you’re Fact is Fact. Your english is as bad and your line of reasoning is the same.

    Secondly, I haven’t flamed yet, though imbeciles like you make me lose it in a minute.

    Thirdly, by your logic, android 1.5 worked too, so why even update to 2.1? Want to know why I think the X10 should have had 2.2 at least? It’s because the minimum version of android to make the X10 a pleasurable experience is 2.2, and not 2.1 on which it’s just a laggy piece of crap.

    Read first and buy? That’s what morons keep repeating. Well, it was written about the X10 that it would be upgraded to 2.2. Just not anywhere concrete by SE themselves. In the same way the new xperia line is being launched, and updates have been promised. BUT, nowhere has SE published an upgrade schedule, so when they fail at updating, morons are gonna scream, “read first then buy”.

    Lastly I’m in India. We DON’T have CONTRACTS here. I buy as many phones as catch my fancy and replace them at will. I’m not tied into them for any period of time.

    Lastly, while I appreciate XDA devs, I don’t think them working allows companies to slack off, not push updates and expect people to get their updates from XDA.

  38. Post above my last one proves my point.

    All you stupid retards can say is where is it written. So where is it written that the arc/ neo/ pro/ play will get the mobile port of honeycomb and in what time frame? Loose talk from SE doesn’t count for crap.

    “We’ve learned our lesson and will push faster updates”. Faster isn’t a definite date and they can chicken out like with the X10 citingvarious problems.

  39. hi everyone ! i dont really know what is really big deal about 2.2 or2.3 what difference is there really? i have been using my friends htc desire hd 2.2 larger screen than x 10 but i think no where near x 10 keeps bloody freezing . i did a little research about 2.2 2.3 between those 2 only difference a theme few colour changes thats all about the only thing you cant get on x10 is a flash player install skyfire than and stop moaning you all own a good phone we all buy a new s e too best wishes

  40. @ cihan84

    If you think that the difference between 2.1 ans 2.2 is just flash, and in your opinion, solved by installing skyfire, you really don’t know twat about what you’re saying.

    I’d suggest moving on to ios where you can remain blissfully unaware and everything is nice and shiny.

  41. can we trust arc from se? can it be worth buying…i thought of buying arc giving x10…,pls tel ur comments…

  42. @goku

    You can make it down this…
    Go to GSM arena and have a comparison between Galaxy S II(slimmer than arc) and Xperia Arc.

    It sucks in H/W configuration.

    Most of the developers points their apps to Galaxy and HTC none of them are doing it for any xperia.
    also they stopped supporting all the device that they had released on 2010.
    Assume how long they support arc then. (HTC samsung ports all their device to Droid 2.3)

    its about $900, if u need value for ur money think about HTC or samsung bro.

  43. @krishnan
    Hey, I installed SPB Shell.
    It always asks to do activation.
    any work around ??????

  44. @ x10 warrior
    do u know the upcmg mobile in htc equal to galaxy 2(i prefer htc than sams)?
    any details of htc new phones….?

  45. @everyone – this sure is one heated arguement. I do agree that sony can do something if it really wants to help its x10 customers. Any chance we can push SE to give us one final update to android 2.3 and an extra something like a 16m colour display etc. They can surely stop supporting us after that.

  46. The wars still rage on I see. Gentlemen I think its time forget about the x10 and its shortcomings and look to the future. Sure, most of us are on long term contracts with this under-par pile of rubble but endless flaming only makes the time you have left with it even more agitating. Keep fingers crossed we get something stable from xda…. if not, we just have to make the best of it until we can get on hands on a Samsung, HTC, or LG.
    PS… stop arguing with fanboys… their attachment to SE is not logical or rational but purely sentimental. You can never reason with the unreasonable or indeed educate the mindless. They take any attack on the x10 or SE personally and respond in the same fashion.

  47. @Attilla
    No, I didn’t get 2 years of updates in writing, but my provider knows this is standard selling feature of all handsets they carry. 3 Year contract was only way to get X10 for $150 with a decent data plan. My other options were: Pay $650 per phone and $.05/kb or pay $500 per phone and $5/Mb on 2 year contract. I opted for $150 per phone and $30/month for 6Gb/month. So far I use just over 2Gb per month. I would use more data if I had 2.2 or higher and ability to move apps to sd. I will speak to my provider’s cancellation department this weekend about how my manufacturer crippled device does not allow me to enjoy the benefits of my contract. They may offer me a discount on other hardware with 2.2 or newer. I suspect if I accept the offer, I will have to extend my contract until March 2014. I will update to my posts in forums.

  48. guys look at in what nokia has to offer e7 is their latest dumbphone worse in every manner to x10 price tag is even to galaxy 2 be happy with your x10 always try looking down before looking up

  49. @zephyr

    Take a reality check. The only downside to the E7 is the UI. In every other aspect it’s way ahead.

  50. @Nitin
    Common Nitin..
    Nokia is still symbian OS..
    If you knew the strength of Android, u wud never say this…

    Its even agreed by CEO Stephen Elop that they are well behind in everything compared to Android.

    Have a look here:

    Also Just have a look there and come again.

    @All great SE shit fans
    To all shitty fan boys of SE, look here:

  51. @ x10 warrior.

    Please! You’re making the same mistake countless people do. UI =/= OS.

    Like I said, Symbian Has UI issues. The browser seems to be the worst part. As an OS, it’s got tons of features android/ ios are still implementing or havent done yet.

    The biggest “strength” of Android really is the market, as compared to symbian.

    Android is good, I’m using it now, so I’m not trashing it. Just don’t understand how people who know zilch about symbian devices say that symbian is no good?

    The E7 is an awesome phone. The quality is top notch, the screen is the new clear black display, it has support for more video codecs than most android phones. It’s very power efficient. etc etc…

    The only downside is the UI on S^3 and the browser, which isn’t as good as the webkit one (can be rectified with 3rd party browser).

    I’m not saying it’s God in person, but it’s a good device. So I don’t understand How zephyr considers it sub par to the X10. Sure it’s not as good as the latest and greatest android devices, but it’s miles ahead of the X10.

  52. that was good
    “”miles ahead of the X10.”””
    I agree with that. Only with that 🙂

  53. Miles ahead? have ya guys even checked the stats on that phone?
    Lets recheck :
    E7 : 680MHz CPU , 256MB RAM , a Broadcom GPU ,1gb ROM
    X10 : 1000MHz CPU , 380MB RAM (Usable 280), Adreno 200 GPU , 1gb ROM.

    Ahem,as far as i can read,the X10 is faster AND more versatile thanks to the Android platform,Symbian limits one alot plus its all java coded so you’ll never have games that can use 100% rendering of your terminal , which in android i was playing Dungeon Defenders with Unreal 3 Engine at max at a very nice rate…let me see a Nokia do that.


  54. Alejandro.

    It’s symbian. It’s leaner than android. It doesn’t require a many system resources. An x10 and a desire have similar stats, but, the x10 performs way below. It’s because froyo is more efficient than eclair. Similarly symbian^3 is a different beast.

    When will people understand that actual performance is one thing and stats on paper are another.

    Did you say versatile? The you on the e7 is totally capable of handling 3d games. The blah blah about symbian limitations is just that. Blah. Use an e7 before trash talking it.

    Lastly. I know android is wonderful. You forget though, x10 =/= android. Yes it’s an android phone, but one of the crappiest ones, Thanks to the 2.1 cap.

    Thrilled about 1 gig processor? My n900 with a 680 mhz processor has this piece of junk licked. I can’t crash it with even 20 apps open in desktop style multi tasking. How many does your leet xperia do?

  55. Forgive me if my last post was a little haphazard.

    Miles ahead, Yeah.

    680 Mhz v/s 1 Ghz. S^3 vs Android 2.1. Efficient OS vs/ inefficient.

    256MB usable ram v/s 280. Lean V/s bloated.

    Broadcom Gpu V/s Adeno 200. Hmm, lemme see. Broadcom on the E7 does 32Million triangles per second v/s the 20 odd on the adeno 200.

    Internal Memory. The big one you missed. 16 gig, v/s the non existant amount on the x10.

    Versatile? How? Usb on the go, HDMI, Clear black display, so that your phone screen is vivid in the sun, industry leading keyboard, yeah, your X10 has those. How many audio and video codecs does your x10 play? Double the number and add some. Then you reach the range of codecs the E7 can handle.

    Chuffed about dungeon defenders? Go check the range of 3d games on ovi and check playability in the e7. There will be way less software, obviously, but its not crapped out like it is on the x10.

    Remember the xperia is a phone with android 2.1 adeno 200 and qsd 8250. Not 2.2, adeno 205, and msm 8250 (or hummingbird). The latter combination is win, the former is ftl. 2.2 would speed up the x10, but SE aren’t giving you that, are they?


  56. X10 is way ahead of e7 as you Already knew x10 cpu is quite powerful you can feel this when working with document you can see it x10 got way better camera thanks to auto focus and more resoultion better design better price tag currently 260 euro compared to e7 s 560 euro lso eclair with 100000 app vs 5000 app so e7 few advantages wont make it superior

  57. Powerful Cpu? I couldn’t stop laughing. What good is a powerful Cpu with a bloated unoptimised ROM (OS and UI combo). In the X10 simply making a call is a laggy experience. Open dialer, lag, open phone book, lag, etc etc. Jeez it’s a phone, maybe that was one thing they could have cut the lag out of.

    Cameras are more or less the same. * megs each, so same resolution, not more as you say. X10 has autofocus and the E7 has EDOF, both have their points. The X10 is no ARK and the E7 is no X8.

    The price of the X10 is low because it is EOL, or didn’t you get that? Just bought an X10, gf updates. The E7 will be supported with updates even though Symbian will be phased out.

  58. installed it this morning. awesome launcher. i really hope the upgrade to 2.3 would make this the default launcher for the x10. nice animations too.

    some gripes though. considerable lag, especially when using the picture/video widget. 3D image gallery icon is blank (but still very cool after opening it).

    didn’t try the news and clock widgets. don’t need the news, and i’m happy with my clockr.