Geohot buys an Xperia X10 to hack

GeohotRenowned hacker George Hotz aka Geohot has revealed that he recently bought a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, as he looks into the security and encryption of the handset. The X10 is likely to be used as ground work in preparation for a full-on assault on the Xperia Play, which he already has said is his next target.

Geohot is famous for jailbreaking the iPhone and hacking the PlayStation 3. Any help he can give in cracking Sony Ericsson鈥檚 locked down bootloader, will be warmly welcome by the Xperia developer community. See the video below where he talks about the X10 from around the 4 minute mark.

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  1. Alright we got Geo on the project! Awesome news! I hope the XDA team and Geo will collaborate to get this damn bootloader cracked once and for all.

  2. Hi,
    Im looking to buy the mini pro within the next few days. I need to know one thing urgently. Does the pro have an equaliser in its music player. If not, are there apps that you can download for the phone which will contain an equaliser??
    Please do reply asap.


  3. @mango

    The default music player does not have an equalizer but you can buy the app Poweramp for $5.00 which has one.

  4. THIS IS IT!

    we are helped out !

    thanx !

    HE WILL serve us the decrypted bootloader !


  5. @ mango.

    I’d seriously advise against the mini pro. It’s EOL with no further updates.

  6. Hi nitin,

    thanks for you reply. Could you recommend any other phone in the 10-12k price corridor with good audio quality?

  7. “I mean” I’m waiting for fully working Android 2.3 for Xperia X10 with Timescape and Mediascape 馃檪 “you know” a beer for this guy 馃榾

  8. @ Mango

    In that price range, you will get mostly economy Androids, and the only decent one I can think of off hand is the HTC Wildfire. It has 2.2 and though it will not progress to 2.3, it should be sufficient.

    You could also invest a little more and get the original Desire. That phone will be getting Android 2.3, this has been confirmed by HTC.

    You could also have a look at the new Nokia C series. While not android, they really are quite decent and very affordable too.

  9. Good for him. I feel happy for this dude, and respect the pair he has got on him. While I don’t condone what he is doing, Sony isn’t the exact saint here either, and I hope that he comes out on top in the end.

    Too bad I sold my x10 already, but hopefully his efforts will be applied to the Arc as well, given that he has any success in the first place.

  10. should be interested what happens when people start following this guy to crack the x10, hopefully sony will continue to crack down on those following him and the x10 owners who do will be in trouble along with those who are already in trouble with following his ps3 hacking. You will be very foolish to support this guy

  11. @hmmm, Ok “hmmm” your obviously a lame SE employee! so while your here our community is totally behind this guy, you can’t take us all to court without shelling out more cash than what you can sue us for. And in the USA it is legal for us to MOD or change our devices however we see fit! I am no longer going to buy any more SONY or Sony Ericsson products because of your lame a$$ customer service!

  12. @enlight311 you idiot i wish i was an employee are you really that dumb you must be from usa i assume. I can’t believe you think i am a sony employee that is hillarious lol only an american

  13. hey guyes is ther any way to install wp7 or ios on rooted xperia x10 is it possable plz tel me if any one know here thaksss

  14. @mango
    stop … never take any more xperia ………..
    stop pleaseeeeeeeeee.. No more updates.. no more support.. outdated phone with outdated software

    i am a x10 owner.. my frnds are having xperia mini. and pro as well…

    Try some other droid phones..
    U are gonna regret ur decission if u buy that crap…
    I do now.. not even me.. most of the guys… u look for value

  15. @mango
    i would recommend samsung ace for you. have a comparision in bro

    Please never go for SE Bro.
    It sucks .. really sucks…

  16. can we trust arc from se? can it be worth buying…i thought of buying arc giving x10…,pls tel ur comments…

  17. goku, the ark seems nice n all aspects barring one. SE.

    Phone’s awesome, company support is crap. Remind you of the X10 much?

  18. not the same goku as above

    just saw sum stuff online and it states android 2.4 is comin gou tin april , so immediately the arc and other new renager xperia will be outdated. so i wouldnt and it said something about 2.5 coming out 3 mohts after the release of 2.4. so it maybe two version behind.

  19. @goku
    Android 2.4 is just another version of Gingerbread.
    At the beggining, SE promised 2.1. In fact, they gave us 2.0, later updated to 2.1 . Now, google released 2.3.1, 2.3.2, now=> 2.3.3 and 2.4 will fix some bugs, and that’s about it. Next release=>(SDK already released): Honeycomb(probably / only for tablets ) then ice-cream (due to be launched this summer) 馃檪 hope i made things clear(er).

  20. @jack x10
    y u guys never learn?

    HTC/samsung are giving 2.3 for all its 2010 smartphones.

    SE says we never support 2010 phones anymore….

    also arc sucks in H/W specifications… just compare it with samsung galaxy 2 in
    u will come to know.
    SE said arc is the thinnest smartphone.. in fact only thin at middle…
    but samsung galaxy2 is more thinner than arc… have a look there in gsmarena

  21. Though I don’t have much knowledge on hacking, wouldn’t having a debugging USB intercept logger assist in getting the keys? (Think keylogger, except with USB data)

  22. @kts

    Sure, he may be mad, but at least when it comes to mobile phones, he does have one thing in his favor…the US has made unlocking phones completely legal. (So, it might be hard for $ony to go after him for this particular stunt.)

    Besides, Android is an open source platform…little hard to prosecute him for modifying code, unless he uses copyrighted code in the process.

  23. @Hmmm, No you retard! in my sarcasm I tried to point out that only a kiss ass like you would write something like that, so then you must be a SE employee! So I addressed you as one.


  24. Just about to sell my X10i – that I’ve not being using…. Might keep it a while to see if he can help crack it.

  25. guys do not be so rough on x10 I bought x10 despite knowing no up date stuffs but for 400 dollar my best bet was x10

  26. I’m just excited on the why he is trying to make things work for us consumers. And yeah android is supposed to be an open source. And apple accepted the jailbreak openly right?

  27. @Ryejuan

    I don’t think that Apple, or any phone manufacturer has to openly accept jailbreaking, or unlocking. The law basically makes it so it is legal to do so. If the company wishes to add security to prevent it, that is also fine…they just can’t lock you out of your phone for doing so, or sue you for hacking the security.

  28. I got an update this morning & guess what got Pinch Zoom Yeppeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    am from India

  29. HW Version SW Version Request Type Date Certified
    A 2.1.A.0.454 ECO Mar 10, 2011
    A 2.1.1.A.0.19 ECO Mar 10, 2011

    news updates for x10!!! lets hope some good news!!!! 馃榾

  30. @ X10 Warrior

    Completely agree, can’t believe anyone on here (after reading all the complaints about lack of support/updates from SONY E for their X10 model) is considering buying another SONY E phone. The phone could be the best phone in the world, but without the Android software updates it soon becomes outdated. Take anything that SONY E say with a pinch of salt. The support for their products is virtually the worst available in the Android phone market out of all manufacturers…

  31. @Amlan,
    It was released few weeks back bro.

    Looking towards 2.3 update..
    Have you guys ever tried new apps ??????

    We wont find any more new in our android market. Because whatever apps comes now is coming for atleast froyo.
    Can anyone imagine Droid without market ????

    We all brought a filthy crap from SE with huuuuuuuuge amount and got stopped the support with in 6-8 Months..
    I would rather say a black hole, well planned robbery by SE

  32. Soloution here is so simple, it’s a shame Sony just have their head rammed so far up their arses they just don’t get it. Every provider will basically kill their babies to give you a new phone / contract when you phone them up and tell them your leaving their network – Sony for f**k sake realise this, cut a deal with Orange, Three ect whereby X10 owners can trade in their X10 – get an Arc or a Play with an additional 12 months added to their contracts.

  33. I installed custom Froyo rom, it is so much better than stock ROM. Well, it suffer with some problems like random reboots because developers can’t use custom kernel thanks to Sony Ericsson shit in can policy. However, it is much faster and battery time is twice as long. I don’t believe SE lies about their super special customed roms. I had only problems with original ROM. Even stock SE contact list is not working properly. I wish that somebody (Google or Linux foundation) sue SE for locking kernel which is illegal because it is against Linux licence as well as against Android licence. I’m really tired with SE politic. 馃檨

  34. @rojdog & oracle: Updates will become less frequent here as time goes on. When you have a website focused on one handset it will have a natural life probably in line with the handset. Part of the reason we created was so that we could concentrate on a broad range of phones.

    Trust us, the site is not EOL and we are continually looking for newsworthy updates here but they have been few and far between. Going forward we will have some more guides to get the most out of the X10. As always, if you think we have missed any news, please get in touch and let us know!

  35. Soo… hacking the PS3 was just to get Linux working again, eh? So why is Geohot trying to hack the Play? Because he’s a games pirating asshole, that’s why. Whenever you come across hackers ruining online games, you’ve got someone like him to thank. Hacking the PSP rendered online gaming useless, because EVERYONE ran pirated and hacked games – do you really want him to do the same to the Play?

  36. well said spatuluk half of these people do not have a clue, these type of people are killing the gaming and mobile industry SE are a company to make money without money they can not make new phones and pay employees to update the phones, when the seethers need their 2.2 update lol

  37. And the drones go on and on.

    You fucking retards, the Play is a PHONE! With a LOCKED bootloader.

    It’s not only about games. It’s about utilising the device as he sees fit.

  38. Sounds very promising. Lets hope it is cracked open for those x10 devotees.

    Just to be Devils Advocate. This could also start off a stronger effort to keep people out just so they aren’t seen as bowing to one Cocky, Rapping TV Geek.

    Would you want to lose to him if you were Sony?

  39. Screw that, SE finally decided on a public 2.3 gingerbread release for X10i phones. For those still on X10a, SWITCH IT TO X10i FOR GOD’S SAKE. SE FORGOT ABOUT AMERICA. Official 2.3 should come out aprox. July or so, so it’s all good. Too bad they won’t update for x10 anymore. I’m looking forward to an arc when my ATT phone plan expires this december

  40. you guys are highly welcome.. I looking forward in bringing your full right back to you in any electronic purchase you guys made.

  41. this george fag actually stole all the hacks from others and supported piracy
    so Geohot GO TO Jail where u Belong!!!