SE opens bootloader for new Xperia range – X10 not included

Xperia X10In case you haven’t heard the news, Sony Ericsson is officially unlocking the bootloader for its new range of Xperia smartphones. Click here to read the full post over at Xperia Blog. However, the disappointing point for X10 owners is that the handset will remain locked due to “technical and legal reasons”. Maybe SE will change their mind at some point, but given the legal aspect we expect not. Whilst disappointing for us X10 owners it is at least good news that they have listened to the community for its future Android ranges.

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  1. Seriously man , there will be no more good service from SE on x10 once gingerbread comes out, so whats the point of not officially unlocking it?

  2. XDA will crack it soon anyway. Besides, now that we are getting an official Gingerbread update, the need for a cracked bootloader would not be that big, I guess.

  3. thay have to listen… but how many customers they lost?

    anyway have changed their minds. but we will see.

  4. @janus

    I see you are mad because SE wont open it for the x10 😛

    X10 is impossible to crack so good luck to XDa if they could have done it they would have 18 months ago.

    Atleast now we wont have these idiots asking SE to update the phone OS.

    I doubt really SE have lost loads of customers you read too much into these sites seethers were mad when SE didnt update buy they hadnt released any phones in that period so no damage has been done now this news has come along with 2.3 on x10 before release of next bath of phones 🙂

  5. Yes… X10 is getting in Q2/3 in 2011. (Where have I heard that before? Or has amnesia suddenly struck the majority of X10 owners?)

    Could it be that SE want peeps to finish off their stocks?

    And ‘legal’? Give me a feckin break…

    Got a sneaky one that the majority of us will be purchasing new phone AKA Samsung/HTC etc once our EXTENDED contracts have finished.

    I know I will.

  6. Quick translation with Google Translate:

    “technical and legal reasons” = “marketing reasons”

  7. SE will bow to customers once gingerbread is out…. we will see bootloader unlocked with gingerbread…. its that simple….

  8. Hey, I know this is off the topic but no one else will reply to me on older posts. Does the debranding tutorial posted a year ago on this site still work on the recent 2.1 update? Im currently on an orange uk x10i handset. Any help or links on how to debrand, ready for the new 2.3 update will be appreciated 🙂


  9. Nice (for Arc / Neo / Play users).

    Less so for X10.

    Personally I’m going to get the HTC EVO 3D isntead.

    Tegra Dual Core
    1 GIG memory

    and I bet it costs less to buy unlocked then the Play.

  10. @Lee (post #13) Go to XDA Developers website and you can find everything you need to know there. There are plenty of roms and such there with and full instructions too. There is stuff here too in the forums if you l look around.
    @lalaland=lol lol land

  11. It was mentioned by a few people in the forum that SE wouldn’t update the OS until after they start shipping the new range.
    The new range needs as much of a head start as possible for people to buy them.
    It’s all down to marketing.
    Personally, I still have no problems with my X10, it’s as good as any other and looks better than most not to mention the fact that I have never had to send mine for repair unlike numerous friends with samsung, htc etc.

    And I will more than likely end up with another SE handset when upgrade time comes around, I like to stick with what I know!

  12. why is that x10 users to be sucked by SE always ??????????????????????

    Dont we have payed them ? was that phone for free ??????

  13. I suggest to you all this move has more to do with anger from Google rather than anger from customers. All in all, their new range of phones are equipped with 2010 hardware so I would not even go there… open bootloader or not.

  14. “Quick translation with Google Translate:
    “technical and legal reasons” = “marketing reasons””

    My thoughts exactly. If they opened up the bootloader of the X10 nobody would buy the Arc/Neo/Play… But I’m betting on the guys @ XDA Developers: once the unlocking is available for the new phones they’ll find a way to backport it to the X10. Until then, I’ll stay a disappointed SE customer.

  15. Thank you very much, Sony Ericsson.

    Your work would be perfect if you’ll also increase the colours in the X10 to 16 millions as at first we’ve been told that the colours limit was due to Android 1.6.

    It would be a nice way to compensate us for all the frustrations about this mobile.

  16. Is this because various people have it just about cracked anyway – Gehot and people like him…?

  17. @zodiac
    what do you mean by anger from google? Are they forcing SE to provide 2.3 for X10 users??

  18. they lock because X1O is very powerfull smartphone.
    when it unlock soon, why need buying new xperia?

  19. Forget SE…I am looking forward to the XDA guys. We are sure they will come to our rescue !

  20. They wont unlock the boot loader because the x10 runs a iphone 3g screen and multitouch on this screen is patented by apple ( legal reason ) and not only that as soon as its unlocked you could port the new xperia roms straight to x10 with little hacking required ( marketing reasons ) but either way the x10 is gonna benefit from 2.3 with leaps and bounds

  21. im sure its not unrelated to nokia linking up with microsoft leaving SE as one of the last of the original big companies without a secure near future that they have so radically turned around and listened to the customers who came to the brand with the xperia.

    the 2.3 news with my x10 is great and should keep it going until the contract runs out, just in time for the next range (remember they said they would be faster than before so i expect pre xmas for the hardware updates to the ones coming out now)…

    i also need to ensure i never buy a phone thats “branded” which is hard to do so from a phone company but i managed it with my last two, both officially from orange and before they got their bstard wear stock

    SE are now back firmly on my likely choice list… all they need to do is ensure the phone has the right specs at the time

    very positive thinking from SE

  22. im not sure LEGAl applies when you got a FULLy unlocked phone and FULLY debranded phone. I think SE trying to sandwich fill an anwser here.

    BUT… since sony changed last friday and have since announced this, could the same happen to the X10 when gingerbread comes. The new bootloader unlock will require debrand. Notice that gingerbread is for debranded handsets as well so maybe some hope….

  23. Sorry for the Multiple comments, Owner of blog if you can merge these comments please do.

    Im surprised some of you people describe yourself as ‘dissapointed’. I dont think you could ask for much more from SE. When since did you see Apple let you Jailbreak by official means. ?

  24. when you remove the screen from the x10 the numbers on the rear of the screen if u search for them on the web only brought up iphone screen results also se said the x10 was multitouch then retracted that and said it was hard warerelated on further inspection from a member over at xda he found that dual touch was recognised by the phone not hardware just locked out by se

  25. Have it occurred to you that Sony Ericsson is being so nice and accommodating the same week they are the major sponsor of the ATP Tennis Open in Miami, being played since last week?