Who has upgraded to a new Xperia handset? [Poll]

Xperia arc and Xperia PLAYToday’s poll is a simple one – we want to get an idea of how many of you X10/X10 mini/X10 mini pro owners have bought one of the new Xperia handsets? The Xperia arc and Xperia PLAY have been out for around seven weeks now and whilst we believe some have upgraded, we suspect more are holding onto their existing handsets or have moved brand altogether.

Obviously for those of you with mini handsets, we understand some may be waiting for the next-generation minis to come out. Please let us know in the comments why youโ€™ve made that particular choice.

Who has upgraded to a new Xperia handset?

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121 responses to “Who has upgraded to a new Xperia handset? [Poll]”

  1. Happy with the x10, waiting for the 2.3 upgrade and then I’ll pass it to my girl and get the arc maybe (or another one if ever there’s something new ๐Ÿ™‚ … arc is still quite expensive anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰
    My first smartphone was the P800 actually !

  2. I am using my X10 still as a second phone. My primary device is a LG Optimus 2X.

  3. I am moving away unfortunately. I love the looks of the Arc as I did with my X10. But the late upgrade to 2.1 + my experience with rebooting, slow phone and bad battery makes me not want to risk going for SE again….still waiting to see if the 2.3 upgrade will change my mind though…

  4. Hey guys…Any news as to what the 2.3.3 update for the x10 might contain…Just cant wait for it to release…End of Q2/early Q3 seems so far…And really hoping that the upgrade is worth the wait…

  5. My X10 is still going strong. Does everything I need it to do and more with custom roms.

    Had to get the USB port on it repaired; using a half-dumb-half-smart-phone for a while really makes the X10 shine.

  6. Staying with the X10 for the mo, if a phone comes out with the xenon flash I’ll look at getting, prefer to stay with s.e. as although this phone hasn’t been as good as I hoped it looks good and does everything but take good pictures at nite.

  7. I was made eligible for early hardware upgrade from my network two weeks before S.E. finally relented and said they would update X10 to 2.3.3 My choices are limited to what is being offered by them and right now that is the Arc & Play as well as Nexus S. I think I will wait for the dual core devices to hit my network. If official GB hits before my warranty expires in September, great! If not; I will root and mod the snot out of it with everything I have learned here and @ XDA. As for trusting S.E. again… As mentioned above by someone else: Give me a Xenon flash! My many years old S.E. Cybershot K790 phone has one… Who was the S.E. “Genius” who decided we didn’t need true flash? FAIL!

  8. i got the xperia arc 5weeks ago and i just got xperia play
    and i love them both ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Still have the x10 but bought a new blackberry bold 9780 white, and use both the phones, but the difference is the blackberry doesn’t reboot 8 times a day guys

  10. I would love to get the new Mini Pro when it comes out, but Canada (Rogers in particular) never got the first Mini Pro, so I’m not sure if they’ll order the 2nd Gen one… if they don’t, I may go HTC… but along with users here, I still like my X10, only complaint is battery life.

  11. I am keeping the X10i for a while, not because I am not interested in upgrading, the ARC looks very nice, but because I need 1700Mhz/2100Mhz support for 3G on TMobile US, that only X10i supports, and none of the new Xperias does…

  12. Was happy with my x10 but then I dropped it and the screen broke.
    Got an arc on a fantastic deal. Best phone ever!

  13. i love my x10! and i can’t wait gingerbread update! new hadsets are too expensive for me. maybe i’ll buy an xperia arc in the future.

  14. I love my X10 too and also loving the Arc and Mini Pro. If i upgraded to a new Xperia, the X10 wont go anywhere, i’ll keep it.

  15. I am still using x10i..and i am really happy with my xperia x10i..i have install custom 2.2 rom..and xperia arc user interface..and it works fine..I Love my x10i

  16. i loved my x10 but moved to a sgs II. i dont hate SE i think they more than made up for their mistakes by releasing 2.3 (eventually) and i really really loved my x10 i felt like i was betraying it getting a new phone! it showed me the world of flashing roms, modding and android. i would have got an arc as it does look the nuts and i am a bit of a SE closet fanboy lol. but i just felt that the hardware would be obsolete in 3 months. I think i made the right choice with the galaxy s 2 …. all i can say is wow. Also to everyboy moaing about battery, go on and device forum and you will get ppl moaning about battery. until battery tech advances it gonna be the same more or less on anything and wats so bad about having to charge it while you sleep?

  17. Cyanogen 6.1.3 Android 2.2 ROM gave my X10 a serious boost when I popped it on a few weeks ago, I don’t need another phone anytime soon. It is very noticeably more responsive than the SE 2.1 ROM. I’ve got Flash, apps2SD, just put in a 32 GB midroSD, solid battery life (day and a half to 2 days moderate use), long uptime with no reboots (haven’t tested the limits, but have gone 2 days multiple times without a reboot). The one and only problem I have is guitar tuner apps won’t work because of a sampling frequency bug, but I’ll tune my guitar elsewhere to get all the benefits. Those who gave up on their X10 without trying a custom ROM seriously missed out.

  18. Sticking with my X10 – for a lot longer than expected now the 2.3 update is officially going ahead!, would definetely left it by the wayside if it wasnt getting upgraded! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. i’d been wanting to buy my x10 mini pro for a long time, and my gf’s got the same one, so i’m sticking with it for now ๐Ÿ˜€
    but my next phone will probably be mini pro, when i’ll have the money, if they don’t come up with something equally or more shiny, while small at the same time ^^

  20. my x10 with 2.1, having removed a lot of the apps so my 32gb card works, is great.
    looking forward to 2.3 upgrade (as its unbranded) and really want a daulcore phone next…
    so sony, you have until march next year to get the phones hardware up to scratch with regard to the competition leading cutting edge specs, not just the looks

  21. I love my X10 since I bought it a year ago, great phone for me. Arc? Maybe later…

  22. I โ„“ฦกโˆšฮตฬฒฬฃฬฃฬฃฬฅ my x10..there’s no point dropin it now till I have a feel of 2.3gingerbread..buyin an arc wuld just b a waste of moni for me I rather wait to see SE wif a dual core phone den..ill upgrade..SE rocks

  23. will keep ti’ll 2.3 is out then re-evaluate. unless Sony is making the next Nexus phone i’ll most likely be switching to something else when it’s time to retire the x10.

  24. I’m in a 2 year contract with a mini pro and want a new xperia play or xperia pro. It’s sucks because I had it about 5 months and its already outdated by the same brand. Be patient

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  25. Possibly there’s an option missing in the poll, there should be also the option “I’m using my X10 whith a more decent rom developed by a big coder from xda”, there we’ll see how many of us upgraded to these roms ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Waiting for 2.3 upgrade (Last again)…& then off to Samsung Galaxy 2 !!! SO disappointed with the software upgrade fiascos… rubbish experience bye bye sony…( the s is getting smaller !)

  27. @ silver recon 93…you got them both???
    i am sticking with my x10, i have a good relationship with it and i am using the free x10 froyo rom so everything is quite speedy. i am looking forward to gingerbread when it gets released. as long as there is current custom roms available for the x10 for a while longer i will ride it out. i cannot afford an upgrade at the moment anyway, we’ll see what the future of android brings ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. i still love my x10 mini, but very dissapointed about the lack of updates. i’m waiting for a decent xda rom, but byebye sony for further phones

  29. On a 24 month contract with the x10i Dont about 8 months now! Things are looking up for this old beauty! Cant wait for 2.3, at this time im still on 2.1 using arc interface due to i love mediascape to much!

  30. Though Sony Ericsson handled software updates regarding the X10 rather badly most other companies also initially had update issues with their earlier phones like HTC with the Hero. It seems like Sony Ericsson have learnt their lesson when it comes to providing better customer service and punctual updates, especially with the 2011 line up so far but their new phones will need to have significantly better hardware, particularly as most android phone manufacturers have dual core phones with significantly more memory and with future versions of android supporting almost certainly supporting more powerful hardware.

  31. I stil love my x10i. Although arc is hot and sexy. I’m so excited on the upcoming gingerbread update of my x10i.

  32. I’m still pretty near the beginning of the contract for my X10. No sense jumping to new hardware until Android gets sorted out a little more.

    Now that I’ve rooted my X10 and eliminated Timescape and Mediascape (and a bunch of other junk) it has become a much more enjoyable and usable phone. I am kind of interested in seeing the next gen Arcs and Plays which should be out around the time my contract ends. Or maybe I’ll just get a really cheap first Gen Arc.

  33. Just for the fact that they at one point were going to screw ALL their X10 owners makes never want to buy Sony Ericsson ever again! And I never will! My money and will go to HTC or Motorola from now one, You wont “almost” burn me twice SE!

  34. I purchased my X10a in December 2010 with a two year contract. From what I have read and learned, SE has poor customer loyalty. However, my biggest complaint is with AT&T for removing the front camera and basically locking the phone to the market. My x10 is rooted but as seen on this site, there isn’t a complete ROM without some kind of problem. Once the contact is done, both are gone as far as I’m concerned.

  35. I have MiUi on my X10, quite happy at the moment.
    Arc is not so competitive on the hardware therefore I will wait for a dual core phone which is Samsung i9100.

  36. I now have and ARC, it’s great ๐Ÿ™‚

    much better then the X10i, love the HDMI function to use the remote on the tv
    and the LED flash camera, much better then the X10 that dont have it…

    smaller in thickness, not as heavy…

    worth the upgrade from X10 =)

  37. I’m happy with X10 hardware. I do paly around a lot with custom roms ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. strange but my x10 never has restarted after one year maybe once but im not shure, its an amazing phone but , phones get old, even so mine looks like new, not as nokias samsung that got paint wear alot

  39. The ARC is thin but X10 (White) is by far even today the nicest phone out there, I gave it to my girlfriend after Root, custom ROM and Arc launcher/widgets and it is way better than SE 2.1.
    Pulling away I got myself an Iphone 4 and it is great, it works, it just does, smoothly, but it is a boring piece of j…: Yeah! I said it! (There is something fun about waiting for a custom rom, a “SLIGHTLY” late upgrade, reading people complaint on forums and of course tweaking)
    I am planning to switch with my gf when 2.3 comes out (hopefully it will not be too laggy)
    I fail to see what would justify an upgrade to a current xperia handset. I am not a gamer so the Play is out of the question, I feel that the Arc would be a little bit better for much more money.
    I am sticking with the X10 and it looks like it may be for a little while…

  40. I just updated my X10 to the latest froyo MIUI ROM and yet again was amazed at what a new experience you can have with the X10 just by changing the software. The play looks interesting but I’m not a gamer so no reason to get it. The arc stylish but the same device basically underneath. No reason to upgrade. Phone is still one of the sexiest out there and can rock the latest operating systems providing you’re happy to DIY. Looking forward to a nice stable 2.3.4+ ROM once the XDA devs have sorted out the camera issues like they did with froyo. XDA guys rule ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. Waiting anxiously for the 2.3 update.. Once I get it, I’ll use it for a bit, pass it on to my girl and move on to the Arc or the Desire HD, and I am leaning more towards the Desire HD at the moment coz I am still worried I might hve the same call volume problem with the Arc…

  42. Waiting for the “late Q2 early Q3” update, then I’m due and update in August. It’s all dependant on how SE deals with the 2.3.4 update (I doubt we’ll hear anything about Ice Cream Sandwich) on it’s 2011 phones before then if I get a xpreia arc or play, or if I swap out for an other brand android phone.

  43. I’m moving away from SE, because my current Xperia X10 just broke. Bought it in April… It doesn’t matter, I was getting tired of it anyways.. Thinking of buying a SGS2

  44. Still use my mini pro.
    Waiting for some real life reviews of the new version to see whether I’ll upgrade, but I love the form factor !

  45. I have moved on to the Nexus S. Vanila Android 2.3.4, very slick, fast and does the job . Battery life is 2 days. I still have the X10. Want to sell it. But getting crap price. Will wait for 2.3 to come on it. Paid a huge price for it.

  46. Why change? for most of us anyway, X10 can do almost every thing top new android phones can, and a hell of a lot more than most other phones can.
    The only thing that might make me change is a xenon flash?
    Haha and how rubbish this site is after becoming!

  47. Gonna stay with my X10 for now as like a lot of people, I’m in a two year contract. Waiting to see what the 2.3 update will do, if/when it finally appears. Held off using custom ROMs so far, but if the SE update is late or just rubbish, think like many others I’ll be going down the root route (ha ha, my little joke, hem hem hem). My wife has a Blackberry that she loves and thinks my X10 is too complex – I know what she means, having to go through like 4 screens or something just to ring a number?!

    Ho hum ๐Ÿ˜‰

  48. I’m sticking and staying with my Xperia X10… No need to spend another 400โ‚ฌ or so on a new cellphone… Btw,. the Arc is nice and slim,. but nothing really newer than the X10. I already have the Arc Home on my X10, so its kinda the same….
    For those who are planning on buying a new SE phone,… if you don’t have a Xperia then go ahead,. buy one, but if you have a Xperia, don’t buy a new one,. its not worth it,.. once you buy it, its already old.

  49. I hate to say this but some people just are worthless them self, yet they are finding fault(s) in others work. My advice is that stop criticism (can you even make a paperplane guys)and do something ,like get a job at Sony and make better products rather than sitting at home and waiting for updating your phone or finding faults.

  50. right now, happy with my x10 running on FROYO thanks to XDA. and probably be sticking to my X10 and waits for GINGERBREAD to arrive and see how it goes from there.

  51. Im yet using x10 ๐Ÿ™‚ And happy i am it does everything I need! ๐Ÿ™‚

    pumpkins vsMonster is good with x10 :))

  52. to admistrator !!

    what about those which have 5 phone i got x10(big one ) mini pro and arc,play, c905 i decided to collect them . Any suggestion how to vote

  53. I love my x10 its not the best but i love it….the arc looks reallly god i love it too but i just buy the next flagship from sony ericsson next year

  54. Today I saw a vivaz hd.So small screen and laggy.So I’ll keep my x10i until I can spare some money for an arc. After that, the x10 will be my 2nd phone.

  55. I’m a cursed X10i Android 2.1 user. I swear at that damn piece of crap every day many times. I rather buy a brick than another Sorry-Errorson product! Im going for a HTC Desire HD or the successor of that, when I’m finished crying over that I spend money on this damn X10i piece of shit! No matter how bling the SE Arc seem to be. No way in hell I will buy ANY SE product again EVER!!!
    Best regards, webdesigner Jesper.

  56. Tech is moving so fast right now that if you wait until September, there should be plenty of dual core phones on the market. I stocking faith in that. X10 is pretty well just as fast as Arc, so what’s the point? $500 for 2.3? I can get a new 46 inch flat screen for that… Unless you have money to burn(literally), just wait for the blazing fast dual core! 3D Tech is moving fast too and I expect there will be several next year. My X10 will rock me along just fine until September unless it breaks.

  57. I’ve upgraded to Arc in the first week after the official launch, I was one of the lucky one to get one because after that initial batch there have been a lot of problems with the stock availability.
    X10i is here with me too, I use it with 3G modem SIM inside to check my e-mail and be on messenger, while the Arc is for calls, Facebook, taking pictures. I see no reason to give away the X10i after the update to 2.3, it’s quite usable.

  58. i still have the x10 for my wife and i sold mine to upgrade to xperia arc

  59. I have X10, Mini Pro, Neo, Arc and Play.

    Arc is the nicest by a long shot. I wish there were more Play games…

  60. I am still happy with X10i, as I am everyday discovering new things, it is really amazing phone and regret with years I spent with Nokia. If I want to upgrade, ARC will be my choice.

  61. Arc seems pretty good, a better x10 in short. Not as comfortable to hold in your hand as a x10 though…
    still using my x10. I think i will use it until it has no more life force in it, which would take a while with like older SE phones.
    Although I have to admit those HTC phones are getting more tempting everyday. But I still can’t find a model I really like in HTC, so I guess I’m staying with the x10 if nothing happens.

  62. X10 Mini Pro CyanogenMod Froyo user here, I love it. I’m gonna keep it and maybe the next year I’ll upgrade to the Xperia Pro or any other Android with a keyboard.

  63. Keeping my x10.simply because I have a 2 year contract.

    Only thing I hate about it now,is its massive RAM leakage,and the shitload
    of sony apps that run rampant on my phone and cant be (permanently) shut off or deleted.

    I take it generic 2.3 will at least partly solve these issues,if not then I hope there will be stable custom roms out by then suitable for everyday use.

  64. it helps if you don’t want sony apps. Root and flash TripnMiui “iris” froyo rom, it removes almost every app. Camera is good still good with vignette camera app.

    and flash player works perfect :).

  65. Still using and happy with my X10i and waiting eagerly for the 2.3.3 Gingerbread update. I love to have the Arc but I will wait until SE releases a 1.2 GHz dual-core with front-camera (Xperia Arc Pro or Xperia Arc 2 a possible name?). What do you think guys, is it possible for SE to release its dual-core with front-camera during Q3 and to be available before end of this year? or we need to wait Arc’s successor to be announced next World Mobile Congress next February 2012 in Barcelona, Spain?

  66. X10 is just as gd as arc with custom kernels. No point messing around upgrading when you can get just as much on the x10.

  67. any news about 2.3. I think this the last 8 days of q2 so there should be some prerelease for us from mighty Richard Stromberg. or a least something new in ptcrb. No significat diffrent

    Anyone ????

  68. I’m going to stick with the X10i until at least 2.3, but after this phone I think I’m going to go for something else. Have been a loyal SE customer for a long time, but unfortunately the X10 has underwhelmed me…

  69. i moved to samsung galaxy s2.. and guys this is really the best phone on the planet. so fast, so smooth, so awesome! allready 4 firmware updates out from samsung and its still not everywhere on the market ๐Ÿ™‚

    Leave sony ericsson, it was just a big dissappointment for me last year. And that wont change with the arc,play or neo. they dont even have dualcore phones…

  70. Still got a year on my X10 contract.
    I feel like we are on the edge of big changes, but they aren’t quite here yet. In another year we’ll have Icecream Sandwiches, and Quad Cores, and super high rez screens… I am happy to wait out my contract for a big step forwards then.

  71. I still have my ‘prototype’ x10. Installing different roms and comparing. I don’t know if I can be bothered buying another SE phone.

  72. Still happy with my X10, and I does not feel Arc is a vast improvement over X10, eg no dual-core, and since X10 is gonna be upgraded to 2.3 so I will stick with it for a while.

  73. Even with all the updating time issues, I really loved my x10. It was a great introduction to android and all the wonders of rooting and custom Roms. I have now just got a Samsung Galaxy S2. IT IS ANOTHER LEVEL TO ANYTHING SONY HAS. So thank you Sony. It was fun, but I have moved on.

  74. guys still there is no info on x10 2.3.3.(as announced q2end/q3start)..
    not even an info in official blog what the update have and have not or any possible preview or videos..nothing.if they are goona break the promise about update….
    does any one know any leaked info about update delay?(is that delay rumor true)

  75. My Mini Pro still does everything it needs to do. And XDA makes sure we get the latest version of android so don’t see the need to move only for (it’s only hardware upgrade if you look at it )

  76. does xperia x10 screen resolution are made up to 16M color? @@.. i dont und how can it be happen since it’s only 65K TFT cap. screen….. and i wish the 2.3 will improve the FPS cap…..

  77. Lifelong SE phone user – lost after they dropped support for the X10 – I’ll never go back…

  78. It will b awesome if the owner of this blog….find away of mergin xperiablog.net wif this blog…activity is really dull dere

  79. Its time to move on.. the fact remains that even after the upgrade will Xperia X10 be the same God as it was a year back?

    I have my xperia X10 and I have my new E7 , and seriously I dont mind the lack of powerhouse for something more refined and atleast stable.

    No more call log issues , no more typing on the touch screen

    Wht do you say guys , is it still worth sitting for the upgrade?

  80. I’ve still got a year to go on my contract for my x10 mini pro. When I do upgrade I hope to move away from SE but I’ll be looking for an small android device with a physical keyboard so may not have many options…

  81. Like a lot of people on here, I have a long contract with the X10. Got it on 24 month contract in July last year!!! I will stick with it, mainly because it’s too expensive to do anything else at the moment. But, I honestly don’t think I will be buying another SE phone after the contract is up (if it lasts that long…) I think the experience has taught me one thing about SE and that is it isn’t interested in it’s existing customers. It’s a long time to go for me, so I will keep looking at what’s available, at the moment I would probably go for Google’s own phone or HTC to avoid the software update issues that have spoilt my experience of the X10. I don’t have the time to mess about with custom ROM’s, I expected the X10 to work properly without having to re-program it myself!!! Very poor Sony Ericsson…

  82. ! i feel sorry for people who’s just gone and got a new xperia, as the dual core phones are coming out xd, some even have 1.5 Ghz, much better that the “new” xperia range

  83. HW Version SW Version Request Type Date Certified
    A 2.1.B.0.1 ECO May 24, 2011
    New update may be coming within few weeks!!:D

  84. I have moved on to Nexus S from my X10. My kids now use the X10 for games and cam. I still like Sony and will keep them in mind once LTE is introduced on Rogers Canada later this year.

    I just couldn’t wait for the updates from Sony. I must try one of the custom ROMs though. My recommendation is to go with a Nexus. I am already running 2.3.4. GTalk with video calls rocks!

    Peace X10’ers

  85. I am happy with my X10, but i am with a question, the X10 supports 32 gb sd cards? i have 16 gb in the X10 but i still didnt buy a 32 gb cause i dont know if supports in Android 2.1.

  86. this website have no new post anymore? im keep waiting for the news of the 2.3…. T.T

  87. @ Alexandre Machado
    hi. x10 is actually supporting 32 gb micro sd cards, afaik. Android 1.x had the problem with 16 gb + cards, Android 2.x should be just fine. So… should work. Why don’t you go to a computer store and ask if they have an used card or a card that they test on devices.. and try it. maybe it`ll work :).

  88. Still left 1 year contract with x10.. was hating x10, becouse of lagging on stock 2.1… but now have rooted it flashed custom 2.2 rom (tnx wolf :)) and my phone runs smooth, no lags, no problems, even flash player ))))so my x10 is like brand new one ))) next probobly will be arc +root + custom rom ))))


  90. I have decided to wait until the NEXT generation of SE phones (and other brand phones as well) before upgrading. However, I have purchased an arc for my spouse on the same account.

  91. Whoever did it after being screwed up with x10 regarding android updates must have their head examined. I definitely do not need it, so it means that after this x10 that I am using, there will be NO MORE SE for me, ever. As a matter of fact I am determined to make my home a SONY FREE ZONE.

  92. I do like my x10 for design and potential functionality (keep waiting in hope that a decent firmware gets released….the lag on this phone is dreadful)….still glad I got it, but next phone will definitely not be an SE phone.

    The new galaxy S2 is looking a good contender

  93. I have both the Xperia X10 & Mini-Pro … Will keep using them until something else better from SE appears..(i.e. not the Arc)

  94. I have the xperia mini pro and even though it doesn’t have any further updates im really happy with it. Will keep using it or may change to the neo however really like the xperia arc my brother bought on the 2nd day of release but doesn’t have a querty

  95. The Arc for me is one to miss. My next phone will most definitely have to be a dual core device. After having sen quite a few video reviews esp the one comparing the Arc to the GS2, it just has to be a dual.core phone. Who knows maybe by the time my contract expires there might be dual core phone from SE available. And before you ask, it’s not just about future proofing, the performance is the most telling factor.

  96. SCREW X10!!!! Had it over a year , and im waiting for the minute Arc is gonna arrive on monday, so I can SMASH x10 into the fucking wall… It’s just not funny any more with SE , all my electronics were Sony , and it’s just getting worse every freakin day, and also , they could DELETE ”’PLAY NOW” app , why? Whos gonna pay 3ยฃ for a TETRIS? Or a wallpaper? WTF guys? They really deserve the hack’s and robbery they had, because until now they were stealing from ppl . ARC FOR NOW, later going back to SAMSUNG!! :PP

  97. Hi all.
    As I mentioned earlier I’m not a SE fan any more.
    Still struggleing with my X10i daily with OLDSCHOOL Android 2.1. The X10i its just too slow in the hardware to compete anymore. The Arc, yeah yeah. No way SE again! They blew it big time with the whole X10 series. My wife and I have both X10i and our 11 year old son got a X8. Thats even more crappy than the X10i, I did not think it was possible! (I know its cheaper).

    To the point…
    I have just seen the Apple WWC June 2011 conference on youtube. 37 minutes in the video they start talking about the iPhones new version of its operating system, iOS version 5. What Apple is doing with this system is PURE INNOVATION! Just watch the conference your self and draw our own opinion. But PLEASE… do your self a favour. Watch it before buying more “Smart” Androids.

    Android phone manufactors are in my opinion all too slow to keep up with the new Android versions, so even if Google is doing relatively OK job of developing the system. It has to be adopted by the manufactors that builds the hardware. Apple have both the software and hardware. They develop faster simply because of that. And we have seen Apple being the inventor MANY MANY times now! What have SE invented to the Android? Only nice exterior design, nothing else! Remember the X10 was the FLAGSHIP from SE. We dont even have Apps2SDcard yet!!!
    Im really tired of WAITING FOREVER!!!!!!! …zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

    Yeah yeah, I know all the Apple iOS restrictions… Adobe Flash, no FTP, bluetooth pairring etc. But… in “overall” I think the users are better of with an iPhone than an Android phone for time being. Thats my conclusion, make your own. But stop thinking about rumors and all that. Think about it with open minded neutral objective eyes.

    Lets face it for real. Apple iOS5 is going to strongly overtake the lead in smartphones… AGAIN! Including their iCloud etc. Making cloud storage, file sharing, syncing music and photos easy for the people that is no IT nerds.
    (Admit it, Androids at some point needs IT minded people to get the most out of them right). On Android you have to be able to find the right app on Market, and many of the Apps on Android have crappy User Interfaces or they tilt and needs debugging etc… All is time consuming, after that comes fustration for many people, after that you realize perhaps Android phones does not live up to the “SMART”-phone etiqette afterall…

    The iPhone does it all out of the box. Apple checks all Apps going to the iPhone App Store so the quality and user friendlyness in the Apps are all a certain level of quality. As a Android user now, I think that is an advantage overall for the users. I have seen MANY crappy Android apps, too many! And with the coming of the iOS5, Apple has raised the bar so high this time, so the Android manufactors will have a damn hard work to try keeping up!

    Compare Android and iPhone platform agaist each other and look at it, with a neutral consumers point of view. Both platform has Pros and Cons.

    I will leave the judgement up to you!
    …but SEE the video before commenting!


    PS. By writing this text on my X10, it convinced me even more!

  98. I hate my phone!!! It makes random calls…it rings once and hangs up..or doesn’t hang up at all even when I hit end. I am looking into ditching it even tho I my contract isn’t up. Worth paying more for another phone than using this one. Upgrade just made my battery life shorter. This phone is not for me.

  99. My old faithful x10i finally succumbed to its dodgy usb port last week, I had previously replaced the digitizer so forking out more wasnt an option, instead I went and bought the new XPERIA MINI PRO as I didn’t fancy any of the latest offerings from htc etc, and to be honest this little beauty does everything my old faithful used to and comes in a smaller package