Xperia X10 Gingerbread update to bring new kernel, 16M colours and unlocked bootloader?

Xperia X10Whilst us Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 owners await the official Android Gingerbread 2.3 update to appear (hopefully next month), speculation is building on what the update may bring. Interestingly, there are rumours abound in a number of forums that suggest the X10 bootloader will be unlocked. We’ve got no hard evidence on this, just some intensifying chatter.

Also, a recent hands-on video of the update in Thailand appears to confirm that the update will bring 16 million colour support along with a new kernel. We don’t read Thai, but around the middle of the video, it appears to show the number 16 next to the 4-inch screen specs. It could be something else, it could also be a mistake, but sure enough we’ll find out soon. Check out the video and pics below.

Xperia X10

Xperia X10

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  1. Yay, yay and yay! If this is true, Sony is slowly regaining trust of their customers. Plus for that

  2. This could be awesome!!!!! I liked the way that guy pinched zoom on the normal screen mode in the end of the video!!! 😀

  3. Getting my Thai buddy to have a look at this and see what he can find out. 😀

  4. Great News ! 16M colors would be awesome ! They did say before the launch that the phone that it would support 16M colors. Glad to hear its happening…or rather hoping that the rumor is true !

    Sony Ericsson is regaining my trust a bit again !

  5. Next month? i’m a little doubtfull!!!
    but when it’s true, the new specs sounds great.

  6. I think that phone is just for testing purposes only.
    1. Look at the statusbar (same as 2.1)
    2. Look at the kernel (2.6.29, same as 2.1)
    3. Look at the display (that is NOT how 16M colors look like)
    4. That information sheet gives informations about the phone.. like: the screen is 16M ready, although it’s not implemented yet (hope it`ll be in the GB update) etc.
    By the looks of this “sighting” of an x10i with SE 2.3.3 i think it`ll take more than a month for these things to be implemented(UI mods, kernel, 16M colors patch, MAYBE multitouch axis corections which would solve the fingers crossing the screen and the touchscreen going crazy etc. )

  7. Well, i bet my ass that the “16” mean 16gb sd card included (promotion)~hahahahaha

  8. @Ighost
    It’s under display specs, If the sd card would be glued onto the display, then you are right.

  9. well google translate for
    million colors (in english)
    ล้านสี (in thai)
    which looks like the one in the card 😉

  10. Hmmm… I might have sold my X10 for a SGS in next month… But it could be sooooo cool if Sony did do that!

  11. While that looks good i did also sell my X10 and now I have a desire Z which fits alot better than my X10

  12. will sony ericsson update it to the x10a too? or what? someone help please 🙂

  13. หน้าจอขนาด 4.0 นิ้ว 16 ล้านสี = Screen Size 4.0 inch 16 million colors.

  14. Remember the “misprint” on the sites earlier about multi-touch — the 16M “misprint” can be brushed aside using the same excuse: its capable but we don’t feel like doing it…

  15. I can confirm, with a fellow Thai reading XDA member, that that DOES SAY 16 MILLION COLORS.


  16. Seriously, people need to stop being so optimistic. Its now the beginning of Q3 and yet no official word if this update is coming or not. nothing but speculation from random people, NOT SE! If SE has gained the trust of you customers, then your trust is easily earned. I’m sick of waiting and reading nothing but speculation and rumors. Some phones that were released way AFTER the X10 are already running on 2.3! I pray that this update is worth the wait because I am about done with SE after this phone.

  17. Its the beginning of June meaning End of Q2 just started, not end of Q3.

  18. So just go home and plant sweet potatoes. SE haters sucks. I love my x10 and i am very excited for the update.

  19. Yeah finally good news. I cant wait to see if its for real. SE likes to make us suffer, but at the end we get what we want.

  20. Outstandin info let’s prayer d rumours are tru..wen I saw d video I was so impressed..d part of the pinch zoom worked so fast compared to the moded one

  21. @Bob which century or planet do u come from ?
    Its the beginning of the end of Q2 and not Q3.
    Also assuming they gave us the 2.1 a month later than committed, so there is a good chance it will happen with our 2.3 as well.

  22. I can read Thai. It is said on the card board that the next update will come with 16 M colors. And yes as you can see the video the x10 will receive Gingerbread and probably the last update. I have white x10i myself and i’m very disappoint at SE for being irresponsible, and slow. x10 has impressive hardware but the software is shit if compare to others. I will wait for the Gingerbread update but i doubt that it will change my mind to switch to iPhone AND i will not be surprise if they delay the update AGAIN. I hate Apple, i’m Windows person, but gosh their iPhone is the best phone ever!. I work for a software company. We receive prototype phones every month from all major phone company and i test all of them and i can say that NO one could beat iPhone in anyway possible.

  23. Well, i talked to the guy that shot the video,. and aid that the 16 is what we hope for,. 16million colors! But,. we still have to wait for it and see for our self…
    If it is that we get 16m/c then that would be totally awesome!
    I just hope that it dont get stuck when i scroll from left to right and backwards…
    SE,.. Your doing good again,…But… very SLOW! I mean, Comon! I knew it from the start that the phone X10 is capable of just more than 1.6 and 2.1 even 2.3! But give me a break!
    From the very start, you could have pimped this phone to be a top A1 hit phone!
    But anyway,. SE…. keep up the good job,. just drink some Redbull for some fastness to your work…

  24. This is good, if it actually works with “what SE want us to have ” in our phones, so that the x10 isn’t better than ARC etc. etc.It’ll a small redeemer for SE.

    I just feel sorry for all the guys over at XDA/Modaco who have spent soooo much time cracking the bootloader and getting custom kernels to work!

  25. I hope to have 16 M. Now i have Xperia TW 006 with custom kernel and is very fast and smooth. the only disadvantage is that i don’t have 16M display.

  26. @Bobspoongfield
    later on if we need 2.4 we hv to depend on xda-dev.
    And the pressure from customers after seeing that xda-dev brought 2.3 made SE to start working in 2.3.3 for x10.

    I am with xda-dev. If we hv bootloader unlocked. then xda gonna be rock.. .. 🙂

    gud news for x10 brick owners. 🙂 I am happy.. waiting for release.. (3 months)

  27. @Bobspoongfield: Rather better that SE releases this so we can perfect ‘camera’ in 2.3, even though TripN works nicely, it’s not what SE offers, also we will get a new Kernel, which has better support and new features so developers can have more fun.. There isn’t one 2.3 Rom from XDA that works well, they all have issues or missing features..

  28. I saw this video yesterday and thought “ok, might be worth the wait” considering SE made their Ginger Bread announcement two and a half months ago. But, still no word from SE about the official update, and nothing happening with the mini update that has had a lot of press either. I’m on a Vodafone X10 which I’m told is “unbranded” so should get any of the new updates etc. but c’mon SE, what’s going on?

    To be honest, I’d like someone to explain simply and without any sarcasm exactly what the benefit of 16 million colours will be – I think I read somewhere that the human eye can’t distinguish that many colours or something, so will there be a noticeable difference in what we see?

    I’m keen for the 2.3 update to get Flash Player and so the UI and general operation of the phone will get better/smoother, and as someone else has posted, the ROMs don’t have all of the features required (don’t get me wrong, I know that ROMs are “in development” so not complaining, just making a statement) but SE seems to treat existing customers badly, no official word for months etc. and everyone getting pissed off on here!

    Ok, rant over………..

  29. @Bobspoongfield – Don’t feel sorry for the Developers on XDA or Modaco. They are doing a bang up job over there. They’ve already released stable and fully fledged Froyo roms and stable Gingerbread roms (albeit no functioning camera but that’s why I only stated stable). Froyo was able to come around because SE released 2.1 and sources were obtained. Now that SE is releasing Gingerbread, think of all the new custom roms that will be fully functional. The Developers are going to have more to play with very shortly. Great time if you are a X10 owner.

  30. never buy a se product ever ihave bought an x10i from turkey it has problem send it back to them 4 times last 5 mounth keep sending me back without fixing their after sales is rubbish

  31. everything about their aftersale is useless cant fix the fone wont update y should we give them another chance. we should buy product who cares for clients

  32. @ianthetaxman:

    In gradients, 65K and 16M actually has a huge difference. Also, the photos taken from the phone look bad on the phone because of the 65K limit, it’s much more vibrant on the computer.

    Some widgets look terrible, like Power Widget and the default Music 2.0 widget because of the 65K colors, just try it.

  33. I don’t know why you people are wasting your time on this?
    Am really bored, talking x10 updates. SE won’t do that, go and do other work if you have.

  34. well i’m optimistic about this. it sounds very exciting, although it is just a phone update, if we don’t get everything that we are hoping for…. it’s not the end of the world. i can deal with it without making a scene, unlike some of you it seems. just take it with a grain of salt.

  35. @morgan is just an update how wuld u react if u had a rage rover sport and d company wanted to d an upgrade 4 free?
    Free dem deyr exicted dey didn’t stil the x10 dey own..
    Am a user doin d patient wait cuz I can’t get another product til a dual core is realised by sony..
    So am flexin my x10 for 1year and some months
    Deyv bin set backs we knw it was actually dere 1frst driod
    If ur not a SE fan boy u won’t get d jerk. Dere phones r die hard
    Hv u ever imagined an iphone4 dropin?
    Or an htc screen heated up in ur pocket?
    Am from nigeria to know a good bring it down hear and let see if it can survive d climate

  36. well i am thai and all i can say is i saw the tag which said “16M colors” since the first time sony released X10. so i am pretty positive that the display color would remain the same

  37. To everyone who is waiting for the official 2.3 release from Sony. Sony is currently waiting for the latest updates from xda / modaco so they can copy it and tweak it a bit, then release it as the official gingerbread update. 🙂

    We should be thankful to the xda / modaco guys for doing the initial work. Sony would not have planned/announced their official firmware if they didn’t have working template to copy from. 🙂

    (P.S. it takes some time to take out traces of xda / modaco work traces, and put in Sony codes)…

    Hopefully Sony does wake up and realizes that it should take real good care of its customers, as they will loose future sales at the rate they are going …

  38. I’m more excited about Battlefield 3 now than this gingerbread. Such a long wait…

  39. A colleague of mine got the 2.3 update over a week ago on his Desire HD.

    I’m not gonna rag on SE, up until smartphones came about, how many people were actually bothered what software their phone was running? and would you be constantly checking whether or not software updates were available?

    The phone was updated as advertised and I’m grateful for the fact that we’re getting another update at all. Even if it doesn’t happen, the gods at XDA will prevail.
    Even if you have a branded handset, grab the flashtool and do something about it yourself.

    Make the most of what you have, or change it. Don’t spend hours bitching about it!

  40. now the problem is whether the hardware can hold all of this together.

    I don’t have any complains about my x10, except for the autofocus being a bit fickle sometimes. That and slight jealousy on why are HTCs look cooler with their metal bodies and all. Makes them look un-cheap compared to us at SE =[
    That aside, I’m quite happy. I don’t buzz around about my handset’s software version, and actually quite happy now running 2.1 instead of that bloody 1.6. If this new update makes thing better and more efficient then why not?

  41. If the title’s questions are all answered with a ‘Yes’, then that is a dream come true for many, many users.

  42. Heard all these rumours before when we were waiting for 2.1.

    Unless SE have completely changed the way they operate, then this update will be late, and when it finally is released it will be a disappointment

  43. err does the gingerbreak update for se X10 will have adobe flash player so we can watch movies from all over the internet?

  44. Yes, we can watch all flash videos, just need install flash player from market when we are on gingerbread.

    And I think that 16M colors make quality of videos and pictures more better. Someone said that too pictures what we take with phone with 16M colors look better with computer.

    And there comes many good features, im happy with 2.1 and more happy i will be with 2.3.

  45. y are ppl so bent on flash on mobile? even adobe CEO himself is ashamed on flash performance on mobile and refuses to answer any questions on y flash is sputtering on mobile phones…

  46. Just read this last night….woke up this morning to “Software update” waiting for me!!!! Tells me to get on pc to start…but lists almost all the specs listed!!!!!

  47. I am working in Japan, SE Company, and I can confirm that this update will include 16M colour and many power improvements.

  48. Lindsey, that is because you have another custom rom installed. in some custom roms, when you plug in oyur x10 to se companion it will tell you that there is an update.but this is only regarding 2.1.I had that too.

  49. Yes it is true but the update will make the phone useless…. no more auto detect for camera like smile detection …. pls refer to the official update site..

  50. lol the phone isn’t useless if it doesn’t have smile detection. jeebus, go and buy a camera if you want smile detection.

  51. almost end of Q3… still SE got no news regarding the update…. seems SE might disappointed us again….!

  52. You guys are too pessimistic. This news is true and SE has officially announced it on it blog. Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread version will be launched at the end of Q2 or at the start of Q3 2011. However, there are few limitations with this new update. You will loose features such as face detection, smile shutter etc. Moreover, there will be not be any SE Sync or back so you have to back up everything on your computer or somewhere else. Moxier will replaced by the gingerbread native EAS functionality.

    Here is the link for those who still don’t believe it:

  53. i think the process followed in upgrading to 2.1 was rather strenuous, nokia phones do updates directly without going through all the rituals. pls that will be appreciated very well

  54. I have just bought a new SE X10 a unlocked (At&T) from USA and it has android 2.1, could you please tell me if i would be able to get Android update 2.3? If no then what should i do? I am not a techie so i dont understand the rooting/flashing and stuff…please help as i cant download applications on limited internal memory..i want to use my SD card for applications…please help 🙁