Sony Ericsson re-confirms no Gingerbread for the X10 mini family and X8

X10 miniSony Ericsson has confirmed once again that there will be no firmware update beyond Android 2.1 (Éclair) for the X10 mini family and the X8. Two reasons have been cited for the decision. The first relates to hardware and more specifically the lower RAM available compared to the X10. The company feels that they couldn’t guarantee “a good user experience by upgrading beyond Android 2.1.” Tell that to those running custom Froyo and Gingerbread ROMs!

The second reason is that the X10 Gingerbread update was only made possible given that it had a code base that could be reused. The different UI for the X10 mini’s meant that they couldn’t tap into this. Our view is that we wonder why they couldn’t utilise some of the work on the upcoming Xperia mini and Xperia mini pro. Maybe once we see those phones launched, we will also see an update for the older handsets. We can only hope.

24 responses to “Sony Ericsson re-confirms no Gingerbread for the X10 mini family and X8”

  1. Mini and Mini pro users should not get too downbeat, they might still change their minds once they release the new range of Minis just as they did with the x10.


  3. Those are silly reasons to cover your useless developers SE….
    If truly your device is not capable of doing Froyo or Gingerbread why are you launching this type of useless product. We have paid you for the device as well as for the service. But it seems that you were never cared for the Consumers..
    Regarding @hardware specs the phone is capable of handling “froyo” at least and I am sure about it..
    Regarding @software your lazy and hopeless developers don’t know to how to customize in your way UI style.. I know this cuz I am an IT guy and nothing is Impossible to build in Software that I assure you.
    In future no more SE products..

  4. SE have been slow with update to 2.1 and now with info no update after 2.1 then I will not recommend and never in future buy a new SE phone!

  5. Next month, God willing, I will have my samsung and free me from this prison of Sony Ericsson.

  6. Ian highly disappointed with this news.
    some how, their must be some Alternative WAY to fix it………
    I still have a hope!!!

  7. Using the custom froyo from xda. Memory usage is about 2-3 times better then with the standard 2.1 version of SE.
    Maybe SE should hire some decent programmers. It can be done so stop spouting excuses SE

  8. Yes, SE, u said because X10 mini family got lower RAM? So why u not give it more RAM when u develop it? I can tell u it still lag when I try to play Angry Bird with your official Android 2.1 rom???

  9. Just quit buying SE products from now on and move on, Xperia mini users. I have an x10 and am no longer going to buy SE products whether they update me to Gingerbread or not. The fact that the only reason they are doing the update to 2.3 at all is because enough X10 users united and complained and trolled all over their blogs and facebook pages. SE was prepared to leave it’s x10 owners with 2.2 and 2.3 blueballs! NO MORE SE products for me, from now on my money is going to Motorola or HTC! It’s not fair that X10 mini owners are getting screwed too.

  10. I just made ​​from scratch, software and firmware strongly you going straight to the good software is more haphazard X10 X10 HAS give a good upgrade to the hanging is too unfair. Gingerbread Mini-even if not on a regular basis to look forward to an upgrade.

  11. I’ve got a x10 MP with Gingerbread ( – it’s v nice if missing some functionality.

    My issue is that my eyesight is getting worse and I want a big brother to my little android.
    HTC DES Z is being dicontinued
    motorola milestone II – replaced by III (2.3) in some places not uk – II is 2.2 and no intention to change
    Xperia pro – 2.3..

    I feel like ditching se but prob not

  12. I believed se right from the start about thier update-plans and had therefore moved to htc (currently using desire, great phone and toy). Too bad for se. the products seems nice but infact they are waste of money in comparison to other phones from other companies.

  13. @X10 mini pro user man if u use CM7 (Android 2.3.3) or CM6 (Android 2.2.1) the games are lag-free, i rooted my phone and installed custom roms, my phone is very better than with the Stock Rom, if you need help contact me via twitter (@Nintendista), but if not: Hello to XDA world. The only problem on CM7 is the camera that only shoots in VGA. CM6 works 100% properly.

    Link to download CM6:

    Link to download CM7:

  14. My X10 mini pro is going to be the last Sony Ericsson I ever buy, because of this. I’ve had a few Sony’s, but if they are going to refuse to give us updates (or at least make the drivers open source so that the software can be developed by third parties), I’m not buying any more.

  15. the new update on 2.1 is crap lets face it if u draft a message it force closes wen u try to access it.. sounds crap why not just release 2.2? who gives a “£$% about 2.3 i just want flash and to be able to save on to sd card .. i dont care for flash either i dont want to hack the phone and debrand it and all that “£$% give us 2.2 al be happy i wont and i refuse to even remotly look at any new phone from SE giving us updates sure? telling us ure gonna stop updating is after u give us crappy firmware? how the hell is that fair?… i here people crying and saying about there phones for the wrong reasons even the x10 people are over joyed n tell us mini and pros to sdfu moanin.. it isnt them that has had to deal with crap support and crap firmware… then get told not upgrading no more if you want better go buy one of “our” 200+$£ more phones .. i say “£$% you im going htc and smashin this pro down with a solid iron hammer take SE all you do is talk shyte its all about money id love to slap one of you right in the face in person right about now with no hessitation.! end off.

  16. i don get it why they dont release an app just for mini`s and x8 to save apps on SD? they acctually dont need to uprade this software, at least i think so, i just want to save apps on SD. ass the most of the people here. i think its not a big problem to develop smtg like “MOVE TO SD” or “MOVE APP2SD” programs just for minis and x8, right??

  17. I recently installed the Sonybread Android 2.3.5 rom onto my Xperia X10 Mini Pro and it is so much faster. It is like a new phone. Sony are liars- they have lied to us. Gingerbread actually improves this phone not slow it. I will never buy another Sony product again.