Sony Ericsson says X10 Gingerbread reveal was “premature” – update due in few days

Android GingerbreadSony Ericsson’s Head of Product PR, Mattias Holm, has confirmed that all of the support pages saying that the Xperia X10 Android 2.3 Gingerbread update was here “was a bit too premature.” He went on to say that the launch is imminent but they need “some more days before we can push the button.”

He also went on to say that there are a lot of false comments bearing Rikard Skoberg’s name (something we’ve seen a lot of here at too!) He confirmed that any official news will be communicated as a blog post rather than in the comments section. Our feeling is that we probably won’t see this update before Friday, but hopefully it is still on target to be released by the end of the week.

228 responses to “Sony Ericsson says X10 Gingerbread reveal was “premature” – update due in few days”

  1. Typical SE ..Now lets all watch Days turn into Weeks & weeks into Months !!

  2. What a shame! we have to wait 2 more days again! I’m waiting too long for this….

  3. give them some more days, you already have been waiting for months. All good things to those, who wait

  4. man ………..this isnt gonna available …….dnt SE know how to move on with the Latest Technology…………………………….

  5. I think they meant to launch it, but found some mistakes that they are now hastily trying to fix. Might be a good idea to wait for a bit after the update comes out.

  6. Boooooooo xD

    I can wait a couple days more, Right now I’m happy with my Froyo ROM 😀

  7. For all those who didnt see this coming, get a clue. I gaurentee that the update wont be released by friday. I bet my life on it.

  8. Immature ! Stupid guys, how would we trust these people .. SE remember you got many rivals in the market (Premature people don’t forget this truth)

  9. Aww look at all the babies crying. You do know the planned release was early august from the start? Sony ain’t let anybody down. Naw delayed anything yet. So go grab your tissues you stuck up spoilt old foreign fuckers.

  10. Same shite every time with SE updates…come on so I can finish up with this phone & buy A Samsung Galaxy s2 !!!! I had 8 SE phones in a row but this update disaster has finished that…

  11. Guys, one thing for sure woteve the update they bring it wudnt be complete, most of the case there would be some defects and later one after another they wil sort it out (some of them with out resolved) ! LOL

  12. Please all wait! The update is due very soon next year.
    Lots of love,
    Riky At S.E.

  13. They said more than likely by the end of the week. This is what they’ve been saying from the beginning.

  14. Paul, grow some man balls and go get laid. I bet even girls that work on farms think your a bitch. Take your handbag and wobble the fuck on outer here.

  15. Wow… You can’t do anything right. I’m sorry but that’s the last straw, your incompetence is sickening. I still had not given up on you but this was seriously your LAST chance to redeem yourself and you failed miserably again. You cant even get a date right!!! Anyone who has faith in SE or puts up with there BS after this is insane. I don’t care if this 2.3 update makes it a dual core with multitouch they can’t even run there website properly. Your idiots put it up, so where is it?! You guys are a joke of a company. No wonder Rikard bailed, I’d be pretty embarassed to try and explain all your BS too.
    Thanks SE, you narrowed my choices for my next phone.
    Long live SE, king of delays…. Somebody said it best “If SE was a band, we woulda stopped buying there music a long time ago” lol

  16. I bet, when u all update, u will moan anyway. So whats the big rush? SE have never done anything right for you lot! Stop being moaning of dicks and just wait. Your like kids at christmas! Your lucky your even getting 2.3!

  17. What about the norwegian guy that went crazy ?

    Cant we get a guy in sweden thats a little bit less crazier….just kick the shit out of the whole PR and Production Team of SE in sweden ? That what douchebag needs….one fail after next, and no SORRY….just one, would be fine…but no, no balls

  18. i 100% agree ben.these people are moaning like bitches.even if SE gives them Icecream sandwich they will whine like harlots.even if they buy other phones they will bitch like shit anyway

  19. We are proud to announce that the 2.3.3 update has been released in Kenya and Sudan for testing purposes. It should be ready for international release on December 18, 2013.

    Thank you for your patience.
    Sony Ericsson Team

  20. C’mooooooooooon, you lied to mee! My son will have an Gingerbread face (Brazil culture! Want to understand the joke? Look on wikipedia! Huahaahah, fools!)

  21. Sorry Kenya, just Sudan at the moment.

    Thanks for your patience
    Sony Ericsson Team

  22. Who is surpriced?

    Of course they can’t deliver when it is required.

    I’m still betting on late august, everthing else is just too optimistic

  23. Shut up Guys!!! What the hell is going on. Remember in 1st place Sony was not even ready to launch 2.3 for xperia, Now when they have worked so hard and tried to get it right for your phone you are crying like babies. They are not having fun delaying this. They just want it to be perfect. The frustration and anger is OK but its not nice to express it this way and abusing each other. If you knew so much already why did you buy SE. You people will scare them off if they ever want to come with android 3 or whatever it is. So try to be patient. You will like it when its there on your phone. Stop raising each other’s BP. Enjoy!!!

  24. Smh….so sad…
    Don’t they know the meanin of 2.3 update is HERE?
    Wrong choice of words
    …Well what choice do we have…we’d wait….
    If it dosnt come friday then I suppose monday

  25. Dont You all think that It would be fair for customer to set exact date of upgrade?

  26. Lol… @Nav, you sound like your defending your girl, SE is not gonna sleep with you or update you early because you defend her. She’s a fat ugly skanky tease that never puts out! Support SE, LMFAO!

  27. Im done with se last time I buy one of there phones I hope the company goes bust

  28. We are proud to announce that the 2.3.3 update has been released in Kenya and Sudan for testing purposes. It should be ready for international release on December 21, 2012.

    Thank you for your patience.
    Sony Ericsson Team

  29. As expected, delays. I have to upgrade my handset in a few months, so it is better to get a new handset with gingerbread and that’s it. I would probably be able to enjoy gingerbread on my x10 a few months only :-(,yes I can keep the x10, but what’s the point if I can get a better phone? Honestly tired of waiting on SE.

    It was funny the last bit about Rikard skogberg’s name!

  30. Seriously, U guys are boring, we have a phone lauch with 1.6.
    Now we wait a few days left for the 2.3 update and it look like a disaster when the update come on friday instead of monday !!!
    remember that SE said it come on S30…
    So please shut up and wait quietly… or change for HTC or samsung…thx

  31. How about x10 mini pro? Is unofficial rom the only choice? Can that for x10 transplant to x10 mini pro?

  32. Heeey guys figured out a way to already get the update without having to wait for se to okay it for specific countries and it worked:
    Remove sim
    Put a local proxy in internet settings to fool se servers
    Do the update thingy
    Wait for 164 mb to download, done!
    Gb rocks! Worth the wait!
    Idiots dont ask how to configure local proxy

  33. “Rikard Skoberg” never fails to troll us but I gotta admit that the Kenya, Sudan and 2012 thing was quite good 😀 ,, BUT shut the hell up u troll !!!
    good night.

  34. The update was not delayed. Its always been scheduled for early august. Most of you can’t even spell, no wonder you have a hard time understanding and reading.

  35. @#1SEFANBOY : Dude I am not defending SE because I want someone to sleep with me. Its just that like others I also never thought that I would have 2.3 on my x10, but since it is coming, I am happy. Also, by support I dont mean that we go and hold placards or seminars in front of SE office, just that we should not abuse anyone because that will not speed the update up. Anyways, SE still has time acc to their launch plan and I am confident they wont miss the deadline. So just chill. All in due time. Enjoy!!!

  36. Oh noes. Bad man times six is mad. He’s going to steal a car and request a loan from his job seekers allowance to fund his sympathy drinking.

  37. @Nav I’m just jokin, Disapointed they got my hopes up is all. I’ll continue to wait patiently. After all I flashed to generic just for this.

  38. Sony Ericsson just updated the software pages for all countries by taking down the new update information. it’s back to 2.1.

  39. I’m just wondering how old some of you are? Some of you sound like your five years old, complaining about this update. There’s people dying all over the world but oh no I don’t get my update. It will either come or it won’t either way who cares.

  40. Ohh the Update is due in early August uhhh.
    When Android 4.6 is out perhaps!

    Funny so much fuzz every time a tiny update comes along.
    Who started all this about premature updates anyway?

    But I must say it is entertaining reading the posts.
    There are the small Kings who cant stand others posts.
    Then there fake SE SEO’s
    Then there are people at war at each other, rather posting about the X10.
    Then there are people posting “first” for no reason.
    And then people with a lot of fake rumors of the X10 updates.
    Then there are people who wants to correct other people all the time!
    Then there are people who loves their X10 (that is SE employees off cause)

    But we still don’t have the X10 update!
    I think by now SE has learned the lesson, not shiting on their “FORMER”
    high-end customers. And the big mistake of calling the X10i for a “Flagship”!!!!!!! ha ha ha!

    Peace, I love you all!

  41. … “was a bit too premature.”…

    As usual SE making stupid things when is related w/ SW updates.

  42. What can I say? Most of us are probably geeks who are egarly awaiting this update, I can relate.. oh look! It’s the same shite with a bigger version number and a few enhancements! Omg! Cum cum cum.. look at windows for example, we had windows xp. It worked and worked well. And still does for a lot of companies.. then win vista, talk about your case of Mr floppy! Then came win 7 that got us hard again like a tiny blue diamond (wink wink Hannah) its the same thing here we had 1.6 that worked, then Mr floppy with the missing 2.2 now were hoping 2.3 will be our shining blue diamond.. well who gives a shit so long as its not a total cluster fuck of an update. We just have to wait to work out the issues before we can ahem, rise up 🙂 sorry if I seem sexually obsessive, my x10 touches me in my special place when Hannah ain’t looking 🙁 but then again I have been known to talk shite from time to time. All I can say is sometime somewhere in the future this will happen again, to another operating system, another phone firmware, or another disfunctioning penis. May we continue to distract ourselves from the more important things in life with consumerisim.. is this seat free?

  43. What a bunch of cock jockeys. Anyone remember the 2.1 delay fiasco?

    It would be nice if they actually get it out sometime this year tbh.


    Sony Ericsson was formed by the two large consumer electronics companies to market the handset offerings each had handled separately. The venture started in 2001, before the rise of the smartphone. Early in its history, it was one of the biggest handset manufacturers along with Nokia (NYSE: NOK – News), Samsung, LG, and Motorola. Sales of Sony Ericsson phones were originally helped by the popularity of other Sony portable devices like the Walkman. Sony Ericsson’s product development lagged behind those of companies like Apple (NYSE: AAPL – News) and Research In Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM – News) which dominated the high end smartphone industry early. Sony Ericsson also relied on the Symbian operating system which was championed by market leader Nokia, but which it has abandoned in favor of Microsoft’s Windows mobile operating system because of license costs and difficulty with programmers. In a period when smartphone sales worldwide are rising in the double digits and sales of the iPhone double year over year, Sony Ericsson’s unit sales dropped from 97 million in 2008 to 43 million last year. New competitors like HTC now outsell Sony Ericsson by widening numbers. Sony Ericsson management expects several more quarters of falling sales and the company has laid off thousands of people. There have been rumors, backed by logic, that Sony will take over the operation, rebrand the handsets with its name, and market them in tandem with its PS3 consoles and VAIO PCs.

  45. Who cares if sony go down? Its very unlikely. You shouldn’t go believing all the rubbish that appears on the internet. If we was to believe everything this corrupt, cyber land said, the world would be ending in 2012. This results in sony and we not caring about it going down. Letme guess, it was a american that posted the article? Typical yanks feeding the world rubbish. Only thing going down in 2012 is USA with their shocking debt.

  46. @yari same here! and as of i now i am currently contented with my xperia x10-rooted-running JIT-running-Xperia-arc-launcher phone. 😀

    and knowing it’s just days before the gb update arrives.

  47. Brian, The french saved your ass from us. Do some research before taking rubbish you uneducated fool. Also, we were allies in WW2. Allies to a dumb fuck like yourself basically means, we were on the same team fighting against other countries.

  48. We waited for months, I don’t bother to wait few more days (I accept less than a week).
    My Rooted X10 running fine, I really like my white color X10. After 2.3 updated, the phone will be perfect to use for another year of time.

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    That why i feel very sad.
    FUCK YOU rikard!!

  50. @rikards fat mum Lol! Damn, Take a joke dude. Everyone here seems to want to kill one another when were all in the same boat waitin for updates. No hard feelins man just kiddin around! See the winkey smiley face… lol

    -sincerely dumb fuck

  51. Its se again to make fun with their damn idiotic customers ….. … they gives always a chance to switch from se n we still stick with these shit eaters

  52. I love you Brian.. thanks man.

    I hope you can give me your number, and if you got a big penis you can shove it up my ass and i’ll cry like a baby for you. how sweet!

  53. History happens again and nobody would like that, Sony Ericsson, do you know?

    Dogs never get rid of the habit of taking excrement….

  54. may i ask u something…. how many of u will pay 10 dollars for getting an official SE update of android 2.4 ?

  55. For angry troll:
    You all already wait for one n half years, why bother to wait another few more DAYS? They never promise the precise date, you already have your 2.1, fine built custom rom (Almost perfect though), and the promise of Gingerbread, what else you all need? I believe there is no more reason to angry with. If you do not like X10 then please, throw your X10 like rubbish and get a HTC/Samsung or whatsoever.

    And some of troll even used Rikard Skoberg’s name to try to create confuse and flame or even insult that blogger, he just a communication bridge and nothing more. And be smart, if there is update were out, SE blog will announce it alright? I really hate the troll comment at this blog so please give some constructive comment or bug out of this blog.

  56. Can someone tell me what the fuck lghost is talkin about? Sounds like Charlie Sheen talkin bout trolls. How hard is it to understand, they said the update was ready and now they’re backtracking. This isn’t there first f up either. People are mad, your not gonna change there minds. Your post is pointless, just like this one! WINNING!!

  57. Y’all do not understand that we don’t give a fuck about your got damn gay ass phones!?
    Myself already got an iphone shoutout to my homie J o Bz !

    Go eat a dick SE and keep your officials bloggers up so they can prematurely cum for fun on every x10 owners!!


  58. @ rickards mum..

    Would you be willing to advertise a spray for men, called Satisfaction Elongated?
    It’s a delay spray for men 🙂

    I pay you 5 bucks and I’ll give you a free subscription to lol cats?

    Sod it may as well join the trolls lol

  59. get the xperia duo think? all information of it is false? think to support it in time? going to go bankrupt by 2012 so many losses?

  60. @ Rickards Fat Mum – Im getting mad at se as much as Im mad at you hope you both go bust. But seriously who will buy a se phone again its either iphone or HTC for me next

  61. Go and bye a phone and throw this piece of shit away.

    SE will never see my money again. Premature… Idiots…

  62. All you guys that are moaning and saying move to iPhone, clearly have no idea what you saying… Majority of us got the SE X10 for Android (Linux) not for limitless / paid for applications on the iPhone… iPhone has NOTHING on android… So off you go and buy your iPhones and don’t buy another SE, WHO CARES!!!!! Go buy your iPhone and enjoy having limitless updates and limited functionality, or go buy your Blackberry and enjoy the useless interface and 0 updates…

    End of the day ITS A PHONE FOR PETES SAKES.. and it does just that, it does everything it is supposed to do.. This update is a gift to us, if SE was like any other company they would forget any of their older stock and only worry on NEW MONEY… But no they actually taking phones that are on their 2 year mark and giving the people an updated OS… Which company does that????? We are lucky to get it, but I don’t expect you to understand, because I GURANTEE YOU.. Half of you are kids, or early 20’s with a chip on your shoulder who knows nothing about business or how it works, and you are greedy like !*($@!($@!… Why don’t you go cry to your mommy you little kids, is the big bad SE being ugly to you?

  63. Well said IPTelesys!!!!
    Fed up with the morons on this site expecting all hell and wonders. The update is coming… You need to wait a few more days!!

    Get something straight… “The world does not revolve around you. Your sense of entitlement is misplaced.”

    ‘I’m mad at SE!’ WTF? Do you not have anything else to be mad at? Holy crap…

    If I could bottle the stupidity shown on this site, I’d run out of glass.

  64. Iptelesys
    I agree with you, but at the same time haters gonna hate, trolls gonna troll, whingers Gonna whinge, moaners gonna moan, and wanters gonna want. My point?

    Welcome to the family! 🙂 Lol

  65. Iptelesys: Kudos!

    I must admit that I did not buy the new Galaxy because I am waiting for this upgrade. Then we will see what I will do.

  66. JEzz…. cant these guy be patient? who’s not excited about this news… but sooner or later, it’s going to come… >”<
    @IPTelesys: 100% with you :))

  67. I’m very happy with SE – it’s nice of them to sell me a cheap-now-but-was-not-long-ago-top-of-the-line phone and still give me a free upgrade x 2.

    My wife bought her X10 at its launch – cost 3 times what I ended up paying for mine – she still loves it and now I can see why.

    Me, I chanced on an end of line sale and got mine for a song – because I’m a cheapskate. Last phone was a Nokia 5800, also bought cheap on the equilavent of eBay here nearly new for peanuts.

    Even in 1.6 version the X10 is tons better than the old Nokia (apart from the music player).

    The last full price phone I bought was destroyed the first time I dropped it (a HTC S740) – which is why I now go cheap/second hand – and thanks to SE, who out of the kindness of their hearts, are going to make my cheapy into a reasonably powerful useable smartphone.

    Thanks SE. I have the patience to wait.

  68. Throw your X10 away. Its the biggest mistake in Android Platforms ever. No one says throw away your X10 an buy an Iphone. No, throw your X10 away and buy whatever you want except SE´s crappy fool design Handy shit without customer support.

    Premature Info.

  69. Oh wtf man!
    I ve been waiting for it from past so many weeks…..
    when will it be out.

  70. Oh yeah, fanboys versus angry customers.

    Popcorn for everyone.

  71. where are the mods… these forum / comment posts need to be cleaned up, and the idiots banned from posting.

  72. at stupid SE FANBOYS, clearly, your a complete fool. I don’t know why you uneducated tools come to this blog trying to look smart with all your little capitals and stuff. There is no way you have any intelligence. Throw are phones away? Because sony are nice enough to give us a free update two years after release? Ok. The update was due to roll out early august. Is it early august? FOOL! Go get a job, stop relying on mummy, and you might just lose some of that babyish, spoilt brat syndrome.

  73. Hey Arnold, cool down man. Everything is fine. You will find a job soon and than you will see that it hurts to give money if you worked for before for a phone without business skills and laggy as hell.

  74. I wud be happy to buy a new phone but tied into this stupid 2 year contact and my beef is not with android, I love android its with se

  75. about an hour ago via

    Sony Ericsson

    I don’t think there is a delay at all really. Someone just accidentally clicked on “publish” a bit to soon on the website.
    We said earlier this week that we’re aiming at the current week for the roll-out to start and I have not seen any information saying that’s no longer valid information.


  76. I am clueless to all the haters out there.

    1. The Update is FREE, what in this world is free these days (other than porn on the internet)?
    2. The update was scheduled for end of Q2, early Q3, Its still early in Q3 so thats still nothing to fret about.
    3. The update was then scedhuled for early August. Its July, so if they want they have a few weeks to work on it.
    4. So they updated they site a little prematurely, big deal. how long have ppl been waiting on every one of Blizzards games; Blizzard’s only reply: “Its done when its done!” And Blizzard is still here, in fact they are getting bigger and bigger each week.
    5. The update will get here when it gets here, your phone was working fine before and it wont explode or stop working over night just because the update takes a wee bit longer then you’d like.

  77. Come on ATH
    We bought X10 (from our hardearning money) with the promised from SE for the UPDATE.

    So promise is a promise. We want thing that they promise, nothing else.

  78. lol we waited last year too, no problem here with waiting, iv already had Froyo And Gingerbread on my x10i and thought it was great to work with, so im looking forward to the latest update

    Nice post ATH, your right what u say, also, i waited 5 years for the release of the last game i got, so if i can wait 5 years, im sure i can wait 5 days lol. i think this thread will be almost silent by next friday lol

  79. 我等左噤耐,都仲未有2.3呀? 噤多日…SE應該ready出2.3時才announce..一announce就有upgrade才是customer service ma….

  80. T-mobile Poland confirmed they are working already on 2.3 for X10 and its probably (sick!) gonna be ready in August. So not only unbranded phones gonna get upgrade!

  81. @ ATH all your points are waste

    1) I paid for the phone so its free, nor is porn as still have to pay my ISP
    2) We dont trust se remember the 2.1 update and how bloody long that took, so what can we expect this time
    3) is basically the same point as the one before so your just repeating yourself
    4) you cant compare a game to a mobile os the size of a game is 100 times bigger the turn around for a update should be no longer than 30 days yet we wait months

  82. hey guys, take easy, i only bough one xperia x10 ” the best smasthphone of sony ericsson of 2010″ with android 1.6, and? without radio, and? only one touch, because — the hardware not support multitouch, and? with camera of 8 mpx but take photos of quality of 5 mpx, and? with low sound, and?.

    now coming 2.3.3. is amazing- yet is the best smarthphone of sony ericsson and of world, support game of nvidia ,wow, 2.3.3 come last week an now almots in xperia x10. wow, i can heard radio fm by wifi or 3g, wow, possibly four touch in 2.3.3 (miracle because the hardware don´t can- news 2010 sony ericsson-) the camera save 720p and every 3 sec hold. wow, the quality of photo yet of 5 mpx. wow.

    excellen news no? when you buying one cell phone now, the manufacturer is over your job. no? them can´t give support free in time, all peaple pay for this, in apple an your constant firmware, = samsung, htc, xbox, ps3 (sony) psp, etc. all every day pay for updates, now sonyericcson bring 2.3.3 FREE, we must angry with they, if not give thank for the great gif of sony.


  83. @1822 dostałem informację i sms i dodatkowo zadałem pytanie na facebooku i w jednym w drugim przypadku odpowiedź brzmiałą podobnie “T-mobile pracuje nad udostępnieniem upgradu 2.3. Myślę, że będzie dostępny w sierpniu”. A konsultanci na Infolinii nic nie wiedzą więc trzeba prosić o ustalenie informacji.

  84. Ja! Jag håller med dig. Sony Ericsson gör sitt bästa.

    . Lets wait then its almost hier thats wat we want.

  85. Let’s put it into perspective, we’re lucky to be getting 2.3 and would have been lucky to get 2.2 at all.. so chill haters, chill…..

  86. Allready moved to SGS2 and only want to have the update so i can sell the X10 X Euros more.
    Price last year 450 Euro, ebay today: 150 Euro. I think that is a good indicator for the quality of the phone.
    However, very carefull now with SE products. I mean the Arc is the same phone with screen improvments and outdated compared with SGS2, HTC or LG.

  87. Gather there has been no more word yet?
    well at least the haters are still hating and the whingers still whinging lol
    still.. makes me laugh.. those that moan about the people that are moaning about se.

    Silly little circle if you ask me.

    I understand tho.. 2.1 was a piss take I was here for that, even helping people to switch to Nordic so they could get their hands on it while they waited for the staggered release to hit their region.

    But with 2.3 there is only the xda stuff to try and I’ve personally not come across one that sounds functional enough to consider for daily use, so we will have to wait for the official one to get a good grasp of what 2.3 is like on our beloved x10. That’s just my opinion.

    In the mean time why not have a laugh? After all I was takin the piss out of Hannah earlier lol
    no sense in gettin pissed off or fighting with each other over se. Crap skills with sorting and releasing an update why not stay tuned for news, and have a laugh?


    All those that are saying we should sell our x10 or throw it away, line up and prepare to be slapped with a week old wet kipper across the face, then you will be dunked head first into hannahs wet smelly parts that rickards mum made a mess in!

  88. Funny how I reflashed my phone to stock 2.1 last monday to get ready for 2.3..

    Today I rooted it back.

  89. Not been on here in ages…..still own my x10i thi.

    If you no longer have an x10…..why the fuck are you in here flaming and kickin up shit you lame ass petards? Its an x10 blog, not sg2, not iPhone nothing but x10’s. Now pack up and get to fuck.

    Nuff said 😉

  90. my biggest question on this update is that if we’re gonna be able to watch netflix?

  91. Yeah die off moaning foreign cunts! Don’t come running back when the update is released and SE bring out their new range of super cool handsets…….which they will.
    We are lucky to be getting such a great update for a phone that is not worth jack shit now. Its almost 2 years old and well into its end of life.

    Go fuck off to another brand gay fucks. Thanks SE for the impending update, please ignore these little fags who don’t know anything about how tech and business works. I understand the reasons for the delay as I am a rational person with a brain.
    The update was schedules for August and forgive me if I am wrong but is it not “July”??
    Although you should discipline the guy who put the premature update announcement up on the SE site…..that was daft.

  92. The update for me is a “gift”..

    What other phone brands do you know of that started with DONUT, and now has Gingerbread??? Nothing!

    Just x10!

  93. When you hold the power button down will there be a reboot option where it says silent, airplane, power off?

  94. @my.xperiax10 ,
    我等左噤耐,都仲未有2.3呀? 噤多日…SE應該ready出2.3時才announce..一announce就有upgrade才是customer service ma….

    ——– 你这句话讲得好岩, 我都甘话… 哈哈哈

  95. @ Superman
    Except no company is retarded enough to release a $500+ phone with donut when froyo is just round the corner. And not only are they lying dishonest weasels, it took a lot of complaining and effort from people like me to convince them to release 2.3 otherwise you’d still be waiting for 2.1

    Your only superpower is fanboyism.

  96. I was one of the people who bought the X10 at launch as it was rated the best phone out when my contract could be upgraded, I had problems with the first handset as it kept overheating, shutting down, freezing up etc …. sent it back for a replacement (which was next day !!!) Not had a bad word to say about my x10 since. Upgraded to 2.1, Use Launcherpro plus, changed everything to how i want it.

    The only things i could want extra would be multi touch pinch zoom and flash but if you have Skyfire thats not a big issue…

    2.3 on the way .. for free … why would anyone complain ? If you know how to root your phone and customize it then 2.1 or 2.3 or 2.4 makes not a lot of difference !!

    My friends have iphones but my X10 still blows them out the water !!!

  97. @ iad
    Sir you are the voice of sanity. Btw my X10 blew away my son’s iphone when I was still on 1.6. On 2.1 Quadrant says its performance equals the HTC Desire. What is coming now is pure bonus.

  98. I think x10 can blow iphone any day!
    I saw the iphone 4 the other day, it’s screen is so small!
    Plus no customization at all!
    Android is the best and it’s price range, and x10 is best android phone available.
    No other phone has tasted donut to gingerbread but our x10!
    Cherish this people. Wait for it.

  99. Well no update yet here in Denmark.

    but I don’t think the update will be released today

  100. Tom Povazai: Herzlich willkommen im Sony Ericsson Chat Support, mein Name ist Tom Povazai. Wie kann ich Ihnen helfen?
    Felix: Ich wollte fragen wann genau das Update jetzt verfügbar sein wird, falls Sie dies wissen?
    Felix: Es wurde oftmals etwas von heute gesagt.
    Tom Povazai: Es wird in den nächsten Tagen verfügbar sein – mit etwas Glück schon im Laufe des Tages
    Felix: Also wenn ich das richtig verstehe kann es schon heute verfügbar sein und falls nicht noch dieses Wochenende?
    Tom Povazai: Verbindlich kann ich es Ihnen nicht beantworten – die Updates werden derzeit auf den Server geladen und werden damit in Kürze verfügbar sein
    Felix: Okay, war wirklich eine sehr gute Hilfe! Vielen Dank ! Schönen Tag Ihnen noch

  101. Translation
    Verbindlich kann ich es Ihnen nicht beantworten – die Updates werden derzeit auf den Server geladen und werden damit in Kürze verfügbar sein
    In English:
    I cannot give you an official statement, however – The Updates are just now being loaded to servers, therefore expected to be available in very short time.

    Keeping my fingers crossed, but today, latest tomorrow…

  102. Yeah after getting gingerbread I guess everyone who owns an x10 will be much happier.

    I think the update will be ready between today and next week.

    And for all the ones being rude on here, there is no need for that, you know what I mean, people swearing,bad attitude, why post, if you are upset or have a sad life then do not bother us. This is not a complain letter for se. If you are upset just write a letter to se if you have balls. Keep this clean and polite!

  103. i just call SE french customer service.
    The girl said : ” I’m not allowed to communicate the official date, but it seems to be delayed on the two firsts weeks of August”

    So everybody must wait a few days again.

  104. Those links have to be the most dreadful evidence I’ve ever witness. I’ll wait for my phone to get a notification. You foreign infections.

  105. I DOWNLOADING I DOWNLOADING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. I’m in Europe 😀 , Estonia , according to PC companion there really is an update available 😀

  107. I haven’t started to download yet but ye, the update really seems to be out.

  108. Installation error
    Unable to install or start phone software update components…….OK that is not what i expected.

    2.3.3 INFO
    BASEBAND IS 2.1.71
    KELER IS 2.6.29 00054- G….
    BUILD NUMBER 3.0.1.G.0.75
    marco says:
    July 29, 2011 at 4:38 pm
    quadrant 1050
    linpack 34.6-36.0
    equaliser yes
    it is louder abit
    no uncup fps
    no mutitouch
    dont know about scree.

  110. @ my previous comment

    Just tried to update with other PC and no error message anymore 🙂

  111. GREAT!!!!!! NOW my phone is BRICKED, IT said KEEP HOLDING the Back button and nothing happend + PC companion crashed, now i turn my phone on and after Sony Ericson logo the screen is all fcked up, like rainbow

  112. Oh my god! I have it! I cried when I held it in my hand!
    Thank you SE!
    Its beautiful!