Zdzihu’s final Xperia X10 release – CM7-ZMOD Cyanogenmod 7.1

CM7-ZMOD  Cyanogenmod 7.1 Respected and prominent Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 developer zdzihu from xda-developers has announced his latest release CM7-ZMOD, a port of Cyanogenmod 7.1 based on Android 2.3.5. To get this ROM working your handset will need to be on Android 2.3.3 and rooted, you will also need to be on baseband 71+.

However, the news is bittersweet as he has announced that due “to some unexpected (and unfortunate) circumstances” he will be selling the X10 and therefore “this is most likely the last and final release” from him. There is a donate button on the xda thread so let’s hope that enough people chip in he’ll be able to keep his X10.

26 responses to “Zdzihu’s final Xperia X10 release – CM7-ZMOD Cyanogenmod 7.1”

  1. Why you mention only z’s rom here? TripNraver is d developer whoz got d most number of fan boys and he is the only developer who updates his rons every week with new features. Who else have the MIUI rom out der?, who else have hacked the network modes to get better signal reception and stuff lik dat?? There are hundreds of roms available for x10. But why you posting only about zdzihu in this forum??

  2. Lol, one fanboy, 3 comments, samefag detected (above).

    Cm7-zmod works like a charm!

    Now your god Tripnbeaver will rip the files off this rom to brag about his “twaks” lool

  3. I didnt know Android released 2.3.5!!!

    Their SDKs stopped at 2.3.4 (minor maintenance to 2.3.3 with no change to API), then the next step up is 3.0.0

  4. WiFi needing a static IP kinda kills this ROM for me, so the only place where I could use my WiFi with this ROM is at my home and nowhere else I guess. I’ll wait till the WiFi issue has been patched. Overall this ROM is looking WAY AWESOME! I can’t wait till the Wifi is fixed so I can start downloading this and using it…

  5. I will be using this for sure!! And I dont agree with the first comments, this site has previously posted news about other developers, like Trip, Wolfbreak and probably more.You are wrong pal.

  6. Dude, Z’s rom was published just a few days ago and I think he’s done a good job for a first test,and the rom is not finished yet,so of course it will be buggy. Actually he released a patch that fixes some things, so before calling someone’s work ‘shit’ learn to read where it says : ‘Please note that this ROM is still in development and shouldn’t be considered stable.
    The developer is not responsible if you brick/damage your device. Proceed at your own risk.’

  7. Z’s is a REAL developer, he has been done more for us Xperia X10 user that Trips…

    Trip’s work is only based in copying other’s developers work and claims like if were the creator…

    Trip suck my dick!!!

  8. Z’s selling his x10 was a trick. So that he wil get a spare phone from someone. Two months before when tripnraver lost his phone he couldnt release updates for his rom, one user called “CHRIS” donated his spare x10 to him. So zdzihu knew if trip gets a spare phone then he too will. Well his trick worked well. He is getting a spare x10 as well. Lol !

  9. Trip has done the most of incomplete roms with bugs all over.

    Seriously, he could have done a lot more if he didn’t like an ADHD and focusing on ONLY two roms, his IRIS miui and TripNArc.

  10. With a locked bootloader and no sources for the 2.3.3 update I think all the devs are doing a great job, gotta give them big props! None of these custom roms are anywhere near final, I think people need to chill out and understand that it will be a while before they are…if at all. This phone is pretty dated in my eyes, I’m suprised we have the community we do still!

  11. Trip really does need to learn how to start projects and finish them. Sure he’s a good dev but I would never use one of his roms merely because of what his fan boys are like. See above. They are all a bunch of twelve year olds.

  12. You trip fanboys are a pathetic bunch of bitches. Without Z the X10 would never be where its at…..and thats a fact!

  13. Heyys im wanting to flash this ROM, i rooted phone and xRec installed but abit stuck on installing it, any help guys? like a link to walkthrough video or step-by-step guide
    Thanks if anyone helps

  14. Hey,

    download the files: the mod and the hotfix. Copy them to the sdcard.
    Reboot the phone to xRec, choose install custom zip files. Choose the rom file from the sdcard, then again with the hotfix. Reboot the phone.

    The rom will wipe everything! So do backup first.

  15. I tried MIUI and I ended up with many reboot issue.

    This rom CM7 rock SOLID.
    I could definitely say that this the most stable custom rom i tried since I bought my phone.

  16. Heyy…why is he leaving the x10 modding? Z is the GOD,Sensei,Master and everything like to the X10!He is THE BEST for me!! Yo Z you have personally helped me a lot with my x10 and…dude people like you are counted on fingers.It will be a BIG (big is a little word to say) loss for all of us without yo….so..wath can i say…good luck in life bro!!