Bootloader unlock now available to Xperia X10 owners

X10 Bootloader UnlockedBack in July, we reported that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 had seen its bootloader unlocked (or at least bypassed). Since then, there’s been very little news whilst the devs have been beavering away to get a solution for us to use on our own phones.

Well that milestone has now come as the_laser from xda-developers has just released the toolset to permanently “unlock” the bootloader of the Xperia X10. To get this up and running click here, but be aware it only runs on Android 2.1 for now.

Thanks Sharath!


22 responses to “Bootloader unlock now available to Xperia X10 owners”

  1. Hey! You have to notice that u can upgrade to 2.3.3cafter unlocking process. btw there is an option to unlock bootloader without loosing your current rom!

  2. iam from india ,iam using my phone with android 2.3.3 from past one month,when iam trying to connect it to data carrier it is restarting again and again,i repaired the version via seus again and again nearly twenty times still the problem persists,please any one give me proper suggestion ,how can i use my phone again as it was early,this update ruined my phone,no more sony ericsson ever in my life

  3. hey freex10, how to you just downgrade the kernal…i just updated to 2.3 and im about to root!!! whats the point of unlocking the loader???

  4. Hi ! i’m from Argentina, and my english it’s not very well, but i have a question. With this unlock bootloader can i repair my imei?

  5. hi, romULen chip is available for the x10, it is bigger and comes with its own self sticking solder pads so fitting only takes about 10 mins.
    once the romULen chip is fitted your phone will be so fast.
    The bootloader will also be lockenundone as its a configuration of the thing.
    This wilont fix the bootloader though as its locked down so tight you need the key like realy badly.
    The kernel is a bogus fella, like the guy on the side of KFC, he is not realy a cournel, so i doubt you fhone will have one so dont worry about it.

    Screen is good enough so dont sweat it, if you need it better buy some glassers!

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  7. to the blog owner , can u provide us the compatible apks from the arc neo 2.3.4 update (new weather widget apks in arc ) like u u provided arc launcher to us..pls provide the apks like new swipe keyboard, new facebook integration apks(if suitable)

  8. why would anyone want to switch back? I just froze Crashmonitor in TB, and my phone suddenly went turbo speed, there is a lot of floatware in the release!

  9. Hi. Im running CyanogenMod MiniCM7 on my X10 Mini. I did this a few weeks ago before the bootloader unlock was announced.

    Can some explain to me the benefits of unlocking the bootloader over using CWM and MiniCM?

    Does unlocking the bootloader allow full vanilla Android roms to be installed?