We’re back! XperiaX10.net reaches an agreement with Sony Ericsson

We are delighted to report that we have come to an agreement with Sony Ericsson that means our two affected blogs (XperiaBlog.net and XperiaX10.net) will remain open. The downtime we have experienced since October 18th was unfortunate but necessary whilst we were in communication with Sony Ericsson to resolve this matter.

Sony Ericsson contacted us to let us know that it appreciates our support of its products and the efforts we have put into developing these blogs. They also appreciate the engagement of blogs like these and consumers who visit these sites. Sony Ericsson dropped the initial complaint and we have instead reached an agreement so that we can keep the domain names and continue to work on the site. Just to reassure you, there will be no change to our editorial independence under this arrangement. We will continue to give you our honest opinion about Sony Ericsson’s strategy and its smartphones.

We would like to thank all of our readers for your overwhelming support. Many people got in touch or left comments in support of our work. We apologise for the absence of any updates for the last few weeks (this was necessary in order for negotiations to progress) but we will strive to continue where we left off – covering the latest Sony Ericsson Xperia news and reviews to the best of our ability.

The recent news regarding Sony’s acquisition of Ericsson’s stake in the Sony Ericsson joint venture leaves us even more excited about developments for the company’s future smartphones. Thankfully, we will now be there sharing our thoughts through every step of the journey.

58 responses to “We’re back! XperiaX10.net reaches an agreement with Sony Ericsson”

  1. This is certainly good news but I hope this means more comment moderation for hate messages. While I can understand that people have been upset, there were a lot of messages that were excessive. Without some moderation, I could see why someone may have thought the domain was being used in “bad faith” despite the owners of the website doing a lot to promote the product and support its users.

    That being said, all the great ROMs that have been cooked up for this device have really brought a lot of life back into it. My carrier is now offering cashback to let users with this device (as well as other devices from 2010) to get out of their contracts in order to purchase newer devices but (RAM aside) I’m pretty happy with my Xperia SO-01b running a custom rom from XDA. So, I hope even the X10 site continues for some time.

  2. fantastic – glad i left my rss feed live to see this.

    now, my phone contract is up in march, so thats plenty of time for you to find out whats going to be white hot then!

  3. news like this shows that sonyericsson really is listening to its fanbase.. but it feels like they lose and regain my trust to freaking frequently!
    very happy to see the site back, i actually lost all interest in my x10 since the last post

  4. Niiiiiiiiiice!Been missing you!The ONE AND ONLY fast and reliable site for news,tips,and software for X10.I am in Bulgaria and the news are coming slowly like a snail…love you guys!Keep up the good work!( i am opening the site everyday xD to see is there something new for my little “black baby Rachel” xD )

  5. Great news and well done to Tej and the team. Credit to Sony for allowing this to happen and realising the mistake they made. Maybe they do read these forums after all and act on the feedback.

  6. Wow! I hope they realized that we meant what we said in comments on news that they are shutting you down.

    Congratulations! Keep up the good work!

  7. Death to Sony Ericsson.

    We need to unite and jihad against this asshole corporation. NEVER AGAIN.

    I’m getting a HTC Amaze 4G. Lick my armpits sony.

  8. This is awesome!!!!! We have to put out the war cry far and wide that the #1 Xperia site on the net is back, large and in charge!

    Sony admitted their mistake, how often does that happen these days with companies regarding “small things” like blog? I think this was a clearer sign than ever that Sony is watching the community of fans online very closely. Hell, remember when X10 was never getting official 2.3? Kudos Sony, for knowing when you’re wrong. Still have my X10 and love it. Can’t wait for that new beastly dual core coming soon.

  9. This is great news. I initially did not like my Xperia X10. It was Android 1.6 while others were getting updates…But now…my trusty X10 is living on 2.3.3 and a new battery. It keeps pace with the other Android phones, and best of all I haven’t had to drop more cash on a new phone. I actually *like* my phone now. Flash, full YouTube, Apps to SD, and more. This is a robust phone that keeps on working. Thank you Sony and Thank you XperiaX10 net! Welcome back!

    And Happy New year. Looking forward to great things with this phone in 2012!