Xperia X10 gets FeraLab Jelly Bean custom ROM

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 still has an active development scene despite being over three years old. FeraLab has been providing some great support for the Xperia X10 for a while now and a few days ago it released version one of its Jelly Bean custom ROM. The firmware is based on CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.1.2). Users are reporting that it is one of the best Jelly Bean ROMs available for the device, being both fast and stable. It’s great to see the Xperia X10 continue to be supported so well with near enough the latest Android versions. Check out a video of this ROM on the X10 below.


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  1. I cracked the scren on my GN in January, and actually used my X10 for a few weeks while I was fixing it. Still surprisingly good hardware overall, though 2.2 really feels ancient by comparison to modern Android. I may be tempted to update it with this, just in case I need my backup phone again.

  2. nice and cool. I am also using this amazing ROM.
    To author: maybe it should be goot to switch language from Czech to English before recording this video. But nice work!

  3. the YouTube channel always posts videos for ROMs. But never gives a link to the ROM. The person, who is handling the Channel, does not understand English. Hence there is no hope. This is just a link, which will make you feel great, but eventually disappointed, because you realize that you are not going to get the link to this ROM

  4. Wow first update on this blog in almost a year! Glad to see the X10 still has a big following. My X10 isn’t my primary phone now (I have the SXS) but I use it for a music player and GPS tracker when I go running. Must try this ROM.

  5. Are you serious, all credits go to Scritch007, responsible for the first jb sources, he also made camera working on ICS and jb

  6. Its amazing to see the XDA community working on devices such as the x10 after 3 years.

  7. How do I get this on my x10??? I have been having problems with my s3 so transfered back to my x10 at least for the next yr or so. Someone please help me get this 🙂

  8. Are you guys dumb or what? Scritch made CM10 for X10 and he is making CM10.1. Ferat Kesaev is a schoolboy from turkey, a romcooker not rommaker, he only makes a rom from a working one, with Scritch made. Feraet is just using somebodies work to gain money on download. Hes a liar and a thief of opensource software!

  9. Re: comments above – no one here is denying that Scritch made the ROM originally though are they? The article is specifically about Fera’s version, and to be honest, it runs much smoother than any other X10 JellyBean ROM, so all he has done is improve it (no other JB or ICS ROM has fully unlocked FPS limit for example)

  10. more news please, keep it coming, will there be an update over seus for 2.3 on x10 mini?




  12. Bandit, suck my ronson!
    We live in hope Sony will release the 2.3 update foe the x10 mini and big.
    I have several apple devices and they are way better than that shit you got. 2 updates and it will be fucked.
    Sony is second best to apple, Nokia and blackberry.

    Keep it real son!

  13. well thats good new all i want to know is whether tha camera and camcorder are working if yes am good to go for this 🙂

  14. Nice one, just bust my Galaxy S3:( (could they be any more delicate?) so back again to my trusty (hard as nails!) Sony X10, except now with jelly bean:)

  15. hi i am having x10 of rogers.. is this rom work on my x10
    plz reply i am waiting

  16. Douglas, the camera works well, but camcorder does not.. anyone know of a free 3rd party camcorder app that works with this ROM?

  17. yes! i love it here, keep the news coming!
    buy an iphone

    love it!

  18. Instagram crashes as soon as I press the reset button on the app. Will try the stable version for now reverting back to Gingerbread Rom

  19. mani, i dont think anyones interested!
    but you a r e a l e g e n d f o r k e e p i n g t h e p h o n e g o i n g!

  20. lol very true. I btw installed it because I wanted to teach myself how to install a custom Rom more than anything else

  21. i love this blog! i am on here every day, where are you from mani?

  22. I have a s3 but still got my good old x10 as that truly was the best phone ever. Tempted now to stick jelly bean on it can’t believe this phone is still going strong I love it

  23. I love my iPhone its so much better than xperia some times i get so excited about my iphone i play with my bum hole

  24. Stop impersonating the king.
    I have iPad iPhone Apple TV and an iPod.
    Best products you can buy android is rubbish.
    Used a s4 the other day, still at glitchy as it was ever like a onl device tarted up with a bizzler.

  25. can u plzzzzz give me link for downloading custom roms and clockwork mod recovery plzzzzzz

  26. 8. I love the x10 mini, I used it the other day to take some pictures.
    I didn’t take my iPhone out with me but keep the x10 in the boot of the car.
    It’s getting g boring on here so this may be my last post!
    Any news on the x10 update from seus

  27. King JAFI JOFER ruler of ZAMUNDA, Your link is wrong its just the link to the apple site lol, and unfortunately sony will no longer be doing any more official updates for the x10, your best bet is to try one of the custom roms

  28. dfizz, i think your right pal, time to put the x10 to bed.
    its been emotional.

  29. Your right every dog has it day and the xperia has had its time, if sony ericsson stay together you never know they might have been able to make a decent new xperia to keep up with Samsung and apple

  30. Thank you for removing all that rubbish and hopefully blocking jafi can we keep this xperia now

  31. Yeah agreed bad man I stopped posting on this blog because of him so glad blocked him

  32. There was a lot of rubbish posted up of late!
    Fingers crossed no more rubbish! Lol

  33. Hello Guys,

    Would any of you post the Link to download the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, Kernel and the installation steps pleas?

  34. I guessing its on xda developer site dunno if were allowed to post links on here give me a shout if your having trouble finding it and i will hunt it down for you mate

  35. Here I see many positive and negative discussion about Xperia. Actually Xperia is now a apple and sumsung competitor also. Anybody can check Xperia new series, definitely you can compare its with apple and sumsung.

  36. I see how you lot work ignore the king and hope he goes away, congratulations I will give you this battle and leave this blog there is a better one going on a gay site which is right up my street, anyway but remember there is no battle without a war and this is not over. This is a sad day indeed so goodbye xperia blog, but if you guys have any details on the official x10 update from seus let me know.

  37. Nice I checked the site and xperia still getting 7% average daily interest, phone must still be well popular world wide, irie website my one blud, peace

  38. Wow this place is dead since they blocked Jafi as well even though he talk rubbish most of the times still was a xperia user, any xperia news anyone?

  39. am running Feralab V28 Harmony ROM now, very stable, and goes great! You can check it out on you tube. It ain’t jelly bean though 😛

  40. Any one can help me to get answer for below..

    –> Rooting is necessary to install JB custom ROM?
    –> Can any one give me link to download Jelly Bean custom ROM (V29)
    –> Clear steps to root and flash

    Appreciate your help,,, Thanks a lot in advance,

  41. Hi Dfizz,

    Thanks for your reply, I got stuck in installing JB ROM, after got into xRecovery, i wiped out all and while mounting sdcard I got error saying “device is busy”. Now my phone is in SE screen. Not showing up any thing.. pls help me…

  42. You may have fu*ked your phone mate, should have followed it step by step have you checked out xda them guys could help you


  44. bhai ye custom rom kaha se download karneka plz help me
    custom rom ka link bhejo plz urgent

    mo: 9737234439

  45. I appreciate all this love on this page for me it was a hard video for me to make but would have never done it, if it was not for the love of the fans i have out there, i really didnt expect this thank you all again

  46. senthil, hows your phone going? sounds like you need to download onto your PC- Sony Ericson Update Service (SEUS) software and use it reset your phone to factory settings. Google “SEUS Sony Ericson download”
    Then start over being more careful to follow custom ROM instal instructions, good luck.

  47. Wow been a long time since I came on here, great to see its still going strong just like the x10 big yourselves up!!!!!!!

  48. Hey Beven, Thanx, I got re flashed with stock ROM 2.3.3, but now i’m looking to flash with Feralab v29, some where i’m missing some thing in the process.

    Details are below:
    –> Xperia x10, flashed with 2.3.3
    –> Rooted , installed xrecovery
    –> Locked boot loader
    now i need to know, should i install ferakernel before ROM?

    if so, i tried and failed as “err_severity= major err_class= security_class err_dynamic= sin header verification failed”

  49. Hi DFizz,
    I followed as per fera’s steps

    — Download ZIP file called nearly same as [LB] and copy it to SDcard.
    — Boot to xRecovery and flash zip(all drivers are already in kernel zip).
    — Reboot your device twice and you’re done.

    I tried flashing, but i could not mount sdcard, i can mount other patitions but not sdcard,

  50. Come on everyone, I know its address to me but anyone can help, I will be looking in to this as unsure

  51. I just wanted to add one thing with this, I installed CWM recovery and tried to flash FeraLab ROM v29 without ferakernel, i was able to install it but its not come up on 1st reboot, stays in SE logo. then reflashed to Stock 2.3.3

    Please take this also, expecting your help here.

  52. Come on guys we need to come together and help senthil we are a x10 communality here lets help keep this phone alive for senthil and everybody, please everyone reply

  53. Dunno how helpful that link is senthi I don’t understand it but give it a try maybe. Cool welcome back Jafi you been missed, you said before you was leaving this blog as you found some gay one, how you doing, were trying to help senthil out with flashing his firmware

  54. Jafi you still going on about iphone, what you think of ios7 seems like a poor mans attempt at android OS

  55. DFizz, which link you are referring to?
    I am just giving the history for ones who try to help me..

    -Stock 2.3.3
    -Locked BL
    -installed CWM recovery..

    Tried so many ways but none of them worked
    –> Tried to flash ferakernel ,, failed
    –> Tried flash directly feralab v29 from xrecovery failed
    –> then tried v29 from CWM recovery, it got installed but stuck in SE logo on 1st reboot…
    any clue?????

  56. You may have got me one, I will do some research but maybe if guys like King JAFI JOFER ruler of ZAMUNDA, Badman times 8 and Bevan are still active on this site they could offer a idea

  57. Flashed feralab v30, error in flashing ferakernel v12.1

    “Amend scripting ( update-script) is no longer supported
    was deprecated by google in android 1.5”

  58. Sorry, been a bit tied up lately,, So, V30-final. Sounds like you’re over complicating things.
    — Download the ROM and place it on your phones SDcard. Backup all your data because it will be wiped!
    — Boot phone into Recovery (DON’T USE ANYTHING ELSE!!!)
    — I like to ‘wipe data/factory reset’ then ‘wipe cache partition’, then From the main recovery menu, enter the ‘advanced’ menu. From this menu, select ‘Wipe Dalvik Cache’
    — Go back to the main recovery menu by pressing the back button and select the ‘Install zip from SD card’ option. Select ‘choose zip from sdcard’ find the ROM zip file you have copied over from your PC earlier,, and install it.. should load up AROMA..?
    — Now just follow AROMA installation wizard.
    — On First boot wait not less than 2 minutes, don’t touch anything and after that reboot.
    — On Second boot wait 2 minutes and reboot again.
    — You’re done! Do a reboot after you configured your device.
    I hope that helps, good luck- let us know how you get on.

  59. I suggest try find help at xda developers forum. I’m not sure why what your doing is not working, sorry.
    How are you un-bricking your phone once stalled on SE logo?

  60. Oh crap Ive been basically refreshing this site every 5 mins for the last few days for this 100 post nearly miss it

  61. I know everyone is just jealous of me probably the last ever xperia 10 blog entry and I will go down in history of having the last ever 100 post

  62. Bevan, can you help me out with my issue? I am not able to get into Flash mode on an x10i (with Android 2.1! :'( ) that I recently acquired. The phone also suffers from an issue where the home row and vol buttons stop working completely about 2 minutes after the phone starts.

    I’ve detailed the issues on xda here:

    Please ask if you need any more information.

  63. Beven/fizz,

    Sorry i was away for quite long..

    I was totally given up in in getting Feralab ROM.. but could not let myself down..

    I have gone through som eother ROM called DunutHD ( U might know ) I flashed that ROM and worked fine for stock kernel..
    then i tried to flash ferakernel on DonutHD, it failed but after the reboot i could see its installed.

    Then i tried installing feralab V30 , It worked 🙂

  64. Congrats glad we could have helped long life the xperia.

    Any haters wanna say otherwise, you got us to deal with

  65. Yep im still rocking my X10 Dfizz, glad you ditched iPhone king ruler of nowhere and gone back to x10 mini

  66. Friend,
    i am using x10i. i want to update it to JB. But i couldn’t download the rom from Feralab site. is not working. any other link to download the latest feralab GB rom. please help me to do this.
    thanks in advance…

  67. @senthil

    My AVG reporting virus in Anyway, I have X10 still running official 2.3 android, but I would like to upgrade to jellybean and feralab looks fabolous. Could you please also post some instructions how to install this custom ROM cause I am new to this stuff 🙂 … thank you

  68. Hi hrusho,,

    My suggestion to you to use feralab GB rather than JB, fera did so many things in both kernel and ROM, so I would suggest it to you, thats best suit for xperia x10 ..!!!

  69. Depressed, cheer up mate, It might not be too bad. sounds like it could be a hardware problem. I’d replace the keypad button flex cable and see if that sorts your problem. Ebay search “XPERIA X10 #F62” for the part,, and then Youtube for instructions on how to swap it. Make sure you sort this issue before flashing any new ROM. good luck.

  70. Some joke but…..

    Below is the detailed guide that will lead you through the processes of installing CyanogenMod 11 custom ROM on your Xperia 10 Android:

    Copy/Paste the CM 11 ROM and Google Apps folder that you downloaded earlier, to the internal storage space of your Xperia 10.
    Now Power OFF your Xperia 10.
    Now, Press and hold on Power+Volume Up+Volume Down keys to boot into CWM Recovery.
    From the screen that appears, choose the “Recovery” option.
    Now you can use the Power key to select the highlighted option, and the Volume Up or the Volume Down keys to move up and down respectively.
    Now perform a Data/Factory reset from the Recovery menu.
    And then, under the “Advanced” section, click on “Wipe Dalvik Cache”.
    Now, return back to the main menu of the recovery menu and click on the “Install ZIP From SD Card” option.
    And then choose the CM 11 ROM folder that you copied and pasted to the internal storage of your device earlier. And confirm the selection.
    Now, the ROM will be installed on your device.
    Now again repeat processes No. 8 and No. 9, and instead of the ROM file, now choose the Google Apps folder and confirm your selection.
    Now the Google Apps will be installed on your device.
    Now again return back to the main menu of the recovery menu and click on “Reboot System Now” option.
    Your device will now reboot.

  71. Hi DFizz, I followed your steps for installing the CyanogenMod 11 custom ROM which is android kitkat 4.4 but when I boot now my phone just hangs on the Sony logo

  72. You guys are not too helpful on here I guess. You post details of how to get kitkat but it just messed my phone 🙁

  73. @senthil

    I want kitkat though the guy above seems to have it, I will use the flash tool again and do it again step by step, maybe I missed something out

  74. Guess it would only be fitting if I make the last post in here, goodbye xperia 10 blog

  75. I am a huge fan of my X10 and would love to move it from GB. Bought a new battery and cleared it all to start to learn how to flash customs. What is the best custom to move to. Just want the smoothest ROM I can get.

  76. I say Feralabs latest GB rom is the one to go for. Find a link to it through Facebook or XDA forum. Jelly Bean is a bit heavy for the X10 and kitkat is not working properly yet to my knowledge.

  77. I said “Guess it would only be fitting if I make the last post in here, goodbye xperia 10 blog”

  78. Plzz tell me
    Are there any lags
    Is evrythng wrkng good (camera,apps)
    I m new to this plzz help me coz i understand englsh only
    Plzz plzzzz plzzz

  79. This is a very active blog, we would be happy to help you 112 senthil & DFizz are usually first to help, hopefully they are still on here. What is your problem with you xperia 10

  80. Yo! The king is back checking in for some updates? Any news from Sony about kit Kat for the x10 mini.
    Out and about in the Bahamas!

  81. Yo King its bad man times 8 how is the Bahamas, we have missed you on here.

    I will check with the guys about kit kat for the mini but dont keep your hopes up

  82. ah sick the king and bad man are back on this thing lets bring this blog back from the dead like the good old days just need the likes of senthil & Bevan back

  83. Bahamas all good! Dominican was ok but I won’t go back, stick to Europe.
    Still using my x10 mini, it’s very slow and jerky but still runs my android torque app ok.

  84. Yeah my xperia 10 is now very slow but built like a brick i dropped my S4 once and the screen cracked, so using it as my main phone again, so still looking around the net for a kit kat update

  85. I was messing with my xperia 10 today and just notice it had a built in screen protector any one taken this off

  86. Yo! 8 I did notice the screen protector on a mates x 10 I did try pulling it off but I couldn’t, are you sure it’s not just a step in the glass that looks like a screen protector

  87. Yo King, i know for sure its a screen protector and its pealing in the comer, i think im gonna rip it off today and can update you how it goes

  88. Wow its like having a new phone i have taken off the screen protector if anyone has one of these take it off

  89. ah man keep talking bad man and the king i love reading your messages i wish you two had twitter i would following you, cant believe you both still use your Sony Ericsson Xperia X10s, shocking, but amazing