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  • Multi-touch coming to the Xperia X10 in Gingerbread update?

    There has been a lot of speculation over the last few days over whether the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will get multi-touch support (don’t confuse this with the current dual-touch functionality) once the Android Gingerbread update lands. This started when the official Sony Ericsson Brazil blog published a post saying that multitouch was coming. The […]

  • Xperia X10 Schematics available to download

    Now that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is over a year old, some of you may start to have problems with the handset as it starts to age. If you’re one of those people that likes to take action in your own hands then we’ve got a couple of PDFs that should help to give […]

  • Xperia X10’s still sold in selected Best Buy stores for $1 (with 2-yr contract)

    As far as we were aware the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 went EOL in the US in February. Well it appears that selected Best Buy stores in the country are still stocking the handset, where it is being sold for $1 upfront on a two-year contract. It’s worth noting though that this is via AT&T, […]

  • Further detail on why SE is not unlocking the Xperia X10 bootloader

    Karl-Johan Dahlstrom from the SE Developer Blog has given some extra clarity on why the Xperia X10 will not see its bootloader unlocked, unlike the new Xperia range. The main reason he points to is that the X10 bootloader does not support being “unlocked in a secure way”. When a bootloader is unlocked it wipes […]

  • Sony Ericsson confirms DLNA not coming to Xperia X10 family

    Sony Ericsson has confirmed that it has dropped DLNA, one of the features it promised for the Xperia X10 last May. The feature had to be “de-scoped” due to a number of changes since the original announcement including adding pinch-to-zoom as well as splitting the Android 2.1 update into two parts. All is not lost […]

  • AT&T Xperia X10 reaches EOL; hopes vanishing for Android 2.1 update?

    Whilst most of us around the world are now running the Android 2.1 update on our Sony Ericsson Xperia X10s, spare a thought for those in the United States, where users are still stuck on Android 1.6. Back in late November, Sony Ericsson USA said that the update will take longer to hit the States, […]

  • Xperia X10 xda-developers at war

    The latest version of two of the most popular custom ROMs for the Xperia X10 went live over the last 24 hours. First zdzihu & Jerpelea’s FreeX10 Froyo ROM reached Beta 4, which offers only minor improvements over Beta 3 but is designed to work for those who upgraded to the latest firmware (v2.1.A.0.435 and […]

  • Official: Xperia X10 family will not receive upgrade to Froyo or beyond

    Sony Ericsson UK have officially confirmed with us this morning that the Xperia X10 family (including the X8) will not see an Android firmware revision above 2.1 (Éclair). Whilst the company’s new line of Xperia phones will launch with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), the X10 will not be supported past Android 2.1. The company instead plans […]

  • Official: Xperia X10 will get multi-touch in Q1 2011

    Sony Ericsson has officially confirmed that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will get some form of multi-touch during an OTA firmware update in Q1 2011. Rikard Skoberg from the SE Product Blog has said that there will be pinch-to-zoom (dual-touch) functionality on the web browser and Google Maps. So what’s changed you might be asking? […]

  • More snippets on Android 2.1 Xperia X10 update

    Rikard Skogberg from the SE Product Blog has once again been active in the comment section giving little snippets of information that we have consolidated below. There are no major surprises: he confirms that the DLNA update will now come in the next update (following Android 2.1). He also says that the Android 2.1 update […]

  • More details on Android 2.1 Xperia X10 delay

    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 owners have been up in arms following yesterday’s announcement that the Android 2.1 update has been delayed by a month. The post on the SE Product Blog is nearly 1,000 comments strong, with some very harsh words for SE, and we’ve had over 200 similar comments on our post regarding the […]

  • Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update officially delayed to end of October

    Uh-oh, this is going to get ugly. We don’t like to be the bearer of bad news but Sony Ericsson’s Rikard Skogberg has confirmed over on the SE Product Blog that the planned Android 2.1 (Éclair) update for the Xperia X10 family has been delayed until the end of October. Just yesterday, Sony Ericsson UK […]

  • SE white paper suggests no 16m colours for Xperia X10 Éclair update

    Sony Ericsson has released a new white paper for the Xperia X10 that gives some more details on what to expect from the forthcoming Android 2.1 (Éclair) update. The paper (dated 16 September 2010) highlights that the TFT display will remain at 65,536 colours after the update. This will be a big disappointment for those […]

  • SE working on in-ear call volume issue for Xperia X10

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 suffers from low in-ear call volume. There’s no hiding from this issue, volume is much lower than any other handset I’ve used and this problem remains atop of most people’s ‘to fix’ list for the Xperia X10. However, hope is at hand, if a Sony Ericsson representative is to be […]

  • Helix Launcher brings significant battery boost to Xperia X10

    The great thing about Android is that you can pretty much customise any aspect of your phone. One such feature is the Sony Ericsson home screen (i.e. the desktop) that can be replaced by third-party solutions such as HelixLauncher and Zeam. As will as the benefit of additional home screens, these third-party solutions are optimised […]