‘R2BA016’ Xperia X10 firmware heading to China

R2BA016 Xperia X10 firmware We don’t have much information on this one, but according to zol.com.cn a newly released firmware update for the Xperia X10 (R2BA016) has hit China. It’s not exactly clear from the translated pages whether the firmware has been made available publically or whether it’s due to launch shortly.

This is likely to be the big firmware update talked of earlier that will carry the new Creatouch app as well as delivering a performance boost. However, that firmware was codenamed ‘R2BA013’, rather than ‘R2BA016’ so this new firmware could bring even more improvements. The most up to date Xperia X10 firmware around at the moment is R1FB001. Check out a larger screengrab of the firmware after the cut.

If any of our Chinese friends has downloaded this new update we’d love to hear about the improvements in the comments below.

R2BA016 Xperia X10 firmware


20 responses to “‘R2BA016’ Xperia X10 firmware heading to China”

  1. ok for that, but where is the new update [R2BA013] ?? does someone know when it out to europe with creatouch app ? thanks.

  2. whats the latest one we in the uk have? i got R1FA016 is there a newer one than this in the uk? thanks

  3. Yes we got the same . About a month ago, thinking that new software comming on days

  4. Screw China….i’m chinese…but still…I hate that place, scams and rip offs everywhere. Horrible place…only good thing is the scenery.

  5. Hey UK guys. Yes the current version in the UK is R1FA106
    T-Mobile users are still stuck on R1FA104
    I am a T-Mob user but I de-branded my handset so I’m fine but T-Mob is crap as they don’t even know there’s been one update
    I don’t think SE is concentrating on any immediate updates for the UK as the phone is mostly stable but I wish they didn’t just sell to us and forget us. So please sign the petition that’s available if you go back one page 🙂

  6. cool phone has not been updated for ages my satio was updated about 3 times in 2 months lol

  7. Is the latest firmware for X10a North America Generic, R1FA014? I will be debranding my rogers x10a soon and wondering if the North American is the best firmware to be using or the Brazil Generic?… I’m in New Zealand (Oceania) btw.

  8. I have the R1EA013 I keep trying to get the newer one and well No luck, does any of you have a suggestion (It’s an unlocked X10a). so which one is the latest one R1FA014, R2BA016, R2BA013, R2B001? and what are the differences?

  9. at PocketPC.ch a user is in some talk to a person at se & he confirmed the r2ba013 will not come due to some issues. so this may be the fix of r2ba013

  10. @Adam
    Did you commit any crime here at China and caught during your sight seeing? Hehe, you’re really horrible…

  11. No idea what was downloading mate, the update icon was appearing in my bar than dissapearing than reappearing, came up again today. Strange tbh.