X10 mini pro headed to Australian, Singaporean and UK carriers

TelstraThe Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini pro has already hit some select European regions but now we are receiving word that it will also be available in Australia and has launched in Singapore. Telstra, the largest Australian carrier, will stock the phone from August although pricing is not known right now. It is already available in Singapore where an unlocked version will set you back for S$588.

Some of the UK carriers will also stock the phone including T-Mobile and Vodafone. T-Mobile is expected to release the phone in September, which is probably the same timeframe as Vodafone. Prices for the UK carriers remain unknown for now.

5 responses to “X10 mini pro headed to Australian, Singaporean and UK carriers”

  1. Picked up an X10 mini pro from the Virgin store in Melbourne Australia, on Sat. Love it.

  2. Hi John,
    I just got an X10 mini. I’m in Australia. Just wondering if you know are there any “free” GPS navigation applications for the X10 mini. I basically want to be able use this phone not only as a phone to make calls but also as a general in car GPS (just like one of those Tom Tom or Garmin..etc devices with voice guidance). I know X10 mini comes pre-installed with WisePilot. But its not for free. WisePilot actually uses data from my Optus phone plan. I want something thats free and can be accessed instantly. Do you know of any? Can anyone help me here? please. Thanks.