Guess the Xperia X10 Android 2.1 release date and win a prize!

16GB microSDHCThere’s so much (intense) debate surrounding the Android 2.1 update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 that we wanted to brighten the mood up. So what we came up with was a competition that will hopefully take people’s mind off thinking about Android 2.1, multi-touch conspiracy theories, or anything else negative (well at least for a little while).

What we want you to do is simply guess the correct date of the Android 2.1 Xperia X10 firmware release and leave your answer in the comments below. Those that guess the correct date will then be put in a lucky hat where a winner will be drawn. The prize is a 16GB microSD-HC memory card for your Xperia X10. Just to be clear, the winning date is the one where the official Xperia X10 Éclair release hits any region in the world. Please read the rules below before entering and good luck!

Rules: 1) Please leave a valid email address as we will be using this to contact you, 2) once contacted, if we do not hear from you within 24 hours we will draw another winner, 3) only one entry per household (remember we can see your IP address), 4) this competition is open to our readers worldwide.

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1,100 responses to “Guess the Xperia X10 Android 2.1 release date and win a prize!”

  1. Should we leave our entry here or somewhere else?

    If it is here, my entry is September 23.

    Good luck to all!

  2. Perhaps, September 24th 2010
    but, what I need is Eclair right here right now!!!, not the Price winning!!, Come on Sony!!!, made it fast!!

  3. I’ve guessed the date would be 21 sep, but i wish i were wrong!!! I wish the upgrade comes tmr!!!

  4. What happens if two people pick the same date and it is correct? Or are you guys operating a first come first serve basis? Anyways I’m going to guess Sept 19, 2010. I’ve been on a hunt to get as many phones as I can and sort of expand my knowledge of the mobile world (or lack of). I already got a free nexus one and the MicroSD card would be good to have.

  5. September? Lol, poor people.
    I already confirmed with a reliable source that the update is coming in october. So…
    October 10th. 2010.

  6. If I say never anytime soon in the United States because I don’t think at&t will help let it happen. Do I still get the prize?

  7. update will be available on DEC 25th 2010, a nice Christmas present for all of us, merry christmas to all of us….but i hope im wrong, i hope it’s earlier….lol……jr

  8. i dont need the mmc… i already have 32gig… wat i need is the 2.1 firmware asoon as posible…

  9. If I’d had to guess it would be 2010-09-21! But I’m hoping for something sooner 😉

  10. SE Spain says the Android 2.1 (Eclair) update for the Xperia X10 will launch during week 38 (20th to 26th September).

  11. You look have been good boys and girls, so i will release it on the 25th December…. MERRY CHRISTMAS HO! HO! HO!

  12. you now it,s good that all off you are guessin when dous they release 2.1 for xperia but what well bee the news it,s the same craspp… i mean you gott too waite at least 4 month untell they releas 2.2 what well bee news you can wach flash video from your browers but 2.1 is slower and dous not support flash 10.1
    und the releas well bee 20 sebtember or 24

  13. 9/12/10….I bet everyone would rather see their phones updating to 2.1 on my date rather than getting a 16gb card.

  14. why does it seem to be everybody’s birthday in September who has commented on this post. LOL.

  15. September 27th 2010

    That would make the most sense, as its the first day of the last week of September.

  16. 26th October 2010 (My Wedding Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More anxious about this upgrade than the wedding… day go figure :p

  17. After stalking astrologer Russle Grant for the past week, I told him I would leave him alone if he gave me the release date of the update. He assures me it’s the 13th of September. He also gave me next weeks winning lottery numbers

  18. 25/09/2010 the realease date good luck every one, i dont care about the prize or wining but i still hope i’m right even if it comes out earlier would be much better cant wait anymore.

  19. RT @SonyEricssonCA We know that you are all wondering about the upgrade to 2.1 and we promise that we are working on it – we are aiming for Q4 in Canada

  20. Id have to say the rollout will start SEPT 27….but since Im on Rogers, Ill probably get it around January or February

  21. LOL thats funny abaout the rogers comment.We are lucky if we get it at all. Ive waited in the past for updates for such phones like the N958gb that never came. Told that rogers didnt approve the update. But I might I might as well guess October 29th.

  22. my guess is 20th to 26th September is fed up with slowness and crashing and battery needing to be charge 2-3 times a day, plz help 16gb microsd would help so much i be the happiest and chuffed woman in world .

  23. I think the update will be on October 15 and will have a 3.0 version. However if they are not skipping 2.1 then i speculate that it will be made available on September 20 – 2010.

  24. I guess 27th September 2010… as thats when I come back from holiday and would love, love, love to update my phone to 2.1 then 😀

  25. Well i got an update notification today, and it`s not OTA, so i guess it`s for the 2.1 , or at least i hope so … , well I can`t wait to get home and see what`s all about, keep you posted about it if no one else get`s this too … btw, I`m on orange romania if it has any relevance.

  26. Maybe the prize could be a working phone, with no sounds problems, with multitouch, with a real flash for the camera, with flash player, and a long etc…
    Maybe this will be a great prize for xperia users…
    I will still dreaming but you should be working for release a really functional quality product, I feel cheated.

  27. I’m going to say they’ll give me a nice birthday present on the

    27th September…

    it has to be doesn’t it??

  28. No brainer. Knowing SE if 1st October is still 3rd Quarter, they’ll release it then. But it isn’t so it has to be —>30th September 2010<—

  29. After careful consideration, mathematical and scientific analysis, philosophical pondering, the official release date as deduced by these comprehensive methods is 28th September, 2010 (Also it was the date of their last major milestone – release of the Satio worlds first 12MP camera phone).

  30. the logic would say that sony would release it on the 10/10/10 considering it’s the x10 update….thats my guess anyway….

  31. Well, I’m hoping it’s tomorrow :p but, I reckon it’ll be the 26th of September. That’s what automatically comes to mind :). I could do with a 16GB sd card, although I am thinking of having a comp like this on my site, would you mind? Also, is there anyway you can have less comments on a page? It loaded them all (800+), which took AGES :(.

  32. as it has already been release to the uk networks it is now upto them after they have tested it on there network then it will be released as the earlest release will be o2 and will be on the 25.09.2010 as sony use there network

  33. Release will be 20th October 2010
    (The day I get my wisdom teeth out – and have a week off from work to play with the new update)

  34. September 16 2010 well in California time cuz I think I’m downloading it right now! I’ll check back in a bit to tell you guys if it is and I won 😉 haha

  35. The RELEASE date for the Adroid 2.1 os on the XPERIA x10 will be 20/12/2012. So in translation…never because sony sucks major

  36. I heard from my friend who work in sony, They will not release because there head of programming team leader died few days ago. They will release 2.2 2012 Q1

  37. I hope son y compony dies along with him too for been so lazy i gueass he died of old age it seems alot of ther costummer have been suffering the same issue off waiting for there crappy uppdate