O2 UK gets Xperia X8 exclusive

Xperia X8It looks like UK mobile operator O2 will be getting an exclusive on the upcoming Xperia X8. The phone is listed in the latest October catalogue at a very reasonable price point of £129.99 on Pay & Go (when bought with £10 top up) along with the words “Only on O2”.

The X8 is broadly similar to the X10 mini but comes with a 3.0-inch screen compared to 2.6-inches for the X10 mini. However the camera sensor is not as good (only 3.2MP with no autofocus). The £130 price point puts it around £40 cheaper than the X10 mini in the UK market. At that price point we’re sure the X8 will fly off shelves. Check out a larger image of the brochure advert below.

Xperia X8

Via CoolSmartphone.

11 responses to “O2 UK gets Xperia X8 exclusive”

  1. SE needs to stop fucking about with useless small sub android phones that are there main and give us x10 users 2.2!

  2. I like what they’ve done with the X8, I think the bigger screen size and the design is great! But they should also make a X8 Pro – having a physical keyboard is my favourite feature on my phone.

  3. this phone is not exclusive to O2, it is just the blue aqua back that is exclusive. They do this a lot, certain colour phones or accessories for certain providers.

  4. An alternative reading of the catalogue could be that it’s the aqua blue back panel which is an O2 exclusive, rather than the whole phone. Like the X10 mini lime being exclusive to Orange in the UK.

  5. in the first place, SE should have done away with X10mini and came out with X8 and X8pro instead of the mini…. honestly, the pickup rate of x10mini is pathetic….

  6. wtf, I think you mean the x10mini and x10mini pro should have come with 3 inch screens. 2.6 inches is too small for a smart phone but that’s SE for you, always trying to impose their silly ideas on customers rather than making stuff that’s fully functional.
    Mizanur Sheikh, I think you’ll find that it’s not just the minis’ that are sub android phones.The x10 infact is the most sub android of all SE android devices. The minis and the x8 have more in common with other android phones than the x10.

  7. Guys,
    I have a bitter experience buying x10 and waiting a long time for update.
    They are really bad at updates, and x8 has only Android1.6
    They only keep on updating the releasing date and always postpone. Never the software update

    Never buy it..Never buy an outdated phone.

  8. with 2.1 being delayed til late november for branded phones and 02s sh** response with software on there branded phones we will be waiting til at least christmas for the update ive literally had it with sony although my phones fine wiothout updated this bs with the branded phones getting 2,1 later tyhan unbranded is total bs.