Sony Ericsson partners with ESPN to show Premiership goals

Sony Ericsson partners with ESPN to show Premiership goalsSony Ericsson has teamed up with ESPN allowing all Xperia Android owners the chance to watch highlights from the Premiership for a limited time. ESPN has the rights to show all Premier League highlights over the next three years.

The ESPN Goals app will be free for a three month period for those who buy any handset from the X10 family between now and 26 November. Whilst the app itself is free, you have to pay a subscription, at £3.99 per month or £29.99 a season, once the free period is over. Click here for more details.


37 responses to “Sony Ericsson partners with ESPN to show Premiership goals”

  1. Ah, so *that’s* what the SE developers have been working on instead of the 2.1 upgrade. How nice.

  2. I think SE’s marketing needs some serious major adjustments. they don’t know they are rubbing salt into an open wound right now?

    Update first. Then all that crap services.

  3. it seems you guys just don’t want to get it. SE don’t give a flying fuck. All they care about is the sale and once that’s completed, “see you later suckers” is all that can be heard from SE HQ.

  4. it’s so funny when i read the comments section, it does not mather the artical, allmost all comment are like this “give me update” hahaha

  5. Ok so they give new customers espn clips so what about the idiots (me) that got this mobile when it came out we are not eligible for this, so not much use for us.

  6. agree with sore hammer, completely unfair for existing users…this marketing campeign is used only to lure more in

  7. To be fair to Sony Ericsson, you’ve all given them your money and sucked you in while giving you shit all in return, so I say fair play to them, they know how to sell and be a cu*t at the same time.

  8. benji91 im happy to give se my money its a decent phone ill always buy se they make quality products

  9. Oh i like my phone alot.. they do make good products…the support for those are products are shit :/ i think the ESPN will be pointless

  10. To say that I am underwhelmed is a understatement, first we get the absolute worst app ever “happiness” I don’t think the lame offers have changed since day one, now we get a chance to watch some goals whoop. I know I should have got a Iphone.

  11. I don’t get sony at all the ps3 gets update after update, but SE which is the same company just has no concept of customer support. It’s a shame as this will be my last SE product after a very long time of loyal fan ship.

  12. @sorehammer there you have it
    sony is the best, it’s gay ericsson thats holding up everything. I’m staying loyal to sony which I’ve been since ps1 release, but goddamn fuck you SE you’re the worst, this is seriously my last phone with these conning bastards

  13. @andrei

    Sal, nu pot pune telefonul in flash mode cred.
    Cand il pornesc pe flash mode se face ecranu negru si cand e ldu verde deschis flash.bat dar zice ca “java” is not recognized si se inchide, sti ceva?

  14. I got the update like 30 minutes ago and I’m from the UK. I’m on O2 and my brand is customized. Did I mention I’m chatting out my ass right now?