Sony Ericsson ANZU specs leaked?

Sony Ericsson ANZULast week we brought you some exclusive pictures of what is believed to be Sony Ericsson’s next Android flagship, codenamed ANZU. We have not heard any additional information from our tipster, but since then, a raft of rumours have hit the web.

Respected blogger Elder Murtazin from Mobile-Review has said that a preview on the ANZU is coming very soon with more detail forthcoming. He also has said that the Xperia flagship will cost around the €650 mark that would make it one of the most expensive smartphones in the market when it is released in March.

Some additional information has been revealed by Forum Fanklub member, Lollylost100, with what he says are the finalised specifications of the ANZU. This includes a MSM7230 Snapdragon chipset (using the Adreno 205 GPU), a 4.2-inch (854 x 480) pixel multi-touch display, HDMI, Android Gingerbread and a 1500mAh battery.

Imaging will be taken care of with an 8.1MP camera with Exmor R sensor and 720p HD video recording (at 30fps). As we saw in the earlier pictures, the phone will also be very thin, measuring 10.9mm at its thickest point. Obviously all of this is just rumours for now, but the spec-sheet certainly seems believable. Hopefully, SE will release some official information shortly.

Rumoured Sony Ericsson ANZU specs:

  • 8.1 MP AF with Exmor R (16x Digital Zoom, HD Video recording (720p/30fps) w stereo audio recording support, Pulsed LED, Face Recognition & Tracking in video recording)
  • Built-in 3.5mm (w/ adaptor)
  • Noise Suppression
  • 4.2” FWVGA (854×480) Capacitive display (X.LED multi-touch display, Capacitive multi-touch, 16 Million display colour)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • HDMI (type D)
  • Compass
  • Size (125.0 x 62.5 x 8.7-10.9 mm)
  • Battery: 1500 mAh
  • OS: Android Gingerbread

41 responses to “Sony Ericsson ANZU specs leaked?”

  1. Sure some of this stuff could have been on the X10, but the buggers wanted to make their next release seem more of a front runner. Do like SE, but me tinks they are a bit under handed.

  2. These specs are too great and while it is priced very high I think these a bit far fetched.

    Also, unless SE are really screwing over existing X10 owners then shipping with Gingerbread in March is a bit ridiculous and ambitiious of them.

  3. Going to be out classed by LG and Samsung with better processors and more ram and rom. Just look at the Nexis S. They will also have 1080p recording video. SE does great designs but it’s approval process is like Nokia – very slow to approve, and as a result always behind. They are aiming for the non-technical users. It’s feature phones at reasonable prices with a good combo of specs. It’s not going to be bleeding edge. They don’t want the support issues.

  4. so what’s “Pulsed LED” does it have auto flash? seems like a waste to have it with the 8.1mp

  5. I am a avid sony fan and have been happy with my x10 except the incall volume issue,which Se got right on the mini pro which i have got.the spec dont seam that clever..dropping processor speed to 800mhz from a gig for a start,they need higher ram to back the cpu,battery rating good but will it have the same issue of high drainage when permenatly connected to the net.(2 day i get with x10 connected,5 day without).multi touch screen which is good but will sony ultilize it in their software(read on the net that apple have the patent for use of multi-touch and are sueing motorola,whether it true or not).My overall view is that i will not rush out to buy the next experia sony release i will stick with the 2 i got,it does what i need. Sony charge alot for the experia range ithink because it not on the hardware investment because other company have provided more superior phones, it the research that boost the costs up,and all the mistakes that sony have made in the past you would think they would learn that not all customers will get burnt twice……thanks

  6. Looks very bad to me, nothing interesting for a price that high. I think I’ll go with HTC, after the disappointment from X10.

  7. Waste of money. Once its out,. youse have to wait for the update to be released,. then,.. once youse wait for 6 months,. the next phone will be leaked out,. with something better than this one.. It never stops…. keeps on going,.. round and round it goes. Same thing with the X10,. everyone thought it would be a great phone (and it is) but at the end,. everyone got kinda disapointed… and now thhey brought out this one.. Same thing gonna happen,. just wait and se..

  8. It looks like a nice phone, but not really nice enough.

    I’m used to new generations of technology being largely superior to the last. This new phone has some little things that bump it up a bit past the X10, but it’s just barely not a sidegrade if you already have pretty much any smartphone on the market, X10 or not.

    If you’re going to put that sort of price tag on it I’d want to see a better processor, display resolution, and better HD recording.

  9. after going through the whole x10 mess not buying anymore SE phones. they might look good now but after how se screwed us over with the 2.1 update im gona go with HTC from now on

  10. Well guys until now this just remains rumors. So we just have to wait and see, I’m sure se will have some good suprises for us, however, I would still like a 12 mp but if it’s 8 with a much better sensor I guess it will still do the job very well 😉

  11. Personally I think this kind of thing is gonna keep happening, where they release a phone then decide to bring a new one out a few months later.
    The specs seem pretty good but again very similar to x10.
    Now I promised myself that I would never buy SE again after the fail that was the W910i and all the problems I experienced with it and the one thing that got to me most was the switching itself off all the time. I have also experienced this with the X10 and after having to have this phone replaced by my insurance I will not be buying SE again ever and that is fact.
    I shall stick with samsung a very reliable company in my opinion, considering I’m still waiting for the 2.1 update.

  12. wew,,, only 4.2” FWVGA (854×480) ???? not 4.3??
    not 1.5Ghz??? OMG … i prefer galaxys2 than x12 zzzz

  13. I hope it is 8.1MP, not something stupid like 12 or 16.

    The 7230 is a good processor, and will be plenty fast enough to do what I need, and give a nice smooth running UI.

    Looks really nice, and is thinner than X10. That, combined with better in call volume is enough to make this my next phone.

    Samsung? I couldn’t care if it had 4 cores. I just couldn’t force myself to buy a phone that looks so shit. No matter what the specs are.

  14. Here’s my take on these so-called rumored specs

    Rumoured Sony Ericsson ANZU specs:

    8.1 MP AF with Exmor R (16x Digital Zoom, HD Video recording (720p/30fps) w stereo audio recording support, Pulsed LED, Face Recognition & Tracking in video recording)- 8.1 Really??!! The damn sensor looks like the 16 MP they are making!!!! If it were 16x Digital zoom it should have some new age technology of AF when you zoom out that far then that would put them on top of the Cell/Camera phone war. HD recording720p/30fps?! Ehhhh give me non distortion recording like the DroidX does in it’s HD recording and now were talkin!!!
    Pulse LED?! WTF!!!! Just put a Xenon flash already!!! Face recognition& Tracking in Video recording sounds Innovative and love that feature if it comes out.
    Built-in 3.5mm (w/ adaptor)- Should not be mentioned because it should be standard a la X10 🙂
    Noise Suppression- Hmmm okay let’s see how that goes….
    4.2” FWVGA (854×480) Capacitive display (X.LED multi-touch display, Capacitive multi-touch, 16 Million display colour)-WOW!!! This is great, a different size and 16 mil+MT(overrated but sometimes needed) 🙂
    Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n- Okay, but integrate that with some newer technology that is coming out and now were smoking the competition!!!
    HDMI (type D)- The only way to achieve TRUE HD
    Compass-WTF????!!! It’s a free app on Android, pointless to post this
    Size (125.0 x 62.5 x 8.7-10.9 mm)- The size should’ve stayed the same as the x10 if you’re using a new type of XLED screen like mentioned above. Theoretically speaking by keeping the size of the X10 you can then create a battery that can fit in this casing and ranging from a minimum 1500mah-1850mah to maybe,depending the depth of existing hardware a new 2000mah battery that can handle the daily loads of camera/video/internet/multimedia etc.
    Battery: 1500 mAh-Toss this POS battery SE because by using manufacturers like Mugen or Cameron Sino, you spend less money in developing crappy batteries and become more environmentally sound.
    OS: Android Gingerbread- I’ll believe it when I see it 🙂 Next up Honeycomb 3.0!! Then Cocoa Puffs 3.2 and last but not least Corn Pops 3.5!! LOL

  15. Unlike X10, I will not be first one to buy this when it comes in market. But if it has MT then definitely will upgrade as I am hoping SE would have learnt lesson from X10.

    People who hardly care what OS phone has are still buying X10 here in India as it looks sexy compared to other phones. So I guess ANZU will be hit again and SE will go home smiling. People like me who buy Android phone for its OS and hardware capabilities will still cry about updates.

  16. hey dude
    than what about our x10i update after 2.1???
    will sony ericsson provide us froyo 2.2 or not ??? or 2.1 is last update for xperia x10i????
    please reply guys

  17. @ yasser

    It’s obviously that eldar is a true hater for SE, I didn’t see him say anything good about se, he kept dragging them down and degrading them. I was hoping to hear one good thing about X12 in order for me not to accuse eldar for being biased but too bad nothing!

    And knowing that Eldar was never a real fan of se phones, I seriously can’t trust everything he says, I mean I know that some of the things that he said is true, but believing everything he said is just pure stupidity.

    He keeps degrading every company in the favor of samsung, I’m really sick of this.

  18. @swapniladsure

    Yeah we’ll still keep getting updates and stuff, they’re just making more phones for their line up. i personally think they are all great phones, fast, slim and sexy as usual. People need to just shut the fuck up and quit bitching saying SE screwed us. no they didn’t, they had a rookie android development team so yeah it took a bit to get eclair, but they sent it out as promised. you cant blame SE for not having the update right now like i don’t, because thats the carriers fault for taking forever to brand the damn update. So be patient like i am or buy another fucking phone like a ugly Samsung a piece of shit HTC, a company whos phones are never reliable, as ive had their Fuse and Aria. Sony is the best and fuck you bitches.

  19. The 2.1 is just great and now ANZU?
    I will only get it if it ships with a 2.3/2/2 OS… Else no way 🙂

  20. se will definately not make the same mistakes again they are new to android give them a break if u switch to htc u are a loser 🙂

  21. The Qualcomm MSM7230 features a similar Scorpion CPU as the Snapdragon, but it contains the much faster Adreno 205 GPU. ( Which means the gaming will be much better on X12)

    At the end of the day the newer 800 MHz MSM7230 will likely out-perform the older 1 GHz Snapdragon, still it would nice if s/e managed to give us a 1 Ghz MSM7230.

  22. Is Anzu the codename for the phone? It’s a probably the shittest name for any electronic device I have ever heard.

  23. SE, is great company and they do great work. It took them time to integrate 2.1 with the Timescape and Mediascape which to me is not easy. Even Galaxy S with their simple UI is having problem updating their fone. After they did, look at how buggy the fone is now and they had to withdraw it. Xperia X10 with 2.1 is super and the other smart fones owners envy we Xperia X1o owners as iphone, galaxy s, htc n others can do next to nothing half of what X10 does. Multi touch, flash are all great but what x10 does far outweigh such facilities. I cant wait to lay my hands on X12. All SE haters can go to hell like some one said as this is X10 forum so go to your forum and say nice things about your cheap fones to the world. Welcome Xperia X12….we cant wait……

  24. Nice, but LG will release the new Optimus line with stock android. Given a choice, I will go for stock than SE customised.

  25. i myself consider the greatest fan of sony eric. Becaz any mob. you purchase of se its guaranteed u will be fulfilled with ur desires .thats it. and here is its another one defeating nokia and other top buffaloes