Sony Ericsson dev team starts work on Gingerbread

Android GingerbreadWhilst Sony Ericsson are still trying to decide whether or not current Xperia X10 and X10 mini owners will ever see Android 2.2 (Froyo), it seems that at least part of developer team has started working on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). What is not known, however, is if this work relates to current or future Sony Ericsson handsets.

Simon Walker, the Head of the Developer Program for Sony Ericsson, recently tweeted the following: “Android Gingerbread come out last week finally! Too much delay Google. Busy weeks to come for me and the team, but all worth it big time!” It’s difficult to know whether we’re reading too much into it, but it confirms recent noises coming out of SE HQ that they want to start being at the cutting edge of firmware revisions. Let’s hope that Sony Ericsson has indeed turned the corner.

Simon Walker

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  1. “Finally” is somewhat taking the p*** somewhat – how long did we wait for 2.1? I seriously hope for 2.3 on the x10, after all, how could they justify discontinuing support for a handset that is less than 12 months old.

  2. Yay lets just all wait a year, then pull an all nighter waiting just to know that its gonna be another month after : )

  3. Walker you Wan…, just as I’m beginning to think maybe SE can save their rep. you come out with a hypocritical comment like that? What a moron.

  4. still no 2.1 update x10 mini movistar spain???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. IMO Gingerbread will make its appearance on the ZEUS and ANZU, while 2.2 will hit the x10 family sometime next year.

  6. Google delayed SE on 2.3 update.
    So who delay SE on 2.2 update? SE will blame XDA Dev. and those anti-fanboy including me
    So who delay SE on 2.1 update? fanboy like Fact is fact as he don’t need 2.1 update
    So who delay SE on multitouch? 1st their LCD supplier (i think they use Sony LCD) then android 2.1 software limitation (Motor. Sams, HTC, LG and china brand were provided with full copy of android 2.1 in order to get multitouch, and yet SE get incomplete version 🙂 )
    So who delay american on 2.1 update? Why the shit SE wants to give you 2.1? You American already have iphone with ios 4.2.1, HTC motor and samsung with 2.2 and Nexus S with 2.3. Even Acer already ship froyo 2.2 to its liquid version and LG committed to 2.3. So American, don’t buy X10.

  7. I am just wondering, is this team start working on X10, or they start working on new SE devices. I think the posibility for the second one is greater than the first one.

  8. lol, by “working on it” they really meen “lets see how bad we can fuck this OS up with timescape”.

  9. When I see 2.2 in the next 2 months, I will believe they are trying really hard to be on the bleeding edge of firmware revision.

    Anyway, the way I see it, X10 is not very likely to see 2.3 at all.

  10. @Boonus.. I wasn’t gonna write my comment.. but when I read yours.. I had to say I completely agree man.. The more Timescape and Moxi contact sync features I disable the faster the phone gets..
    So why did that spend the time doing them? Or why are we waiting.. Just mediascape is worth it, and even that is a bit overly complicated. To d

  11. Meant to add that driving and changing song is suicide.. literally..

    Yesterday I got a client to buy a Galaxy S.. amazing all round.. It runs Froyo too..

  12. while being maybe just a little too hypocritical, SE shows worry in delays at the sart of the project. I believe that’s the way to go

  13. @ dave

    My xperia x10 has the 2002013 version of Android Market (which seems to be the last one) and it works perfectly. Have to say that it is an unbranded x10i.

  14. Is it a surprise that SE are working on 2.3 and are excited by it?

    Without 2.3, there’s no PSP Phone.

    Hopefully there will be trickle-down to the X10, but you can rest assured their focus is on the PSP Phone.

  15. I wonder why they even bother coping with 2.2.
    2.3 is brand new and there is no need to offer 2.2 now to X10 family… They missed the 2.2 train…

  16. Para Ian: como no le quites el firmware personalizado de movistar y le pongas el original de sony ericsson (se llama ‘debrand’ y en XDA developers hay muchos tutoriales para hacerlo tu mismo), mucho me temo que vas a tener que seguir esperando a la actualización unos cuantos años más… 😉

  17. Bla bla bla never believed they just talking a lot so if we get it will before next Xmas multitouch many thing
    Personally I dont belive to SE especially their calendar works like a “rolex watch” in opposit way 🙂 🙂 🙂


  18. I doubt if it will work because X10 has only 384mb ram so it will be like a vista premium on 1 gb ram!!!

    Common !!

    This will be like a action film in slow motion !!!! X10 will work like a old type of diesel engine in ferr . upsss

    Did you really belived thou !!! FUNNNNNNY

    By way did you hier about this!
    Is this a same info

  19. @Seus lighting x10

    HTC announced that the Magic will have Froyo. I think the gap between the HTC Magic hardware and Froyo is bigger than the one between X10 harware and Gingerbread. Anyway, I don’t think X10 will ever see Gingerbread or maybe at the end of its life cycle (one more year to wait).

  20. To ALL at&t X10a users with SI# 1237-4604

    -Call 611 from your phones.

    -Choose the option for Tech.Support or press #6.

    -Demand 2.1 Update NOW, as 1.6 is dated and obsolete.

    -Ask the add your name and phone # to the case already opened by me.

    -Case #20101209_15240048 opened by RYE on 12/9.

    -If your name cannot be added to my case then demand a new case with your name be opened and ask for resolution date and copy to your email.

    -Tell the rep. how you see other x10 users worldwide blogging and enjoying the 2.1 update while nothing happens in the USA.

    -Its up to us to be heard and satisfied as customers.

    Strength in Numbers, People!!!

    Update: Received a call from at&t today. Thanks to those that have added your names and numbers to the case. This is a Priority case now and I am positive we will see results on or before 12/10/2010. Again THANKS!

  21. SONY ERICSSON is KING . im very happy with my x10 . gr8 camera and perfect design .

    SONY ERICSSON phones are good quality , if u compare to Nokia : x10 is 1 year old and is more expensive than NEW Nokia´s N8 HAHA .

    good work SE , this is way how you KILL ENEMY´S .

  22. Gosh… So many whining teenagers in one place.
    Go back to FB please.

    X10, keep on posting, all listeners aren’t idiots.

  23. Good News!!!

    But they should polish the 2.1 software issues with the x10 first before jumping to other things. My phone crashes and automatically restart after the upgrade. Anyone experiencing the same??? I just visited the XDA forum and found out that numerous people experienced the same issues. The phone suddenly crashes and reboot especially during running an app, games or even recording videos. My phone is not so usable now. Cant even watch movies because it will surely reboot. I tried rooting/flashing to other regional FW but I’ve ran out of FW to use as I used most of them but no changes at all.

    I hope the site owner post this issues on a new FORUM so that this issue may somehow reach the attention of SE.

  24. @Topher I’ve never had that happen on me. But that seems like a problem most cellphones have at times. I’ve had numerous models where that just happens.

    Anyways I think Sony has already decided on the fate of the x10. Q1 is said to have two updates one OTA dual-touch, and the fixing of SOny Apps. Here’s where I predict the future. Now Q2 Anzu will be updated to 2.3. this is from Sony, Sony will then update the x10 to 2.2 This allows the high-end model one firmware up. Sony still has nearly 1/2 a year to fill until its earliest end of life they have to do atleast one update then, I gotta think gingerbread is being considered, with froyo nearly a given. But I Google will most likely have a quick turn-around with 3.0, simply because of the number of tablets… So I’m guessing June, and I can’t see this coming to the X10 unless through the XDA team.

  25. “”””Too much delay Google “”””

    Do any one think SE has the right to say that?

  26. Yawn.

    I’ve already got a version of gingerbread running on my X10i – anyone that has been on XDA Dev’s website and followed the EXCELLENT work by Jerpelea and Zdzihu (not to mention donated, come on – dig deep, these two and the others that have been involved leave SE’s dev team lagging way behind.) so I know it can run Gingerbread.

    Not to mention that the newest market (looks completely different to all previous versions) runs fine on Jerpelea’s 2.1 v007 AOSP rom.

    Nice try though

  27. if se starts workin 2.3 from now they might succeed may be after an year might be q4 2011 🙂 lol 😛

  28. Errata, as I was correcting the date on the original posting above it. 😉

    Dear Xperia X10a users with at&t with SI # 1237-4604

    Received the call from at&t, Kaley who introduced herself as an Android tech. for at&t explained and I quote from this moment forward) that “there is no update received from Sony Ericsson in regards to Xperia x10a so far. That in fact phone manufacturers are in no obligation to send an update like Eclair (2.1) for consideration or review to a carrier. That the ONLY company that voluntarily notifies about updates (and not for review) to the carrier for their consideration is SAMSUNG, and even so there is record that at&t has never delayed an update to any hardware”, Kaley simply says they have no power over it.
    She further explains that “the obligation to update software is an exclusive duty of the phone manufacturer to their equipment, in this case Sony Ericsson. That at&t is ONLY responsible for updates generated by their system to capture, collect and report data to track the progress of each account including and not limited to billing”.
    She reassured me that “if there is any hold or delay to the 2.1 eclair update or any update to their hardware in the future is because of Sony Ericsson’s responsibility only. And that whenever that update is ready for USA consumption she is sure we will all be able to update our X10’s from SE with the help of PC Companion without the intervention of at&t”.
    I will call Sony Ericsson today with this information and will keep you posted through this or any future blogs.

  29. I wounder how xperia is doing this but the cpu in side my on is very hot about 45 degree!

  30. – I will be extremely happy with the 2.1 update. SE please SEE that you make every customer around the world satisfied with Eclair 2.1 update BEFORE developing any future updates to your existing hardware.
    – It feels as if Toyota were to repair a stereo system that is not sounding quite the way it should be BEFORE repairing the tricky gas pedals or faulty brakes on most their models.

    P.D. not referring to the Ford model 😉

  31. As I said before I don’t belive to any word what SonY E is saying but I love the Se mobilephone
    because Se produce Se update sevice so I can hardly punch my phone with any tools that XDA-developers produce and is very easy to root. The hardware for music is excelllent adding Poweramp to it give very good music experience. futher more I bought 3600mph and i overlook my phone from 1000GHZ to 1100MHZ using Set cpu and few other staff. I using Applanet for more intersting staff getting for market. I installed JIT to my phone as well.

    In summery this phone is very capable !!

  32. It would unlikely for the X8/X10 family to see 2.3 upwards, especially if the X12 is due soon. 2.2 hopefully will be the last major upgrade to X10 family.

  33. i only need android 2.2 froyo and multi-touch support for x10mp
    but it’s kinda never happen

  34. old 2.0.A.0.504
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW UPDATE SOON<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    new 2.0.2.A.0.24

  35. Xperia X10 show casing the PSN app on the Playstation website representing the Android Family 🙂





  37. X10 IS capable of Gingerbread.

    But X10 + Timescape + Mediascape + Moxier Mail + Play Now = X10 system crash

  38. Hmmm…Simon Tweets back….”My how people mis-represent/twist the smallest info, a lesson for us all. I was stating it was good to see NDK released for Gingerbread.”

    Still wishing for the latest and greatest version of Android for my phone so I can work more effectively….And to think that Honeycomb is already on the wire and we are still just working through Eclair…and Eclair was 2.0 and 2.1…..Froyo’s been out since May 2010….Gingerbread and Honeycomb are moving forward….That’s already two and three letters of the alphabet away! My desserts are going stale, my Froyo is going to melt before I can even get my Gingerbread….and I may never get a chance to sample the Honeycomb. SE! HELP….I’m not sure why you will only serve stale deserts….FRISK? Freshen up a bit will ya?

  39. Hey S&N, The section you mentioned that she stated:
    “the obligation to update software is an exclusive duty of the phone manufacturer to their equipment, in this case Sony Ericsson. That at&t is ONLY responsible for updates generated by their system to capture, collect and report data to track the progress of each account including and not limited to billing”.
    So if At&t is ONLY responsible for above mentioned sentence then why put the crapware on the phone and give us an unlocked phone that can still read At&T on the screen. I mean is it so hard to just update a phone?? I’m not really complaining that mine is running on an old Os since it’s my first Smartphone and I’m happy with what it has, but I just want the phone to run the same with out their crapware and be able to get LiveView. I could care less if it doesn’t do what others complain about just as long as it works with the minimum amount of bugs!! 🙂

  40. Will SE xperia x10 mini will get up updated to android 2.2(froyo) ? like it got updated to android 2.1(eclair) in Q4 of this year(2010) …, and is their any news about the update of android 2.2(froyo) to the xperia family ?

  41. @dave
    new market has updated on my x10i, i believe its same for all…
    Is that still not updated to you ?

    If you want I can post the screenshot frm my x10

  42. I don’t understand. Can some be so grateful for me and explain because I thought if it certyfied for X10 can not be put to X12 does it ? That will be against the law!
    Certainly there will be a update but nobody know if it will be for 2.1; 2.2; 2.3
    MESS as expected!!!
    (How can we name Update if it outdate )

  43. @x10 warrior

    My maket says to me
    “The application Market
    has stopped unexpectedly
    please try again
    force close”


  44. SonyEricsson should forget froyo update and focus on gingebread update.
    ..not too late..
    To be clear the update should hit X10 primarily, your high-end smartphone SONY!

    If you succeed I will not have to say that the HTC is better.

  45. the 2.0.2.A.0.24 firmware may be update on the new market. Don’t think it will include multi touch as SE still struggle with it.
    And it will definitely “NOT” 2.2.

  46. this is good news, however it will probably take a whole freaking year before we get 2.3!!! it would be great if we can get it around Q2 as thats the new “major” update right?? appartfrom MT in Q1

  47. I dont see any point doing two update what for?
    Why do the job twice it is waste time ,money and resources?
    If i where a manager I will put new OS and implemented new staff to new software. As they did in Eclair. Analyzing history This means the software will be more stable faster and quicker to spot a error. It will be easier for them the server will overloaded one time and worker will stay in the office once. Comapny will save money because they dont have to pay overtime thou. Simple solution especially in the resession time.
    Common SE save time money and resources do it once I think will be faster and much more easer

    If the do this will means that they have too many time and money to f*** it up

  48. “If the do this will means that they have too many time and money to f*** it up”

    I mean if they do twice will means that they have too many time and money to f*** it up

  49. -Just a thought…Can someone answer any of these questions:
    -Is the USA’s Xperia X10a hardware inferior in quality, marksmanship and materials to the Xperia X10i?
    -Why is it that all kits being updated are exclusively Xperia X10i’s?
    -Why there is no mention of updates to Xperia X10a’s ANYWHERE?
    -Is there a difference between these two devices?
    -Is the X10i update able while the X10a is not?
    Cause the situation with this 2.1 update to SE Xperia X10a in the USA is CRAZY! Someone needs to say WTF is going on that X10a’s are not receiving OS updates in the USA yet!

  50. @ S&N: The only difference between the x10a and x10i are the band frequency for the respective region (x10a being the american version and x10i being all others) The 2.1 update has already been released in the US, I have an unbranded x10a here in New York City and have had the update since mid November, the problem with the majority of american x10 users (the at&t branded ones) is the fact that at&t are the ones responsible of forwarding the OS update after they’ve made their own adjustment to the OS which is the reason for the extra delay.

  51. @ Fred; Thanks a lot for the information…This is one new piece of information I will forward to at&t cause all this time they have been feeding me with information I thought not to be totally correct. I now know you have allowed me the power to re-open my case and as I always do..GIVE THEM HELL! 😉

    For Fred as well…Would the action of unbranding (from at&t) my phone void my warranty with SE?

    What steps you took to unbrand and implement the 2.1 update? Would you mind emailing me with details on how to bring my phone back to 2010 Android standards? 😉

  52. @ S&N: I actually didn’t unbrand my phone, I bought the phone OEM meaning straight from SE and not from at&t. I have no idea how to unbrand the phone since i never needed to but as far as I know I think you will lose the warranty with SE if you unbrand it. If you search this site or on Google I’m sure you can find a guide to help you unbrand your phone, sorry I dont have that info for you.

  53. hey i want use the feature of google maps 5.0 3d on my xperia x10 but i cant!!!!, because xperia x10 dont support multitouch fuck you SE

  54. This is off topic,
    Can anyone confirm MULTI TOUCH ZOOM IN (not zoom out) support on new GOOGLE MAPS UPDATE on XPERIA X10 ??
    coz I can and mine is not rooted or tweaked in any way.

  55. Hello, im in poland, and i got new market on X10 from yesterday. It have hi-res icons, modernized look (much better!), and all in one card (similar apps,ratings and comments,infos, etc.) New category “widgets” and “live wallpapers”. Update give some improvements at all 🙂

    If I’m wrong someone please correct me.

  56. ——————————>>> FAcebook problem<<<——–

    Can anyone login to the facebook in Timescape

    Help please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. @goku
    How to get the version info???
    anyway I can confirm that this is the latest version…
    New look.. it looks cool..
    It shud update automatically.. while i was starting the market couple of days before the app was too slow.. then came up with new version…

    Also the G Maps 5.0 got updated.. thats awsm… a Big Hats off for Google… U guys rOck !!!!

  58. Oh dear S.e i hope you guys with x10s are not expecting anything, we are still to get multi-touch Q1 my ass more like Q3 -__- i can see this making s.e’s rep even poorer (if thats possible)



  60. if we could just get the first upgrade it would be nice, your discussing Gingerbread, but you cant even give ys a date as to when we will even see 1st one….you know if you jus keep your consumers at east up to date or informed on whts going on ,the we are ok …if ut yaks a while but when you leave us completely in the dark, , n wont tell us anything, n then it seems as tho Sony has the attitude of …”shut up .you will get it when you get it”……n that Sony could care less

  61. a vdeo was released a coupke of weeks ago, showing how multi tuch is gonna work and that they almost have it perfeted, to show a sample…..go and look on Youtube

  62. hey Walker (Texas Ranger or whatever), I love my x10mini running 2.1, but it would be really cool if you could at least tell us if the x10 series will or will not get 2.2 and/or 2.3 in the future. if so, could we know where you’re at in that stuff ?

    PS : I don’t want to change phone every 6 months and don’t want to NOT get apps available for my device in the market just because the manufacturer decided that he won’t follow the latest upgrade.
    PS2 : drop TimeScape, it’s a piece of cr*p, nobody get’s what it’s for, and when they do they waste time removing it.

  63. I really do hope that SE will stand by its loyal customers an offer the the 2.3 to the x10mini models
    I have the x10mini Pro and i just love it. Very high quality craftmanship. It will be the real proof that SE is serius about its customers and its products

  64. hi
    is this for x10 too and it has arabic language or not ?
    i love sony ericsson company.
    i want to buying se x10 becouse it the excellent phone right now but it have a big problem NOT HAVE (ARABIC) language and this problem stopped me to buying it, please help us if any new update was support (ARABIC) language in future for x10 or x10 mini.

  65. 2.2? 2.3? All iffy. The blind fans keep saying SE didn’t promise anything yada yada………

    Adding massive insult to injury, the HTC Legend (by no measure a flagship device) has got Froyo.

    All those people saying they’re fine with 1.6 etc., let me give you some sincere advice. Go buy a Nokia flagship. Nothing wrong with Symbian really, it is still awesome for a phone, and one can use a device for a year or so and still feel good about it.

    Android, on the other hand is about the latest OS, the latest hardware, etc. etc.. Its about having something new constantly. New apps, need new OS/ hardware to keep pushing the envelop. Wtf does one want an android device which does not update for? If you just want a phone that works. Android isn’t it. Hell the call qualify is substandard compared to symbian devices.

  66. Sigh. Much bitching.

    SE sends out the upgrade to all telephone companies, then it is their job to deliver to their customers. If they want, US customers could have had the new software at the same time as SE released it.

    Yes, there are a lot of testing of software before you can send it out to customers. You do not want to brick your customers phones by a faulty release are releas a major fault. Especially when the phone companies are so slow releasing new software…

  67. Sigh harder Anderson. Maybe SE will send out 2.2/ 3 updates. When did they release them? Coz how you put it, of implies SE already pushed Froyo/ gingerbread.

  68. yeah i also think that x10 mini must be upgraded to 2.3 or elsd the company will loose market by many times as the youth only buy things up to date

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