Hang on. SE Brazil says Gingerbread coming to Xperia X10 in October

Android GingerbreadOkay take this with a huge pinch of salt, but Brazilian consumer complaint site Reclame Aqui, has seen Sony Ericsson Brazil respond to one person’s complaints on the Xperia X10 with a startling revelation. The official response to the person’s complaints on the lack of updates goes on to say that whilst Android 2.2 (Froyo) will not be released, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) will instead release in October 2011.

Whilst we would like to believe in any glimmer of hope, we were told in no uncertain terms that there would not be any more updates to the Android firmware for the Xperia X10 family, Android 2.1 was as good as it got (at least officially). We have also seen satellite offices make contradictory statements in the past that are retracted shortly after. Unfortunately I suspect this will be one of these occasions. We’d love to be proven wrong though…

Reclame Aqui

Update: It looks like this was a mistake after all. (Thanks @d_mdc!)

Thanks @d_mdc and Artur!

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  1. i wouldnt get my hopes up. you know SE, there are all sorts of rumors floating around. and that said there would be no further updates.

  2. whatever…
    I’ll probably be on a Droid E=MC^2 (or whatever it’ll be called) by then…

    if not, the wizards over at XDA will probably bless us with 2.3 and maybe even 3.0 goodness. No SE required.

  3. is this for real?
    i hope it is real.
    btw, im planning to buy arc LOL.
    my x10i will be 2nd handset with 2nd number.

  4. SE have definitely learned from their mistakes and are now employing invisible pink unicorns have officially develop updates for the X10 series.

  5. this has been said before im sure a call centre representative said something like this before which was false

  6. Meh.

    This is like the Turkish guy at SE who said that X10 will be updated to 2.2 but then later they said that it was BS.

  7. @chris
    i believe what you have said is probably whats going to happen, there done with the x10, the likelyhood of them giving 2.3 to the x10 is very slim, but i guess we can only hope, if not hopefully someone will release a stable version of 2.2/2.3.

  8. Do people actually care about Gingerbread in October? At the current rate, I think Android 4.0 should come out by then

  9. People! Even if this is true, it is still 9 months away, and by that time the next iteration of Android will probably be out, so it is next to useless

  10. Да фейк это очередной. СЕ говно и этого не изменить.

  11. Is it 1 april today- Prima Aprilis. Xperia x10.net – You Kiding us
    Ha ha good joke

    It is quite smelly and from experience I guess q4 so we should get it on chistmass day or New Year But still I will not belived till i see it! ( in XDA or in my phone notification)

    They have to say something to keep us shut up and live in hope (make. belive ) by the time being we will buy Arc and everybody will forget about and they remain reputation and money

  12. Pssssss ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h……………………..

    Of course will get the star form sky .

    Moderators in this website are in good mod today !! Arent you boys

  13. Partindo da Sony Brasil, só acredito quando estiver instalado.

    From Sony Brasil, I’ll just believe when this software arrives to my phone.

  14. I hate the retards at SE with a passion, but if they actually pull this off and release gingerbread for X10, I might forgive them and actually consider buying another SE phone.

  15. What???
    No comments
    I’m not that fool

    In se ther Idiots -I am not that stupid to belive in that

  16. I told you the Company will reconsider upgrading! It’s just that some of you are not patient at all and act like small children and whine all the time.

    I know SE made a lot of mistakes in the past but I’m glad that it seems they are learning from their mistakes. First of all, all new handsets from the company will have gingerbread out of the box. And now they are considering upgrading the older handsets like the X10 to 2.3! Yes I have my hopes high and so should you.

    Like I said before patience is a virtue.

    fingers crossed 🙂

    Sony= make.believe

  17. @Paul

    I’m used to being offended by low people such as your self and others. But guess what? Since they are low, who cares right. After all this is the best that low people can do, bark hiding behind their screens 🙂

    If you were man enough you would have confronted me with ideas and a good argument but instead you just offend me? Is this the best thing you losers can do? offend me or use my name, no wonder why you are in this level 🙂

    Anyway, this is good news for all of us and it made me happy, so in the end you mean nothing to me, but this news is really good! And it gives current X10 owners including my self hope.

  18. OMG sony ericsson i knew you wouldnt let us down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    YEsssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!!!!! but october is way to fare , but ill wait 😀

  19. even SE is ready with 2.3 for x10 series now…they wont release it will affect arc with 2.3 at start….
    only god know..even arc will get outdated with its hardware and OS by october , while other handsets getting 3.2 or 4.0…
    2.3 is good for x10 ….but not at the time of oct,(happy if we get by may or june atleast)
    remember the story 2.1 dragged q4 of 2010 to 2011 q1

  20. Sony Ericsson Brasil can’t even fix my phone… I’ve sent it twice to get repaired and it’s still broken… they can’t fix this s**t, what do they know about X10’s software? Believe me, it’s wrong… the guy who answered didn’t know what he was talking about.

  21. Wait, what?

    Did I just get get hit by a train, or did I hear that we MIGHT get 2.3?

    …Not impressed.

  22. I view this news with a great degree of skepticism. We ALL know the official word is that we will NOT get any 2.2 or 2.3 from Sorry Errorsson. Perhaps the pressure on S.E. Brazil is getting harder and harder to handle and they are resorting to just telling folks what they want to hear to get them to shut up. While I would love to believe that 2.3 will happen, I severely doubt it will. October is way too far off to wait and I’m sure I will have rooted my phone and installed 2.3 from XDA by then. Any official 2.3 will probably have several layers of bloat that cause lag. Will I ever trust Sorry Errorsson again? Probably not. I checked out a friend’s new Samsung today and it is suh-weeeeet. 3GB internal memory and 32GB SD card. Watching how fast it is compared to my X10 made me feel like I was driving a Chevy Cavalier while being passed by teenagers in Ferraris! S.E. needs to give us Gingerbread NOW! I’m sure Fanboy is Fanboy will be posting more pro S.E. at every chance he gets.

  23. if thats true, is that hard to put 2.3 on x10? my guess is that time arc will be on 3.0 where x10 will get 2.3 which SE wants to set a difference between new and old model so the new model will always superior than the old one but who knows, it’s SE

  24. Cmon, that was not SE. We heard clearly that they won’t be making any OS upgrades for the x10,that was a wind up.If you believe that you can keep on licking asses…

  25. Then X10 will be in the first phone on Guinness Book of World Records… The only DUAL TOUCH device running Gingerbread!!!.. 🙂

  26. Well my contract gets renewed in october so 2.3 or not my x10 goes then anyways 😛 This whole OS updating never bothered me

  27. Even i m not sure about this thing but it has already been happened with the dual touch..
    At first se was saying hardware is not capable but then after pressure from lots of consumers they just did it…
    fingers crossed

  28. This sounds suspicious, I don’t want to but at the same time I want to believe it. Though October is a long time to wait, probably fake call on this one. Till October there would probably be Android 2.5 for phones and 3.1 for tablets.
    We’ll see what SE Sweden has to say about this.

  29. Cant you see it there comes a thing call sony suitto android butonlyto andriod 2.3 an the xperia x10 is in the commercial with the thing on

  30. Hi

    i hope for u all that gingerbread will come for the x10.
    That said.
    But rumors and more rumors and to talk about it, write about it
    is a free and very smart way to advertise.
    Even when the talk is not always positive.

    They want u to talk about it. Keeps the name SE alive
    and kicking.

    Ofcourse they have to bring some good news, some now and then.
    That’s part of the trick.

  31. I will believe it when I see it.

    Otherwise, please move away there is nothing to see. This is a non event.

  32. android 2.1 => 26 october 2009
    android 2.2 (froyo) => (20.05.2010)
    android 2.3 (gingerbread) => 06.12.2010 (sdk released)
    android 3.0 (honeycomb) => 26.01.2011 (preview sdk released)
    android “ice cream sandwich” => possible between q2 and q3 2011.

    Sources: wiki.

    They will add 2 or god knows how many versions of android untill october 2011.
    It is fair:) deja – vu. Like having 2.1 again. everybody will have ice cream sandwich, which is 2 android versions ahead . (everybody has now gingerbread, right? ) We have a phone capable of handling a 2011 OS, but with 2009 OS. SE clearly knows nothing about marketing.
    If Z and/or J were hired for SE dev team, they would’ve delievered latest android version. But their hands are tied, because of the bootloader.

  33. In fact now that it is said they should do it and not tell us that this is a lie. That should be a nice thingy of Soony Ericsson!

  34. If only, would be good and some major brownie points for SE.
    But… There’s not a single mention of ‘X10’ in that statement, nor any other handset for that matter!!

  35. This would actually make sense, we all know SE have plans on supporting gingerbread as their future portfolio is based on it, with no projects supporting 2.2 it would mean SE would have to put time and resources into 2.2 just for the x10

  36. Guess what???

    If Sony Ericsson is really working on Gingerbread for their newest handsets, why shouldn’t they put the new firmware on the X10????

  37. please don’t let you be fooled by these stupid fake scam annonce, it’s obvisiously a marketing communication plan to make you believe you can trust them and buy the new arc,
    Just think about how many features they promises and never released or released with 6 months late….

    SE::: “promises are meant to be broken”
    “give ya money and get out of my way”

  38. @fact is fact
    keep that crossed finger in your ass and get out from here u SE sucker…

    Its never gonna release by SE.. i am sure u dumbass..

  39. @andrei: But they have implemented some 2.2 flavors in 2.1 firmware. But is still 2.1

    I think if they relase 2.3 it will be not SOOO outdated because it will have some flavor of newer androids. Just a little bit outdated. Of course if they relase it in october, not 2012.

    I appreciate XDA, but nothing smells like fresh baked gingerbread based firmware.

  40. F..k .S.E this is B.S.
    every time they have to be last at everything ….wtf …!!!!!

    nevermind ….we got xda …and i have 2.2 and 2.3 when ever i want 😀


  41. if SE would’ve planned to update us to 2.3.. they wouldn’t be announcing it yet…im pretty sure of that…

  42. @Jan
    Yeah, i know, but SE implemented minor things from 2.2, not flash and/or apps2sd, which would have been essential. What could they implement in gingerbread from newer android versions? It’s obviously they won’t update this phone anymore(i have friends who have htc hero /samsung spica and they have gingerbread on 2.1 kernel, + multitouch + bootloader cracked etc. and they are happy with their phones, even if their proc. has 600 / 800 mhz. and gingerbread works just fine. Imagine how our phone would work on 2.3 + 2.3 kernel(if bootloader will finally be cracked) ). XDA ftw !…

  43. Already confired as fake on sony ericson forum, please delete this news story as it might mislead noobies!

  44. people shoud hav sum fucking sence Sony is japenese company
    ericsson is .Swedish company
    ……..Sony Ericsson joint of these twoo ….
    whea the hell brazil headwork SE comes to tell about gingerbreadd
    /……. iff ny thng lyk this neeeds to b announced itl b announced in sweden first..nd from the head office

  45. Cheers from Brazil, folks!

    I think the most of you don’t understand portuguese or didn’t read all the thread on the link… In the ‘SE final considerations’ they said tha SE will focus their efforts on the NEW xperia (arc not x10), that will come to us with adroid 2.3…

    My english isn’t very good, but i think you’ll understand… Sorry to bring bad news!

  46. I almost forgot to say… Don’t believe on that you see at “Reclame Aqui”, the website is ok, but the problem is the companies… i’m sure they train monkeys to answer the threads!

  47. I thought SE really learned from last year experience and got smart with this one. But what’s with October 2011 timeline if this is completely untrue. Where did they got their timeline as October 2011?

  48. The only way 2.3 could work well on X10i, given the hardware limitations, is if SE would give up their Timescape/Mediascape interface personalization and integration.
    Instead, to have them just as applications and widgets, then perhaps it would be doable.
    Then again, SE does not have a good track of software updates from times immemorial.

  49. I think SE probably HAVE learned their lesson.
    They are just going to try fixing it all the wrong way!

    Instead of making it up to everyone with the X10 they are just going to attempt at proving themselves once again with the Arc.

    I am eager to see how it pans out.
    In the meantime, my X10 does me just fine and I’m quite glad I am not due an upgrade yet, so I can gauge whether or not it’ll be worth sticking with SE. By the time I am due an upgrade, there will more than likely be another handset on the horizon from all the big boys in the game… I’m happy to wait and just think how much we will get from the XDA guys between now and then…. every cloud has it’s silver lining, be happy with what you got, stressing is only going to make YOU feel worse!

  50. three more certificates of firmware version approved by PTCRB for Xperia X10

    HW Version SW Version Date Certified
    A 2.1.1.A.0.16 Feb 3, 2011
    A 2.1.1.B.0.5 Feb 3, 2011
    A 2.1.1.A.0.11 Feb 3, 2011

  51. Ahahahah, this is not October 2011, it’s probably October 2371, you know, when Voyager from Star Trek show will fly ^^
    And we’ll run Android 312.2.3 :p

  52. There is officially going to be GingerBread on the Arc in April….so why do X10 owners have to wait till Oct for the same. I think my next phone will mostly be a samsung ! They are coming up with phones that are on par with the tech !

  53. From Computer World


    “…There’s really no way to sugar coat it: Sony failed when it came to Android upgrades in 2010. It gets a big fat zero all around, and with confirmation that its Xperia X10 phones will never see Froyo, there’s really no hope remaining.
    To be fair, Sony Ericsson execs have been quoted as saying they’re now better prepared to make upgrades for their newer phones, such as the recently announced Xperia Arc — so we can only hope the company is at least serious about making some serious improvements…”

    Well kids… time to wake!

  54. guys mark my words!!! froyo is coming within few weeks or a month!!! they will hav to bring it anyhow!!!!

  55. No matter what , , part of their selling piont for the x10 was the updates , an much more advanced this phone was , will be in the future, now they back out and screw us , and THEY NEED TO STAND BY THEIR WORD!!! NOW somve of us have a phone stil luseing 1.6, cuz the first upgrade has never made it to the US yet , …. and you dont get people to sign a 2yr contract n purchse yur phne n then say …. oops …. we changed out mind.. sorry we took your money….. uhhuh…. Y HAVE ECIDED AT THE LAST MIN .. TO NOT DO WHAT WE WERE TOLD , SO YOU DONT LEAVE ALL THESE PEOPLE HANGING , IF YOUR A COMPANY AS LARGE AS SONY , THEN YOU MAKE SOME KIND OF EFFORT IN GOOD FAITH TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR CONSUMERS, SO EITHER OFFER TO REIMBURSE US OR GIVE US A PHON E YOU, .ARE, THE ARC

  56. I wanted to do update via OTA updates, but these are delayed o.O
    I plugged my fone in SEUS and voila! Update is ready.

  57. After all these i’m so disappointed with SE no words can express such unprofessionalism to their customers.

  58. They already corrected that statement in the site, saying that the phones that will get the 2.3 update are the NEW Xperia Arc and the old ones are stuck with Android 2.1. Sorry for bearing the bad news.

  59. ohh so misunderstand is away now…there is no any kind of update for x10 further ….
    i have install cynogen mod 2.2 on my xperia x10i..and it works fine..only camcorder not working…thanks to xda developer guys

  60. Recently moved from years of Nokia Symbian to Android by buying a SE X10i to get a taste of the Android flavor. While the iPhone definitely had it perks, there is something about how Apple goes about that just does not work for me. Brought the X10i over the Galaxy S since the purchase price of the Galaxy was ridiculous (not that the X10i was cheap) in my country.

    Since i brought the X10i just after the 2.1 update, my expectations were not much, though i hoped that SE would continue with their upgrades. While upgrade to 2.2 (or 2.3 straight up) would be a very sensible move for SE to do, to bring back the trust, they should also be very clear on the roadmap where they intend to stop updates so that users are fully aware. Communicating this after giving wrong impressions really dent the confidence among us phone users, since we buy phones based on these statements.

    So in case SE decision makers are reading this thread, guys lets do 2.3 (I am sure its not much trouble since the Arc has nearly the same hardware) and then says all done.

    SE X10 owners, i guess then we need understand that beyond 2.3 we don’t have an official path and depend on the great freelance units such as xda to get the phone to the next level, assuming we are still holding on to the device 🙂

    However a message to SE X10/Arc developers. Chaps you really need to work on your user experience. People buy SE phones hoping for a great multimedia experience, and here are a few tips just on the multimedia (nope i am not going to the other areas!).

    – Camera flash – I know the hardware is one low powered LED but i am sure having option in the main panel to switch it on, and work like a normal flash cannot be that hard. Also why third parties cannot detect the existence of the flash confuses me, as my fellow colleagues Motorola Milestone flash is supported by all third party apps on the market.
    – Divx/xvid support – I am not sure if the current hardware supports acceleration for this format, though it would shocking if it cannot considering phones 3+ years ago could do this! Would be great if the current player got this support, rather than having to use third party apps. This is basic multimedia expectations chaps.
    – Screen lock while watching video – Being able to lock the screen while watching a movie would be great, as you frequently end up having it skip the next or the app being closed for the slightest move. Have maybe one place or a button that the user has to double tap or similar to unlock the screen in video mode. Simple user experiences that have great value to the user.
    – Focus and shoot button – The hardware button is so hard to use, and has forced me to resort to touch focus or use eCamera. How about a button that says focus lock, and then another for shoot. Selecting shoot simply will focus and shoot in case the focus lock is not activated. I think your cybershot division must be fully aware of these uses. Very important since there is no proper Image stabilization on the phone compared to a digital camera.

  61. @Fact is Fact,
    So now SE make another mistake by mixing X10 to Arc. Well, I believe whole damn SE don’t know what phone they have.
    And you keep saying SE will reconsider upgrading, now what is the Facts? no upgrade. You want people to confront you with ideas and good argument, then please explain to all of us why SE now made another mistake. Have they learn from the past? The answer is obviously “No”

  62. Hey guys,

    Just to let you all know.. SE already added to that answer that they are NOT updating old phones… see the google translate below lol:

    (SE comment from the same link you saw in this post)
    Regarding questions on the upgrade of the line Xperia smartphone to version 2.2 of Android, Sony Ericsson announced that in 2011 the company will focus efforts on its new line of Xperia handsets that come with the most current version of Android 2.3 from the product Xperia ™ Arc. The devices that are already in the portfolio company’s released so far, will keep the version 2.1 of the Android operating system, updated in December 2010, and it offers unique features entertainment such as video recording in HD, plus access to thousands new applications and a unique user experience with graphical user interfaces richer. The update for Android 2.1 is available on the company website through the link sonyericsson.com / support.

  63. I Sold my x10 eBay and got a HTC wildfire new for 135 quid its running 2.2 got My WiFi hub extra its same RAM as x10 but clock speed is slower not that I can tell in less playing 3d games. so its a bye bye from me and good luck guys hope u have you life jackets to hand

  64. Latest mediascape “upgrade” have trashy graphics compared to earlier version. X10 is so unfinished.

  65. i’ve had enough of this, the xperia could be decent, if they just did a few updates!!! but SE has decided they’re not going to just to annoy X10 users, hopefully they change their minds, but i highly doubt it!!!, thinking about selling mine, how much do you think i can sell it for??? £200?? probably a lot less

  66. Fctards, one of the most comfortable phones and cant make it properly complete with full benefits…. All I want is adobe 10.1 is that too much to ask? Just to watch any video online… Seriously what can it make so badly late? All other phones got it but nooo se have to suck bawls

  67. I don’t think so that X10 will support Gingerbread.. Its seems to be good but it will be very late release…
    but really 2.1 is not fair in x10 as compared to other phones in the market..

  68. SE you need to return the animation in Mediascape as it is now so booooooring. When opening now the Mediascape it looks like Symbian OS which is suck!! I am afraid on the next firmware update, you are also removing the animation of Timescape. You are not updating the firmware to make the UI more richer (as you said), but downgrading your UI making your Xperia X10 even more rubbish. We spent so much money for X10 and then removing those beautiful animation, that’s BS!!!!!!

  69. Sony Ericsson, how about a suggestion to win back some of your lost customers:

    Remove Timescape, Mediascape, Moxier Apps and all the other bloatware you have pre-installed on the X10 for some reason.

    Does anyone find this stuff useful?

    Seeing as you have already developed 2.3 for the Arc which isn’t that different to the X10, why not port it over for the X10?

    I must say I expected much better support with this phone due to the cost of it and the length of the contract and so far your support has been slow, poor and updates released are already out of date if they happen, leaving most of your X10 customers frustrated and angry.

    If you want to upset everyone of your existing Android customers you are going the right way about this with your present policy of marketing a new phone (which nobody can purchase yet) and telling all your current customers how good it will be, while at the same time dropping Android updates after 8 months of very poor support for the X10 your current flagship model???

    Who makes these decisions?

    They should be fired!!!!

  70. I talked to SE Taiwan today and they said that they will update to 2.2-2.3 but only at the end of this year,after the release of arc.They said its for sure

  71. Just update into dual touch in x10i. Still the same hopefully SE people will reconsider what a waste if they dont. 🙁

  72. I’m from Brazil and I know this site for a while, even posted a complain about one e-shop there, but I definitely wouldn’t believe on this information. Is more or less some bullshit the company says only to close the case and don’t look even worst, there’s absolutely no guaranty this information is true.

  73. To be honest guys, I’d love for SE to continue to support the X10 up to 2.2 or 2.3, but let’s face it – they aren’t. It was their first foray into Android and I’m sure they’ve learned a lot from it – most of all, they HAVE to release OS updates in a timely manner.

    I’m not an SE fanboy, but I love my X10 – it’s so much better than my iProne 3G before it. If we want anything more than 2.1 then we’ve got to be pragmatic and look towards the guys over at XDA to give us our Fix.

    Just my twopenneth.


  74. guys….
    they offered DLNA…
    did any one remember that????
    now were it is????????????

    so this is really buttering up the customer ass by SE… they will enjoy fkin up us…

  75. sounds like the WITCH (SE) is luring its PREY (x10 users), to its gingerbread house to be eaten up!! haha

  76. Come on guys – Moderators
    this post stay here over 7 days can we have something new

    BTW this is just bunch of lies. Does it !!

  77. I guess there’s not much else to say about the X10…. Sony Ericsson have screwed their customers again!!

    Lack of support from SE is putting the last nail in the coffin for this phone. If you are brave/clever enough you can risk hacking your phone with unofficial ROM’s but for the rest of us we are stuck with an out of date operating system, but don’t feel so glum the X10 has been out of date since it was released, so there’s no real change there is there! Lets face it if you look around the internet it seems SE have a lot of disgruntled customers with other phones that they have also let down badly.

    I feel very let down by SE, I thought I’d got a good phone when I purchased it, but the shortcomings soon became apparent and then SE hit the nail on the head when they said the X10 is an experimental model! Just a shame they expected their customer’s to pay premium rate prices and sign up for 24 month contracts to get it???

    Anyway, I have learned my lesson as I am sure lots of other X10 users have. One thing the X10 has taught us all is Sony Ericsson cannot be trusted to provide support for their Android phones. While I feel very let down at the moment my contract will come to an end and one things for sure. In eighteen months time Sony Ericsson will probably be regretting the day they dumped their loyal X10 customers, especially if all the people who have complained about the lack of support online decide they cannot trust SE anymore!!!


  78. Have u guys observe a huge bug…..calls don entirely get into d call log…u receive a call and it disappers on call long…with the dual touch update wifi is not as effective….mediascape I loved does animation why remove? Fine it quicka now….dat means by 2.3 u won’t see mediascape….:-)
    Aside as does flaws touch sims quick…a lot of games support multitouch doe is not well fixed bt its better dan nothin…..I love x10 stil SE look into does bugs

  79. If sony ericsson lies, then i’ll see my x10. I hope it’ll come out around my bday and i don’t need to buy the arc (i would love to try out the play tho).

  80. Dear Mr Lee,

    Thank you for contacting Sony Ericsson Customer Support (Singapore).

    At the present moment, Xperia X10 new software comes with pinch zoom function only.

    New feature includes:

    For X10 – Pinch/Zoom for mobile internet browsing and Google Maps.

    For X10 Mini Series and X8 – Support of ANT+ technology making it possible to connect wirelessly to a wide range of health and fitness products.

    *Note that availability may be dependant on operator and / or market.

    We currently have no plans to upgrade Xperia X10 to Android version 2.2 or 2.3at the present moment.

    We do apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    Please sign up at http://www.sonyericsson.com.sg for all the latest news and promotions on our product.

    If we can be of further assistance, please email to us at questions.sg@support.sonyericsson.com or contact us at our Customer Support hotline. For un-resolved issue, please do quote your cases ID for quick reference purposes.

    Thank You and have a nice day.

    Best regards,
    Sony Ericsson Email Team

    Highlight: We currently have no plans to upgrade Xperia X10 to Android version 2.2 or 2.3at the present moment.

  81. Man they sold me a beta phone? Experimental? Is Xperia a foreign name for Xperi-Mental? Because they ARE driving me mental with their messages, delays and now no support at all, while my contract still has 18 months to go. In one year this phone will be a brick. And now they are all on about Arc? And they let us float on their former flagship. ‘ Thank you for the lesson betaboys and now we build our new flagship, goodbye suckers’. I advice everyone to stay clear of it, because it looks nice now, but it most likely run out of steam soon enough when they decide they have a new flagship.

  82. Has anyone noticed the bug on mediascape? It doesn’t open pic files recieved from mail attachments.. :@

  83. Just go over to XDA, do a search for CyanogenMod for Xperia X10. STABLE AND FAST… Android 2.2.1! It has tripled my phones benchmark performance. Install Zeam as your Launcher and customize to taste. Your phone will literally run 5-7 times faster. With Flash and Dual Touch. Be sure to back up your data, update your baseband version and WOW!!!!!

  84. “Do people actually care about Gingerbread in October? At the current rate, I think Android 4.0 should come out by then”
    and who gives a damn with rubbish and laggy SE Roms anyway …. if se wants to release this rom then release it without lags …. otherwise let’s stick with XDA forms

  85. Huh… guess that guy was right after all. Xperia x10 recieves gingerbread Q3 of this year.