Xperia X10 bootloader bypassing no April Fools – first custom kernel released

Sony EricssonThis morning we reported that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10’s bootloader might have been cracked. We wasn’t sure given the number of hoax articles we’ve seen around the blogosphere today given that it is April Fools Day. Anyway, xda-developer zdzihu has confirmed that the Xperia X10 has indeed been cracked and that it was no April Fools joke.

More specifically he says the bootloader has been bypassed using the kexec/miniloader method, enabling you to boot custom kernels. He has released the first fully working custom kernel. He has been testing it for the last couple of days without any problems (not even a reboot). It looks like we will get access to a much wider range of custom ROMs for our X10 very soon!

Thanks Ztryfe!

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  1. This is cool, by the time im done exploring the new features of the x10 my contract will ne up and i can move on, sweet. The phone that was dead up until very recently is suddenly the place to be

  2. Finally 😀
    hopefully this will help crack the X10mini/pro kernel so we can get gingerbread, no thanks to SE
    xda developers rock 😀

  3. bring the rain zdzihu…. u r d god of x10 users out here….thank you very much for your effort and support.

  4. Awesome news but I think I’ll wait a week or so to see what rom’s come out. Might we find out that Sony has been lying about the X10 being dual touch only?

  5. W’hooooooooooooooooooooooo! …Whoop Whoop! …Oh yeaaaaa! …Get in there! …F’ing awesome!………. Mmm whats a bootloader?


    That is the best news I have heard in a long time. Zhudzu pulls through even after he leaves 🙂

  7. We told you not to cheat and to update all the x10 family and to open the bootloader.
    You mean these are stupid so we will play with them ?
    I wonder what will you do now ?
    My advice is to update all phone xperia
    it may be out of the mess that they themselves entered…….
    Think about this AGAIN before u do something spupid…

  8. It is pretty cool news! Also second good news is that Google want push manufacturers to do not modify Android too much as they do now. My humble opinion is that SE overtuned their roms. Their launcher and Timescape are useless crap not to mention other goodies and even modified UI framework. This new Googles’ rule could mean that SE will have to drop some trash from their ROMs and maybe they will have more time to give promised support for all their products include X8 and X10 minis. Everybody see it. SE it is time to stop react as a hysterical little girl. Face it! You did it wrong. Now You can save a lot of good brand name by admit mistake and take an action to fix all problems. Unlockable bootloader on new devices and promiset GB for X10 are good start .. keep in course.

  9. My X10’s bought to get a new lease of life! Fair glad I didn’t buy that desire HD now:)

  10. This is great new for all X10 users! By the way, shouldn’t it be “We weren’t sure given the number of hoax articles we’ve seen around the blogosphere today given that it is April Fools Day” instead of “We wasn’t”? Just checking.

  11. Where is fact is fact hiding? LOL

    Excellent news. There’s new life in my Craperia X10 now, maybe I’ll wait a little before I jump ship onto HTC.

  12. Just way confused right here. Can anybody just say something dat cld help abt dis boot loader, kernnel, ROM…

  13. great news and all but aside from the wide range of ROMS the x10 can now use.. whats really the benefit of having a open bootloader ??

  14. too bad for those people who sold their x10, LOL! XDA rocks! Z ur a freaking GOD!

  15. @Lweek: that’s exactly what they’re doing now with the 2.3.3 release for the X10. See this post: under the paragraph: “Will any functionality from the previous software version disappear by doing this upgrade?”. They’re dropping Moxier and some other stuff… Finally.

    The only bad thing is, it took them over a year to realize that this (and the open bootloader for the new models) is the way to go!

  16. Oh, almost forgot: BIG THUMBS UP for Z! You’re the man!!! I guess you deserve the “Bootloader Bounty” which is quite a sum.

  17. You really think it’s “too bad for the people who sold their X10” ? I read this many times.

    Listen : official 2.2 will never come on the X10. Official 2.3 will come at the end of the year.

    I’m bored of SE, i’m bored about their “NO”, “MAYBE”, “NO NO NO”, “hum, finally, YES !”. Who are we ? Is that a joke ? Man I can’t stand it ! Really.

    I bought an other phone and I’m happy because finally I have a better phone, with updates (2.3 official) and I don’t feel the constructor sees me like a fool.

  18. Try getting the Arc Software ready for the X10. The Original Gingerbread with disable all additional capabilities. Hopefully if we can move the Arc software here we can do a lot more…

  19. I regret …
    i sold x10 last month 🙁
    go for arc is a stupidity nuthing elsee
    if it was dual core ..then it makes sum sence otherwiseee ……completly waste of moneyy … when nw x10 can give u anythinggg

  20. Guys I have the arc and its a really nice phone. Light, slim, Proper multi touch. When I use other peoples Iphone I loved the smoothness of the multi touch and the arc now feels better. And the camera, Well used it in low light and the Iphone (4 that is) was left behind. Iphone looked like somebody put a bin bag over the camera (X10 was the same as Iphone in low light) The Arc really is incredible in low light. Infact it was better in low light then my friends digital camera. if you think the arc is gonna be a bit pricy then Neo is gonna be a winner .

  21. happy for the news! and ummmm, @Asad Mulla how in the world will you get an arc ? its not even released yet ROFL

  22. Arc and Neo isa already in the market. Xperia Play will be out end os this month. Just need some more comments about the Arc. If it is way better, then Arc will replace my x10.

  23. @Bandit lol
    @Z You rock! Keep up the good work, I’ll be clicking the buy beer button soon!
    @others asking about bootloader
    @X8&Mini users keep posting your complaint on every S.E. post you can everywhere, facebook, SE Blog, everywhere!

  24. Nobody cares about the boot loader. Sony make better roms than xda. The custom roms are fucking dreadful LoL

  25. i agree wiv u i bet they wont still make better working rom than what we using now

  26. If nobody cares about bootloader why have se unllocking for their whole upcoming range?

  27. @ Fat Mother Fucker & Broadi

    You guys are idiots lol. The bootloader enables a lot of shit like 60FPS, 16 M colours, overclocking, etc. Sony’s ROM cant do that. Also, it doesn’t really have anything to do with custom ROMs because you can put a custom bootloader on an official ROM. You guys really need to do some research before you comment because it just makes you look like an idiot.

  28. Note – tried this download – the bootscreen came up – Are you mad! – then it kept restarting… luckily I had a backup to restore… So April Fool… as far as I’m concerned – it is…

  29. The Bootloader… I’ll have a go at explaining…. note… I’m no expert but not a complete beginner either.
    Android software is a version of Linux operating system for phones an Pads.
    But to get it to work on a Phone or Pad there has to be device specific tweaks to get it to go.
    SE had locked their Bootloader or Tweaking for whatever reason… legal issues… or something… they said which was bollocks but anyway… They didn’t want if to F up the sales of the ARC.
    The guys who wanted to run the latest version on Android 2.2 and 2.3 on their phones could not because of this, so they came up with workaround custom Roms which they have been developing to work like the latest Android versions.
    However the guys on XDA have been getting so close to the real thing and public support for SE had hit rock bottom… me included.
    So to try get public support back on their side – they have let the developers open the Bootloader.
    So it’s good news all round – the developers can now make better software for the phones and remove some restrictions the phones had built in.

  30. Mmmm… Expect SE to be sending out their legal dogs to sue everyone in sight over this one…

  31. @ Shukla: I thought 16m colors and multi touch have something to do with the hardware?

  32. @wotekk: this method is extremely new and untested. For the time being it can’t be used regularly. Only for testing purposes. The DEVs always need testers, who can tell them if the phone booted, how long it would stay, does the battery percent show… etc. So basically if you can help them, head on to XDA, otherwise please be patient until the problems are sorted out.