Facebook inside Xperia heading to X10

Facebook inside XperiaRikard Skoberg over at the SE Product Blog has given a quick update regarding Android Gingerbread on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. There is no mention of timing but he says that “work is progressing well” and he will shortly reveal what features it will contain. However, he has confirmed that it will be getting the Facebook inside Xperia feature as part of this Gingerbread update. For an idea of how this works, click through for a quick demo video.

Via SE Product Blog.

31 responses to “Facebook inside Xperia heading to X10”

  1. The good news keeps rolling in.
    Which model in the video was doing the “TV-screen turn-off”-shutdown effect? I know the arc doesn’t have it (which sucks), and I wonder if the X10 will get it (which would be awesome).

  2. The question is: how laggy FB@Xperia would be? And if it isn’t, can we export this feature in our custom roms?

  3. Yeppie..I can’t wait oh
    Am lovin my x10 wuld by the next flag ship diffinately not the arc
    I ℓơ√ε̲̣̣̣̥ the phone but to much close similarity

  4. yyyeeee!!! yappeee.. kkeeeee……..
    at last … after a looooooooooong long wait…
    my x10 gonna run on present OS….

    1.6 to 2.3.3 -> 😀
    – but when? 🙁
    please release before 2.4… let make us up2date for at least one day…

  5. oh buddy!!! YEEEES!! THEY DID IT!! CAN’t wait to get in touch with the official 2.3.3 on my xperia..

    + battery performance!!
    + we <3 GINGErBREAD!!

    hell yeah.. keep rockin XPERIA X10 community!!

  6. calm down guays please if we get before christmas will be great not every kit will get at ones. be patience and remeber this is Se .

    I will keep my self down till xda-developer relese the root flashtool version. Even if the se give the 2.3.3 i will wait root — root is most important thing for meeeeee!!!!

    BTW some people are interesting they hate Se in the previouse posts now they are entusiasts of se i dont understand. Some people come only when se is shitiing everyone like MR fact is fact. when every thinh is allright it gone. Those behaviours amazing me

    sorry for ENglish

  7. err………..I wish they have the RAW 2.3.3version, I hate the plug in from them.

  8. As usual with SE update is taking too long… and still no real information about which phones will get it or not or what features will be there or not. Is it still unbranded X10’s only or is it certain networks or all networks?

    Will the camera work properly or not? How about HD video? Still too many unknowns.

    Anyone know anymore????

  9. This is quite the turn around for SE, considering we were told we wouldnt be going further than 2.1 🙂 its taken a struggle to get here though. :/

  10. but in this video they are saying that this facebook features are only available for new xperia series …not for xperia x10i users …watch video carefully

  11. Great!!

    Now I will have an application (Facebook) everywhere on my phone that I dont use…making my phone slower!!!! :S

    At least SE should think on customer like some of us that dont use facebook and give us the option to uninstall this feature. 🙁

    SE hasnt said if we will be able to remove the aplls that we dont want yet…but considering we did NOT had that option before I dont think we’ll have it this time either. I hope I am wrong.

    But anyways, overall… Im happy to have a new updated SO.


  12. I’m just hoping for a tethering function. So it can have the same function like all other phones.

    And inside facebook? REALLY?! another crap app that i WON’T use … WUHU!

  13. folks…
    dont be exited..
    according to them the update will only be rolled-out to generic firmwares.
    So most of us may hav to hold off your excitement.

    Repeat the same what we were doing an year before……
    🙁 its SE….
    Sucks always…

  14. Many will need to root in order to get the GB update anyhow. Main thing is that it should work good on X10 and then most everything in other handsets will finally be on X10! Flash, Tethering, better battery etc. I’m looking forward to it. I could get an Arc or Play on a good deal, but I’m not buying S.E. until they make good on X10 promises. 🙂

  15. lol. Meh, with this update we`ll get rid of timescape and mediascape and all the crap we’ve loaded your phones with. How about a facebook app? Just look at all these features. Isn’t it kewl? You`ll also have our NEW UXP, that’s really really important for us, if your single-cored 1 ghz is too fast in comparison to other phones; now we`ll add some graphics on top of the android, which is not good enough, and we’re doing it just because it’s open source, because your phone is way too fast, and you can’t handle that much speed; we have to make it slow. We will never release the bootloader because you can harm your phone in any way. Since you bought it, you can throw it over the window, but you can’t have access @ the bootloader. All the external features are free to use. I think we`d love to have some more money to unlock your bootloader. THIS is how SE thinks. they need money, they don’t care about our phones or us. I think facebook is useless. there’s an app for that on the market, BUT, i`m not a facebook user, and i really don’t like it. So.. no more timescape & mediascape, fuck the facebook from market, we`ll design you something that’ll slow your phone? Great way to start, presenting your junk, but not the OS update itself.

  16. “how to check if your phone is generic firmwares or not?”

    Home>Back>Back>Home>Back>Home>Home>Back>Service info>Software info

  17. Is there a baseband update from SE ? I saw one in xda, but I cant find any info in SE website regarding an update of bb?

  18. “andrei May 28, 2011 at 6:28 AM
    Great way to start, presenting your junk, but not the OS update itself.”

    Good Summary!!! I totally agree with u

  19. only 3 months to wait til we get 2.3.3. then we wait for nice xda chaps to root it and we can get rid of facebook like we did with timescape.

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