Sony Ericsson’s tips to extend Xperia X10 battery life [Video]

Xperia X10 BatterySony Ericsson released an Xperia X10 support video earlier this week to give some tips to extend battery performance. The timing of the video is somewhat curious, being released 18 months into the phone’s cycle. Most people reading this will already know about most of the tips and we covered much of this and more in an article back in April 2010. Most of what was said then is still relevant now. See the video after the break or click here for our own tips on extending battery performance.

21 responses to “Sony Ericsson’s tips to extend Xperia X10 battery life [Video]”

  1. Oh how I miss those light blue days ver. 1.6 Donut. Now it’s all dark and sexy 🙂

  2. Ha this is totally like a video they found on the company network that was meant to come out in 2010 and everyone panicking.

  3. good man, i was thinking of getting an x10 but the battery sucks big time, a few friends have them , is the arc any better? dont want to have to go to htc as i like sony phones.

  4. no. battery has improved since 2.3 gingerbread

    if you are a heavy user battery will last more than 12 hour
    if you are a moderate user battery will last more than 24 hour
    if you are a light user battery will last more than 48 hour
    if you are a loner/loser battery will last more than 72 hour
    if you are a dead battery will last more than 96 hour

    but i did not recommend you to buy xperia x10. there are many latest android out there that’s better with the same price.

    if you still like sony you can still buy x10 if you dont mind putting custom rom on it and it can perform as same as stock se arc (only difference is hdmi & screen resolution)

    just my 2cents

  5. @ x10ners: obviously you do….[singaling a big L]

    i wish i could afford to buy a spare battery, that would be sick! anybody have a battery they wanna sell?

  6. @ yuszx

    I’m a loner/loser but my battery only lasts 48 hours. What should I do?

  7. This is old!! but anyway, as SE says, a tip to improve battery life: Just don’t use our phone 😛

  8. Extra tips.
    If you have updated to the new version of the: facebook app and google maps app.
    These two apps start up constantly on X10. They start up as quickly as you can kill them. Even though if both facebook apps in Sync settings is turned off and even if you even haven’t logged in to facebook ever! Uninstalling both updates to facebok ang Maps will then not stsrt them up amymore automaticly. The app Google Picasa also starts up, allthough the sync is turned off. Android… what a COMPLETE CRAP mobile OS. Damn that Apple not announced iPhone 5 this time!!!

    By the way, Where is the panorama app from Sorry Errorson for Android 2.3.3.

  9. This is lame… a phone, design to be connected, needs to have customized settings so that it will be less connected for more battery life. I am aware it’s true but it’s still lame.

  10. when i installed 2.3.3 update my procesor wokrs on 998 mhz all the time (when screen is on)
    i tried to reinstall update but it doesnt solves anything….

  11. iI have a x10 but .if iI charters it for 5 hour.then iI only getting 2 hour backup .