24 hours with the Xperia X10

Xperia X10 ThoughtsHere are my initial impressions of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 after 24 hours of use. My preconception of the X10 before getting hands on was a feeling that it may be too big considering its 4-inch display. However, I was pleasantly surprised how usable it was one-handed and also how lightweight it was. I’ve previously owned the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD that has a 3.7-inch display and as you can see in our unboxing video, the Xperia X10 is no taller.

I was also pleased with what was included in the box. This included a 16GB microSD card (class 2), screen protector and MW600 Bluetooth stereo headset. I also noticed afterwards that SE have pre-applied a screen protector that is a bonus (some people may be annoyed by this). We know that all box contents aren’t the same, but most we know of included at least a screen protector, that’s more than most other manufacturers include. Check out further opinions after the cut.

Build: Build quality is also very good with no creaking panels. It just feels very solid in the hand that makes it a delight to hold. What we’re less impressed with is replacing the battery cover that feels a bit fragile and doesn’t click satisfyingly into place. I am only talking about the process of attaching the cover here, once attached it feels solid.

Browsing: Surfing the web is very fast, rendering pages is quick. I’m used to pinch-and-zoom which is quite practical for browsing but it’s something that I can live without it.

SE Apps: I’ve only had a chance to play around with Timescape and Mediascape a little, but I have to admit that I really like Timescape. Some people pointed to lag in previous builds, but I find it to be very quick and zippy. I didn’t realise that it ties in most of the experiences of the handset (missed calls, pictures taken) along with social media updates from Facebook and Twitter. Having the Timescape widget on the front screen works well and you can constantly see what’s happening in your stream. Mediascape is also nice, but doesn’t seem as revolutionary compared to previous media players. However, I need to spend more time with this.

Camera: As well as the Xperia X10, I’ve also been playing with the HTC Desire. Hands down though the X10 is the best Android imaging device that I’ve used to date. The sensor used is of high quality and images taken so far have come out well. The biggest disappointment is the measly flash and its execution. To clarify it is not a flash but merely a light that needs to be toggled on/off. The brightness is quite poor and to access it you have to go through the advanced menu – why SE didn’t include a touch button in the main UI is beyond me. We also would have liked to see a cover for the camera lens, unfortunately this is a trend many manufacturers are moving away from.

Camcorder: Video recording quality is also good. The maximum resolution capable is WVGA (800 x 480 pixels vs. 720 x 480 for D1) and comes with AAC sound, much better than AMR sound on the HTC Desire.

TFT Dispay: The 4-inch TFT display is bright and responsive. I have read some reviews that talk of issues with its responsiveness, but this is not something I’ve encountered on my handset. The display is bright and works well under all lighting conditions, something that can’t be said for OLED screens (Samsung’s Super AMOLED displays excluded).

Call reception: Signal strength appears to be a bit better than the HTC Hero I was using before. Won’t have a better idea until I play with it more.

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  1. Does X10 drain battery fast? I have read comments from users in japan, most of them say so.

  2. Initially it does, but it needs 5/6 full charging cycles and then it settles down. Still needs charging every night though, as to be expected really.

  3. do you intend to post a comparison between this phone and the HTC Desire? also, in which country more specifically did you get all these goodies bundled in the pack? thanks in advance

  4. Hey where did you get your phone from, coz i have been hearing that alot of shops in london are givin the minimum accesory pack

  5. Hi, I have been using this phone for a week and I’m really impressed. I have a few questions though.
    1. My in-call volume is a bit low for my liking (at the fullest volume that is). Is there a quick fix for this or we have to wait for rooting / 2.1 update.
    2. I don’t know how to copy paste from a SMS (for example)
    3. Google earth and flash in webpages will be available with 2.1 update?
    4. I close many applications once in a while with a task manager, but some of them keep coming up automatically (like the Moxier) eventhough I did not even remotely go close to invoking it, did you feel the same.

    I really appreciate your efforts in maintaining this site and more importantly bringing us the quick updates. I would wish this continues for a longer time.

  6. Any idea of the release of the X10a? I want to use 3G for this thing…sigh. I’m so tempted to buy the X10i though I cannot wait any longer lol. I’m hanging in there though!

  7. @sketter – I do intend to post a comparison against the Desire at some point. Also these bits are included with the Nordic release.

    @Saro – I’ve noticed low in-call ear volume too, check out the forum for further details.

    @Adam – No idea on the US X10 for now, getting lots of questions on this, hopefully not too long to wait…

  8. @ Saro for copy and forward options keep your finger pressed down on the msg you want to do it on. It’ll popup a window with options

  9. I’ve had the X10 for about a week now. Mine came from Vodafone UK, and I love it. I must admit I’ve already substituted the home screens for OpenHome (waiting to try aHome) and the dialler for QuickDial as it took 4, 5 or 6 actions to be able to call someone (I’m used to a C905).

    One word of caution I would suggest for anyone considerring buying the X10 on Vodafone in the UK is that they control the release of updated firmware. Phones have been released with R????14 and the new firmware released is 16. Vodafone are notoriously slow at rolling updates out – as I discovered with my buggy C905. Roll on the Rootkit!!!!

    Great review, especially as I wasn’t intending to read such things already owning one 🙂

  10. This is a delicious phone! But here are two items on my wish list… a physical keyboard, a rollerball/pointer input and although battery life is not bad, it would be great if it would last two or three days.

  11. I’d be cautious about killing tasks on the X10. Let the phone learn what you do with it. If you start killing stuff instead of restarting the phone, you could induce laggy behaviour on the phone because it won’t pre-load things like the camera into its RAM.

  12. I just bought it. It is awesome BUT the in call volume is VERY LOW. In noisy invironments you can NOT hear anything!
    What is SONYERICCSON going to do about this?

    I googled that and I discovered that this is a very common problem for every xperia OWNER!!

    I dont know if I keep the phone*, cause after all IT IS A PHONE, and it has to be used as a voice communication device!!

    *My retailer gives 14days return policy, no questions asked!! 🙂

  13. is it possible to stop the entire contents of the sms scrolling across the notification bar if you are another application i know you can turn notifications of but this stops everything and you dont actually get to know you have a new message then? Thanks

  14. Been on this site a bit but missed this post. Just found it after searching on whether the X10 comes with a screen protector or if I’ll have to wait till I can play with it (my partner’s very insistent I don’t use it before it has one on – and always has been). I’m getting mine on Monday, so I really hope it comes with a screen protector on. I’ve ordered two anyway as well as a case but, they won’t be here till Tuesday at the earliest :(. Thanks for your info on it, makes me want Monday to come even more :D.

  15. this phone is absolutely horrible, i got mine in june and thought it was great however at first, if you dont upadate it online in time then it shuts itself down and restarts over and over again, THEN that ends up draining the battrey and now my phone WONT TURN ON AT ALL!! AT ALL!!!! can some one PLEASE tell me how i am suppose to update the X10 if the pjhone iteslf wont even turn on??? Or charge itself??? Im freaking out and I am calling tech support tomorrow. I hate this phone and wouldnt reccomend anyone to get it!

  16. Hey,

    -Would like to know how to stop notifications coming thru while im on the phone!
    -When is OS 2.2 Being released



  17. Guys my xperia x8 has creaking sound , i mean the top left coner is not solid it presses and makes noise, i have asked what to do in yahoo answers, no replys yet please guys help me out what shall be done to this is this occuring in every x8 please help mail me at zaheer.basha@yahoo.com or the leave a comment here please help.

  18. this phone is pure crap!!!!!!! all these good reviews must be from people not accustomed to having good phones and will settle for anything

  19. really bad phone ,poor call quality,bad reception, locks out easily,unusual headset earphones,worst decision i have ever made!!! poor choice of phone !!!! BOOOOOOO sony

  20. POOR POOR POOR POOR POOR POOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POOR EXCUSE FOR A PHONE!!!!!!! SONY IS GOING TO THE DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!