Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for Android landing in June

Android FlashAfter much speculation, it appears that Adobe will definitely be launching Flash Player 10.1 for Android in June. Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s Chief technical officer (CTO) spilled the beans on the official blog.

“We look forward to delivering Flash Player 10.1 for Android smartphones as a public preview at Google I/O in May, and then a general release in June,” said Lynch. With recent reports of Android’s next release codenamed Froyo (v2.2) sporting integrated Flash, we could even see this launch at the same time. We’ll keep you posted.

64 responses to “Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for Android landing in June”

  1. Hi thought flash player was to be relesed in june ?iits now july and no sign of it

  2. peeps, peeps!!! i dont know about chyo but damnn these bestards at sony is fooling us around with there bullshit. HTC desire has now update android 2.2!!! motorola milstone’s got now update 2.2. samsung is getting it to 2.2. even older htc phones like htc hd2,legend, desire are getting this android update 2.2 and we still waiting for 2.1!!!

    i say fuck these fools sony ericsson punks give us freakin 2.2 and NOT 2.1 and you better put flash player on it son!!

  3. if all these rumors are true then why isnt Sony doing something about it?…Sony used to be the leading phone but now they are way behind, can you please explain yourselves to all you loyal customers on why you still have not met your deadlines, people are losing faith in Sony its about time they stopped talking about it and put it into action

  4. im sick of changing phone to get something better then i find out its not as good as its ment to be i have the x10i and im tempted to be a sheep and get a dam iphone!!! im hoping the flash player comes out before xmas otherwise ill be asking father christmas for iphone v4

  5. I m a big fan of sony and a loyal custumer but honestly the xperia is disapponting cus sony is still not updating to 2.1 and other brands are on 2.2 sony was a leading brand in phone but now its getting back in race. Im thinking about replecing my x 10 to htc or I phone.

  6. adobe has lounch a flash player for android but it is not goona work on any of sony xperia phone bcouse it suports android 2.2 and sony is not even updating to 2.1 so if you have x 10mini like me or any other xperia you gotta wait for a verylong time until we get updet android 2.2 sony ericsson is not risponding to flash player this is really sad.

  7. The flash player only works on android system 2.1 and more and because x10 is 1.6 it will not work. So if you got x10 and go to Market you will not find it! but if you got 2.1 or more and got to market you will find it!

    I dont know if they will upgrade the x10 (i hope so beacuse i got one X D).

    I have been lookin for a system to replace the flash player but it does not exist!
    I bet the one who comes up with an app to replace the flash player will make gooood moooney (the app need to be supported with all android systems or X10)

  8. its already 10.10.10 and still no sign of flash players or 2.1. both apple and sony are toying with us. if this persists, I’m getting the nexus one.

  9. hi i think we all need the flash player now on x10 to keep up with the times so come on sonny sort it out plaese

  10. @mrey I agree . I always believed in Sony Ericson. I had a choice between a x10 or iPhone but went for x10.

    I can kick my own back side whe i realised x10 is still on 1.6 and doesn’t support multi touch nor will it ever. I’m realy going to sell my x 10 and purchase a HTC desire or an iPHONE!!!! Sony Ericson has alot to learn to keep up with HTC!

  11. Its November now. I guess Sony is still confused about whether June comes after November or before… Seriously Sucks man…

  12. Bad news for x10 user we wasted our time & money becouse flash player works on froyo only & there is no chance for x10 to get froyo still we r waiting for 2.1 so htc or galaxy s is better choise
    Sony ericsson is gonna lose all loyal customers cuz all x10, mini and minipro users lost there fate in se.

  13. Now when sony x 10 has android 2.1, adobe demands 2.2…
    Best way to get flash player to your xperia x10 is to trash your
    X10 and get yourself a htc desire… X10 is thr worst phone i had so far
    Old os and single touch screen…. Feels like playin starcraft on a P3…
    This phone is way behind most of the other android phones…

  14. ahh…shit. sonyericsson, i loved you, but after x10 for more then 500 e, i’m fucking hate you… give us fucking fladh player and fix your fucking bugs. cant feel differents betvin 1.6 and 2.1… morans !

  15. I’m on 2.1 as of a few hours ago, be patient I’ve downloaded flash but it’s not working yet. Apparently this is down to network carrier though and not the phone.

  16. Purchased x10 instead of nokia n8 or iphone4. Bur realized now that i have done a big mistake. Voice of music player suckś, flashplayer dont work, touch screen is justto fool customers. To be frank it seems like sony is playing with customers loyalty.

  17. @maludaseek: yeah that play a flash based game please !?!?! you’ll see it wont work.
    it’s a shame!! no flashplayer nowadays

    wish i bought a iphone or htc with 2.2 updated

  18. Don’t be angry.
    X10 is good phone in my opinion, but it’s true, that SE release it, very untuned.

    I like my x10, and I have a few smartphone before. Flash isn’t important for me.
    I don’t need watching flash video…How old are you? 15?

    For information, i read a new, that multitouch will be support past new update in the beginning of 2011.

  19. @hidden I bought this phone for a mobile solution for playing flashgames, watching porn, using grooveshark etc.

    The SE User interface fucked it all up…

  20. untill and unless XPERIA X10 is upgraded to android 2.2 i will not purchase it or i will go for other brand

  21. @hidden….

    Are you kidding man….do u have to be 15 even to look at presentations or may be an official file

    Mini is good but is not living up to its expectations.

  22. .guys, google for “freex10 xda” . you will find a beta version of the froyo for your x10, with detailed explination how to install. i know it sucks ,but its our only option for now.

  23. hi,
    this problem can be solve by install the skyfire

    The video and social browser for the networking generation

    Skyfire enables users to play millions of flash videos from the web that otherwise do not play or play poorly on mobiles. Unlock the content trapped behind those flash error messages when Skyfire transcodes videos into HTML5 on our servers and delivers a smart video stream to your mobile.

    Skyfire also makes browsing more social. Easy access to Facebook and Twitter news feeds, profiles, friends, inbox, events and places. Find popular pages your friends have shared based on the sites you are visiting. Explore related ideas to the pages you browse. And see more from your searches with video and social results.

    Share and like anything you find online with quick and easy access to multiple sharing services. Switch how the browser loads pages to facilitate discovery of desktop content that might have been hidden behind a mobile site. Browse privately with no data trail when history or cookies are not retained.

  24. i juz buy my xperia 10 X10 it’s so dis appointing that i t doesn’t have a flash player i can’t even down load a nice game and application…HUH!!!SONY ERICSON it this only what YOU have…im a realy fan of sony but this time i need to sale this shit phone X10 i think much better is the HTC …is there any way to get a flash player or much better to sale this one.

  25. even if we did have froyo it doesnt work as we have armv6 and flash needs armv7 so no flash either until adobe release it or someone takes apart their phone and puts a new cpu in

  26. I’am big fan of sony ericsson, not anymore man i’m fed up with this shit. Flash player 2.2 never gonna work on this phone. Sony ericsson I won’t never trust you again. Get a life

  27. Feel conned by sony and car phone warehouse who sold me x10mini without mentioning this major issue A real pain not having flashplayer even though I said I wanted to watch videos from internet and twitter

  28. Not long had the x10 mini pro and cnt believe no flash player my old fone cud dn and it was nt a smart or a android fone com on guys getting it sorted out

  29. I have it
    all you need to do is download the bluetooth app bump get a friend who has the flash app make the download bump and bump you the app simple

  30. I owned my xperia x10 mini pro 7 mths ago. now I feel like my phone is like dinosauras simply because it lacks flash support.

  31. no flash player still for xmini pro 10 wdf!!!!!!!! tried to get skyfire but this was a failure. sony ericsson can suck balls!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. try skyfire
    its to get on the market
    this browser play’s millions of flash movies
    its working on my experia x 10
    look for the youtube video to find out how its works

  33. so many complaints u have got then too cant afford to launch it????
    dont have any self respect or what??
    not letting us enjoy thank u very much.

  34. Merci Cédric pour ton feedback. Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, aube-nature est un blog de photographie très connu qui traite souvent de ces problématiques.

    Sur le choix de Flash: nous pensons que le plus important est que les photos soient visibles sur tous les supports, y compris iPad, iPhones, etc.